Kubo pulled out all the stops in designing Kenpachi’s shikai, and the result is the biggest and most ludicrous-looking sword we’ve seen yet. A sword is perhaps the wrong word to describe it, as it’s more of a giant axe-cleaver hybrid, taller and wider than Kenpachi himself, with a tassel on top. Supposedly his zanpakutou has always been in permanent shikai form, but he has to call his sword’s name and command (“Drink”, Nozarashi) to release the “true” shikai form; this is a bit of a contradiction, especially when compared to Ichigo’s shikai. Alternatively, “drink” could refer to the specific ability he uses to destroy the meteorite, possibly by absorbing its power and transforming the sword.

It’s not completely clear how he stopped the meteorite as all we see are fiery remains raining down on Sereitei, but I’m pretty sure his shikai provides more utility aside from just boosting his brute power level. Interestingly, the other Sternritter are actually very concerned about the city-sized meteorite which penetrates the shakonmaku easily, but Kenpachi isn’t even fazed as he destroys effortlessly. Hell, it looks like he’s actually getting more and more excited, and Gremmy had better use both of his brains to come up with something a lot better — right now. If Kenpachi decides to take off his eyepatch, wield his blade with both hands, or release bankai, then this battle will be over soon. Gremmy’s time to live is numbered in seconds.


      1. They only reason they look even remotely similar (wrap, oversized) is because they’re not kido-types. The releases work with their owner’s fighting style, so uncomplicated Zaraki, Ichigo and Lisa will get uncomplicated weapons. The more finesse they have, the more complicated the release, e.g. Hisagi, Ikkaku.

        The shape and the way they’re (presumably) wielded are extremely different.

        I’ve assumed the hilt that escapes the last frame is actually as long as or longer than the blade, making Nozarashi an axe. First axe in Bleach?

  1. Yoruichi said that ZK’s Zanpaktou was always in Shikai, but we have had examples of incomplete Shikais before: 11th Division 5th Seat Yumichika’s Fuji Kujaku / Ruri’iro Kujaku.

    As Renji’s new Bankai demonstrated yet again, knowing the names of things is extremely important in the Bleach universe.

    I’m interested to see what this version of Kenpachi’s eyepatch is. We had that scene a while ago where Kurotsuchi was telling him to stop breaking it, right?

      1. While Sode no Shirayuki didn’t change form, Rukia completely dropped the Mae (dances) and “realized” its true potential. So…that could also work towards your argument

  2. Well this fight is definitely wrapping up soon. Even if Gremmy does get cut down next week, it wont be the end of the battle. Kubo hasnt ended any fight of the quincy without showing their holy form so we will probably see that in the chapter after next week. However I am curious as to know if Kenpachi removes his eye patch does the tassel come off his shikai? I mean it would be interesting as it means that he is still holding back and it also shows how close he has become with his Zanpakuto even if it hasnt been that long.

    1. I honestly forgot about their holy form since you know…”meanwhile in Hueco Mundo!” I swear to god Kubo if all of the defeated quincies come back with their Holy forms -_-

  3. Ichigo’s zanpakuto entered a constant state of shikai once its name was learnt because of Ichigo’s overflowing power, which is why Kenpachi’s has /now/ entered shikai. It was only explained once, as well, so it’s pretty clear why people forget lol.

  4. So…, every new shikai/bankai will be a direct counter to the current opponent.
    This might have been impressive a long time ago, but we know size =/= strength. This will only be good against one, maybe two enemies, before it’s completely useless and contributes nothing to the overall story.

    1. Size =/= Strength, but given that Kenpachi already has absurd brute strength of his own, not to mention the ability to survive a crapton of wounds inflicted on himself, I’d say it makes for a nice combination.

    1. You don’t get it. It’s not enjoyable if it’s short, and it’s not like Kenpachi to engage in short battles. This isn’t about frying the most fish. It’s about listening to the sizzle and enjoying the aroma of each damned fried fish as it cooks on that pan.

  5. The bigger the better right?

    I still don’t understand this guy’s ability. Why can’t he just imagine Kenpachi’s carotid artery getting cut or something small but fatal?

    1. Well, if this Guy would imagine that all Sereitei would just Vanish and he will only survive. That would bring the Manga to an end. Imagination is to powerful. Kubo must give him some weak points to overcome him. Or Bleach would get an instant stop, and that is not working in Kubo’s way (yet). And a Sternenritter more powerful then his King? Blasphemy!!!! 🙂

      1. Honestly I think that’s why this fight is gonna end half assed cause kubo gave a power that’s limitless and therefore has to come up with a half ass way to end this OPness, cause in the real world, Gremmy would have this whole world burning in 1 second…hell if anything gremmy is the most powerful quincy cause he can just “imagine” himself being stronger than juha

    2. My theory is that he can’t directly affect someone with more reiatsu than him with his imagination, only the area around him :). That’s why he took down Yachiru so easily and didn’t just imagine Kenpachi with cookie-bones right away as well!

      Gremmy could just wish he had more reiatsu, but there’s probably more to it than that; just my two cents :p.

      1. It’s been a recurring theme in bleach that any power only affects targets that have a comparable level of reiatsu, just like Aizen could suppress Suzumebachi’s “Death Mark” and Kenny could not even be wounded by people with less reiatsu.

  6. Kenpachi’s hair is a lot longer than I recalled.
    That zanpakuto does really look outrageous. Outrageously strong to be able to cut anything and everything. That leaves the question if the Bankai form will surpass this impression.

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