Hitsugaya has always been considered one of the lower tier captains, but he is still a captain. Giselle confirms that he was indeed turned into a zombie before he died, meaning that he retains much of his original powers and ability, minus his consciousness and personality. This means that much of his usual immaturity is gone: black Hitsugaya strikes very decisively and ruthlessly, cutting down both Ikkaku and Yumichika almost instantly. Even Charlotte severely underestimates his “cute” opponent and is gravely injured before he can react. Without the bullshit chit chat before the battle and in-depth analysis of his own abilities, he turns into a very effective fighter, more so than he has ever been before; it’s a shame he’s on the wrong side of the fence. Even though Ikkaku and Yumichika are only lieutenants, keep in mind that he was completely knocked out after his previous fight and has very little reiatsu remaining, so his strength is somewhat surprising.

Of course, Kurotsuchi doesn’t care much about the well-being of his fellow captains, and as it turns out he’s even more sadistic than Giselle, telling her that there’s no fun in controlling someone who’s unconscious. He’s pissed at the loss of his zombies, and the Gotei 13 is lucky his actions are usually at least somewhat in line with their interests. It just wouldn’t be Kurotsuchi if he wasn’t planning to do horrible things to Giselle and her shinigami zombies, all “for the sake of Sereitei”. The other two arrancar are still around and they may or may not fare better, but in any case, I’m confident that Mayuri will ultimately win this fight. Unfortunately even if Hitsugaya survives the mad scientist, he’s going to be in really bad shape (and suffering from a good deal of guilt and shame for turning against his allies).


  1. For a second I thought Kubo actually had the balls to kill off Hitsu.

    Should have known better, but this is some of the best Hitsu fighting & Mayuri is always amusing.

    1. They have killed off so many of the popular heroic characters I’m starting to think there is going to be some sort of a time travel or some other device to fix it so they never died. Similar to what happened in Naruto Shippuden with Pain.

      1. Yeah, a few stay dead in Naruto, but how many more came back alive through edo tensei? Resurrected characters are not only common, but have almost become the main driving force of the plot now. Sad.

  2. *shiver* poor Toshiro! Not only was he turned into a zombie, who later attacked his comrades, but he also may be forced to be a test subject to that mad scientist. The fangirls, for Toshiro, must be in pure rage for what Kubo has done.

    Anyway, for Toshiro, my possible prediction is how he will defeat everyone and then Momo-chan will become his next opponent who will defeat the young lad as she has mastered Bankai.

    This is also possible case that will occur with Momo vs Shiro-chan.

  3. People killing, people dying, Kubo’s writing, he’s still writing.

    Did Yumichika try to release his full shikai in this chapter before he was struck down? That would have made things super interesting.

  4. Lower tier captain? Usual immaturity?

    Are you on crack? Hitsugaya is supposed to be a shinigami prodigy, and certainly more mature for his age than characters like Matsumoto or Ikkaku, for example. Yeah, he lost in battles to Aizen and a quincy before his bankai was restored, but that’s because of Kubo’s crap writing that doesn’t take into account any form of logic whatsoever.

    He technically even has a better battle stats than Mayuri and Kenpachi, according to the “a href=http://www.soul-boards.com/81176/bleach-official-data-book-~-the-captains/”>official data book.

      1. Its not Mayuri’s stats that make him dangerous. His sword’s abilities are pretty deadly but hes a captain so thats really nothing. What makes Mayuri so dangerous are his inventions. He doesn’t need physical strength, or tons of rietsu. The Szayelaporro fight really showed everyone how twisted Mayuri can be.

  5. Although pretty impractical since they keep their personalities, I wish Kurotsuchi revived the Espada :x, that would rape all these small fry Quincies. Although I’m guessing he could only revive these guys because Szayel had them in his lab or something 😐 but still ><

  6. I agree, this is Mayuri’s fight to win. Not only has he got the ability to win, he has the ability to get inside the head of his opponents. The psychological aspect is an important part of battle.

  7. New Hitsugaya is pretty cool.

    Mayuri is always fabulous. Cant wait to see what kind of saddistic torment he has in store fore Giselle.

    Still crossing my finger for Bambi to somehow be “saved”. Even as a zombie slave for the Shinigamis :3

  8. I think Kubo is being pretty smart with this decision tbh. By making Hitsugaya “temporarily dead,” he can test the fires by seeing as how his fans will react to it. If they react positively, Kubo can keep him dead. If they react negatively, he will just find a way to bring him back to life. 🙂


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