Well, here we go. Things are starting to progress somewhat following Kaguya’s forced separation of Sasuke and Naruto, and it’s surprising how many things end up covered despite not much actually happening on the surface.

Just as a brief list for reference, we have Obito being revived (and regaining his second eye while he’s at it), the revelation that the Hokage tried and failed to free (and wake up) those trapped by the Tsukuyomi, an attempted Edo Tensei revival from only the bottom half of Madara (oh the irony) to try and grasp what’s going on, the reappearance of the Sage of Six Paths, and finally Obito grasping that there is potentially one way to get back our main character duo together.

Bought together, there’s a kind of nice progression we get from this chapter overall, and in ways it’s quite fitting that Obito ends up leading things here in the final hour. The fact that Sakura’s essentially the battery that’ll power this operation highlights in particular how everyone left has to pitch in and play that part, and it’ll be interesting in particular to see what part the Hokage will play in it all now that the Sage of Six Paths seems to be back in some shape or form.

All things considered, there’s not much else to say really, except for the fact that the pieces are slowly coming together in ways many of us never expected it too. It’s been a slow process at times, but as I said last week, Kishimoto seems to be able to find a way to make it work, and it’s just great that even now we can find ourselves pleasantly surprised by what he’s been able to do. That said, it seems like this battle might last quite a while though…


  1. I don’t get why Naruto doesn’t just touch Obito and give him chakara that way. Seemed to work for everyone else in the Shinobi alliance.

    Obito with both eyes is a force to be recknoned. Although he can’t do much to the dimensional warping Kaguya, he can make for a great decoy/distraction for the team. Just think about it; he either warps away Kaguya so that Team can spring on her when she gets back (and now they’ll be expecting her), or he can act as a decoy so that when Kaguya attacks, her attack will just phase through him (I think?). Either way, he’s pretty fucking strong now.

    1. I wouldn’t be so sure of that as Naruto’s face, after Obito asked him about recovering him, showed a look of sadness.
      Either way, Obito doesn’t have a long time to live.

      1. Except, you know, he kept Gai alive with a simple touch and he was pretty much…

        (Nothing against you, just saying that it would be stupid that Naruto could save someone as mangled and “guaranteed to die” Gai with a simple touch, but not Obito)

      1. Yeah, the real Naruto is surely in the same dimension but he is trapped and can’t more or help Obito before he is free, that’s why they opted to use his clone and Sakura’s chakra to aid Obito while the real Naruto frees himself (maybe with little help from Kakashi).

    2. as mentioned, the reason given was that Clone Naruto doesn’t have enough chakra. iono how Sakura beats Sage Naruto but w/e. also they imply that Clone Naruto has much less chakra than real Naruto but…Kage bunshin supposedly split chakra evenly. *shrug*

      1. She doesn’t beat Clone Naruto. She has enough chakra when added to clone Naruto to make it happen.

        You have to understand the Clone isn’t 50% of Naruto anymore. Clones have a set amount of chakra and it’s clearly been depleted a bit.

  2. [Obito requires a constant stream of Chakra so that he won’t run out and die while using the Mangekyou Sharingan]
    Sakura: “I can finally be useful!!! Obito, take some Chakra from my Byakago no In!”
    Obito: “Pffft, hell no Sakura. That little bit of Chakra is nowhere near enough”

    Poor Sakura, she’s truly useless in this given situation.

      1. at least according to mangastream’s translation, no, he only meant Sakura’s
        and just to condense the responses to 1 post, maybe Obito did mean Clone Naruto has lower chakra now. though from what I remember:
        1. I don’t recall Clone even using massively more chakra than original. counter argument might be the technique splits the chakra produced just before the the technique but that implies clones hold certain amount chakra that stays as chakra that just isn’t being actively used but can’t produce more while original can, thus rendering all past references to original being indistinguishable null and void
        2. again, mangastream’s translation seems to say Obito implied a Clone would have less chakra.
        3. real Naruto sat there while getting his chakra drained last week. well this point shouldn’t matter much

        anyways, I’m pretty sure for the clone bit. for Sakura, at the very least, ShanHaxx’s comment is way off.

    1. Sakura is a strong character, sure she doesn’t have a ton of techniques to fight high level opponents but she more than makes up for that with her fighting spirit and her unwavering support of those she cares about. I bet if it came down to a life or death situation she would give anyone a good fight.

  3. Tobirama ruins everything e.e. “Let’s revive someone who knows the hand seals for Edo Tensei!” Yeahhh, that’s going to go smoothly… 😛

    I like how Obito is still such a useful character though, his abilities will basically directly counter Kaguya’s :).

  4. It’s hilarious how in the Shinobi World you can say “we’ve got half a person here in the ground(Madara), I don’t know his lower part is still dangerous” and not even take a moment to think about burying the man o cremating him. Life is merely a joke in this universe.

  5. INB4 Hagoromo gives the Undead their original bodies and makes them immortal. Fourth gets his chance to have his arms restored. Naruto gets put in a Time-Capsule chamber/dimension along with the 4 Hokages + Hagoromo and they all train the cr*p outta Naruto. Sakura/Obito/Kakashi get Sasuke back. Naruto comes back with even more Powers making Sasuke jelly. This time they seal Rabbit-Eared-Bunny-Hopping-Other-Dimension-Princess-from-the-Moon making one more Moon ? or maybe a Twin Sun ? looping into Star Wars Tatooine desert planet or Salusaar Secundus or Arakis Dune or whatever Spacey-Timey Scifi Anime with Machines Robots Chakra Ninjas.

    Story is getting ridiculouser and ridiculouser.

  6. Now ask the Sage of Six Paths instead of Madara guys. Obito’s going to have to earn back that trust and forgiveness, but deep down I don’t want him to die. Til the next chapter, I’ll be looking forward to what will happen.

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