「アースエンジン火蓋を切る」 (Asu Enjin Hibuta o Kiru)
“Earth Engine Open Fire”

One of the more anticipated series of the season is finally here and Bones delivers in epic fashion with Captain Earth’s debut. Armed with Bones’ usual superb animation, a soundtrack from Kosaki Satoru that looks like it’ll be every bit as memorable as it was in Star Driver, and a story that kicks into gear almost off the bat, it’s every bit the show I envisioned it to be and then some. After all, when a series combines elements from one of your all-time favorites (Eureka Seven) with elements from another series you were vastly entertained by (Star Driver), there are few better combinations.

Indeed, if there’s one thing that surprises me, it’s just how much of Eureka Seven we saw elements of here. Our introduction to Daichi Manatsu and the circumstances surrounding his deceased astronaut father end up quite similar to Renton and his father, and it’s a vibe highlighted further by the fact that Daichi’s wearing a similar sweater, the rainbows (how about that Seven Swell?), and the whole feeling he has of being constrained by the area he lives in. His comment of

When did I begin the hate the wind that blows in this town?

ends up particularly reminiscent of Eureka Seven’s “Blue Monday” episode, and there’s a lot that can be said here in regards to how they were both searching for something more at the series’ start.

All things considered though, Daichi isn’t quite Renton when it’s all said and done, and it’s clear that he has his own story to tell. What ends up particularly interesting is how much they manage to slip in here in this introductory episode, and it’s an episode that does well in how it gives you a bit of background while leaving much of the actual content shrouded in mystery. Best of all, with Daichi’s father being introduced as a former Earth Engine Captain, the return of the “Kiltgang” AEOs for a second go around, Teppei Arashi’s obvious inhuman nature, and at least two factions locking hands on Earth (the Intercept and Ark Factions respectively), it’s clear that they creators aren’t aiming low with what they’re trying to do here. That’s just the kind of outlook I love to see, and that goes without even mentioning the space gate/ships they had, or the nostalgia of Star Driver-like insert songs.

Overall, while I admit there’s only so much you can tell from this first episode, it’s pretty clear from the catchphrase what this series is going to be about:

“When I opened the door called truth, my childhood ended. It was a summer I could never forget.”

It’s going to be an action packed adventure about Daichi searching for the truth behind his life—one that could very well involve the fate of the galaxy itself—and it’s an adventure that won’t have to worry about budget with Bones on board. Looking forward, this will definitely be a series to watch as the season goes on (it’ll also run through the summer as a two-cour), and I’m happy to announce that you’ll be able to follow this series throughout its run on RC as well. There are few series that make me feel like a kid again, and this one managed to do it—leaving me all giddy and excited at the potential it has to offer. It only reasons that I have to pick a series like this up, and I hope all if you reading this’ll put on your Captain hats and join me for what should be a wild ride. Until next week, remember Taiyou’s words:

Hope means believing that the future will be better than today and real hope can only come from the choices that you make.

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OP Sequence

OP: 「ビリーバーズ・ハイ」 (Biribazu Hai) by flumpool



  1. Definitely got some Eureka 7 vibes from this episode, and the production values are great indeed. Hopefully it can keep up with the potential that the first episode delivered.

    1. I got E7 AND Robotics;Notes vibes. Daichi seems to be way more interesting than Robotics;Notes protagonist Kaito imo, but the whole mystery atmosphere and awe of Tanegashima that Robotics really nailed, is also present in Captain Earth. Both shows are in the near future, they are about space; they even have the weird hacker girl locked in her room with her computers.

      I hope that’s where their similarities end however, because I am here for glorious mecha porn and some epic story too!

      P.S.: Rainbows were coming out of my eyes at the transformation sequence. Long live retro mecha transformations with modern art and graphics!

  2. Bones never disappoints in their animation and with moments like the expansion sequence we got in this first episode, it’s hard not to be hyped off that itself let alone all the other great elements that were tucked away nicely here. Definitely excited and glad this will be picked up and followed here on RC.

  3. Speaking of Star Driver the ‘bad guys’ controlled their robot in a similar manner, for a second I thought the fight scenes were going to be on an alternate plane as well.

  4. Captain Earth almost made think mu galaxy is shining once again (cough cough Star Driver)
    and Daichi aura almost made me think it was Jintan from anohana (same voice actor)
    Plus, that mecha combine was over the top badass I looking forward to episode 2

  5. Oh man, I forgot to check the cast list for this before I watched it. At first I was thinking Daichi sounded like Ohsaka Ryota at first but as it kept going I got more and more doubtful. So I decided to check the list after and was pretty much like “Irino Miyu? HOLY SH*T! I totally forgot about him.” I believe this is the first anime I’m watching him in in a long time. Sacred Seven (lol) was the last time I’m pretty sure.

    This looks like it’s gonna be good. The mecha designs are pretty awesome and the animation is superb (it’s BONES though, it’s pretty much expected at this point). I mean seriously, this


    just looks totally boss.

  6. wait a minute, just going to change my pants. i jeezed so hard.

    Wow, those visuals are definitely awesome. And that MECHA PORN. pure nerdgasm (definitely reminded me of last year’s Majestic Prince).

    As for the story. Pretty standard, not that it’s bad. But there is definitely a lot that’s worth to wait there.

  7. Everything will be obvious soon.

    Might be one of the best eye catches I can remember. It was refreshing that they lived up to that catchphrase for the most part in the second half.

  8. Generic Super Robot Shit over Ten.

    Nice first impressions. I love it instantly. Also there was no hype anywhere so this will be good to discuss with others. I’m expecting only true /m/echa lovers to be the only ones watching this.

    That darn gattai sequence brought me to tears. It’s been so long. I think Evol was the last one I saw with gattai sequences.

  9. If there was something I didn’t like, it was how everything was so convenient, disturbingly convenient.

    • He gets lost inside the old building, a midschooler appears out of nowhere and shows him the way
    • He instantly gets teleported somewhere near that giant robot
    • He’s suddenly holding the gun which is probably the key to the robot
    • That man in the lab coat lets a kid who has no idea of what’s happening at all to shoulder the burden of saving Earth
    • Was there a reason that they needed 3 “gates” in outer space to hold 3 pieces of that giant robot?

    Well, I think they’ll explain it properly in the following episodes. But 10/10 will watch.

    The Story You Don't Know
    1. you forgotten the “Auto Pilot” of the Mecha, while rising into Space and going through this Tubes…

      And in a High tech Mecha there is no Cockpit Cameras.. only in the last Minutes they saw that the Pilot is not the Tappei

      Yes, yes. The Flute playing Girl, is mysterious. Tappei’s body Bones is perhaps “harder” then Humans

      Anyway there are still Plot holes, but i hope they explain later one some of them

      1. Perhaps Tappei show him as Child, the useing of the Mecha. Showing him that the Key to startup the Mecha is this Gun alike one…

        So many, “why he knows that?” things here

    2. I don’t know about it being convenient as it is just a general development that results from the fact he’s obviously the chosen one in this situation. It’s not exactly something we don’t see often and it’s also quite clear he’s dealing with aliens too, so eh, that really plays a big part in potential explanations. If he were dealing with humans, some of the stuff is a bit nonsensical, but they’re not so… eh.

    3. Yeah, I had the same uneasy feeling but he’s the “Chosen One” so I’m willing to let it slide. Nothing out of the ordinary from most super robo animes.

      Also, that slot design where the gun goes in… just sayin’

  10. I think I will pass it. Mecha self-assembly on the way into orbit?
    Though my ideal of mecha is more that of Full Metal Panic, just a different kind of fighting vehicle, preferrably well designed down to specific tactics and/or weapons being used.
    And certainly not meant to use by someone hopping into pilot seat for the first time.
    Also, I was so confused with OPFOR looking all too human – come on, a pilot girl flirting with ground crew looked more interesting to me than the emo boy MC. I actually mistook her for a someone MC will be fighting together with, not against. Had a a laugh at “libido charge”, though…


    *deep breath*

    M’kay, now that I’ve got that out of my system, I can sum up my impression here pretty darn quick. I dunno what the hell’s going on here, but this definitely has Star Driver-esque fabulousness written all over it, so I. Am. In.

    There, that’s it.

    …Seriously though, definitely gonna have to rewatch. Halfway in, I was as clueless as Justin Bieber was talking about Anne Frank. XD

    Ryan Ashlight
  12. The only Black Spot i found here, whas between this to Pictures https://randomc.net/image/Captain%20Earth/Captain%20Earth%20-%2001%20-%20Large%2036.jpg and https://randomc.net/image/Captain%20Earth/Captain%20Earth%20-%2001%20-%20Large%2037.jpg

    I fear we will get to many “Power Plays” of this 3 mentioned Company’s like in Muv-Luv Alternative

    And why every Humanoid Mecha has still levers and pedals for controlling and a fixed Seat. Please have more guts for a evolved Gunbuster Cockpit…

  13. This first episode brought me tears….of joy.

    It was just screaming SUPER ROBOT SHOW!!!!! everywhere. I’m so glad to find another entry of this dwindling genre. The last Super Robot show I remember was Aquarion EVOL and lets just say my opinion of that show is very low. The design of the robot even screams Super Robot. Its not a sleek, streamlined design like Real Robots but a fat, bulky avatar of ass kicking.

    All it needs now is a hot-blooded protagonist screaming his lungs out. Daichi….isn’t really it. He’s probably the weakest part of so far, as he just really doesn’t present a larger-than-life personality that I expect from the genre. Still he has plenty of time to grow on me so I can give him a pass.

  14. Pretty amazing. Mostly Star Driver & E7 vibes, but I felt a little RahXephon in the enemy mecha design and the mysterious girls.

    Insert was awesome … reminded me a little of one the Princess Mononoke tracks.

    Far Horizon
  15. I’m almost certain Teppei is a Coralian xD…Seven Swell out of no where. I love Bones and their rainbow obsession. The premiere is pretty much Rah x E7 x SD. Like holy shit, I’m totally hyped.

  16. Oddly enough, the main mecha reminded me of GaoGaiGAR (intended capital letters).

    other wise, this is either a more “down to earth” Star Driver, or a space edition of E7 (or just E7AO, idk anymore)…

      1. unfortunately, that was my ORIGINAL first impression after watching it, before factoring the mecha in, cause it literally saved this series from that original impression of mine…

        or this is Star Driver vs E7AO and even then we’re all wrong anyway.

  17. YES! A mecha indulgence for this season..thank you Bones!

    Pretty good for a pilot episode. Production value looks really high, and the first episode seems to toss in a whole lot of questions without really overloading the viewers’ brains (though I was probably distracted, openmouthed, at gattai sequence and the prospect of seeing giant robotz fight it out in space).

    As with Mahou Koukou, they really tossed in a lot of things here, but once again without being overbearing IMO. The relationship with Teppei and the girl, the questions surrounding them, how Taiyou’s death affected Daichi in some way, potential power plays and the mysterious AEOs. Looking forward to seeing some of them answered bit by bit and some giant robot battles.

  18. It started with that Eureka Seven feeling and ended with a Star Drive one. Not in a good way for me though since it reminded me of the main character(Star Drive) who I was not especially fond of. I still cannot remember how it ended…

  19. World’s. Slowest. And. Most. Complex. Transformation. Sequence. Ever.

    I mean, you put the pilot (Captain) in a 1980s satellite-launching rocket to get him to Low Earth Orbit, where three humongous advanced space platforms await to assemble the myriad sci-fi pieces of the final giant robot. How long did that take, about 2 hours from launch to finish in High Earth Orbit or even geosynchronous? Sped up with the magic of anime, of course. Maybe now that Captain Earth is assembled, they’ll keep him that way, and use Gundam-like storage and maintenance.

    Also, making the activation key for the Captain look like a large futuristic handgun is not the smartest thing to do in a security-conscious area. A transforming vambrace, or bracer, would have been better.

    Yes, it looks like two Earth factions: Intercept vs. the Ark. Quite obvious on their division: fight or flight. As in “the Ark” wants to run away from the Earth, and the generals in charge are not above sabotaging the Intercept section if it looks like they are winning the battle against the space aliens.

    After all, the aliens have already impacted the darkside of the Moon with a colossal crystal, and have apparently stunted Earth’s development into space such that only defensive techniques have worked the what, last 30 years, at least?

    Not sure about the “Gear” humans who were using a remote-control cockpit to virtually re-create their larger bodies and invade Earth from cislunar space? Were they on the Moon, with the human-looking maintenance crew?

  20. Wow.

    You could almost think of someway to merge robotic notes with the start of this anime. It has been so long since there was a real super robot show. The very last I can recall was Godannar for me really.

    That gattai sequence had me cheering all the way and the bgm certainly was catchy…..

  21. Finally caught the premiere and basically, it was everything I wanted and more. It was one of my most anticipated this season and so far I’m not disappointed in the least.

    Definitely felt the Eureka Seven and Star Driver vibes as many others have, actually there was definitely a more Eureka Seven feel to the show than I was expecting. I certainly can’t complain though as Eureka Seven is my second favorite anime. All I need now is a little Xam’d vibe as well and I could die happily.

    When the girl started singing and then came the transformation of both mechs in space I couldn’t contain myself, if it wasn’t so late when I watched this I would’ve cheered so loudly. Not only was it freaking awesome but it was so nostalgic, I couldn’t help but want to watch Star Driver again.

    I need more of this, next week can’t come soon enough!

    1. I forgot to mention the art and animation, which was superb, as expected of Bones. I think I know where they’re putting all their production values into this season. The mecha itself is very manly. XD

  22. EP 02:

    I want to be honest. I wanted to drop this Show, because there was so many “Power Plays” in the Shaodw, that it is no fun to look. Why i would see boring “Politics stuff” of Grown ups?
    And they even care the Kids like Animals.

    But then the last Seconds raised the “Hope” of a better tomorrow. If there would not be this last Seconds, i would drop this. But with this, i wait for the next Episode.

    Be grateful for the Person, how put this last Seconds on this Episode. Perhaps he saved many things here

    So, please less Company Power plays. And we already known the Bad Guys, on the Moon and on the Earth…


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