「夢とか野望とか否定とか憧れとか」 (Yume toka Yabou toka Hitei toka Akogare toka)
“Dreams and Ambitions and Denial and Attraction”

My initial impression after finishing this episode was “Wow… I was not expecting that”. And secondly, I like this show even more now!

Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin has exceeded so many expectations of mine since I started watching. Honestly speaking, I was anticipating this series to be more about half-arsed mysteries involving a moe dead girl and students running around school. Maybe a harem thrown in and of course, the token trap is a given. In hindsight, maybe a pseudo Hyouka would’ve been the best way to define it. To my surprise, Nanana has been none of that and it’s even taken it a step further and started actually digging into characters and underlying stories. Not only are the characters fun to watch, but they are not your average cardboard cut-outs and best of all, the plot is actually going somewhere. By that, I mean that there’s a purpose to the story and it’s not your average rom/com that drags on and on; nor is it another adventure story that has no foreseeable ending. Nanana may appear average and typical on the surface, but after this episode, I think it has set a whole new bar for itself. The following episodes better be able to keep up because I’m sure everyone has a laundry list of questions that need answers – and then some.

For everyone that’s made it past the 3-episode trial period, episode 4 will surely blow your mind. There’s a ton of new information and it’s coming at you fast. Almost every line at the end is critical and it all leads back to either earlier episodes or facts that you should be aware of for the future. Even I had to watch it several times to fully digest what was happening. There’s relationships, off screen characters and secrets… so many secrets that finally surface that just begs more questions. I’m not going to spoil it now if you haven’t seen it but – don’t continue reading if you intend to. For me, this episode works and it really brings the story back to its core and reminds the audience that this is a mystery series above all things. I can imagine that in a novel form (which is the original source material), the reader would follow an unreliable narrator in first person, to the point that they start to question – who do you trust? Is this real? This is clearly shown in this episode where bits and pieces of Juugo’s past reveal itself and as a viewer, I’m starting to question if he’s a protagonist that I can cheer for anymore.

I can imagine that there are probably people here with many gripes about the episode too. It’s extremely fast-paced and like I mentioned, there’s a lot of information flying at you in almost every line of dialogue. Who are all these people and how are they connected? It feels almost too forced when they revealed Juugo’s past and a poor attempt to add some plot twists to the story. Most of all, I understand that it can get confusing and there’s a lot of implications to the rest of the story because of the shift in motives. However, these are the aspects in stories that keep an audience wanting more and I think Nanana delivers a lot of answers and great questions that are still believable. Personally, I love how they introduced Juugo’s father because not only does it add another dimension to the show, but it shows that not everyone is who you think they are. The story is not about another average Joe who just “happened to stumble onto the greatest adventure of his life”. No, he was strategically placed there and he knew exactly who he was calling. I think it’s advantageous to introduce Juugo’s family now rather than later on, because you know it’s going to be fully incorporated into what’s going on. If the creators slotted this in near the end, I would feel cheated because who would’ve thought that our main character (who I’ve trusted until now) is actually not so innocent and naïve?

The other characters in this episode also played their roles very well – to the point that you really don’t know what they have up their sleeves. Matsuri seems to be a group of thieves (headed by Juugo’s father?) who don’t steal without purpose, and Shunjuu Ikkaku is the mysterious leader of the Great 7 (who is also affiliated with Tensai?). Then there’s the Adventure Club who have their own agenda (to rule the world!) and Juugo himself, who doesn’t seem to want to be involved in any of it. I mentioned in my last few posts that I thought it would’ve been more fun to solve the labyrinths and mazes along with Tensai, but now we’re solving the bigger picture, which is the mystery of Nanae Island. Even with all these characters, the questions are still remains – “who killed Nanana?” And I think this is what ties the story together for me. Not everything is random, everyone has a purpose and most of all, I’m hoping that all these pieces will assemble in the short time frame that this series has.

My favorite scene this week had to be the mention of Tensai and Juugo as a potential couple (by none other than Juugo’s dad, who would’ve thought?). There’s no way I could’ve ended this post without giving a shout out to this couple that I wholehearted ship now. They are opposites in many ways, but something about the idea that opposites attract really hits home for me. Although they’re not exactly on bff terms, I can’t help but hope that this is a sign that something could happen. After all, Tensai has her eyes on Juugo and I believe that wherever he goes, she will surer be there first. The fact that there is even any time at all dedicated to romance is a plus and it adds emotional attachment to the characters. It would be ideal to see their relationship have an impact on the outcome of events because then any development wouldn’t really be for naught. It’s refreshing to watch a rom/com that isn’t all about the harems and high school drama – I just hope it stays that way.

Bottom Line: @RCCherrie – Mind blown! I am more impressed every week with #nanana_tv. Who would’ve thought that our protag isn’t another boring run-of-the-mill guy?


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      I normally don’t post, but lately I have being doing it to get more practice with my English, but every time I write a post, I get down-voted. I wonder why? is my real opinion I am not trying to be a troll.

  1. Wow… okay wow, what just happened? I think I need to reorganize after what was that? Four or five reveals?

    Juugo – actually kinda a dick, doesn’t believe in ideals, only acts like he cares about others, Nanana probably saw though his fakeass from the beginning. He’ll probably grow as a character thanks to Nanana and Tensai.

    Tensai: still awesome and carrying the show. Nothing new here, other than the TensaiXJuugo ship was probably just a mirage. Still have hope though, since she finds Juugo fun and declared him her rival. This could be the start of a beautiful love-hate relationship.

    Nanana: yeah, damn you episode 4. Now I have to actually start liking this ditz, since it seems like everything implied she saw through Juugo from the jump and was waiting for him to figure stuff out before depending on him. That line at the end hit me right in the feels! XD

    Yukihime: so she’s not crazy, abusive, and just in it for the money?! I’m liking this new direction with her, since she had a legitimate reason to be pissed at Juugo. Looking forward to more of her and her beating on Juugo.

    Isshin: “I want to rule the world!” Ah damn dude, you just turned yourself into a joke character, didn’t you? Still don’t have much hope for him. Him and his cohorts will probably be this show’s Team Rocket.

    So yeah, this episode flipped the chessboard so hard I was looking for Battler and Beato to show up… and I like it! 😀

    1. I can kind of see it. Juugo seemed a little too accepting of all this, so the reveal now makes excellent sense! and nanana is not a cardboard cutout moe girl! haza! btw is this one cour or two?

    2. Juugo: Actually a bad guy.

      Tensai: Not Sherlock Holmes. Actually evil government agent?

      Nanana: Aizen. Finds mystic treasure to raise funds for personal paradise. Scatters said treasure around island. Gets murdered because of said treasure, a violent act that turns her into a lingering spirit, effectively ensuring her immortality. Nowadays she just eats pudding and plays games, claiming neutrality as she watches the island’s inhabitants multi-cross each other and reveal their own secret pasts.

      Isshin: Failed his knowledge check.

  2. Juugo was going full on Kamijou “I’ll break your illusion!” Touma; stopping just short of actually punching the guy.

    I wonder if Nanana will get any character development aside from being a moe apathetic plot device? Because Tensai is simply stealing the show. She’s interesting, charming, strong, smart, and adorable! Easily and by far the best girl at this point.

  3. This episode was amazing. EVERYONE developed depth. Nanana, Tensai, Juugo, everyone. Even the club president, although I would have preferred at least seeing him get his face punched in, and my preferred “depth” for him is six feet under, but hey. 😉

    Perhaps one of the most important lessons to take from this episode is that no one is as simple as they appear to be on the surface. Even Nanana has motivations beyond the obvious, and pain and uncertainties she doesn’t show the world. Perhaps we should have realized that message when Juugo got fooled twice by people dressed as maids who weren’t what they seemed to be, but in this episode it feels more profoundly stated.

  4. That was confusing as hell. It’s like they went 180 at the very last second with no major reveals and suddenly go “Oh and plot twist! His father is robin hood!” …That came out of left field, I was really enjoying that up until now.

    Then of course the master detective saying “Oh I knew it all along” let’s not even mention the fact that suddenly the master detective is now an intermediary for a rich guy to buy a stolen item.

    Worse of all that asshole club did not get destroyed nor did they get beat down instead he just let him go. Wtf, that was a very frustrating episode to watch considering how greatly I enjoyed the first three.

    There was no catharsis to that story arc at all.

      1. Tensai gave asshole president boy a check for the stolen staff. Zero repercussion. that was my point.

        though technically, since he got paid for the cane, he was rewarded for his actions! which is why I said wtf, even after attempting to kill Juugo!

        a box like Hippo
    1. Tensai isn’t working for the rich guy, she forced him to help her. The check just concluded the deal with Isshin and proved Tensai was connected to Ikkaku in some way.

  5. Considering all the reveals in this ep, I went and rewatched parts of the previous eps. Lo an behold, I really did not pick up on all the foreshadowing (like Juugo’s phone).

    Because goddamn, I did not see Juugo’s past coming. I figured the whole fight with his father thing was just another way to give him an excuse why his parents aren’t around. Just another kid getting caught up in some adventure. Which would’ve been fine enough, but his new background and the view on his true personality really expands him a lot more as a character. He’s got a myriad of problems and flaws, and seems to be seeking for a purpose in life (which he found with Nanana, who apparently saw straight through him). In all this, he’s still a wildcard, but not of the normal teenager variety. I wonder what else they’re going to do with him, anyway. The only thing I found vague is the question where the hell he got two replicas of that lie detector treasure so fast.

    Tensai is being awesome again too, of course. Keep in mind, she correctly deduced Juugo was a thief right in episode 2 already. To the viewer it seemed like she was jumping to conclusions (and indeed, Daruku mentions that she never explains how she gets to those conclusions, confusing people) but she was right all along. And she knew it, because it’s not like she ever apologized to him or something for calling him a thief. Her phone gambit is also obvious in hindsight. The Juugo-Tensai ship (the fact that she’s the first person Juugo thought of when his dad asked if he had a girlfriend proved it hasn’t been torpedoed yet) has a different dynamic now too – the age-old thief-detective setup à la Catwoman and Batman (with different genders).

    We also clearly know where everyone stands now. Yuugo’s a wildcard, an exiled pariah following his own goals. You’ve got Tensai, his rival, who is now working for the head of the island. The Adventure club, friendly (?) enemies who want to take over the world (I freaking knew it). Matsuri, a scheming thieving organization led by Yuugo’s dad. And Nanana, the mystery in the middle, who seems to be playing her own game. It’s going to be fun seeing all these groups go head to head with each other.

    It was a bit rushed, admittedly, but it’s a nice setup for the rest of the series. Now let’s hope they don’t botch the rest and the ending, because I doubt they can adapt the entire series in 11 episodes. I get the feeling this was the end of one light novel, which at the current rate means there’s going to be two more.

    1. Tensai isn’t working for Ikkaku, she forced a favor out of him, that’s why she had his forces to back her up. The check was just his end of the deal with Isshin and also proved that she’s at least connected to Ikkaku. No evidence yet Tensai is on anyone’s side but her own, in a good way 🙂

  6. You what the major problem with this ep was (besides the rushed nature)? it’s that all those interesting developments and wonderful twists got lost in a katamari of clumsy storytelling (in my opinion of course). I cant help but feel that what ended up being an enjoyable ep for the most part could have been a great ep had these developments gelled a lot better. There were some well executed moments in the ep, such as Juugo’s talk with his dad because we learn from that conversation that juugo has problems committing to things; he’s a pretty wishy-washy guy. Though i thought it was a bit unfair for his dad to ask him if he’d risk his life for a girl he is not sure if he likes (that may have been a problem with the way the dialogue was written) but the overall conversation illustrated how difficult it is for juugo to give a straight, committed answer to things and i appreciated how that scene made us extrapolate that from the conversation rather than being outright told of it through some internal monologue or something like that. It’s starting to become clear that he is interested in Tensai (and she in him) but cant quite state it.

    The other thing i felt got lost a bit in the ep was the depiction of Juugo’s cunning. In this ep, he illustrated just how intelligent he really is; he’s not all just about endurance and physical strength; he’s also cunning and can orchestrate multi-faceted plans. Last week i made the comparison of him to Watson in regards to tensai but it looks like he might be more of a Moriarty than anything….without the evil of course. Juuugo may come from a family of thieves but its clear he wants to pave his own path; he’s just not sure what it is, again going back to his problems with commiting to something. Point is, the boy is smart with wit on a level that can rival Tensai. Too bad that wasnt properly illustrated; I just fell that the writing fell short of depicting the cunning behind Juugo’s scheme as it all came together quite clumsily. Not to mention the reveal that Tensai was aware of it the whole time came off as quite weak. I wish there was a more clever way of them coming about that reveal as that scene was clearly meant to be a clever face off between two intelligent ppl. I will give that scene credit where credit is due though because it was one of the moments in the ep that helped support Juugo’s cunning. As much of a “master detective” Tensai is, Juugo would have had her completely fooled if it wasnt for the fact that she looked into his phone for the evidence and i liked the fact that this scene showed that for once, Tensai deductive skills could not bring her the answers; instead she needed tangible evidence to be sure of Juugo’s act. If so many scenarios werent being fired at the audience all at once, maybe they would have had time to appreciate that tidbit.

    Lastly, the ep tries to hint that Nanana was onto Juugo’s true nature, but again, the writing does not play to that development well enough. There is not enough character interaction between those two for her to have been able to truly get a feel for Juugo in order for her to deduce that. What we do get though, is a confirmation that Nanana believed that Juugo would do the right thing with her treasure and so she trusts him (with Juugo confirming with the crystal object that she honestly feels that way) but why would she trust him so openly with only 4 eps (and not enough development between the two), especially considering her past with others that have came before. That’s weak story progression. Other things such as the reveal of matsuri and the great 7 were also clumsily handled. Upon watching this ep, it only made me continue to question whether great, interesting ideas can make up for shoddy writing, or do you really need that tight execution, pacing, and development to make those interesting ideas more pronounce and relevant when telling a story. This ep as of now tells me that its definitely the latter. As enjoyable as all these developments were, again, I couldnt help but feel a bit letdown that it didnt come together more cohesively. This ep has some really great ideas but ultimately fell short in the execution department

  7. Tensai and Juugo; complicated interactions for me but if to sum it up;

    The detective & the thief. (sort of?)
    The one that ponders first & the one that acts first.
    The tsundere & the straight man (tsukkomi guy).
    The unraveler of secrets & the keeper of secrets.

    I’m getting more Kamisama no Memo-chou vibes too since they started relating clues across episodes..

  8. that Kiritsugu!

    and lol interesting mechanic on the Juugo and Tensai front. how much of that bonding from last week was staged? mm soo interesting xD

    PS: ok the MC is NOT one of the “good” guys (and the “good” female MC “KNOWS” it) … this just became more interested for me!

    PS2: she downloaded an app to hack other phones? mmm erm..ok ill buy it… for now.

  9. i thought, i went to the future and watched episode 5 instead when i saw episode 4… but oh well… anyway, some dont like the pacing. but i like that rushed feel since it adds more “emotion” to the current pulsating episode.

    The Last Idiot
  10. i need a map serious not joking T_T episode 4 not given detail enough or some people say given to much detail but fail to execute with make sense and who is ikkaku?
    wikipedia wikia really not help me.
    i am confused who is juugo actually? do he have high intelligence same as tensai?
    wargh wargh!

    1. I think the English wiki page is actually fine? It has all the info we know thus far about the characters. Juugo is the main guy. Ikkaku is the head of the Great 7 – you can speculate who he/she is but it hasn’t been revealed yet.

  11. I kept wondering if I had missed an episode somewhere along the line. They tried to make some parts of it work through Tensai’s deduction, but it most definitely was suuuuuper rushed. Yet, despite all these flaws I actually enjoyed it, but I can’t quite pinpoint why… :S

  12. YEHEY! cheerie passed the 3eps-mark, and her verdict is positive, so i guess you’re really into blogging this now. i hope the rest of the story will continue to amuse you, so that your blogs will be much more fun to read :).

  13. disappointed Isshin didn’t at least get punched. he did try to kill Juugo. but instead he’s let go and paid off. then Juugo tells him just don’t betray us again, and he replies with who knows. fool me once shame in you, fool me twice…

    Juugo, kind of a jerk. wasn’t really that interested in his interaction with his father. story wise it should be interesting, but I prefer his relationship dynamics with Tensai.

    This episode was a little confusing, still haven’t gotten all the names down. I had no idea who Shunjuu Ikkaku was (thanks for clearing that up). and I was confusing Yukihime and Matsuri.

    and that guy with Isshin and Ibara was supposed to be powerful? he knocked out Juugo with a slap, and it was inferred he could take on that small army with Tensai? uhm, ok.

    let’s see how next week goes.

    a box like Hippo
  14. Hmmmm, good episode, but now I’m rather really confused and overwhelmed, well, I guess with a mystery series, it’s bound to happen where you gotta slowly connect the dots together episode by episode, but the mood just changed so quickly, episode 1 and 2, it felt really rom com ish, with all the character introductions, and we get to a more adventurous mood in episode 3, and this episode just completely flips and changes the mood, maybe I was caught off guard but I felt it was too sudden and I was just completely going what happened through the episode. 😛

  15. Frankly, It’s just my opinion, while Nanana is indeed a more refreshing use of characters, the pacing and story telling is so clumsy and poorly executed I simply can’t see it as the genius other people are hyping it as. It’s just so hard to enjoy something that overwhelms you with a story that obviously is reliant on character connections, yet doesn’t do the connecting part very well at all. I give them an A for effort, but the storytelling part isn’t there.

  16. Totally liked this episode. Game-changing episode, which I’d like to call it.

    First, MC became more badass w/ having his own secret motives.
    Second, dat last scene where Nanana seemed to open up to Juugo.
    Third, all(?) of the characters shown in the spoiler-ish OP finally made their appearances if not their debut.
    Oh, and Fourth, Tensai being ‘Tensai’.

    Red HeartGold ZX
    1. I actually loved the twist’n’turns of the episode. Series has me sold!
      Tensai really rocked my mind, first by discovering fake Juugo, second by seeing past fake persona true Juugo has set up, finally by her intervening at the head of veritable police army and getting the cane to be locked away for safety. She is true master detective!
      Speaking of Juugo, I completely fell earlier for “plucky everyman” facade he pulled off so masterfully. Now, we know he is unwilling heir to master thief (which makes for great tension with Tensai!), and he has some strong opinions about following one’s dreams.
      Last but not least, I kinda understand Juugo and his dismay at the wish “to rule the world”… Sorry but that would be too much trouble for anyone, even with magic wish-granting cane… You conquered it, now you need to administrate it! Including, but not limited to: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and entire Subsaharan Africa…

  17. I like the subtlety in this story, and can see how the novel format made it work better. It still manages to be effective at times in this show, however – like how Juugo underlines the truth in what his father says about him neither liking nor trusting people, by his first reaction to Nanana’s statement that he’ll do good with the lie-detector item… being to use said lie-detector item on Nanana.

    1. That’s a good point actually. Juugo is probably a very distrusting person by nature and he feels like he can’t totally dive head first into anything and he takes precautions (even by giving out fake lie-detecting rocks). I’d like to see how that changes over time living with Nanana or Tensai.

  18. Y’all are making me feel bad because I literally have no idea what’s going on, lol. Between the week of time between episodes and my life making my mind go in 1000 different directions, I’m having difficulty piecing things together. I already need to go back and re-watch everything up to this point.

  19. I have a hypothesis, that desire to find Nanana’s murderer will drive Juugo and Tensai together, since he would need her abilities to unfold the mystery, while she will have a great crime to solve to prove as Meitantei!
    Plus, I dont think she lied about starting to like Juugo. Especially since she knew real Juugo was not there…


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