There is quite a bit of action in this chapter as Ichigo continues to fight the four girls. Actual content is pretty minimal, but nevertheless things are getting exciting. As before Ichigo deflects all of their attacks effortlessly, including all of the holy arrows. Obviously the Sternritter aren’t trying their best right now, but he isn’t exactly using his full power either. They stop mid-battle in order to discuss what to do next, with Candice advocating use of Vollstandig. Their facial expressions are actually pretty funny as Liltotto, Giselle, and Meninas aren’t taking the fight too seriously. When Candice mentions the potential rewards of killing the number one “Special War Potential”, their minds wander off to their respective daydreams. Interestingly, Miss Antennae’s panel is the only one which is blank, and she maintains the same vacant stare and triangle-shaped half-grin that she’s had for the entire arc (her expression is basically identical in every single panel that she has been shown in so far). I’m guessing this has something to do with her zombie ability.

The three of them leave Candice to go all-out alone against Ichigo. She wields six lightning swords and unleashes increasingly powerful attacks, but Ichigo also fights back with Getsuga Tenshou. When Candice summons her ultimate attack “Electrocution”, sending a massive bolt of lightning at Ichigo, he reveals a new technique, Getsuga Juujishou. Literally meaning “Moon Fang Piercing Cross”, it looks like he fired off a Getsuga Tenshou from each of his swords, forming an X-shaped blast of energy. Ichigo’s quasi-new ability looks cool, but to be honest, everything he’s done so far has been on the defensive, and once he actually starts trying I don’t think the four of them will be any problem at all. He’s certainly taking his time here – probably waiting to take them out in style after they have exhausted their arsenal.


  1. “probably waiting to take them out in style after they have exhausted their arsenal.”

    pfft, you know nothing about Shounen! He’s obviously going to have them exhaust their arsenal and then they’ll accept they are useless and become part of his Harem.

    Fangirls yay! XD

    Kurisu Vi Britannia
      1. @ Kurisu: My money is on either…

        1) Pocket dimension in the closet, or

        2) Gateway to his house in Soul Society

        It’s all a moot point, however, b/c he’s never going to choose…

        Still, the idea of Neliel and Orihime suffocating him between their boobs is a hilarious thought. The manga should totally end with him dying as a result, haha!

      2. I think Ichigo’s harem will all get in the closet, with no black hole. After the end of all the drama he will become extremely possessive and abuse and the end of the manga will be him being arrested and imprisoned for several dozen years.

        Kurisu Vi Britannia
  2. so it took ichigo this long to learn a new attack technique *slow clap*

    ichigo clearly wants all four girls to use vollstandig, probably to see how his new strength measures up against the quincy trump card. he most likely won’t need his bankai to take these four out. We are still in the savior has come mode. So for the next few opponents it will be a one sided battle with ichigo holding the advantage. He might get a grimmjow like opponent who forces him to go bankai. All working up to Ishida vs Ichigo where Ishida will betray his fellow quincy for the power of friendship.

    1. I know & it’s not even a fully new attack – it feels like a variation of the last one using two swords to toss it out instead of one. Ah well, at least it is some sort of evolution.

      Far Horizon
  3. I don’t know why, but I really do like “Miss Antennae”. Giselle is probably the only Sternritter that I don’t want to die, but join the main cast. Her Zombie powers can definitely help them out, but I am pretty sure she is going to be brutally murdered by Ichigo in a few chapters anyway.

  4. It’s sad how you can summarize this chapter in one panel, the cross getsuga. You can literally remove everything else from this chapter and nothing would be missed from bleach.

  5. This reminds me of Naruto’s rasengan, instead of it being actually a new technique it’s basically a variation of the old one in this case being two fired at the same time to form a cross. But I’ll still give Kubo credit because I know coming up with new material is no cake walk.

  6. Person A: How many shinigami’s does it take to change a lightbulb?
    Person B: 3?
    Person A: Wrong. It only 1 is needed…. but it takes him 5 chapters to do it


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