Ichigo has been flying towards Sereitei for the past few chapters, but it seems almost anti-climatic to have him show up now, as Kenpachi is on the verge of defeat. He rockets into the ground heroically, then shunpo’s at least a couple thousand meters behind the four Sternritter before they can even react. As far as bad-ass entrances go, this one is as flashy as any. Never in a thousand years would I have imagined Ichigo coming to the rescue of Kenpachi – a fact that Ichigo himself seems amused by. After months of hype, the main character finally shows up, and I fully expect him to casually make short work of the girls. Especially given that there are four of them, it isn’t likely that they will get a good chance to show off their powers, at least not to the extent some of the previous Sternritter did. This will be Ichigo’s first fight in this battle, and he’s going to need cannon fodder to display his new skills. Even if they are able to make some fancy plays at the beginning with zombie powers or big gulps, I can already see Ichigo emerging unscathed, then shredding them nonchalantly with a few swings of his sword and a couple witty one-liners.

Other than his grand entrance though this chapter was relatively short on material. A couple other characters do make an appearance, including Shinji, who’s been patched up by Momo after his previous defeat. He attempts to go to the aid of Kenpachi but is intercepted by Bazz-B. Rukia also wants to fly to Kenpachi, though now that Ichigo is there they probably won’t. All in all though, only the last two pages in this chapter are of any significance (unsurprisingly). I feel like the epic reveal of his abilities will take at least few chapters as per Kubo’s customs, so it might be worth waiting a several weeks before reading everything.


    1. No. No he wasn’t. He had no issue with knocking Isane the fuck out. His first Karate opponent and long time sparrer was Tatsuki. And these are opponents that have killed hundreds already and are actively trying to kill him and his comrades, so it isn’t as though “Don’t hit random girls in the street” logic applies.

  1. You have no qualms about attacking women with your bladed weapons, right Ichigo?

    Just because you’ve never had to doesn’t mean you can’t, right?

    No? Uh oh.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  2. So killing Kenpachi would permanently damage Soul Society’s war power?

    Then Soul Society is FUCKED at this point then! Even after that supposed upgrade Kenpachi still got taken down, Soul Society is shit.

  3. Ichigo: I won’t raise my hand against a woman.
    Quincy: What if we told you that we were the ones who convinced Orihime Inoue to go to Hueco Mundo and not Ulquiorra?

  4. Oh man, not him again! I am tired of seeing Ichigo to be honest.

    Kubo could’ve put in other interesting characters instead of this guy. He could’ve put in Byakuya, or Yachiru, or even Gin who had disappeared for a long time.

  5. So the next chapter will be Ichigo talking to Kempachi, and then the last page will be him acknowledging the girls’ presence, and the chapter after that he will reveal his new swords on the last page, and the chapter after that nothing will happen, and the next chapter-

    Screw you Kubo.

  6. Yaaaaaawwwnnn. Ichigo, your time for being badass was over a long time ago. It ENDED at the Soul Society saga and there ain’t NO WAY you are getting that mojo back. Seriously how many would be interested in seeing a spinoff of Hisagi as the protagonist? He looks like Ichigo only made of PURE AWESOME SAUCE! I hate Ichigo so damn much now. Lol and I knew Kenpachi will be Soul Society’s trump card. Hilarious that no one is trying to protect him so that he could fight bigger threats. They just like let him do his own shit as he pleases. Sigh. I miss Grimmjow BADLY!

    Corey Lucas
  7. Hahahaha! Bleach is probably the only manga I know of where the stereotypical protagonist (kind, honorable, etc) is hated by the fandom. How awesome is that!

  8. Why can’t Ichigo just cut some of those girls down as he falls? That would have been more of an entrance with more shock and awe, to emphasise how much stronger he is at the moment. Unfortunately there will be a bunch of lame and pointless conversation to drag out this fight before Ichigo finish them off. I prefer Kenpachi style, cut first ask questions later.

  9. Also, does any one feel that the Quincys have some ridiculous ability that is absurd rather than cool? Like the guy who fought with Kenpachi. This is the kind of writing that gets the anime canceled, next to the ridiculous pacing.

  10. I have to say.. that this being Zaraki’s limit is more than disappointing. He has been hyped as being OP, just waiting to be uneleashed… kinda like the old man, and Ywah Bach… now All of a sudden he get derped by some lowly no-names.

    Kubo is losing it.. he needs to stop stretching and finish the series with a bang.. Sadly, if things go down like Kenpachi just did it will end with a wimper.

    Synopsis: Ichigo coming to save Zaraki = weak sauce.

    Rant(continued): Ichigo should have been reserved for another higher ranked character. Even if it was someone lower on the totem pole like Bazz-B.. @least he has earn his right to fight one of the big guys yet… again derped.

    1. Couldnt agree more…all that hype…those trials he went through,, getting dubbed the New kenpachi and all that crap, finaly getting his weapons form, and he still has eyepatch and bankai……….Unohana is rolling in her f$%king grave!!!…..next episode better have him hopping up like ”yeah right dude, i was just playing with them”’….kenpachi was one of the only reasons i keep reading this rag of a manga, but after that corny fight with fruity imagination boy and him getting bodied by these generic pseudo arrancar hoes…..i just dont know……..ichigo always was a yawn anyway

      BROOKLYN otaku
  11. I never thought I’d see the day where I preferred pre-shikai kenpachi to post-shikai…
    We used to talk in highschool about if kenpachi ever reached shikai the world would end…now look where we’re at…pathetic.


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