OP2 Sequence

OP2: 「Ah Yeah!!」 by スキマスイッチ (Sukima Switch)
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「復活」 (Fukkatsu)

It’s always easy to get fired up about an underdog team that enters a tournament and surprises everyone with how much they’ve improved, but Haikyuu seems to go about that in the perfect way, striking all the right “teenage youth” chords within me. It’s almost inexplicable in a sense, but when I’m watching it, I know it’s doing it right. Just take this episode for example; it was only about the the build-up towards the inter-high preliminaries and a minor glimpse of Karasuno’s first match against Tokonami, yet it was difficult to contain the excitement when Hinata shocked the crowd–both players and spectators alike–with his 51 hit down the middle. Karasuno’s “dark ages” have come to pass and their revival is in full swing–so much so that even Oikawa and the rest of Aoba Jousai couldn’t help but feel excited for them. The only thing that everyone could do was look in awe at Hinata and Kageyama’s absolutely ridiculous and unrealistic yet anime-appropriate awesome play–the best reaction of which came from Datekou’s star middle, Aone Takanobu (Matsukawa Hiroki), a man of few words when he keys on other teams’ ace hitter but whose facial expression spoke volumes at the end.

It probably goes without saying that Hinata’s blind quick will play an integral part in Karasuno’s next match against Datekou, especially when there’s little doubt that they will move on to the second round after beating Tokonami, but I fully expect that play to reach its limits against the infamous “Datekou Iron Wall” before long. Simply put, their match wouldn’t be very interesting from an “anime” perspective if everything just went according to plan, so it’s only natural to anticipate hurdles that they need to overcome as their inevitable match goes on. As for how to address it, I presume it’ll entail Hinata and Kageyama finally connecting on a “normal” open-eyed quick hit where our future “Little Giant” can see the block and hit around it, while still utilizing him as the ultimate fake to open up hitting lanes for Asahi, Daichi, and Ryuunosuke (which is one of the primarily roles of a middle hitter). At this point, it’s their most probable progression as a team, given both recent developments in Karasuno’s practice match against Nekoma and the backstory where Asahi needs to overcome his Datekou Wall inner demons. As for how it’ll actually play out, that’s where most of my personal anticipation lies. The rest of my anticipation is with seeing how I suspect things will play out and with the possibility that I could be completely wrong and the series surprises me with a radically different development–both of which are fun and entertaining in their own way.

Speculation-aside, I thoroughly enjoyed how this episode highlighted not only the nervousness that players tend to feel before a big tournament and the adrenaline-rushing excitement that they do once they get into it, but also the high school wish of all athletes to be perceived as superstars and have pretty girls flocking around them outside the stadium (lol). Kudos to Oikawa for that, whom I find it almost impossible to perceive as the big bad “Great King” that Kageyama has to overcome simply because of his hilarious playboy ways. Watching him get pulled back down to Earth by Aoba Jousai’s ace hitter Iwaizumi Hajime (Yoshino Hiroyuki) provides me with almost as much amusement as watching Daichi and Sugawara shoot down all of Asahi’s attempts to sound cool and melodramatic. Both comedic acts are great material and I can’t get enough of either of them, which only reiterates how Haikyuu’s depiction of character interactions is second to none.

Looking ahead, I’m actually quite curious to see how Daichi and Ikejiri’s post-game conversation will go. I’m guessing it will only be a quick congrats from Ikejiri, but when there’s been as much focus on their middle school subplot as there has been, I imagine that they’ll wrap it up meaningfully. Other than that, it looks like Yui and the rest of Karasuno’s girl’s team will get some focus as well. Mmm, sporty and athletic girls are always a plus in my book.


Note: As I mentioned in my last post, “Ah Yeah!!” by Sukima Switch is actually the second opening theme, which we see here with a new sequence. The new ending theme on the other hand is “LEO” by tacica and features a sequence all about Kageyama. A big plus for his female fans I suppose.

ED3 Sequence

ED3: 「LEO」 by tacica
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  1. Speaking of the anticipation and nervousness they portrayed here, I was having physical flashbacks to the nerves I recall feeling in my own matches, bouncing on my toes right before the ball was tossed up. (Which made me reflect on how well they are timing scenes and interactions to build natural tension, and telling the story in a convincing, human way. Still loving the humor every week.

    I was initially disappointed when I realized that they wouldn’t really be playing in this episode, but all of those regrets disappeared by the time we reached the end, and the pinnacle of everyone’s excitement. I haven’t been on the edge of my seat like that in a long time. This was a great episode!

  2. LOVE Haikyuu!! and so glad that you’ve picked it up, Divine! I agree that the character interactions are really what make this show stand out and make the adrenaline-fueled portions all the more entertaining (Daichi yelling at the team for getting too pumped? Priceless).

    1. Everyone has such a hilarious connection with each other its entertaining to see how they work as a team; I feel bad for Asahi though, what with the gossip and the comments that unknowingly get him XD

      1. Hahaha truth! I also love how the character interactions sort of parody sports manga; for example, when Tanaka and Nishinoya get worked up to the point of being blatantly over-the-top, it pokes fun at the excitement the viewer is feeling and how the spectators in typical sports anime react. When Asahi stands out for being imposing and a powerful player, the show takes the time to poke fun at the improbability of a bearded teenager with so much raw strength by having the bystanders say what we’re internally thinking (“is this guy like 20-something or what?”).

  3. This was a great episode!!! The moment when hinata wants that kageyama lift the ball for him is so cute >.< also i loved the ending, that smile (;-;) and the full team in the opening OMG with haikyuu every sunday is a full of feels day ;__; <3

  4. Keep it up Divine… well done… I really want the girls team to mingle with the boys eventually… its actually a good sport to have mixed interaction since physical requirement is not a factor on the sport… note as well that the ED just highlights one of the main protagonists which keeps it light.

    Again more power on this… oh and keep a close watch on ESP anime and that Terror one… thats gonna be a bomb the kafuffle (fictional statement) is old but the art and the animation is a pure delight to watch…

    Anyone got an idea as to when Kuroko’s next season will be on?

  5. Wow, you got it out really really fast…as fast as the Kagayama-Hinata’s quick attack. Yes — I love all the youth vibe in Haikyuu, and it feels so authentic through the characters in the show. We have the new OP and EP, but I still like the first OP and EP more — particularly the EP, it feels so youthful and upbeat that my body can’t sit still but move along with it. I haven’t watched a whole of shows since the start of Spring, but I like the OP of Mushi-shi and the first EP of Haikyuu quite a lot. As for next week — winners and losers — I’m not sure if it’s meant for the Karasuno boys’ team to win and advance but the girls’ team to lose, or if it’s to wrap up the part with Tokonami. I can’t wait for next week to find out. Lastly, I agree immensely with when you said, “both comedic acts are great material and I can’t get enough of either of them, which only reiterates how Haikyuu’s depiction of character interactions is second to none.”

  6. Te amo hinata ;u; te amo haikyuu, los domingos son los mejores con esta puta serie xddd Gracias por bloguearla! estaba esperando por ello! pero jamas crei que pasaria puesto que y estaba en la mitad. Op y Ed hermosos, jodidamente hermosos! I know this is in spanish but… in summary i love haikyuu with all my heart and make me happy every sunday *-* thanks!

  7. Loving that last shot of the whole team when Hinata landed on his feet after doing his trademark quick attack. All the team looking like a boss, Kageyama and his trademark smug look and with the black banner right above them just screamed ‘epic’. It was cheesy as hell but I couldn’t stop myself grinning from ear to ear after that. And anyone else noticed how Oikawa was lounging around with a bored look during the early plays by Karasuno but was instantly by the railing with his other teammates after Hinata and Kageyama’s quick attack combi lol.

    This episode once again showcased how well Haikyuu!! combines the sport stuff with some comedic gold. From Asahi hoping for some sentimental conversations with his fellow 3rd years, to his image amongst the other schools, or Hinata trying to picture the scariest thing ever to get over his nerves, this episode had me in stitches besides getting me pumped up on the sports side. Also loving it that they focused a bit on the female Karasuno volleyball team. More scenes of Yui makes any episode of Haikyuu!! even better imho.

  8. Up until now, I’ve felt every aspect of Haikyuu was executed well and exactly as it should be, and I still feel that way about this episode for the most part. However, I couldn’t help but feel the dialogue/interactions this time around was a bit unnatural, choppy even. I’d say most of the unease came from the voice acting, while the choppy feeling came from trying to balance comedy with a sense of build-up. The comedy always fit in well in with the volleyball, however when the anime works solely off its comedy, it floats at a slightly lower level imo.

    That’s really just nitpicking though, it was still a solid build-up episode (particularly near the end, of course). And really, that’s exactly what this was, a build-up episode — filler almost, so I’m not really complaining. Still, I can’t wait for this anime to get back to what it does best, and that’s Volleyball.


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