Kenpachi is pretty beat up from his fight with Gremmy, but I didn’t expect Candice “The Thunderbolt” and her gang to be able to beat him down so easily. The Sternritter are very powerful, but this is the unstoppable Kenpachi we are talking about. All the hype built up around up made me expect him to completely overpower his opponents once again. They were smart to try to take Kenpachi out while he was severely injured and tired, but he hasn’t been even close yet to unveiling the full extent of his power. Of course it’s possible he isn’t down for the count yet, and at the end of the chapter a massive skull reiatsu appears in the sky before they can finish him off. I really want to see Kenpachi get back up and kick their asses; his reiatsu took the form of a skull several times before, so this could be another aspect of his abilities. There are a number of other possibilities, e.g. Yachiru coming back to show what she’s really made of, or perhaps a number of the other characters we haven’t seen in a while (arrancar, fullbringers or even Ichigo). Again based off of Bleach’s previous patterns, there is a good chance that we will see four good guys show up to face off against each of the Sternritter.

The basic signature abilities and designations of the four girls have also been revealed: Candice “The Thunderbolt” with a pretty generic lightning ability; Meninas “The Power” also with a generic ability of super strength; the more gruesome powers belong to Liltotto “The Glutton” who devours her opponents with a giant tentacle mouth; and Giselle “The Zombie” who can control those touched by her blood. Giselle’s quite resilient to injury too (though in general getting cut in half isn’t a very effective way to kill Bleach characters) and she forces a bunch of the 11th squad shinigami to commit suicide – a pretty nasty way to die. These girls are a diverse and loud group, and they are clearly pretty strong, but I was still a bit disappointed seeing Kenpachi incapacitated that quickly. In any case though, whoever is showing up to the battle should be able to dominate the four of them, with both sides revealing their powers in turn until the Sternritters are defeated.


    1. From my understanding of reading the Viz translations, Unohana intended for Kenpachi to win and develop, since she was healing him over and over again despite trouncing him onto the brink of death a couple of times. And also, the reason he survived is because he became stronger, evidently shown by Kubo when he sliced Unohana in half, not to mention it’s Kenpachi who is Yhwach’s War Potential, not Unohana.

      1. Yeah, I understand that, but my point is that nothing that Kenpachi has shown post-training so far suggests that he was the better choice. Unohana was a walking hospital and war machine in one.

      2. Wow… 20+ downvotes for a simple truth. The Vizards didn’t durn out to be as powerful as Shinji’s fight with Grimmjow implied either. Same goes for the Sternritter, none of them are using all the techniques that Kirge showcased. Some of them (like BG9) went down without even popping a final form.

        Unohana and Kenpachi isn’t any different either. You always let Kubo hype you up.

        Take powerlevels with a grain of salt. 🙂

  1. The skull that appeared in the sky looks like the one on Ichigo’s badge, so I guess it’s finally time for him to do a double getsuga or something. Where’s Yachiru? 😐
    Grimmjow will appear later, same with FullBringers.
    Man, the girls are pretty.

  2. Kenpachi needing rescue? Even without removing his eye-patch? Even after supposedly regaining his unbeatable power? Kubo what have you done?! I really hope that explosion has something to do with Kenpachi himself because he is really defeated here it would make Unohana’s sacrifice in restoring his power pretty meaningless. If Kubo really wanted to show Kenpachi having become more powerful he should be able to own these four even after his battle with Gremmy.

  3. Well it could be Ichigo… or the Fullbring gang who we saw leave with Ganju to train or something…? If the whole barrier around Seireitei is still up then the only would be by entering with the cannon.

    Really though I do wanna see Ichigo finally get down there, he is currently pulling of Goku and the Snake Way from Saiyan Saga on us.

  4. As much as I would like for it to be Ichigo, I think it’s someone else. Who? I have no idea.

    I could see Ichigo making an appearance against someone more important, or to save the life of someone he cares about(Like if they’re about to die and boom he appears lol). That’s more common for the main character in anime or manga to do.

  5. I think it’s probably the Fullbringers or Yachiru but whoever it is I just have this feeling that Kubo will use at least half of the chapter on their entrance

    Red Alchemist
  6. This is some bullshit. Kenpachi went down by these bitches. Is he THAT fatigued. And he’s just lying there without moving his eyepatch. Come on! Well Kubo has to give the other Shinigami screentime because realistically Kenpachi could beat ALL the quincy until he fights Yhwch. Oh, and that burst in the sky, it’s probably Ichigo coming out of Snake’s Way with his ” Gary Stu-Hybrid” ass. Sigh.

    Corey Lucas

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