Candice eats the double Getsuga to the face after underestimating its power and loses her arm. Giselle regenerates it with her powers while Ichigo just stands by and watches. It looks like he’s still going easy on them, but before the fight can resume, Bazz-B fingerbangs the four girls in quick succession and states that he is here to “steal their prey”. With only Burner Finger 1 though, they are more pissed off than roughed up. Ironically, he was the one complaining about Cang Du stealing his prey during his fight with Hitsugaya. Also, I’m assuming he defeated Shinji fairly easily, since the only part of that fight shown was him using his Burner Finger 3. The poor vizards can’t seem to catch a break.

As Bazz-B faces off against Ichigo though, three other Sternritter show up as well hoping to claim the glory for themselves. Of course, Ichigo seems relatively unconcerned about the 8 opponents, and rightly so as he’s only used a small fraction of his power so far. Even if each of the Sternritter possess a power level surpassing that of a captain, the principle of Conservation of Ninjutsu means that he should be able to take them on with ease – numbers mean nothing in shounen. However, it’s not likely that he will actually be fighting them alone; my prediction is that another good guy will show up (there are a lot of characters that haven’t shown themselves yet), and/or something else will happen to interrupt the battle. Yhwach has summoned a massive pillar of light through an asterisk-like symbol, and states that it is time “to become one” with him. Maybe this means he plans to reabsorb the power of all the quincies, to personally destroy Soul Society and possibly the Soul King as well. Yhwach has been pretty cryptic about his big plans so far, but I have a feeling he and Ishida will be the focus of the next few chapters.

I will be out of town for the next 2 weeks without internet access, so posts will be delayed until I get back.


  1. A double getsuga and all it does is take off half an arm. Good job Kubo. They all powerful Ichigo shows off his latest skill and it does nothing at all.

    Oh wait.. it’s k guyz, 8v1 np np.

    P Ko
    1. Ichigo wasn’t going full power against her. Infact there are no signs that Ichigo has taken the battle seriously at all, he’s mearly defending himself and not attacking with intent. When he’s serious, his Getsuga should be much stronger.

    2. His new getsugas were merely a “scrape” with the tip of his sword, whereas in the past, he slashed his sword with all his might. I think Ichigo was holding them back quite a bit.

  2. Now now, Kubo’s time to introduce the next 4 Villains was cut short, so now he is going to let them all attack at once to save time.

    We know, that Ichigo will survive. Or the Manga would end in a instace. And this Light, let me guess. that is the Key, what Eizen was looking for. The “lift” to the King…

    1. What are you talking about? If anything I’d imagine his editors would want him to draw the arc out as long as possible. Only time crunch he would feel is a self-imposed one.

  3. I will be out of town for the next 2 weeks without internet access, so posts will be delayed until I get back.

    Don’t worry nothing significant will happen until then.

  4. Hm, by the looks of it. Seems that Ichigo tries to once again win by having no one die on his watch. He tried warning Candice to dodge his cross slash with little success. You know she is one of the bad guys right?

  5. I know Ichigo’s new attitude is supposed to be a refreshing change, but it kind of irks me that he has this whole happy go lucky air around him while everyone else is either dying or being beaten to a pulp.

    Like really, shouting out “you’re supposed to dodge!” while your buddies are getting slaughtered?

    Perhaps he has achieved enlightenment.

  6. Is Kenpachi still there? If Ichigo knew any better, he should hurry to finish this battle soon and/or quickly go help the other shinigamis struggling in their battle. He clearly underestimates them so why waste the time to prolong this “one-sided battle.” And then he’ll come to regret not ending it in time to stop Yhwach.

    random viewer
    1. At this moment, I bet Kenpachi is dusting himself off. He didn’t look critically injured but did look like he had been through hell. In some small way I think he could help Ichigo in his current state if required but I think he’d be better off getting some medical attention lol

  7. PADDING!!! ALSO KUBO TREATING HIS WOMEN CHARACTERS LIKE FODDER! WHY AI I NOT SURPRISED?! Also, I think the ONLY person that dies in this arc is Yamaji. And of course Ichigo being Ichigo. sigh. I don’t know what’s worse, him or Touma.

    Corey Lucas
    1. Candice is actually a pretty powerful character, she just had the misfortune to run into ichigo, but I do agree, I was highly annoyed when I saw kubo had pulled the “fuck everyone and kills them off” card


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