I really apologize for the extended leave of absence; for the past few weeks I’ve been traveling to other countries, then moving across the US and starting a new job. I’m finally settled in and have computer access now, so it is time to catch up to everything missed. Reading one and a half months’ worth of Bleach all at once certainly provides a different perspective than the usual one chapter per week. It means that you don’t quite perceive the usual problem of short chapters with very little real content, and it reminds me of the good times I had marathon-reading the early story arcs for hours and hours on end. When I left off, Ichigo was just confronting a large group of Sternritter as Yhwach, Ishida and Haschwald began traveling towards the Soul King Palace and implementing the final stage of their plan. It’s a bit of a stretch to believe that Haschwald was able to precisely predict that Ichigo would inadvertently break open the barriers with the King’s Key for precisely one hour and forty minutes, but he does seem to possess a deep knowledge of whatever he’s getting into. The scale of the battles is ramping up quickly, though we are still a while away from the final showdown.

With the main character at the scene and ready to save everyone yet again, his allies all show up at precisely the right time to hold off the small fry and allow him to go become the shining hero. Inoue and Chad talk some sense into him, bringing up a good point that Ishida must have felt that his course of action was for the best. That bastard Urahara also suddenly shows up out of nowhere with yet another convenient solution to get Ichigo back to the Palace. I’ve always suspected that Urahara is the true brains pulling all the strings from behind the scenes, and it’s pretty obvious that he has a pretty clear picture of what’s actually going on. He even provides some special clothes for Inoue to better display her “assets” to Ichigo, though Yourichi and Chad end up embarrassing her by accident. While they are dawdling however, Yhwach has begun his attack on the Soul King’s Palace. It’s not clear how prepared the Zero Squad actually is for something like this, but Kirinji goes out alone to confront the quincies, and he slaughters a bunch of stormtroopers with his boiling water. Although the five of them have been hyped to be incredibly strong, I really doubt that they will be able to stand against Yhwach for long; he didn’t prepare this invasion for several hundred years just to be defeated here.

Despite all the business going on at the Soul King Palace, there are a lot of comedic moments injected throughout the all-out brawl between the Gotei 13 officers and Sternritter. After all, a series like this can’t take itself too seriously. Insults are traded back and forth, and we finally find out what happened to Bambietta – she’s been turned into an explosive zombie sex toy by Giselle (who may or may not be transgender). She’s quite the disturbing, homicidal maniac. Captain Kurotsuchi takes an interest in Gigi’s abilities and arrives in a bombastic suit of blinding light. To fight her hoard, he brings out his own zombie squad of four dead arrancars from a long time ago when he raided Syazel’s lab. Though it looks like they have been reaniminated Frankenstein-style, they retain all their own personalities and memories, allowing a reunion with some of their previous opponents. As zombies themselves, they are seemingly unaffected by Giselle’s blood and are able to quickly cut through the undead Bambi and the other shinigami. Of course, Giselle has her own ace in the hole; she somehow got to Hitsugaya after his previous defeat, infected him with her blood, and changed him into the Sternritter uniform. While it’s not clear whether he’s actually dead or simply mind-controlled, his current prospects are pretty grim. Either way, Hitsugaya’s battle performance has always been disappointing, even in life; if Kurotsuchi really decides to take him out he probably could, and he’s not exactly the type who can be trusted to save the lives of his allies. Perhaps Hitsugaya could defeat the four arrancar, but I do have a feeling he will somehow be saved in the end, thanks to plot armor.


  1. Proof, I’d just like to point out that your text just seems a lot better and more positive than when you review Bleach on a weekly basis.

    Welcome back! As of now, I feel that Bleach is more appealing than Naruto, so I really missed you here.

  2. Kubo: “New Twist: Dead Hitsugaya. The audience will be horrified at the sudden demise of this beloved character!”

    Audience: “New Twist: Dead Hitsugaya. Too good to be true.”

    1. The next twist is how Luppi may get to keep his last promise with Toshiro as his last words were “Don’t forget my face because the next time we meet, I’ll twist off that tiny head of yours and crush it!”

      At this point, since there are many zombies, I can imagine the majority of the audiences will say “Edo Tensei!”

      As for Charlotte Chuhlhourne, lol, love how he keeps egging people, especially how he said to Giselle how “we are so much alike.”

  3. Great, just freakin great. Just when you thought the gotei 13 couldn’t get more pathetic one off its Captains gets turned into a ass slave zombie by a quincy of supposed questionable gender.

    At this point I have written of the Shinigami, here’s the status:

    Suì-Fēng has to be dead
    Shinji Hirako has to be dead
    Kensei Muguruma has to be dead
    Rōjūrō Ōtoribashi has to be dead
    Byakuya Kuchiki currently still standing
    Mayuri Kurotsuchi currently still standing
    Shunsui Kyōraku hiding out
    Jūshirō Ukitake hiding out
    Sajin Komamura worse than dead and of no use
    Tōshirō Hitsugaya been turned and is now a zombie fighting the Shinigami
    Kenpachi Zaraki big disappointment after the build up got beat up by a child and four skirts.

    I don’t have any faith in the zero division especially since it appears they will be foolishly attacking the enemy including Yhwach one zero division member at a time.

  4. This would be a good excuse to bring Stark, Yammy, and a few other Espada who still have bodies remaining back now :o… Awesome!! It would be fitting if Kurotsuchi decided to bring Szayel back as a zombie to insult him :p.

  5. I honestly don’t remember Hitsugaya dying. What chapter was this?

    On that note, it’s been so many chapters (and lots of spacing for that matter) for significant events happening in-between that I lose track of what’s going on anymore….

    1. Hitsugaya isn’t dead, least I don’t think so, did collapse after defeating that one guy. Last I read Giselle or whatever ‘it’s’ name is said that all he/she needed to do was spill his/her blood on a shinigami in order to use them. It was different for a quincy or anything else because they had to be killed first. (i.e Bambietta, Giselle killed her.) Could be wrong though since Hitsugaya and Bambietta’s skin is different compareed to the other shinigami who are under Giselle’s control.

  6. Kubo is such a master of creating interesting (or disgusting– in any case, memorable) characters. But he wasted his talents by letting those characters either die or disappear shortly after they were introduced. As a result, Bleach has been trapped in a cycle of negating its own success by eroding the momentum has built up. I’m glad to see some of the old characters back, even though they are likely to die or disappear, AGAIN, after this battle.

  7. Coming back to this months later. Corpse Rape!…For kids!…

    Anyone who defends Bleach as being the awesomeist show ever. I will point to this and say “defend this part.” Because I don’t think it sank in at the time how sick and disgusting having sex with a corpse is. I’m not sure why it’s ok for Bleach to do this and if any other story did it would immediately be scored down.


    Why was this necessary? Why was it so important that Kubo write that in? It wasn’t. There’s no need for this. Ever. It’s repugnant and one of the most awful things I’ve read in any manga. This isn’t a horror/ porn manga, I don’t read horror/ porn manga, that’s not what I want to see. That’s not why we read this manga. it’s an action shonen manga.

    Kubo can do wrong…I have a list of things that are wrong with it from a story perspective, but this is beyond that.

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