Ichigo’s fight kicks off without any surprises, and he is able to outmaneuver and block all of the Sternritter’s attacks without even drawing his weapons. Catnipp loses her temper quickly and draws a miniature bow that fires off several arrows of lightning at Ichigo, to no effect. She actually has quite an unusual weapon for a quincy, but as it turns out all four of the girls have heart-shaped bows stored in heart-shaped cases on their waists and butts. With allusions to a Cupid theme, I wonder if they will survive the battle and be added to Ichigo’s harem. Eventually Ichigo does reveal his double zanpakutou and fancy armor and the real fight starts. He’s at the top of his game mentally right now and is definitely really overpowered; he does his usual bad-ass entrance routine with the flashy moves, heroic poses and confident grin. Although he didn’t one-shot all of them with his bare hands, the Sternritter clearly still respect his strength a lot and realize that this won’t be an easy fight. They all remain fairly composed (besides Candice who got hair and clothes roughed up), and refer to him as number one among the “Special War Powers”, a list which includes Aizen, Kenpachi and two other unknowns.

The Sternritter have done their research in the years leading up to this war, and Yhwach seems quite prepared for Ichigo’s arrival. He prepares to make his move with Haschwalth and Uryuu as they stand on the top of a massive white tower. Whatever the next stage of his plans are though, there may be a small twist as we see Askin Nakk Le Vaar, Sternritter “D”, contemplating a big decision at the end of the chapter. He’s been a pretty laid back dude so far (a bit like Starrk) and has only been observing the other battles. Earlier Askin stopped a fight within their own ranks, and he also paid a visit to the 12th division but didn’t initiate any aggression. Now that he will finally make a move, it’s implied that he may be planning something against Yhwach. However if he is planning to betray Yhwach, I’m not sure what he can do that will be more significant than what Gin managed to do against Aizen — which was not very much in the grand scheme of things.


  1. Kubo does not know how to moderate the extremes in his fight. He either makes a battle end instantly, or drags it on for the next 10+ chapters. But anyway, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited for this fight.

    1. Don’t forget, if there are Visored then sometimes multiple fights are lost in a single chapter. 🙁

      This is despite them being immune to the Sternritters’ Bankai stealing abilities.

      Poor red-shirtsVisored.

      1. “He’s also really bad at fight choreography.” He’s style has changed. Kubo is splendid at fight choreography. Think of Grimmjow vs Ichigo, for example, or Byakuya vs Ichigo, or even Ulquiorra vs Grimmjow.

        He’s good especially when compared to Kishimoto, for example. Kishimoto is not only bad at fight choreography, but he also has no sense of anatomy.

    1. Don’t forget, none of them are using their wings. And there is still the question of Bambi-chan, who may be a zombie now, so we can imagine Ichigo may use Bankai, or his mask, sooner than expected.

      I am more curious about “Zangetsu,” they were originally “one power” so who is to say that Ichigo’s new bankai overall apperance will resemble his one “Zangetsu.”

      Finally is Ishida. We know that he wants to get revenge for his mother. We can imagine that Ichigo and Ishida will team up, along with their fathers who want revenge for what occured to their wives, as they take down the enemy.

    1. I am a little confused why she got her bow out. Do her arrows do extra lightning damage now? How is that better than just calling down lightning?

      Nah. It’s probably some sort of combo attack.

  2. She actually has quite an unusual weapon for a quincy, but as it turns out all four of the girls have heart-shaped bows stored in heart-shaped cases on their waists and butts.

    Don’t forget about the jiggling booties! They are loads deadly, and we know that Ichigo is incredibly weak to fanservice.

    Vandenreich P - The Plot
  3. Askin Nakk Le Vaar is wondering if he has to go to the toilet at the end of the chapter. He knows there won’t be any more breaks once Yhwach starts doing whatever it is he’s doing.

    1. man, you and so many others must be blind to think that aizen would just pop up without any grand entrance. I know Askin hasn’t showed himself much, but come on >_>

  4. Next time on dragonball Z! Goku prepares to take on the ginyu force as Frieza prepares to start his final plan to wish for immortality! Can the Z fighters stop him in time!? Oh wait…wrong anime :p

  5. Its just me or this chapter was uber pointless ? it was like “ok im da main hero i will save ye all – *random girls talking* – back to ichigo *boom in face* – lol that didnt hurt meh *trollface* – end of chapter”

    Some dude
    1. well, for me these girls are some kind of vice-captains of the quincy. And the real fights are with their captains. It is just a bit fan service, before the long and boring power up fights with the captains, will begin for real. lets not forget the Vollständig, they activate nearly a long fight, to drag this over some more time

  6. You guys are still complaining about the pacing? Kubo’s pacing has ALWAYS sucked. Even since Soul Society the story has moved at a slow pace. Everyone knows that if you’re gonna read Bleach then you’re best off reading it in the graphic novel format. That’s why the graphic novels keep selling well in Japan despite Bleach’s low rankings in the weekly polls for Jump.


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