「覚悟」 (Kakugo)

As expected, things end up flashing back to the fight with the hive-type Gauna to start off the seventh episode, and well… it was every bit the ridiculous battle that we thought it would be. The sheer scale of the hive was insane compared to the Guardians, and it really is amazing that they managed to subdue the target at all—especially when you have a certain @#$%! person intentionally screwing things up in order to paint Tanikaze as inept. Indeed, it’s all about Kunato and the lengths he’d go through to ensure his pride and superiority complex stay intact, and it sure looks like he’d be willing to risk the survival of the entire ship in order to accomplish that. Talk about an insidious element. I guess it just goes to show though, that’s just one view of how humanity could be—forever unable to truly work together even in the face of extinction.

However much I wish Kunato dies a painful death aside though, there’s much to be said about where the aforementioned leaves everything results wise, and this week really starts what seems to be a series of changes and developments that stem directly from the hive-type encounter. For one, the deaths of multiple pilots leads XO Seii Ichirou to pilot a Guardian once more, which then places Yuhata in the drivers seat as the Captain’s new bridge sidekick. For the most part, it’s as expected in this regard, but there’s definitely a fair share of surprises here—especially when it comes to the views of the anti-military demonstrators. I’d been wondering what exactly it is that they wanted considering the necessity of the military in order to combat the Gauna, and well, let’s just say it all makes sense now.

Ultimately, I’m of the belief that they’re being ridiculously naive in thinking that the Gauna will just let them be if they discard all their Kabizashi’s… but at the same time, one does wonder if there’s any merit in their statement considering all that’s going on in the background. That said though, it’s possible no one knows the true answer to whether or not it’d work, which would make keeping the Kabizashi’s the best choice given the circumstances… so the odds definitely ain’t on the demonstrator’s side at this point in time. Figures thus that the Captain’s just like “the people are a non-issue,” because in the end, you’d rather be safe than sorry, even if the Captain’s reasoning may not so much be related to this as it is her desire to destroy the Gauna and “rebuild the homeland.” She can’t possibly mean Earth… could she? Cause darn, I get the feeling certain people wouldn’t be too hot on that idea if they found out.

But yeah, generally, it’s just another superb episode in terms of overall execution on both the director and the original creator’s part. The fact that they used a flashback to fill back in the blanks really added a lot to the enjoyment of the past two episodes, and it’s a decision that also facilitated this episode’s focus on resolve and the aftermath of their previous altercation. Best of all, it made it so that they could unveil of the “Exterminatus” planet destroyer with just enough time left to showcase the results—which includes the return of partially destroyed frames and dead pilots from the hive-type encounter. In the end, the only words that come to mind are “I should’ve seen this coming,” and things really can only get worse from here…

Author’s Note: As usual, please refrain from spoilers, especially if they’re not in response to a query of some sort. If you must, please remember to use spoiler tags.




  1. The demonstrators’ demands see awfully specific. Ending martial law? Understandable. Throwing away the single weapon they have that can kill Gauna? Perhaps someone knows more than they are letting on…

    1. One could also reason that it’s a plausible reason why the previous alien ship was found generally empty as well, as it could’ve been the Kabizashi’s that attracted them in the first place.

      But yeah, just like the previous rumour about the people behind Sidonia being generally true, there’s typically some kind of factual basis that led to this belief… so wouldn’t be surprised if there’s at least something to this rumour, even if it may not be entirely true.

  2. The way the events have altered did little (to none) consequences with the main storyline of the general hatred of Tanikaze this week. “Message conveyed” for sure.


    Well, let the tournament begin anew, this time all weapons allowed…

    Caption time! – Yuhata: I WILL sign up to be a pilot, you can’t stop me!

    1. I never though that I would say this but Evangelion looks like a fairy tail compare to the situation od Mankind here, at least humans had Earth and a way to kill the Angels but here we lost our Mother Planet for good, we were force into space colonies to run like rats in a sinking ship, we haven´t found a habitable planet and just to things a little funny the Gauna are still after what´s left of the humans. Yeah Ithink I´m going to cry now.

      1. God? In Evangelion? No dude, sorry but every single crap, curse and mayhem in the Evangelion was man made. Seele and Gendo were the big human element causing the Second Impact for their own twisted ends; Gendo did it to meet his wide and the old bastards of Seele to create their sick new world using the corpse of the original. Both Sidonia and Evangelion are all about humans, specially about hoe the end of the worls is knocking at our door and we still can´t unitte to prevent it. “The greatest enemy of man is man himself”, I hate Gendo as much as anyone but that psycho was right on that.

      2. Well, Evangelion starts all with this Angel Body they found in a underground cave. And began to use it to produce this Mechas. I think the other Angels that attacked earth, want to save their comrade… But Humanity had other ideas with it.

    2. Well, i get a feeling that “Angels” is not that far away. Because Humanity found a Power Source based on Higgins Particles, aka know as God Particles…

      Perhaps the Gauna take the part of “Arc Angels” to beat Humanity the crab out of drain the Life force from god

    1. Izana is of a 3rd gender, one that is neither until she chooses her mate, at which point she’ll change to whatever gender is the opposite of her mate. So feel free to call her a she because I’m pretty sure our main not-yet-female lead is not going to suddenly become attracted to someone else.

    2. “She” doesn’t actually have any, it was sometime during the first episode but she says that people like her when they find a partner can morph to the sex that fits together with them.

    3. Whats strange is, that vendor looked so surprised meeting an Intersex.

      Wasn’t in Ep1 Izana came out of their own Photosynthesis Chamber? Intersex Facilities were already made for them.

      1. It was strange for me too, although for the past few episodes I’ve been paying attention to the background, trying to find another shorts-clad figure. So far there was none, yet in the first episode Izana said it was an usual thing?

      2. I wouldn’t be surprised that all the Intersex children are very androgens looking with bi-sexual tendency. Considering she looks young i bet they also go through a later puberty as well for their change when they biologically selection a made.

  3. I am not so sure those Gauna frames are made of destroyed ones, since one had Hoshijiro’s 702 number despite Sidonia apparently having recovered what was left of it.

    1. Well in the picture the original 702 was definitely recovered, so this can’t be it. Looks a lot like the Gauna just merged with a destroyed frame and Hoshijiro and just formed the number 702 with its “skin” or what not.

    2. Perhaps “victim”‘s memories…

      There was a shoot, where the tentacles hold the Pilot. Perhaps they took so her memories. Like the first Gauna had the face of her Victim

    3. If you look carefully at the scene when Yuhata looked at the screen just before she said ‘…702…’. The zoomed in image showed all three gaunas carry the number 702.

      G489 (left) – ‘702’ mirrored
      G490 (centre) – 702
      G491 (right) – ‘Off screen’02

      It’s low res, monochrome and lasted only a second, so it’s easily missed.

      Show Spoiler ▼

    4. You know, this is the confirmation of Sidonia´s worst nightmare, one thing is to fight space monsters with only one weak point and another entirely to fight a space monster to Hive Mind beacause every time you fight one the experice is uploaded to their thought network and they become stronger and stronger until they crush you. On the bight side, all Hive Minds have a core or mother monster that you can kill and effectively annihilating the entire spicies, maybe that´s what the captain is planning when she was talking about the ship´s journey.

  4. Soooo everyone in Sidonia is more or less a clone of one of the original people right? I find it more than a coincidence that the captain looks like an older version of Hoshijiro if you know what I mean 😉

    1. Sort of but not really. There was a massive population crash around 100 years ago which has been mentioned where over 95% of the population was wiped out. After that the population was built up again and the photosynthesizing added to their genetic makeup as much of the food production was destroyed.

      The frame that Tanikaze is using was the one that stopped the complete elimination of the ship which is why Kunato is so huffed that he is not using it.

      1. Yea so everyone in Sidonia (except the captain, bear and the illuminati) pretty much came from the 5% that survived plus a bunch of genetic engineering. Like Izana is more or less a third gender clone version of her grandmother so wouldn’t be surprising if the captain had some clones of her own. I also find Hoshijiro’s relationship with Tanikaze reminiscent of the Captain’s relationship with Tanikaze’s Grandpa a bit later on. (not much a spoiler as the illuminati ppl already mentioned that)

  5. The pacing in the anime is better than the manga (in my opinion). I feel like this was the point in where I got lost in the manga in terms of plot. Splitting the battle and flashback was a much better decision pacing wise. Though since we are already half way through the series, I feel like it’s just going to come up short and not explain the biggest issues and confusions I have with the series.

    I really hope there is a second season, mainly because the pacing and explanation of lore/flashbacks in the anime seems to be more clear. (Of course, another issue could be the translations, lack of editors – wrong words/phrasing, etc.)

    Going to miss Hoshijiro…did not deserve to die due to Kunato’s jealousy and desire to pilot the Type 17. Nagate did the right thing by not reporting and instead moving on to what he can do rather than mourn her death. I think Nagate clearly knows he cannot prove Kunato set him up, also knows that it’s his word vs Kunato who seems to have the entire military + media behind him. Going to be interesting to see how they handle the upcoming battle with the new Ghana Guardians.

    1. I agree, the anime is doing an excellent job at pacing the plot. Sometimes the manga could be too slow or too fast, depending on the case, but I think the anime does it very well. In previous episodes it included several bits of information that were explained later in the manga, but here it serves to explain the setting better without spoling anything important.

  6. I’ve rarely felt so angry towards a anime character! Kunato, THE RAGE!! I hope he dies a painful death at the hands of the Gauna, become a “zombie” and die again in a space battle against Tanikaze or even better, against the heavy mass driver! /rage off

    1. I found myself thinking “Man, I hate that f@cking guy!” when he set Nagate up. And he doesn’t seem like a cheap cardboard villain, that’d be easier to hate. he’s an all too real human, just a pathetic pos. I think death by Gauna is too good for him.

      a box like Hippo
  7. This was the part where I wished Kunato was a real living person so that I could beat the living crap out of him.

    Tsk. Talk about bad taste. Anyway, these “humanity backed into the corner” stories really shows us how feeble and petty we humans are. In the words of sora “all of them are crap”.

    1. To be fair (if that is at all possible)Kunato was not really expecting things to go that pear shaped, he just wanted to make Tanikaze look bad, and he certainly did not want to kill Hoshijiro as he has or at least has a thing for her. But, if you screw around with these things people are gonna die.

      To some extent I think the anime has made Kunato a bit more of flat character than in the manga. Sure he’s detestable in the manga but there’s a bit more to him.

      1. For me it was his apparent lack of conscience afterward that ticked me off especially since he was trying to get close to Shizuka at the start.
        Instead of “oh crap, I’m a teamkilling shitheel” his “you can’t prove a thing, deal with it” stance wasn’t at all endearing.

      2. Yes, the manga gave him more depth, thanks to some flashbacks about him. Also, he was more composed in his scenes, not so “grrrr, hate Tanikaze, grrr” angry dude.

        Still, maybe in the manga he was more of an elitist prick than a jealous jerk, but his deed was equally heinous, including his total lack of regret afterwards.

        I liked how reviewers and posters in the past episode were wondering about some kind of conspiracy or shady plot behind Tanikaze’s failure, maybe even from Captain Ponytail herself, but in the end it was your usual human pettiness that caused it.

      3. I dunno but when I saw Kunato staring at the broken frame of Hoshijiro (and even when he did blame Tanikaze and deliberately tried to piss him off), I felt a sense of remorse and regret from him. It felt to me as if he wanted Tanikaze to blame him and give him the right hook that he deserved and in the end when he told Tanikaze that he can’t put the blame on him and quietly retorted under his own breath, that silence and lack of conviction from Kunato’s words make him sound like a fool who finally started to realize his wrongdoings.

    2. she might be Nagate mother for all we know , since the cute girl is dead the main girl are now Captain , Yuhata and Izana , who will win? and that kunato … i hope what he receive is worst than death

  8. Honestly, these are the kinds of episodes that tend to leave a bad taste in my mouth. It isn’t enough that the obvious hero is now hated by everyone, or that the obvious villain is now glorified, somehow it’s even worse. I can stand Kunato not getting his comeuppance, by the end of the episode, I just wish that at least someone else had learned of what he did. Episodes like this just leave me so frustrated and unsatisfied. I was really hoping that, at very least, Yuhata would have checked voice logs or something and figured out what happened by episode’s end. All in all, at this point, I’m just hoping that others figure things out by the end of next episode, b/c stuff like this just makes it hard for be to keep watching a series for long. Misunderstandings of this nature, can only be stretched out for so long.

    1. It was worse in the manga, instead of stone throwing Nagate had his head stuffed in a sack and was thrashed by the people who blamed him for the debacle. There is a scene of Nagate beaten and still bleeding heading for the hangar and Kunato gloating.

      Ah, the Kunato hate, I’ve been looking forward to this weeks comments.

      1. Please just tell me that he, in some way, gets his comeuppance. You can put it in spoiler tags if you have to. I’m not even asking for a detailed explanation, more just like a yes or no. He doesn’t have to die, per se, but I just can’t believe that they’re going to leave things the way that they are.

      2. @Celebrinen

        Show Spoiler ▼

        I hope i used the Spoiler tag right…

    2. I think that… At least the captain still trusts Tanikaze, and probably Yuhata too. After all, the captain trusted Yuhata with the team composition, and I think she believed Tanikaze will still get chosen to sortie. And of course Izana still stays by his side. That much is already compensation for me, hahaha.

      Oh, and props to Tanikaze for not letting rage against Kunato get to him.

    3. The Guardians has “Com Log”‘s. So if they really want to know, they just need to check the Logs of the Guardians. Even Private channels make a Log entry

      Or, he made an Secure Com channel

  9. @Zephyr
    It wasn’t the losses against the chained gauna that cause Seii to return to the cockpit. In a previous ep he had already mentioned to Cap’n Ponytail that he wanted to pilot again.

  10. Have a feeling Kunato isn’t going to last long, you don’t build up that much hatred for a character just to leave him be. Only question is how horrific and cathartic his inevitable fall from grace is going to be.

    Other interesting tidbit is how Sidonia is being piloted towards another system. The implication is that the ship is currently in deep space (with evidence stemming from the rogue gas giant, a rogue planet does not orbit a star). Its current location also answers episode 5’s photosynthesis question: it simply would not work the way it was shown. An inconsistency, but minor all things considered.

    1. I was wondering where their ship was heading. seemed sort of aimless. and I do wonder why they felt the need to destroy that planet, so they could attack the Gauna. if it’s hiding let it hide! it doesn’t seem like they’re all too effective in taking them out!

      a box like Hippo
      1. Perhaps the Gas Giant was in the cross section of their “Glide” path. Sidona power consumption, to move a inch, is astronomic. And you saw how long they needed to collect fuel, just for an Guardian

        And, dont forget the G-Forces for Sidona

        The Gas Giant was destroyed to save Fuel, and to be save…

        i dont think, it was nearly as big as our Gas Giant in our Solar System.. Jupiter is the biggest, follows of Uranus… i think

      1. Daimidaler’s high-ERO particle charge up doesn’t make any sense at all and is just a sad excuse to shove stupid trashy fansevice in our faces (and an excuse for sexual harassment/assault), while Sidoni’s photosynthesis nakedness does have a logical reason behind it (a scientific idea as well) and is strongly tied to the plot and the world … it isn’t just trashy fan-service (in fact Daimidaler is a soft-core version of the Hentai OVA called Hentai Express where the main character drives a robot which powers up when he .. ahm .. “does it” with the female character).

  11. I’m not sure what to think about Nagate’s response to all of this. He never tried explaining what happened to anyone important. Yes, there’s probably no record of Kunato’s transmission and Kunato’s statement will normally weigh heavier than Nagate’s BUT Nagate *is* aware that he’s somewhat favored by the captain, so why not give it a shot?

    I mean “I only fight the Gauna” sounds GAR but it’s kind of contradictory to leave Kunato in a position of power after revealing that he priorities his own self-ego over the safety of Sidonia.

    The only defense I can think for Nagate is that he thought he was hearing things at the time or he doesn’t trust his memories after getting knocked out in combat.

    1. They are probably like Mitsubishi or similar major company, they have their hand in the manufacture of everything from consumer electronics to military vehicles.

    2. Toha is like Samsung. They make everything.
      Phone, Tablets, TV, Washing machine, guns, cars, tanks, natural gas tankers and the world tallest building – Burj Khalifa.

      Toha made that tablet, the food processing plant, and Nagate’s Type 17. The flimsy Type 18 is made by Sephorth’s Kunato Development though.

  12. The problem with Nagate/Kunato is that the Guardians really should have comm logs and/or recorders. As a plot point, it works, but that it was even possible kind of bothers me.

  13. Did I miss the buildup where Yuhata became the right-hand [wom]man to the captain? Somewhat felt that came out of nowhere.

    Also, I feel like the animation quality is up a few tics the last couple of episodes.

    1. Well, in previous episodes the right-hand man said that he wanted to be a pilot and that he was looking for a suitable replacement (with the anime suggesting that it was Yuhata). In fact, the Captain was presented a battle plan made by Yuhata herself, so it was probably her “exam” to earn the Captain’s approval, even if Yuhata herself ignored that.

      In fact, I was intrigued about why Yuhata had got the spotlight more often in the anime than in the manga at this point, but I guess it was to avoid the feeling that Yuhata’s job came out of nowhere.

  14. Well, for all the Kunato Please Die club members, it’s almost certain that Kunato’s plot twist will take place within this series so even if there is no S2 (please give us an S2, oh please, oh please) at least that will be sorted out.

    Possible other Sidonian clubs: Ponytail and Underdog Fan Club, the Mother Bear FC, Naked Captain FC, the Hideyoshi FC, the Moe Queen FC…

    Any more ideas?

    1. Really Bloody Romcom MC Beating FC

      Private Photosynthesis Session with Samari Ittan FC

      Sir Isaac Newton is the deadliest SOB FC

      Niheiverse Toha Heavy Industries Consumer FC

      Sasaki Pimp my Trashed Ride FC

      1. Samari just broke my nose because I am a member of the Private Photosynthesis Session with Samari Ittan FC FC

        I’m scared of Sasaki because I scratched up my Guardian FC

        Give Tsuruuchi a break FC

        Guess the Honoka FC

      1. Wat?
        You can clearly see from 3 Episodes back
        ,that the particle beam fired by the phallic cannon gauna was vermillion-colored rather than pale blue of Sidonia particle cannons and engines.

  15. Yeah, I still like the series, but its protagonist and antagonist lost it for me.

    I mean, Kunato’s actions are completely out of place with his position, and Tanikaze’s
    social clumsiness is too uncharacteristic to continue to be credible. It really cheapened
    Hoshijiro’s death, IMHO. I could go on about the technology plot-hole created when Kunato
    went into “private” more to tell Tanikaze to detonate the charges (like how nobody noticed
    that he went off line while they were actively waiting for his order, etc.) — just silly!!

    Anyway, it is what it is…

    1. Regarding Nagate’s social clumsiness, he spent most of his life in the Sidonian underground with only his grandfather for company. The first time he saw another human was when they were chasing him for stealing rice in Ep1.

    2. and Izana ist the Anchor of Friendship. Hoshijiro was the first emotions of Love… Well everybody could see that.

      Yes, he was his life along alone only with his grandfather. And only train for flying the Guardian Type 17

      How you would react, if you only buried at Home behind your only contact into the World. Internet? You must learn to have trust in persons. Thats not done overnight

  16. Man that Kunato. Not much to add that hasn’t already been hashed out in the comments. I do however wonder if the conversation between Yure hakase and the captain is more ominous below the surface. What is a “departure ceremony”? And Yure’s reaction to this request (muted shock) seemed telling.

    I didn’t notice anyone else metion it, perhaps it’s nothing. But the captain has already shown her colors: Sidonia first. I wonder if they just don’t stuff the “dissidents” into the bio-reactor.

    1. Sidonia needs a strong vice-captain like the captain. To prevent to sacrifice the lives for nothing. A yin needs a yang. Or at last someone that talk sense into her, when she is doing wrong. Perhaps the anime should show us thhe trustfully ally of the captain. You know, to have over tousends life on your shoulders, is not easy

  17. As much as i like the series i think this one specific plot point doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, and here is why.

    1-So Tanikaze can’t really tell if someone is talking to him on private channel or the open frequency .. really !!! .. even the most simple chat programs today tell you in a group chat session if the person is talking publicly or just privately with you only.

    2-Ok, so let’s assume Tanikaze couldn’t tell, but even the commander and the entire battle-monitoring team couldn’t tell if Kunato contacted Tanikaze privately !!!! what !!! .. they monitor their heart-rates, life-signs and every damn minute detail and they still couldn’t detect that order Kunato gave Tanikaze, if that’s isn’t sheer incompetence i don’t know what is.

    3-Even if Tanikaze can’t tell, and the Commander and her battle-command are oblivious to that communication … how the hell Tanikaze didn’t figure out that Kunato is the one who set him up … i mean come on, you aren’t that dumb Tanikaze .. request the black box of the Kunato’s robot inspected (at least that should have all the communication logs recorded in it) .. do something about instead of whining and being a pussy.

    It gets even worse when they send them again “together” to fight Gauna .. seriously .. if the commander knows what really happened and still sent Kunato with Tanizake then she is retarded .. if she doesn’t know what really happened then she is truly one hell of an incompetent leader .. no wonder Sidonia is so screwed up.


    As for Kunato .. i can understand holding a grudge against Tanikaze (though i don’t approve of it since it isn’t Tanikaze fault he got to pilot the legendary mech), but there could have been a hundred different ways to get back at Tanikaze without endangering the lives of all the other pilots and even Sidonia itself .. why the fuck would Kunato go to such extremes just to embarrass Tanikaze .. any person with a trace of a brain would know that the smallest mistake on a fight with Gauna would cause numerous deaths and endanger the lives of everyone on the mission and everyone on Sidonia .. and still Kunato went ahead and did it anyway .. if was the leader of Sidonia i’d surely analyze all the data after the incident thoroughly (and make sure to keep records of all the communications the pilots do) .. figure out that Kunato gave Tanikaze a false order ahead of time .. arrest Kunato and send him to a martial court where is surely getting a death sentence .. then have his corpse thrown in the bio-reactor .. that’s the only way he is ever going to make up for the shit he did (he is wasted on a pilot’s seat).

    I still like the show but this episode really had me gritting my teeth becasue of the problems i mentioned above (specially that i was really eager to know what happened during the mission .. what a let down) .. hope it’s doesn’t become a habit.

  18. This is only my opinions, but regarding the accident:
    1. Maybe Tanikaze do not realize they are in private channel when Kunato issued the order. The battle at the time is chaotic and I think Tanikaze have his attention full dodging the Gauna’s attack and he do not pay attention to the chat status. I also remember that Kunato made Tanikaze believe in him before the battle which also add why he did not notice/suspect Kunato

    2. Regarding the captain, in this stage I think the captain still feel uneasy about Tanikaze existence. She and Tanikaze’s granpa have trust issue in the past and she still wary if she can trust Tanikaze. Also remember that when Tanikaze go after Hoshijiro, the captain did not gave order for their rescue. So from that, even if the captain know about the transmission, she will probably just let it slide.

    3. Court martial-ing Kunato will be quite difficult even if the captain decide to move. She already have quite many oppositions in Sidonia and adding Kunato’s family in her list won’t be a wise move. I also think that Tanikaze at least have some knowledge about the chat but decided not to pursue it due to this reason

    1. Re: Family influence

      It is a dictatorship, with the captain in absolute power. There is no community involvement involved, and ‘elite family’ means about as much as the other rabble to the captain i.e. Gauna chow.

  19. Really, private channel does not makes a difference other than to feed your presumption of setup. In battle, you don’t want clutter and confusion from open channel. If your commander is telling you to do something, you do it. While communicating in private may be somewhat out of place, Tanikaze does need handholding (as proven with the mining mission) when it comes to actions that are not direct combat. If their military is competent, all communication is recorded regardless–private channels are never private to everyone. Lastly, the popularity contest does not matter, as the captain is in control– not anyone else, and she does not kow-tow to demands.

    Don’t get me wrong, Kunato’s still a dick that deserves what he gets, but his battlefield actions were in line with what his military’s fighting doctrine. If his actions were wrong, it is because Sidonia trained him that way.

      1. Yes he done it on purpose so that tanikaze show in a bad light. But because of his action, the chainreactions killed some that was near to him. His girll. No not really his gf. His girl for carear or to give an sucsseor birth. In short his tool


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