「迷って、走って!」 (Mayotte, Hashitte!)
“Lost, Run!”

This week’s episode made me ask myself a real serious question — if I was given the opportunity would I rise up to the challenge of being a captain hero?

Tsugumi’s Question

With self doubt becoming a recurring theme only four episodes in, I think this episode did a fantastic job at humanizing what it means to actually become “the hero”. Unlike situations where someone is literally forced into doing something to save the lives of others, what would you do if you unexpectedly were given the powers to do something about some of the bad that exists in the world? As much as I want to say that I’d leap at the opportunity to become a Meister or engage in some sort of training to hone my abilities if I were a weapon — I don’t think I could after realizing just how huge of a sacrifice it is. Add in the lame fact that I’m basically a normal human being and I would feel extra inferior at a school like DWMA where you have people like Anya and Meme just kicking butt at everything.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the kind of person to turn their back toward others when they’re in need. If there’s anything you should take away from this little paragraph, it’s just how well this spin off is doing at bringing up some interesting questions in a different way. I may be reading into things a wee bit more than I should but it’s these kinds of things that make the show worth watching.

(Because you know, before thinking about any of this I would have totally hopped on the chance to be a badass Meister wielding a legit weapon.)

The Star Clan Strikes Again!

While he’s no Black☆Star, I can’t believe his name didn’t give away the now-obvious connection to the infamous star clan. Then again, maybe I should have caught wind of it based off of how he acts — cool playboy type who knows his way around a fight? Sounds like a certain chibi who has a star on his shoulder! Seriously though, it was nice to see Akane actually have some real lines of dialogue instead of the few curt lines we usually hear.

Looking Ahead

While I’m still waiting for an episode jam-packed with action (I can feel it coming!), I was and have been pretty happy with what we’ve got so far. With the coming of age story slowly moving along in the right direction and trouble brewing within the shadows of Death City it feels like there’s more than enough stuff to keep the series going. If there was one thing I can’t wait to see though, it would have to be whatever secret Kim seems to be hiding.




      1. On that note, I love how Tsugumi and Anya just rolls with Meme’s absurdities, even when she goes from losing half her clothes in her sleep to losing all her clothes in her sleep… and somehow getting covered in dirt.

        Yoga-Meme is fine too.

    1. needs more real soul eater content so far only slice of life echi and cute girls
      beside the fact that there are ton of other shows like this I feel like droping this becouse it s nothing like soul eater for last episodes

      1. It’s not supposed to be another Soul Eater, it’s supposed to be a slice-of-life show set at the school in Soul Eater. Never as much action, a lot more cute-and-fluffy. It also expands on a lot of characters’ backstories like Kim and Jackie.

    1. He isn’t enrolled yet remember, and that’s a school shot. He’s on his floating board in another part of the OP though, so here’s hoping.

      Show Spoiler ▼

  1. You know it’s very perplexing that i find Tsugumi’s situation with being afraid to fight to be entirely reasonable and I’m able to have a great amount of sympathy for her.

    On the other hand Show Spoiler ▼

    who was pretty much put in the exact same situation and is the same age (though he was more forced to turn into a weapon than Tsugumi) I had absouletly no tolerance for and hated with passion.

    Not sure why that is. Maybe it has to do with the fact I went through somewhat similar teenage angst and didn’t want to be reminded of it? >.>

    I guess that’s just the skewed exceptions that I’ve kind of established. No one wants to see a guy crying out his problems but a girl doing it is totally cool……..need to fix that =/

    1. Tsugumi also doesn’t lash out in her angst, she just mopes. But what I think is important to empathizing with her is that she doesn’t mope in silence. She does the smart thing and asks others if they have any advice for her, which I think is something a lot of people can relate to. It was also pretty relateable when no one gave her a straight answer… >.<

      1. It means nothing. Clay made the whole thing up to try to distract Tsugumi from how he and Akane are really involved with Anya, and the whole thing got weirder and weirder as he fumbled around from blunder to blunder. None of it is true. It does, however, explain why Tsugumi said “when did our lives become so much like an afternoon soap opera?”

  2. So did anyone else take a closer look at the punching bag Anya was training with?

    Show Spoiler ▼

    I also loved the scene with Maka. What I would give to have more scenes like that.

    Is it bad I’m starting to really enjoy this?

  3. Well S*** that escalated quickly!!! :O

    I consider this to be the absolute best episode yet. I am finally starting to FEEL this show. For once, it feels like the protagonist is really questioning what this story is about and why this spin-off was even made in the first place. And with the hint of a villain, things feel like they’re finally going somewhere. … though, with how engrossing and relatable Tsugumi’s problem is, I almost feel like we don’t NEED a villain!

  4. It’s certainly an interesting issue and dilemma. You get those kinds of powers and have to figure out what you’re going to do with them. Really fairly easy to just stay in the B class, learn to control her ability and stay out of anything crazy. And have to think some people are bound to just do that.

    Of course probably a good amount who are up for it. Despite the strange perspective of being a weapon, I think it’d probably be easier to make that jump from that side of the line. At least in a fight you aren’t the one fighting as flesh and blood.

    Really this just makes me think more of why the meisters are there. For weapons it’s kind of a given. You have a power you can’t really control, better to go somewhere you can get a handle on it. Kind of a destiny kind of thing. With exception of some people the meisters are just people. That kind of mindset to go to Death City and take on that kind of struggle is something. Some people have family situations that makes sense though.

    Of course in the end I’ll still prefer the main series over the spinoff, but it has some nice qualities to it.

  5. Huh you’re covering this now Takaii? Not complaining as I find it the better piece of SoL this season, but you haven’t really made an announcement yet 😛

  6. Akane tricking Tsugumi like that was really out of character lol

    Other than that it was ok, I guess. This show won’t go anything past typical for me though if Ep. 4 is considered to be the best by many.

  7. We learn in this episode if you are an ass man go for Anya, if you are a boob man go for Meme.

    Also we learn that Akane and Clay is protective detail for Anya.

    Akane is putting the moves on Tsugumi. Then Clay had to make up all that nonsense affecting the progress of courtship.

    Akane if anything is considerate. He’ll not rush Tsugumi and wants her to fall for him at her own pace.

    Poor Eternal Feather boys in her class are not attracted to her. Boys in Tsugumi’s class are boob men looking at Meme’s boobs.


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