It’s difficult to imagine anything that can stop Kenpachi right now, and it feels like he’s capable of destroying anything in front of him. That certainly seems like what Gremmy is thinking of now, as he quickly runs out of options against the monster that is Kenpachi. Gremmy clones himself several more times, then literally rips open another dimension and traps him inside the vacuum of space. Even as Kenpachi’s bodily fluids evaporate, he simply defies every law of physics and cuts his way through the space-time continuum, slicing one of the clones in half before he can react to defend. Kenpachi was literally trapped somewhere in outer space and still casually broke his way out with sheer power. The rest of the clones are destroyed in a massive suicide explosion, and yet again he emerges unscathed. Perhaps Gremmy’s fear and determination against Kenpachi actually made him larger than life in his own mind, turning his imagination into reality and transforming Kenpachi into a truly unstoppable force (not that he wasn’t one already). And when he tries to imagine himself as a monster even stronger than Kenpachi, his body cannot handle the power – or perhaps it was simply impossible for him to envision something that strong. As it turns out, Gremmy was his own worst enemy. All in all though, this was barely a warm-up for Kenpachi, who hardly exerted himself through this whole battle; he hasn’t taken off his eye-patch, shown us his bankai, or even come close to using the full extent of his power. I don’t know when is the next time we will see him fight, but it’s not likely he will struggle against anyone weaker than Haschwalth or even Yhwach himself. This guy is truly the biggest bad-ass there will ever be in this series.


  1. Ichigo cut through Aizen’s Black Coffin using sheer strength despite the fact it warped the time-space continuum, so that’s nothing new, and now we’ve confirmed in terms of raw strength, it is impossible to surpass Kenpachi (even imagination told Gremmy’s it was simply impossible). I wonder if some of Gremmy’s imagination incited deaths will be reversed ie Rose and Kensei.

    1. Here’s my interpretation of this chapter:

      Gremmy believes Kenpachi is a monster. So he imagines himself being exactly like Kenpachi.
      If he becomes just like Kenpachi, it’s only natural that he would collapse and die because all the “monster wants” is to kill Gremmy.

      Gremmy imagined something that killed him.

      Theres a saying that if you believe something so strongly, others around you will believe it too. We all know exactly what Kenpachi believes, he believes to be the strongest, and he believes that there is nothing he cant cut. This affected Gremmy so much to the point of his ultimate demise.

      This could have been a moment where the unstoppable force met an immovable object. But Gremmy doubted his own powers, and often even imagined himself dying. The unimaginable came to reality.

  2. The Problem here, Kenpachi is a Person that dont loves to get pushed around from others in command. He do what he wants to do. So this “Brute force that can cut through anything” is not the best Team-player they have

  3. I still have to wonder. How could a ghost be able to die in outer space? I mean they are spirits right? I don’t think that a shinigami would have problems of being in outer space as long as they are bodiless spirits.

    1. Their bodies mimic humans because that’s convenient. Two legs, two hands, the ability to speak, familiarity with the human form, empathy, society, reproduction, etcetera.

      When it isn’t convenient, they just apply reiatsu until whatever was being inconvenient is no longer a problem.

      This was Gremmy’s problem. He was using human-scale threats, not threats relevant to extremely powerful spirits than use human form for convenience only.

  4. I might be alone in this but I found the entirety of what Kubo did with Yachiru and Kenpachi for these last few chapters to just be… bad.
    I was really hoping after all this time Yachiru would turn out awesome and not just a throw away character. I’m not feeling the “axe” from ‘Pachi either. I thought it turned out to be pretty lame :/ A giant scythe rather than an axe would have suited his character better imo.

    But eh… things can only get better from here I guess.

    P Ko
    1. In my opinion, Kenpachi’s relatively small sword was part of his Kenpachi-ness. To fight with such a bad and impractical blade is what made me like him. Now he suddenly uses a giant axe-thing. I’m not sure how to feel about that.

    2. trust me, this isn’t the first time he’s done it, when ichigo performed his bankai, I was so excited only to see a small ass sword come out with no real badass powers. 😛

      1. as far as i recall kenpachi normal blade form is his shikei for the same reason ichigo always had is blade at released form, brute for, without the ability to use it well, blade in constant released stat.

  5. I wonder what the crew in Hueco Mundo are up to and what the heck is taking Ichigo so long. On a personal note I’m looking forward to seeing Kyoraku fight seriously and really hope Kubo doesn’t mess up his bankai.

    Red Alchemist
  6. Kenpachi is a double edge sword. Remember there was a valid reason why soul society opted not to provide any additional formal training to him and here it is in this week chapter. Sure he’s plowing through Quicies today but tomorrow it will be everyone else. I mean the only thing that has kept this man from going full blown Psycho is his anchor Yachiru. Bottom line, do you think this man is going to be ok in the short run taking orders from Shunsui. I mean at least in the case of the late old man yammy, Yamamoto at least had the power to keep Kenpachi in line, who is left to do that now other maybe than zero squad and Ichigo.

  7. I believe kenpachi’s shikai allows him to cut and “swallow” anything that he swings at/ it would explain a lot of the shenanigans that occurred in this fight. Kenpachi’s barely getting started

  8. The way Gremmy left, was just ridiculously dumb. I know Kubo added a bit of a message to this chapter, that no matter how much we dream and imagine, reality will be always stronger than fiction. But damn, at least i wanted Kenpachi to rip him to shreds and drink his blood.

    And since this Gremmy dude plainly stated he was the strongest of the Sternritter fighting. It means the fights that are coming up next are going to be dull. Unless Yhwach or one of his bodyguards actually join the fray.

    1. that doesn’t mean much. most of the arrancar claimed to be strongest too. aizen claimed to be strongest. villain egos in this series are so big that I don’t trust any power evaluations they make

      1. yep, every villain *when part of a group* always has that cliche line of “I’m the strongest”
        normally its the character who rarely speaks that is the strongest *flashback to Stark*

  9. Zaraki, just needs to be kept entertained.

    Meaning “someone” is going to have to fill that role @ some point. just so he doesn’t lose his shit and go on a killing spree.

    I am honestly trying to reconcile the boss fights.

    Hachwald, Yhwach, and Ishida.

    Fact being is if Ishida is as strong as Yhwach- Ichigo is going to have to fight him. Frankly, if anyone else does we are going to have Ishida die before sense is talked into him.
    Specifically, if Grimmjaw[ who I suspect to be in the top 3 of on the shnigami side ], or Zaraki fight him.. well he’s going to die. Under these assumptions we are left with Yhwach to Zaraki, and Haschwald to Grimmjaw.

    Shunsui- I suspect is prob # 4 and could likely give Haschwald a decent go. What little we know- his bankai isnt something to be taken lightly.

    1. I think it’s still a good chance that Shunsui will fight Haschwald and Ichigo will probably end up fighting Ishida and Yhwach. Also I think there’s a slim chance we could see Byakuya fight one of them considering he got the same power boost as Renji and Rukia. As for my personal preference I would like to see Shunsui, Kenpachi or Ukitake fight at least two of the three since of all the captains their bankais are the ones we haven’t seen.

      Red Alchemist
      1. Well you forget that haschwald isnt the only top quincy, just the one we’ve seen the most. We dont know the quincy hiercharchy so we dont know which ritter’s are strong and which aren’t. I assumed it went by lettering the strongest to weakest, but clearly that’s not the case as we’ve seen gremmy as ‘V’ being able to make imaginations real while bambietta is ‘E’ and was completely embarrassed by komammura and went down with no show whatsoever, so whose to say a more powerful quincy waiting in the wings wont take on the captain’s whose bankai’s we havent seen yet, after all we havent even been shown every member yet

  10. I’m kinda waiting to see Mayuri take a bit more action. Especially since he’s studied so much about the Quincies, I expected the most out of him. That and I’m also looking forward to see Nemu and Nanao’s zanpakuto, then possibly Love, Shinji, Shinsui, Ukitake and quite possibly Hisagi’s bankai.


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