Unlike Byakuya, zombie Kensei and Rose don’t even think of holding back against Hisagi and they cut him down immediately. As it turns out, Kurotsuchi is indeed controlling them after applying his drug on them through the arrancars’ blood. Thanks to his “samples” even the slightest bit of the drug will transfer control over their consciousness to him, making it a better version of Giselle’s ability. The poor captains have been turned into pawns for the stronger characters, but it seems that the zombie transformation has actually made them more efficient fighters. Now they talk a lot less and strike more decisively, which also means they don’t stand around explaining their abilities to the enemy for the entire chapter. Byakuya is somewhat appalled at Kurotsuchi’s methods – surprising given that he’s usually the ruthless one – but the mad scientist claims that he only wants to protect Sereitei (somehow, I doubt him).

Regardless, Kurotsuchi is the hero of the moment, and he seems to know more about the quincies than any other captain. All the research has paid off, and his new toys put Giselle to the sword, then proceed to beat the crap out of Pepe. Apparently his Corpse Squad is invulnerable to Pepe’s love, a cheap plot device that shows even Kubo barely cares about these ridiculous, overpowered villains that are defeated simply because their novelty is gone and their allotted screen time has been exhausted. I was actually a little disappointed in Gigi’s unceremonious death, as she had been hinted to be a pretty interesting character compared to the other girls. Previously she did heal back severe wounds very quickly, so it’s still possible for her to come back. On the other hand, I’m sure nobody will miss Pepe as he meets his end, possibly at the hands (or mouth) of Liltotto, who doesn’t look too amused about being sucker punched by a love-stricken Meninas. Once she has eaten a couple of her allies, she may turn out to be pretty strong, and if past trends are any indication, power levels only increase over the course of the arc.


    1. Message of this battle is: just as the Quincy intruders would fight among themselves (Pepe vs. the muscle girl), so would the shinigami captains (Byakuya vs. Kurotsuchi). To me, this is a legitimate accomplishment in terms of developing a plot.

    2. This series isn’t even making any sense any more. Its like Kubo is just seeing how much he can troll us fans. Compare this to the excellent way Naruto is finishing its run and its like night and day.

      1. In what way is Naruto ending in excellent fashion? Honestly I could go on and on about the terrible writing Kishimoto has put into his final arc. Kaguya? Neji? Somehow getting DNA from every single Dead Ninja in the freaking manga to make a zombie army? I understand opinions and all that, but to call out Bleach on its crap writing and just praise all the crap that has riddled Naruto’s final arc is just silly to me.

  1. I’m getting real tired of these bullshit villains. I can’t even take them seriously when you have fat black guys throwing around hearts and shit. Traps who apparently smell like cum, hideous ass people, girls who can grow a Vin Diesel looking arm and all the other bullshit I’ve seen from these villains in this arc.

    The only normal ones were that guy with the Mohawk, forgot his name, forgive me, Candice and Bambietta, but of course Kubo made her a horny Zombie. I guess you could say that guy who could use his imagination was normal too.

    I didn’t want to rant like this, but I felt like I just needed to get that out. I might get hate for that, but so be it. How am I supposed to enjoy this final arc when these villains are “laughable”. There’s nothing wrong with diversity when it comes to villains, that’s one of Kubo’s strengths, but with each new Stern Ritter in this arc I feel like tumors are growing in my brain.

    I just feel like Kubo is creating enemies out the ass to give the individual characters screen time

    1. when the quincies took over SS is when this arc went to shit, that first invasion was such a rush and it was done beautifully, after they took over, its like they didnt even care anymore, “yeah I know I’m supposed to kill these guys, buuuuttttt let me use it on my comrades for a bit of fun” -_-

  2. One annoyance here, didn’t Byakuya got hit with that love beam earlier as well? He still act like nothing’s happened to him.

    Still, 2 more named Sternritter gone, should be a good thing…

    (One can only hope the average kill count per chapter for named characters would tick up faster here…)

  3. All things aside. Yes the “love” villain character is crappy, but why do you have to refer him as the “Black” villain character. There are plenty of different ways to characterize him. And if that’s the case you should say the “White” or the “Asian” for other characters to be fair, just saying. It was said in last weeks post ,but I ignored it. This time it needs to be addressed.

    1. If they said “white” or “asian” no one would have any idea who they were talking about. That character is black. It’s not racist. It’s an observation. He’s also fat and stupid. If you want to be offended, be offended because we haven’t had very many black characters who aren’t stereotypically quirky, moronic, or villainous. Be offended because being transgendered is treated like a joke or something to be ashamed of and the one Latino Arrancar had an exaggerated accent and used tango as an attack (I liked that Arrancar and the transgendered one, but it’s still kind of stupid). The only characters who are being treated somewhat fairly are Asians, and none of them actually look Asian.

      1. ok then let me put it this way i do not come and address people as this is the white,yellow,or pink any time their is a colored character of any form i do not see people address them as their color i did not see anyone call the people from other mangas or movies as by their color and no one called your “tango arrancar” the latin arrancar so what you said was absoulutely invalid and as for the 11 dislikes tyhat this comment got here’s a tip if you dont happen to truly understand the underlying message in which I am trying to convey then i have a bridge in brooklyn to sell you. As for the the person who says “black is an adjective” I can see you did not make it through highschool but thats ok the world will settle for you getting a GED. and also for the whole transgender thing that was announced that has absolutely no place in what I am trying to say why does everyone wanna throw something gay or lesbian into everything no one cares especially not me I am here to point out how only one person was referred to as a color throughout this whole entire manga and no one has a problem with that but wanna jump to defense like any of you have a solid claim it is almost unfair to have this conversation with you because I see you guys are lacking something I am not “SENSE” and by the way I am technically not offended but thanks to the couple dummies I have seen post I am annoyed I dislike stupid people also as for a way to address him try I don’t know maybe the LOVE STERNRITTER

    2. This debate needs to stop -_-. It’s a place to discuss this manga chapter, not debate about racial profiling over one dark skinned sternritter. Come on. We’re all mature here, at least I hope.

      1. The pot calling the kettle black lol. It’s funny how your try to make the “Peace” when its actually your post that agitated it. Sigh cant cure ignorance. Its also astonishing how others disliked the comment so much because I said “White” and “Asian” and FAIR, I think you guys are the ones that were offended. Shockingly no one realizes I just used reverse psychology with that example. Oh but its okay to say black. Whelp its okay I already accepted that your intellect is no where near mine. Do you want to know why? Because all you guys have done was try to make IRRELEVANT STUFF relevant . Therefore you have no plausible argument. And the whole stop guys blah blah blah. It doesn’t mean shit cause none of you have the balls or the right to disprove my comment. So boo fucking who. You guys are cowards. Message me when you obtain some sense. PS. My comment was about making word placement fair to describe all characters. Why did YOU guys steer it to racism? Think about it..but I dont expect you too. TOOTLES 🙂

    3. To Proof: Since your not even commenting when this post ORIGINALLY was for about your post!

      I love how my beloved website has become so ignorant with this. I thought you guys were better than this and didn’t see color. I’m very disappointed. This was supposed to be a safe place for EVERYONE to discuss our love for manga and to cry, bitch, and be happy together not segregate. I was here since the beginning of this website and has been loyal for years now. But spreading ignorance (As swordhack4 continued/ I hope everyone isn’t like that but wont discharge the possibility) is unacceptable to me. You guys are supposed to be professional and friends. All I want in the end is an awareness, but I’m not going to ask for an apology because you might not even see the wrongness of this whole incident. And that fact that YOU haven’t addressed this yourself proves a lot. Have a good day.

      1. Original statement: ” He ends up being saved by two almost useless captains that aren’t even conscious, from some fat, black Cupid with generic mind control powers that we will forget within a month.”- Proof.

      2. Yeah….I realized it was my comment….I wouldn’t have replied to you if I didn’t know. If you really feel that strongly about this, then I’ll apologize. I’m sorry…….but since we’re on the topic, I guess the name “Black History Month” offends you too right? Should I also apologize on behalf of Carter G. Woodson? There’s nothing wrong with being called black. In fact, one should be proud to say that they’re black. I’m black. Get the fuck over it. I said “fat black guy throwing hearts” because I didn’t remember this guy’s name, if it was even said at all. The feature that comes to mind first when you see him is either “black” or “fat”. You act like I said “fat n*gga throwing hearts”. You’re the only one trying to find racism in a word that I used to describe a fictional character. Open your damn eyes. Is his skin color not dark? Get on with your life bruh.

        I also apologize to Prooof and the others who have to deal with this guy’s over the top attitude over me calling a black fictional character “black”. It’s ridiculous how childish people can be. Prooof, might as well just delete these comments if it’s becoming a problem. Once again, I’m sorry for this guy’s foolishness.

      3. I tried to be rational about this to begin with, but all you could do was belittle me for my apparent “lack of intelligence” and call me ignorant. Not to mention calling me a “n*gga” and assuming that I’m the type who brings our community back for using an example with the term “n*gga” and saying the word “bruh”. But I’m the one in the wrong. Lol, ok. Anyway, I stopped caring. The rest of this message is for Prooof.

        Lol, all this over people calling a black fictional character “black”. Amazing. Prooof, just delete the comments that pertain to this topic man. Something that should have been a one time comment to express my feelings on a chapter has turned into a full on heated argument about black people and threats to actually shut down a successful and fun site like this one. Once again, I’m sorry to the RC community.

  4. As expected of a recycled villain, he didnt even last more than 3 chapters…. I cant even remember his name anymore. On the other hand, our resident mad scientist has been a joy to watch. I would even go as far as saying that he’s more entertaining than Ichigo

    All in all, Bleach is continuing its trend of absolutely-nothing-happened-during-this-chapter. I wonder how long till Bleach gets axed?

  5. PADDING!!! Just you typical padding chapter. sigh. I feel bad for Kensei. I hate how Kubo has screwed him over the series. This is painful to read each week. I’m gonna binge read it when the series is done.

    Corey Lucas
  6. I missed Nemu not being there by Kurotsuchi’s side after all this time. Those sucker punches really makes a mess of their faces…but I can’t help but laugh…oh my sense of humor is weird too.

    random viewer
  7. Many people question why Soul Society would allow Mayuri into their ranks and believe that it was a mistake to let Urahara pick him as a successor. Well if he was a mistake, then he is the best mistake they had ever made. He’s pretty much the one leading the counter-attack.

    1. Well…

      Kudos for Mayuri. He’s the only Shinigami who hasn’t had a Royal training who have managed to deal with Sternritter without losing any limb and actually having the advantage in a lot of instances.

      1. Well, we saw a Episode where he Hunted the Classes Guy Quincy nearly to extinction. Why? Because they where a treat for Seritei? Or did he just want to get his “curiosity” Plaything, because he do not know his Boarders? Perhaps he is a Dark Heart Captain. Scientist above all

        But then, is the Seritei Spirit King deaf on his Eyes or Zero Squad blind, or dont care what happen down under?

        Kubo, here is your final Playground. Why did Zero Squad only appear now? Not in the Past as playing the Police? This is your Treasure your looking for, not needing to hide it with that many Fights. Use this “Dark secret” for the Big Bang. Our King is not so innocent like we think.. We dont know anything about him.. only his appearance is know to us… Impress us!!

      2. @Crook

        Glasses Guy used Overpower ride Modus, to Shoot Kuro’s Bankai, where he used Seritei particles to power up. He lost after this Shoot his powers, and regain it through near dead training.. I think, my Memory dont play tricks on me…

        So, in this Arc we even saw a Flashback of killing the Quincys we know at that time, nearly to extinction

  8. and the fact you said nigga is pushing our community back so fuck you and i hope he does delete these comments all together because black ppl dont have to have others oppress us . we oppress ourselves which is what you just proved.and yes im fuckin black and proud of it, but im more than my color fucker

  9. DO something better with your argument rather than thumb me down punk ass bitch. fuckin bite me. Prooof you better get this shit under control or your going to have a serious fuckin problem on your hands. I will shut this shit down.

    1. You are the one that needs to get under control seriously.You have your opinion but that doesn’t mean that everyone has to put up with you and be nice to you.they’re free to shun you, downvote you, call you names, etc.Do you think you are in a special , untouchable position and everyone has to agree with you? Thats inmature. That all of your people ( if you ever are really one of them) get offended at the word “black”?. If you do, you don’t really have the inteligence you claim you have.Why are you acting like if ppl here owe you something? You are the one that made a big problem over this…

  10. In all honesty, I think I can do a better job than Kubo Tite writing Bleach. Shounen Jump should just hire us fans to continue the plot rather than having the author trolling us week after week with stupid and ridiculously-looking villains.


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