「つぐみスパイラル!」 (Tsugumi Supairaru!)
“Tsugumi Spiral!”

After all that’s happened in the past few weeks, this episode actually felt pretty tame! With no one trying to decapitate themselves or evil witches trying to put their evil schemes into motion, the focus instead shifted to Tsugumi and the large decision she’ll have to eventually make.

Eternal Feather

I just wanted to touch on it briefly but I’m pretty happy that in the end nothing serious happened to her. While it wouldn’t have been the end of the world for a side character to end up in the grave to help push a certain wishy-washy character over the edge, I’m glad we get a positive outcome that’s still propagating all the same aftereffects. So yeah, seems like a pretty good win-win situation!

Also, Stein is still the biggest troll in the series.

Meme and Anya

I forgot who said it but in a world full of meisters and weapons, there haven’t been any combos that involved two meisters and one weapon — which totally makes sense. Just like Meme and Anya pointed out during this week’s episode, the obvious shortcoming of not establishing a strong bond between meister and weapon would create an obvious weakness that could jeopardize everyone involved. Also, even though it hasn’t really been touched on, there’s the whole other problem of being able to match wavelengths to bring out the true strength of the weapon.

As I’ve said before, I’m a huge fan of the whole coming-of-age story that SE:NOT is trying to tell. Even though it’s been a bit of a slow and sometimes painful walk to get where we are now, I can’t help but get excited thinking about what Tsugumi is going to do when the time to pick a partner comes. I don’t think she’s naive enough to believe she can be partners with both of her friends but I can’t even being to imagine how she’s going to decide how to choose either of them.

Looking Ahead

Even though I’m hoping that Tsugumi will be able to have her cake and eat it, I’m mentally preparing myself for the worst case scenario where someone inevitably gets cut from the picture. Judging from the preview though, it looks like Halloween is right around the corner and that means the time for decision making has come! Hopefully everything ends up okay q_q




  1. I just can’t imagine this show ending on anything other than a good note. Whatever happens, I’m sure it’ll be done in a way that doesn’t let any of the girls feel left out.

  2. Okay, guys? Guys? …. I think Stein just gave us the best cameo in the entire anime! He clearly doesn’t give a crap on what kind of anime he’s in, and just trolls the 3 girls with his trademark dark humor! And best of all, there’s now a disembodied, robotic, walking head traveling somewhere!! *looks out window*

    The episodes are gradually improving as we get nearer to the ultimate villain showdown. I wonder who Tsugumi will face her with the skill level she has…. if she ever faces her at all.

    1. LOL, as soon as Dr. Stein threw that head out the window and watched it walk away, I already sensed a setup for a brick joke. Sure enough, that disembodied robotic head was walking around the girls’ dorm garden a few scenes later. XD

  3. Overall a rather plain follow-up from previous weeks action but still satisfying. I can already see myself being miffed by whatever choice Tsugumi makes but I get the feeling the show will still make good. Stein is just a troll mastah. I love the thought that after him saving a young girls life his immidiate thought thereafter was “what can I do to mess wiht these girls”. haha

  4. First things first, I am happy for the Eternal Feather safely ending her dangerous brush with Shaula. The series was designed as more lighthearted than main Soul Eater, and death of such nice character would be a discording note in the song.
    Stein’s trolling was hilarious as usual! I am very happy to see characters of the main Soul Eater series showing up with their usual quirks and customs.
    Tsugumi’s choice in her (platonic) love triangle with prospective Meisters is probably what will conclude the final episodes of the series, along with Sid and his underlings hunting for Shaula. It is quite probable that both storylines will cross paths again, but I hope no one dies, even if it would definitely solve the triangle…

  5. If Tsugumi, ant to stay with both. Then she need to get stronger in a double. Because, she need to protect 2 Meister’s. So, perhaps a episode where both a lying on the ground, and only Tsugumi can help them, rise the resolve to grew a Blade to protect both. But then, only 1 Meister can “use” here in time, if one use her, the other is defend less… or Eternal Feather will jump in for the 2nd Meister. But then it feels like a replacement without heart

  6. Anyone else getting the sneaking suspicion that Tsugumi will follow the usual protagonist trope of creating a third option where she can appease both of her meisters?

  7. those pumpkins in the preview ….

    erm erm ok lol Stein is such a troll .. damn i like that crazy doctor.

    mm have we had a cameo of medusa? if we did .. then i missed it x.x

    ill be waiting to see that head again!

  8. Yeah, the logistics just demands that Tsugumi make a choice. We can see why a person can wield two weapons (depending on what kind they are), but two meisters using one weapon just isn’t likely to work. Especially a halberd, passing Tsugumi between them in a fight is just reckless.

    I can sympathize since it’s so hard to make a choice. It seems both have the potential to wield her, so that doesn’t make it easier. She likes both of them, she gets along with them, etc. Anya more a finesse fighter while Meme more power focused.

    Gut says she might go with Meme if it came down to it, but who knows.

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