I’m a little surprised that Byakuya held back against Hisagi like he did, refusing to use lethal force. After all, he’s never been the type of person to have qualms about cutting down his friends or allies. He had no problem personally pursuing his own sister Rukia to bring her to execution, nor did he have any problem attacking Tsukishima for Ichigo’s sake, even though he was an “old friend”. But now, he only chooses to incapacitate Hisagi, whose “heart” was captured by Pepe. Even after the Sternritter forces Hisagi to rise and continue the attack, Byakuya does not use any offensive abilities, sticking with Bakudou to try to restrain him and defend himself. In his inner monologue, he shows no hesitation to sacrifice his own body and zanpakutou should they turn against him — yet he refuses to kill Hisagi. As a result, Byakuya ends up unable to do anything against him and is hit by multiple love beams.

As Pepe gears up to deal the final blow, he also strips off his clothes, flexing his fabulous angelic body in its full glory. He attaches several love ropes from his underwear to Byakuya, but before he can unleash his ultimate attack, zombie Rose and Kensei save him (interestingly, Matsumoto is missing). The two of them still have that nice undead tan, and now also have black marks running across their forehead and eyes, probably indicating that Kurotsuchi has defeated Gigi and is controlling her puppets. As long as zombies don’t have hearts, the power of science will soon overcome the power of love, and hopefully that also means the end of this dumb overgrown baby. Thank God Charlotte wasn’t with them or this fight could drag on a lot longer. Byakuya was certainly never going to die to a villain as ridiculous as Pepe, but I was really disappointed at his defeat this time, especially after all of the Zero Squad power upgrades and previous successes against other Sternritter. He ends up being saved by two almost useless captains that aren’t even conscious, from some fat, black Cupid with generic mind control powers that we will forget within a month. Seriously, Kensei and Rose were defeated off-screen again and now they show up to do someone else’s bidding. It’s getting harder and harder to care about these people, as there are so many other characters that haven’t been shown in a long time, with no end in sight.


  1. Stupidity in bleach just keeps lvling up, first reviving chars that no one ever cares about just to make more chapters and now this. I really liked this manga before but now im just waiting for ending …

  2. I am so disappointed in this series. I felt a part of me die when reading this chapter. It’s one thing to repeat themes specific to certain characters (e.g. Byakuya learning to treasure his friends and allies) or to use shounen motifs in consistently unoriginal ways (e.g. that inane fat cupid’s speech). It’s inexcusable to give Byakuya nearly the same opponent as the time when he fought the Seventh Arrancar whose ability is called “Amor” and can control whatever it sees. Yes I know that the details of this fight are different: His opponent is quincy not arrancar, there’re zombie shinigami’s (what in the world is an undead spirit??) running around, but c’mon. Tite, you’re being f***ing lazy.

  3. No wonder why the Bleach ranking are so low in JUMP and no wonder why it got kicked off as top 3 shounen manga in JUMP (as seen on covers and stuff). During Soul Society Arc no ridiculous characters like this existed. The story was strictly of Shinigami and Humans which Bleach started off as. Now all I see are ridiculous character designs showing of feminine muscular man showing either pubic hair or large balls in a skimpy underwear and no matter how powerful they are you just can’t take them seriously.
    I just can’t wait till Bleach finally finishes. I was such a huge fan so I will continue reading it but each chapter I can’t help but feel let down where Kubo took this series.

    1. DBZ fans just pretend GT doesn’t exist, and we all ignore everything in Kenshin after Shishio, so just pretend the series ended with the Aizen battle and no other anime fan will call you on it.

  4. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!!! loving the comments! HEY Ryuuzki, I dont think they exist anymore…AND whats up with the size of this BAD GUYS SACK?!?! yeah i was looking, nothing else to see. that thing must be full of all his backed up “LOVE”…….Hey NIPPON residents!!! if anybody sees kubo on the streets do me a fav and slap him in the back of the neck

    BROOKLYN otaku
  5. Kubo had it right at the start. You had the Quincies with their bows, the Soul Reapers with their swords; the two of ’em would duke it out and it would be awesome.

    And yet… why? What was it that convinced Kubo to take a winning formula and turn it into this? This is exactly the same bulls**** that plagued him throughout the Arrancar Arc, only now he’s taken it a step further and turned the proverbial dial all the way up to flippin’ eleven.


    Soul Reapers are Soul Reapers. Hollows are Hollows. Quincies are Quincies. At least that’s the way it should’ve been, but nooooooooooooooooo, Kubo had to try and be clever and mesh up his characters to the point that you can scarcely even tell what’s what anymore.


    Can we just get back to Ichigo and… whatever else is going on soon? Please?

    Ryan Ashfyre
    1. All of this :/

      The biggest problem is the Kubo has stripped away what made factions unique and it ends up feeling samey. Even in previous arcs, even if you slap a different label on the character/faction, it ends up having a feeling of, “Wait have I seen this before?” and this chapter is a glaring example.

      For this arc even, I would have LOVED to see more fights like the Mayuri/Ishida one way back in SS arc, where the powers were not only unique but the character backgrounds and relationships made the fights more investing. Alas, disappointment and boredom reigns supreme.

  6. About your comment about Byakuya not living up to the “hype” he got, I thought the same way as first. If you think about it, however, Byakuya was gimped throughout the entire match. Apparently his Kido was enough to kill Hisagi, so he didn’t want to use it. That alone speaks volumes about his new power. Plus, what about the other 3 sternritters he off-paneled? Also, Pepe himself was hinted to be very powerful. He and Askin Naak were acting quite condescendingly to Gremmy’s fight with Kenpachi, implying they are near his level of strength/cheapness. Kenpachi, who was always a rival with Byakuya.

    You can also say that Byakuya’s changed a little after his defeat by As Nodt: He cares A LOT more about his comrades than he used to, as he would rather die instead of killing Hisagi (though I suppose he could have incapacitated him). Plus, the way he nonchalantly dropped his sword without thinking things through means he is now a bit more lenient when it comes to strategy as well, foreshadowed in Tsukishima’s fight with Byakuya’s inner bloodlust.

    I have to admit Pepe turned out to be almost a rehash of Zommari’s Amor ability. Still, at least another Sternritter letter has been revealed rather than being left unknown like BG-9’s or Commisioner Gordon’s abilities. At least we still have Askin who seems to be a legitimate badass so far; it does seem like Kubo wants to wrap up these fights quickly. Although I’m expecting Bazz-B’s fight to go after this one.

    Btw, I’m expecting many thumbs downs for this comment, but I believe there can still be character development at this point. I’ve read Bleach from the beginning and I’ll read until the end, while mustering any optimism that I can possibly gather.

    1. With the crap that he’s been churning up lately, i would advice that he retire. He obviously lost his touch and is currently only concerned of making money. Not a very good mindset for a writer

      1. Nah taking a long break should be enough, so he can rest and come up with new material. I don’t know who is putting pressure on him but if you are reading this, please just let him go lol.

  7. Hi everyone! Stop scolding Kubo guys… I honestly thought this chapter was pretty awesome, with the love concept. Kubo is trying to share his love with everyone! Let’s cheer him on for more awesome chapters in the future! 🙂

  8. GUYS! Please stop scolding Kubo! IMO this chapter was awesome! The Love Love Love concept shows Kubo’s creativity and innovation. To those who say Bleach is going downhill, i beg to differ. I think by far, this arc is the BEST arc so far. With the captain commander dying in a single slash, zombies coming out from nowhere, quincies using all kinds of shit, and ichigo saving the day again, WOW, i mean WOW. such an exciting anime! Who doesnt love it?


    1. lately the Quinces of him, dont have a real background. example the Quincy that can imagine all kind of things, thats a God Like power. if he could, he would imagine that Seritei would be destroyed in a wink. Even his beloved Quincy Master, would be powerless against him

      So this kind of Quincy was to way OP. Kubo quincy’s lately lacks of power balance. He should work more on the background of them, not just 1 day Wonders that balance all out.

      1. Why is still Aizen holing such much impact on the readers? Because his Arc during so long?
        Sure he was the reason why Kurosaki was “born”. But with his End, there is lacking some Villain leader like him. This Quincy Boss is to mysterious for us.

      2. i can not remember, why this Boss want to conquer Seritei so bad. Sure it has something to do with some Captain. Why not Kubo took the time and gave us a flashback why this Quincy boss is now so because of the past? i can not remember i saw some chapter of his Past. Just that he is reborn and “immortal” in some kind of way. Why did he separated from the normal Quincys? This bases is laking

        Perhaps Kubo has some awful Editor like him
        that want to stretch out the Ending as long as possible. but Kubo must no improvise some Villains out of the Blue

  9. I don’t think I am alone i this, I think I am done with Bleach. The series has been nothing more than delay, delay and more delay. Not since Goku’s “five minute fight” with Frieza has a manga stretched so much out of so little.

  10. Why is everyone surprised that Bleach is shit. Soul Society Arc was the Last of Bleach’s greatness. I was embarassed to read all the Hueco Mundo Arc. Kubo is NOT a storyteller, and it shows in his writing. I think he doesn’t care either. IF he does another manga, he should do JUST ART and let another person write the story. But, Kubo more interested in fashion. I don’t think he will come back to the manga industry. Bleach had so much potential. Now it’s just a turd. It’s on par with Naruto. At least that’s ending.

    Corey Lucas
      1. Well, what the Jojo series did right was to decisively change the main characters as well as the fighting methods when an idea got old. Otherwise, instead of watching all these “awesome” stands, we would still be watching the same old folks pulling out Ripples and Overdrives. I guess, when there is a fresh start, even a “living telephone pole” looks cool. On the contrary, when the (former) fans get tired and frustrated, everything just looks “stupid.”

  11. LOL.. fucking Kubo…this is actually worst than Zomari and his “Amor” he is like “LOLZ i really dont give a shit.. im just here for the moneyz guys…”

    Im really not interested on this manga since the Arrancar arc, i read Bleach just because is like, right there with One Piece and the other SJ releases lol… just out of curiosity of how the history is going. .and every time is dissapointing lol… never will understand how Naruto and Bleach get reviewed here and not One Piece

  12. funny how only the comments that are criticizing this series gets positives and the comments that actually try to discuss the material get negatives. its like only bleach haters read the manga.

    1. The “thumb up” button is just a tool to divide voters into two camps. A “positive” vote is no more “positive” than the positive electric current. Don’t read too much into it.

    2. Critics are getting ‘the positives’ because that’s what most Bleach Manga readers are thinking. I thought that was obvious? Or do you need it spelled out for you? Hell, I’m sick to death of this rubbish as well.

  13. OMG, then I must be the one still loves the show, lol 😀

    A pity you don’t get any more fun. Anyway, here we thought the Sternritter were nothing compare to Shinigami + Vizard + Arrancar + Urahara Team 7 + Royal Guard + …

    Epic Giselle & Pepe turning everything upside down in just a few chaps. Guess we still have a lot to wait for. Maybe Espada 6 in chapter 600? 😀


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