「星空の絵本」 (Hoshizora no Ehon)
“Starry Sky’s Picture Book”

It’s been said that it’s the children who end up suffering most when conflict arises. And if there’s one thing made abundantly clear in this week’s episode, it’s the fact that amid all the conspiracies, political power plays, and attempted sabotage, it’s our main cast—one consisting entirely of children—that ends up getting caught in the crossfire.

Indeed, with the revelation that the Ark Faction seem to be believers in the notion that the Earth’s done for and can’t be saved, it’s interesting to note how their actions from previous episodes essentially hint at them not caring whether or not the Kiltgang succeed or not. All things considered, it makes you wonder what exactly is coming in the future, and the role the Earth Engine will ultimately play in it all.

There’s a fascinating assortment of questions coming out from this show, and despite the fact we received some key revelations this week, the only real thing we know right now is this: it’s a conflict started by adults who’ve since influenced their children in ways that we probably can’t even imagine. At least though, this episode gives us a bit of a glimpse as to what exactly how they’ve been influenced so far, and there’s something to be said about how Teppei never met his “dad” until today, how Akari also met her mother for the first time in years this week, and how Daichi’s (who ends up being notably absent from most of the episode) also had to live without his father since a young age. Needless to say, they’re far from normal children at this point—the way they act and their reactions to everything tell a thousand words—and it really is a testament to how long-term conflicts and issues really do end up affecting the children the most.

With that said, it makes you wonder if what Nishikubo’s comment about “owning up to his mistakes” didn’t so much refer to his treatment of Teppei and Hana prior to Daichi’s arrival as it was his inability to keep them from being involved in everything. In that context and the lack of parental guidance our cast has received as a result, it adds a lot of extra meaning to how Nishikubo’s trying to take a more paternal role for our group, and potentially shady agendas notwithstanding, he’s turning out to be one of my more favorite characters from this show. His deployment of Teppei just to let him see his father was especially awesome of him, and it was great how well he (and the people behind the show) hid his true intentions until the very end.

Ultimately, it was a great episode development wise, and there was a lot of quality “romantic” storytelling tossed within it all. The thing that I’m wondering though, is whether or not Eiji’s actually still alive or whether Nishikubo’s just telling him a little white lie… Well, I guess we’ll see, because if he’s alive after all this, there’s no way this’ll be the last time we see him. Looking forward, it’s Salty Dog making yet another move—this time on Hana (that belly button forte!)—and things just keep on coming for our young cast.

Random Extra Tidbit: As an aside, it’s interesting to note how Governor Yomatsuri was glad Akari visited despite her only using that visit as a pretense for the secret operation. Needless to say, she and Nishikubo are clearly cut of a similar cloth, and I guess it only made sense they ended up together way back when.




  1. I love this week’s theme of parent and child, especially with regards to Eiji and Teppei. The plot is getting stronger and the show did good by dropping hints here and there without confusing the audience.

    Hopefully by next week we’ll get more details about Salty Dogs and the rest of the warring fractions.

  2. As it turns out, the Ark Faction (and to a some extent Globe, Nishikubo and Co.) seem to be believers in the notion that the Earth’s done for and can’t be saved, and it’s just fascinating to note how suddenly it’s the Intercept Faction that could be doing the right thing.

    I thought Globe was part of the Intercept faction? They’re actually trying to intercept the impators before they reach Earth, while the Ark faction is all “no, we want them to hit Earth and kill everyone we don’t like while the ‘right people’ (meaning us) escape in stasis pods in space” and so on.

    PS: I found Hana’s bellybutton forte especially amusing because just the day before this episode came out I’d run across a fanart of her doing exactly that in her dress, and being just as clueless about why it’s a bad idea.

    1. From what I gathered last week, Salty Dog is the Intercept Faction, which is why they wanted the Earth Engine to fail so they can use the impacters as primary defense.

      As for the Ark Faction, I don’t think they want the Kiltgang to hit Earth at all. The feeling I got is that they’re prepping for what they feel like will be inevitable, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to give up Earth without a fight either (cue Earth Engine). At the same time, they don’t think the impacters are the way to go (or perhaps they think it won’t work?).

      It seems like Nishikubo and Co. have something planned for the Earth Engine though… so if you really went into it, it’s highly possible they’re playing on both sides at the moment as a third group not involved in either the Kivotos or Macbeth plans.

      EDIT: Never mind. Confusing faction affiliations are confusing.

      1. Episode 3, the despicable guy from Salty Dog reports to someone who self-identifies as being in the Ark Faction, and insists on having Hana under their control for use in the Kivotos plan. Episode 1 Ark faction members are shown onscreen actively stating that the activation of the Earth engine is a Bad Thing™ from their perspective.

        I think you’re getting the groups mixed up, Zephyr.

      2. @Wanderer
        I rewatched part of the episode 1.
        The magical girl’s mother, who is in the Ark Faction, was in charge of intercepting the impactors, so I don’t think Ark Faction want the impactors to come, or at least the Faction want to delay the impactors, so the Ark can run.

      3. Hmmm… yeah, they’ve kind of thrown all these factions and groups and people and shadowy conspiracies at us, and amongst it all it’s become kind of hard to tell who’s doing what.

    2. no, I think the Ark faction is more like, “no, the Intercept faction can’t intercept forever, it is better to run.”

      not sure why, the setting of this anime somewhat resembles what is happening in my location.
      In fact, StarDriver also. that is why I like StarDriver very much.

  3. All these different factions are giving me a headache! It’s too confusing that I don’t even know who the “good guys” are among them, aside from Salty Dog who are a bunch of creeps. Even the guys who created the Earth Engine. For all we know, they have some big secret that would influence the plot and possibly have Teppie switching sides cause of it.

  4. Am I the only one who thinks Nishikubo and co are slightly shady? True he sent Teppei and Akari both to space so that they could meet their respective parent, but he also reassured Teppei that he was one of them rather than those Planetary Gear guys with him having a caring father and all. Seemed like he killed so many birds with one stone and I can’t help but think there’s something shady with what he’s planning….

  5. This look like an anime that need to be watched all in one go and not piece meal like this. Howc can that guy be Teppei dad if Teppei a kiltgang? Argh so many questions.

    1. It’s been sad so many times this episode that the “dad” was the one responsible for his genes. It’s pretty clear he isn’t just some guy that made love to a women and had a child called Teppei. Come on you can use a bit of your imagination to think of an asnwer yourself.

  6. So it’s a I-really-don’t-know-who-my-parents-are type of episode. I like how these two, who are currently being shipped, have the same situation in which none of them can really call anyone their parent: one was left by busy parents, the other one was supposed to become a guinea pig.

  7. This episode is kind of made me start questioning the logic of the series. While i do like that Teppai is getting some development the whole situation in which it occurred really made me scratch my head.

    Now first off the commander was WELL AWARE that sending Teppai in was one of the worst possible choice in this situation considering that the guys in this episode were after him. Yeah he wanted Teppai to meet his father but is that really worth the risk of losing him not to mention his freaking DAUGHTER at this point? Have these kids even gotten proper training in the acts of espionage? Did he not consider the MAJOR risks of sending them in when their opponents are clearly hostile? He even says he had doubts about the mission so I’m really questioning his judgement right now.

    Second when they found out the guys were armed and coming after them shouldn’t they have just radioed command about it? I mean it’s not like the entire ship is their enemy or anything………they are in safe territory. They did not need to send Teppai’s dad out there when they could just as well hidden him until the the spies were taken out by the folks in command. What’s even more jarring is that after the supposedly secret mission they talked to Akari’s mother about it and were not faced with any kind of punishment. So why was this even secret in the first place? I’m not sure how close Akari’s parents are but I’m sure they probably could have secretly worked something out instead of resorting to these nonsensical hijinks.

    Then we find out that Teppai’s dad somehow escaped from the ship without any explanations as to how. This is one that might be elaborated on later but still made me shake my head.

    Again while I do like the emotional pull they were going for the whole situation was just so bizarrely handfisted that i couldn’t get into it as much a i could have.

  8. Ep 06:

    Yes yes, for me you doing it alright. Time to explain a bit the background, and the emotions that drive the persons what they do. Yes, i like Captain Earth. Your doing great



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