I’ll admit that this episode, had me pleasantly surprised. The introduction for Kino Makoto (Koshimizu Ami) or Sailor Jupiter had a much better story than I anticipated. Honestly speaking, I don’t remember much about her character at all until the anime showed off her exquisite home cooking and domestic skills. She also lives alone which explains why she’s such an independent character – although (I hope) it’s explained later why she doesn’t live with her family. Makoto has always been a character that’s portrayed as a tough and strong on the outside (and even Sailor Moon was smitten by her) but she’s quite feminine on the inside. She’s much more multidimensional than the other girls and that’s probably why her episode had more substance and wasn’t as straightforward as the previous intros. It’s interesting to note that as a Sailor Solider, technically they should all be fighting for love and justice, but only Makoto had a background story that actually talked about being in love. I thought they tied out Makoto’s background story with the actual events taking place very well from both an entertainment aspect and her character development.

Next week finally focuses on Tuxedo Mask! Much to my disappointment, even though he plays a pivotal role in the story, he has had very little screen time so far. I’m also upset that he hasn’t turned out to be as dreamy or tall, dark and handsome as I imagined him to be 10 years ago. In fact, I imagine him to be a little lost and confused right now because I don’t even know if he knows he’s Tuxedo Mask. He could have another persona living inside him that just awakes whenever danger strikes. The only reason I say this is because everyone can easily recognize Usagi as Sailor Moon; Makoto proved that easily this episode. Therefore, it’d only make sense that Mamoru knows who Usagi is – but does he? Anyway, we’ll see next week and how far Luna’s suspicions go. That little cat seems to be suspicious of everyone at first.

Funny thing about Sailor Moon Crystal is that I actually hear a lot of polarizing comments about this show from both regular anime watchers and non-regular anime waters. While I understand that the audience at RC might have a lot of strong opinions – bad animation, annoying seiyuus and fast-paced plot – a lot of folks that I’ve talked to that don’t watch any other anime, really enjoy the reminiscing piece of Sailor Moon Crystal. This makes me feel like I’ve been terribly harsh on the show because I know the potential that anime can have and I had high expectations of the series to begin with. However, talking to individuals that only watch this show because of childhood memories, they enjoy the fact that it’s a little different, but the essence of the show being a magical girl anime is still there. If there are still people (young and old) that support the show and even ask me when it’s going to air next, I wouldn’t say this reboot was a complete failure. I admire the people that can see past all the flaws that I see because they’re watching it for what it is. In any case, I’m glad that this episode has proved to be an improvement from the prior ones and hopefully it only gets better from here on out.

Bottom Line – @RCCherrie: Probably the best ep. to date, #SailorMoonCrystal’s intro of Sailor Jupiter was decent. I find her more appealing than the original Mako.

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  1. @cherrie in case you didnt noitce this sailor moon crystal already started to have diffrences from the original.for example in the original anime nefrite and jedaite didnt said or was thinking they know mars and jupiter before

    1. The first anime followed a much more typical monster-of-the-week and villain-of-the-season type of format.

      The manga was pretty interchangeable between the four Dark Generals whereas the first anime had nothing but Jedeite up until a little after Rei awoke as Mars before moving onto Nephrite, who went onto just before Makoto awoke as Jupiter then going onto Zoisite (at center stage at least whereas previously, he tended to always be looking over Nephrite’s shoulder), who went on through until the Silver Crystal was reformed and then has Kunzite going on until shortly before the end with Beryl.

      Such a format is also what allowed so many (unnecessary) filler episodes and why it took so long before the story really took off beyond just awakening the Senshi.

    2. I am well aware of the differences between Crystal and the original Sailor Moon lol.
      But up until this point, I still felt like the plot and characters were generally the same. This episode starts showing some differences in their personalities and the plot takes a different turn by focusing on Tuxedo Mask.

      1. But really the first 4 chapters if you will were key episodes in the original anime so of course they feel the same. Jupiter’s (Makoto’s) story is where they started to diverge from the manga in the original anime. 😉 Though it feels different but as a manga reader it nice seeing this animated!!!

        The biggest difference for me is in Rei’s personality. She come off very flat in the Managa at the beginning where as the original Anime really fleshed her out as Usagi’s rival rather then just a refined priestess. The first arc (Negaverse/dark kingdom) you don’t get to see much of her personality in the manga.

    1. It was much, much better! It’s a relief for all of us because a roughly drawn Makoto would too much of a shame.
      It’s interesting how Usagi is determined to be the leader of the group only when Mako-chan shows up. Why can’t she be the leader in a group of three?

      Petit Orenji
      1. I ask that same question every day. Takeuchi wasted some of Mako’s potential by being on the sidelines. Minako’s actually the REAL leader. It kinda makes sense since she predated the Series and Usagi.

        Corey Lucas
  2. BRAVO. Some improvement on the episode and for SAILOR JUPITER no less. Yes, I’m gonna say that Makoto deserves her own spin-off. So much potential and I’m gonna tell you why right now.

    1. She’s unique of the Senshi as in her abilities and her usefulness.

    2. She is the definition between being a badass and a feminine woman at the the same time. This sends a great message.

    3. She is the the most 4 dimensional of the Senshi. Meaning that her character is complete and fascinating.

    4. Her past is great for telling more stories. You want to know more info about her senpai, how she felt when her parents died, etc.

    5. Her Silver Millennium past needs to be explored upon. Princess Jupiter could be a badass maiden warrior like Sif.

    6. Her interaction with different characters are cool. She doesn’t have to be talking to Usagi or the cast to make her interesting.

    7. Is Totally Independent. A Teenage Japanese girl who lives on her own in an apartment. how mind blowing is that?!

    8. She could lead her own sub team. Meaning there might be other supernatural forces that she befriends and can be a leader to them. You can expand the Sailor Moon universe that way.

    I think i made my point. I LOVE Jupiter, and needs the respect that she deserves cause she is underated.

    Check out this review as well:


    Corey Lucas
    1. In the original, I always thought Makoto was given an awkwardly small amount of screen time. It’s like the writers put aside time for her and than forget about it. She’s the kind of alpha-female society needs more of: intellectually competent, physically strong and healthy, open-hearted, self-sacrificing for friends and men she admires, well-rounded in multiple talents, and not to mention extremely fit and sexy.

      I admired Minako the same way as well, until SuperS and Stars made a kind of joke out of her and dubbed her as the clumsy “Second Usagi”. Her characterization totally changed throughout the five seasons. Level-headed she was during the first!

      Petit Orenji
    1. AMEN! Jupiter was my second anime crush in my childhood. The first was Misty from Pokemon. Third would be Aina Sahalin (Gundam 8th MS). You know I was wondering how would Mako react to a handsome man whose a foreigner. By that I mean Caucasian, Black, Latino, etc. I know some of those men would be head over heels for her more than her. Why wouldn’t they?

      Corey Lucas
  3. To answer some of your questions: yes, it is revealed later on what happened to Mako’s parents (though you’ll have to wait a little bit for this particular piece of information), and yes: Mamoru knows he’s Tuxedo Mask. He also knows by now that Usagi’s Sailor Moon (I thought this episode’s made it pretty clear?). Episodes 6 and 7 will both be Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask-centered, so I guess most of your questions and doubts will be answered or at least addressed. Also, I don’t know whether you’ve noticed, but the circumstances of Makoto’s introduction were quite different from her debut in the classic series. From episode 6 onwards it’ll be completely different story than the first anime, so… I guess it’s something to look forward to? An oh, it’s been pretty much confirmed that they’ll keep the one chapter per one episode route, which means Crystal will cover the Black Moon arc as well. So many good things to come…

    1. Yeah, I remember the first anime introducing Makoto by “saving” Usagi from being hit on by a few random douches who were scared of Makoto because of her reputation and that she was transferred to Juben High because of her actually getting into fights at her other school rather than it simply being rumors like the manga, and her attitude was also colder to others than how the manga has it, where she’s pretty indifferent.

      1. Yes, pretty much this, plus, in the first anime, the episode of Makoto’s introduction was also the first episode of the Rainbow Crystal arc, which doesn’t exist in the manga. The only common point is Usagi getting her Moon Stick and being nominated for a leader.

  4. I really enjoyed this episode too. That insensitive guy wouldn’t have deserved to be with Mako-chan anyways. They portrayed her coolness so well, I can’t wait to see more.

    random viewer
  5. Fully agreed this was the best episode of the bunch so far, has been the one which has most reminded me of the old Sailor Moon nostalgia-wise.

    One thing that seems to be steadily improving too is Usagi’s VA, she (at least for me) is not as grating as in the earlier episodes. Whether that is from being naturalized to her current vocal abilities, her settling into the role, or Usagi just not being featured as much these past couple of episodes no idea, but it is certainly welcome.

  6. why complain about the “baddie of the week” thing anyway? I think that type of fabiling sometimes helps move the story along. if the main character killed the villain off in the first episode, there’d be no story to tell.

  7. I really don’t understand what you mean by saying “I find her more appealing that rhe original Mako”. I said that because in every encarnation of sailor Moon…Manga, 1990s anime, stage musicals and the Live action series she was pretty much the same. Diferent from Mars who changed a lot in every adaptation and actually seems pretty calm in this Sailor Moon Crystal Anime or Venus that sometimes is portraid very mature and others very clumsy like…Makoto has always been a consistent character. Maybe you just didn’t focus much on makoto in the previous versions and this time you stopped to actually analize her… have you considered that?? Hmmm This episode has been amazing…Ieamean…the attacks were awesome. Makoto was really clear different from Sailor Mars which I totally agree with you…3 episodes with her so far and I quite don’t understand this Crystal Rei. But…well in the 1990s anime Rei got too much attention…I loved her but wow she was so huge that sometimes she would eventually get more attention than other senshis… she was like sailor moon closest friend…most of it because they were always arguing and fighting against each other wich basicaly meant they loved each other a lot…that’s why in the fist “classic” season she was the last one to die and in the last “stars” season she was the one to die in Sailor Moon arms…and I am not considering many episodes where she was extremely imfluent…but then…in the original source she was not “that huge”…so Toei os trying to adjust her importance in the storyline. ..they are obviously doing it wrong but cheer up. This crystal episode must be the turning point of the series… Rei has a very rich background…like orphan of mother, raised by her grandpa (who should have appeared already…why not yet Toei?), ignored by her father engaged in politics and once in love for her father assistant…she os very developed and deep in the manga. Everything will be fine since the animation is so manga closed 🙂

    William de Almeida
    1. Yeah, they’ve cut out Rei’s grandpa from episode 5; I guess they didn’t find him relevant enough for the story (they’ve cut a few more things like Usagi changing into a groom or daydreaming about Tuxedo Mask). As for the manga-Rei’s background, all the things you’ve listed are from the ‘Casablanca Memory’ side-story chapter, so it’s possible we won’t be seeing them in Crystal, unfortunately. But I’m hoping for a DVD special episode or something, because it’d be a real pity if that one little gem of a chapter didn’t get its own adaptation.

  8. Alright, the animation was definitely better this episode so maybe the reactions of the Japanese fans have been as verbal as ours on this issue. I saw a lot less gaffs, and at this point I’m pretty much looking for and expecting them. I still feel disgusted every time I have to sit through the terrible transformation sequences, but Mako’s was a bit better. I think this is largely due to lightning being a very easy 3d effect compared to water or fire.

    I also feel like the characters were a little more “fluid” in this episode and felt less like cutouts.

    Overall, it’s better and I would have felt much better about this series if it was like this from the beginning. Unfortunately, since it’s a Toei production, they are also rather well known for having ups and downs throughout a series so I’m afraid we’ll see the quality dip back down.

  9. Moonies, notice in the ANY Sailor Moon promotioning that Makoto is ALWAYS in the way back of some of the cast members, including the Inner Senshi. Also it’s been stated a fact on some forums that in Japan Makoto is the least popular of the scouts because of how she presents herself, and that Ami is extremely huge in Japan. You can guess why. Also Makoto is extremely popular in the west like US, U.K. France, Germany, Italy, Australia, etc. That just writes itself, huh? Why do you think there are more Caucasian, Hispanic, Black, and Asian Americans dressing as her. She’s the ROGUE (X-Men) of the Sailor Moon Franchise minus the Southern Belle Drawl. lol

    Corey Lucas
    1. Not that I think all her fans think this, but she might be more popular in the West due to being “more talented” than the other Inner Senshi, lol.

      Also in back, I’d guess, because of just being taller; the third tallest behind Setsuna/Pluto and Haruka/Uranus. (Fourth if you include Tuxedo Kamen, who is the tallest.)

    2. actually, she is favorite by many people in the early 90’s like 1993 or was that 1994 when she first appeared. the internet is just not that high tech like as of this today. yes! jupiter was favorited by many people in another part of Asia. i love her a lot! most of my classmates/ batch mate which consist of 40-45 (50 is the most highest) raging students inside 1 classrom) with 8 section. most of us was excited to see Jupiter. everyone was anxious for her appearance, most of my classmates/ and some other section, loves Jupiter. we do have chinese blood, studying somewhere in asia (not china), with our parents, uncles, and aunts background, etc, we can easily go abroad and compete with other who gets to knows what is in the next episode of our Anime generations at that time, which is few by the way at that time, by having a anime comic books… going abroad, etc. and since there used to be only two translation back then, Japanese, and Chinese. i swear! if they only know how obsessed i am with Jupiter. half of our batch or whatever also loves jupiter. and yes! along time ago, 5’6 is pretty tall back then in Asia, because 5’2 is the average height for a woman. but if you are 14. of course that is tall if you are 5’6, and how old do a girl stop growing anyway?! when they get their periods at 9-13 years old, isn’t it the normal? but with the changing generation, many kids now are taller in Asia, and of course that is still considered tall in asia, unless you are more taller like Haruka, usually Asian female don’t like it either that they are so tall and i think they better find a basket ball player then if they want a bf, or someone their same height.(not the western community though, as we already have a mind set that white community are tall people, but it seems that Asians wants their kids to be taller , cause of the influence of the westerns, because they say, beauty is power, tall is power, yes that’s how pretty shallow things are, as if they want their kids to become a model or a superstar of something) most of my friends stand 5’6, 5’5 1/2, 5’3, 5’2, in our circle of friends in college. i even have a friend who is gorgeous of course but stand 4’11. funny thing though, my friends who stands 5’6, and 5’51/2, they don’t wear high heels with their bfs, hehe, and usually, the offsprings are much more taller than the moms. like a emerging generation. ANYWAY! back to the topic! I ALWAYS wanted to write Naoko a letter, but never did! if they only know! outside Japan! and somewhere in Asia, she was favorited by many. if only internet was as high tech as of today. cause most of my batchmates are now in their 30’s and have a family to watch an anime. (most don’t watch anime anymore, and maybe to some who still watch, unless that’s their childhood favorite) i always wanna give them a piece of my mind! how obsessed i am with Jupiter! how i feel. yes, they seem to make Mars always to shine more than the rest. (which by the way, was hated back then due to how she treats Usagi. unless they don’t really watch sailor moon, but just like the characters, she even used to be my first choice, when Ami was the second character to show up, and the opening credits where they are only three sailors, but a huge disappointment as a freaking kid when i found out her personality, same goes to most of my classmates) and how sailor Mercury was not the favorites choice by many in my Asian country, (sorry to say, but she is the total opposite in my country, if she is well liked in Japan, in my country no, but not hated, just there, but not favorite by many, same goes to Mars). actually, its Moon, Jupiter, Venus. then when the outer planet appears. they still considered Moon, Jupiter, Venus, as their top fave, before he outer planet. i do hate my manga before, translated only in chinese. japanese (and the one translating for us, is our parents, uncle, aunts) at that time, but that was a decade ago. and after seeing the new Sailor Moon crystal, i must say though! how i become to Like it! especially this episode. I still totally loyally still love Jupiter. even my new friends who is younger than me for 4 years, who don’t watch sailor moon, or any anime in general anymore. likes her. when i asked her who was her favorite back then… they said the girl in green with the antenna, Sailor Jupiter. also, so far, in crystal… i don’t dislike mars now. she is more tolerable, she acts how my zodiac should act (even if i did have that manga before, and dislike it and rather like the anime 90’s) i am totally converted to the new crystal. just a few complains though. i still love Jupiter’s hair before. the reddish brown… not the orange reddish. but however, i still love her no matter what. that is all. and i am going to write Naoko how i really feel. i wish she knew English pretty well… i wish she can read this tread!

      90's fan Sailor Jupiter forever!
    1. I’m trying to refrain from reading the manga because I like the element of surprise from the anime. =X Also, I don’t like making comparisons (both consciously and unconsciously) between the two because I think it takes away from the experience of just watching the anime.

  10. I wonder what Makoto is doing after the end of the series. By series I mean the manga. Like I said you can do SO MUCH with her. My Epilogue is that she went abroad to Rome or the US. That’s just my idea. lol.

    Corey Lucas
    1. Well, the senshi are the guardians of the princess. So… Show Spoiler ▼

  11. So much better. Now, because I cant leave a Sailor Moon episode without the obligatory complaining: If they only changed the music for the transformation scene! Lightning and “lalala” – that just doesnt work, even e-guitars dont help…Reis music was awesome, they should have used something similar.

  12. Epic remake is epic.

    This is the way of doing an anime adaptation, and not with that hateful filler everywhere. Take note, Japan, and start doing remakes of the best series following the manga storyline as you can see here.

    First, FMA Brotherhood, then Hunter x Hunter 2011 and now SM Crystal. Epicness.

    😀 Which one next, please?

  13. at least both sailor moon and cardcaptor sakura have male interaction which is more than I can say for some maho shojo out there where male characters are completely omitted out of the plot entirely for whatever reason.

  14. It’s an amazing coincidence they got Koshimizu Ami to voice Makoto. Kill la Kill comes to mind since she’s using her Ryuuko voice, both characters are transfer students, and Makoto is nicknamed Mako-chan.

  15. Good to see animation/drawing is better. Hope it continues to do so.

    Seeing Sailor Jupiter again, I recalled in the original series where one of her attacks is “Supreme Thunder” that Sailor Moon misheard as “Supreme Sundae” 🙂


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