As Gremmy and Kenpachi continue to trade blows, they are finally forced to show their stronger hands in battle. Kenpachi attacks so quickly that his opponent is unable to react quickly enough to block and heal off the hits, and for a moment Gremmy considers the possibility of defeat – one that his own imagination makes all too real. He quickly comes back to his senses though, and unleashes what he calls his ultimate power. This is a phrase we’ve grown tired of hearing, but his power doesn’t seem particularly remarkable. As he did before with the creation of Gwenhael, Gremmy now creates another copy of himself, complete with all the same abilities that he already had. His technique raises an awful lot of questions, like if he could create infinitely many copies of himself. After all, each copy increases his power of imagination by one, thus theoretically allowing each of them to recursively execute this ability. Each copy is able to think independently and is exactly the same as the original; even Kenpachi could not defeat an unending number of Gremmy’s. That said, his first action after creating the duplicate is to summon a giant meteorite. This certainly doesn’t require two minds to imagine: he is now able to keep track of multiple imaginations at once, but a dual-core CPU has no effect on simply thinking of bigger things.

In addition, why couldn’t he had done this in the first place to end the war before it even started? After all, Yhwach just needs people to die in order to maintain his own power; a protracted war doesn’t accomplish anything more than having one of his subordinates nuke Seireitei out of existence before they even figure out what’s going on. Of course, this is what would make sense given the characters’ logic and goals, but in reality I doubt his meteorite could actually destroy everything. Remember that at this point in the series, characters can essentially level mountains with every blow. Regardless, it is evidently powerful enough to finally make Kenpachi draw his shikai – Nozarashi. Whatever this does, I guarantee that the Gremmy’s and their meteorite will stand no chance against him.


    1. Some internet user has speculated that it has been foreshadowed that his zanpaktou should manifest as an Odokuro (a.k.a. Gashadokuro). I wonder if the zanpaktou’s revealed name shoots down that theory.

      I forget exactly who, sorry.

  1. Solipsism is fun.

    So does he have twice the power, but still the same amount of concentration to go around? (To continue your analogy, that’s two CPUs but the same amount of RAM.)

    Perhaps his meteorite is meant as another distraction, that seems to be his default tactic. It has to be that big to distract Zaraki Kenpachi. 🙂

    1. So does he have twice the power, but still the same amount of concentration to go around?

      I don’t think so.
      He can only concentrate on an small amount of things. Now he concentrates on creating a clone of himself. That would limit the amount of what he can concentrate on but at the same time gives him double the power.
      It’s more like a trade.

  2. I guess Kenpachi didn’t say no release phrase because it’s already in Shikai.
    Now, calling its name will, without a doubt, result in Kenpachi’s own Getsuga Tenchou.

  3. I can officially say that this chapter of Bleach out of ALL the chapters made me EXTREMELY HARD. Cannot wait for Ken-chan’s Zanpakuto and for him to pull some Gurren Laggan shit!

    Corey Lucas
  4. Although this chapter was interesting, it still felt way too drawn out. Honestly the flow would be better if I just marathon this manga out monthly. People who have invested in it since the beginning would see this manga through – people who are keen to know Zaraki’s release.

    Unfortunately, somehow i’ve lost that excitement in it to know releases when I clearly know the fight will end with Zaraki overwhelming the opponent and not giving two hoots about it.

  5. Gremmy´s power reminds of the power of Suzana Dean from The Dark tower series of Stephen King: she could creative anything she imagined inside of her own private world, she even created a comunication device inside her mind and was able to talk to her husband half a universe away from her. Sadly it had no ofenssive capabilities.

  6. You see that Playstation Greatness Awaits commercial? It had explosions, pirate ships, dragons, gods, mountains, dinosaurs, zombie robot ninja alien turtles, space ships, monsters, guys that could swim through the ground…

    That should be this. And it is not.

    1. You can bet that as long as Kenpachi can physically move, he’ll be up for fighting anyone after this fight. He doesn’t care. If the Quincy leader appeared and took over the fight he would give it his all or die trying.


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