We have a pretty light chapter this week as Pepe’s fight finally winds up after he’s devoured by Liltotto. Up in the Royal Palace, the Zero Squad are struggling to defend against Yhwach, who seems to be impossible to attack as every strike simply misses him. He pretends he’s some kind of god, but in reality it’s just another gimmick from one of his Sternritter, Nianzol Weizol “the Wind”. Like some of the other quincies, he’s a strange and creepy character, slinking in the shadows with his two tongues and distorting incoming attacks. Senjumaru summons a squad of masked minions (that actually slightly resemble Ichigo in his hollow form), but their “swords of the soul king” are likewise unable to find their mark. Clearly they did not do enough research on the invaders, and are now caught off guard.

I’m sure the Zero Squad will put on an impressive fight, but compared to Sternritter, they are woefully unprepared, and I doubt Yhwach will lose to them. Haschwald and Nianzol may fall at some point, but the emperor and Ishida will almost certainly make it all the way to the Soul King himself. Although the Zero Squad have been hyped to be incredibly powerful, Yhwach’s power level appears to be in an entirely different category, much like Aizen was. He even brought his own oddball sidekick with special powers, just like Aizen did, and may also have a potential traitor/wildcard in his ranks (Askin Nakk le Vaar?), just like Gin was. Everything is shaping up to be a pretty bad situation for the five royal guards, regardless of their strength. Besides, Ichigo is currently on his way back to the Palace via cannonball, and knowing Kubo, he won’t be arriving to an already-won battle. Expect to see him flying in at the moment of the shinigamis’ greatest despair.


  1. What was the point of Pepe’s character? Like literally, what purpose did he serve at all to further the story or even provide entertainment to the readers? I can’t understand Kubo’s thinking anymore; I don’t care about more than half of these characters already and yet he keeps introducing more.

    Enough is enough, Kubo. Just wrap it up already.

    1. I actually want to give Kubo credit for disposing of Pepe. It’s almost as if he did some online exploration and discovered that the character was poorly received. And instead of cramming him down the throats of readers for a few more weeks; he removed him from the equation.

      1. Rukia, it would have been better if he had never introduced Pepe (or half of these Quincies) in the first place. No one wants to read these cannon fodder chapters, and they don’t do anything to advance the main storyline at all. Like seriously, if the whole point of having the Quincies be ridiculously overpowered was to create circumstances for Ichigo to receive and show off a new power-up, explain to me how it makes ANY sense to have Ichigo (1) return to Sereitei to save them, (2) not have Ichigo save them, and then (3) have Ichigo go right back up to the Soul King’s palace. I mean, WTF Kubo?

    2. I’ve been hearing rumors that Bleach is supposed to end in 2015. Just rumors of course, but it still makes you wonder if its true. It almost feels as if someone is forcing Kubo to end the series as quickly as possible. The arc started out awesome, with lots of development for both Shinigami and Quincy. Now, come the second part of the war, he stopped caring about most characters and are trying to get rid of them as quickly as possible. I suppose his original plan was probably to give each and every Sternritter some background info., but he doesn’t seem to have the time to do that anymore.

      1. I heard a similar rumor that the publisher gave Kubo 65 episodes (or something like that) to end the series. The count probably started last year. I guess, if he turns the “rating” around, there may be a sequel. Otherwise, it is sayonara.

    3. What’s the point of ANY irregular character? Granted that Pepe did stay longer than most of the “monsters of the day” in other mangas and animes. But so what? This is a combat story after all. It is not uncommon to have characters simply just to show up to die.

    1. ikr? Kubo made all that hype about Ichigo being upgraded in the Soul King’s palace, then told the readers that Ichigo would take a while to make it back to Seiritei so we would be sure he would arrive just in the nick of time to show some moves and then just as he arrived he was like “I have to go back!”

      Also what is it with Kubo and creepy/weird characters? I know variety is important and all but come on man it’s just so hard to take these people seriously even when they’re overpowered.

    2. At this point, I’m also kind of wondering why his editor is allowing all of this to happen? We get strange characters like Pepe, then the Sternritters start to fight each other, and now Ichigo, who had barely arrived in the Sereitei, has to go back to the Spirit Palace. I hope Kubo at least illustrates why Ushida is following Juha Bach and possibly why Aizen hated the Spirit King vehemently.

      1. > Adding Tanukis would really improve Bleach.

        That would be a different anime. *grin* More importantly, there is already a dog captain. And a tanuki is a kind of canine. We don’t want to upset the fans now for “repeating” characters, do we?

  2. In this string of chapters that have been kind of uneventful I find myself wondering just what’ll happen to the remaining Quincy if Yhwach dies. Will they all die or lose their powers? Will they just lose the powers he personally gave them and become normal quincies? I guess what I’m getting at is future events still have me really interested. Also we need more of Yhwach’s backstory asap. Most interesting tidbit was the royal guard girl talking like they knew each other and alluding that he had been to the royal palace before.

  3. ENOUGH KUBO! Enough of the Gary-Stu Villians, Enough of the EVERY MINOR CHARACTER getting screentime to fight istead of the important one, Enough of the cannon fodder quincies, Enough of Juha Bach BAMFing for no reason just cause he looks cool, and finally ENOUGH PADDING! (rant over)

    Corey Lucas
  4. After all the freakin’ hype that Kubo’s given the Zero Squad, he decides to put them on the proverbial chopping block as a way to kill time until Ichigo shows up; is that about right? Yeah, that’s about right.

    -flips table over and walks away-

    Ryan Ashfyre
  5. It’s unbelievable that something this bad is getting published, and even worse that there’s someone who approves of this.

    Something this impossibly bad is something you would only see in fiction.

  6. I am so sick and tired of this God complex all his antagonists assume once they’re introduced.
    Seriously, all this time with the subtle hyping of the Zero Squad…just for us to get this lackluster turnout? They can’t hit him cause he’s hiding behind one of his lackees? Pitiful.

    1. Readers with working brains? Would that be you or the ones who are actually posting something relevant to this blog? Explaining why you dislike something is better than just saying “this manga sux.”

      No offense, but you guys sound like broken records.

  7. In this 4-page chapter, we see 2 members of the Zero Squad struggle to land a hit on the baddies, revealed to be gimmicks caused by another Sternritter, who will probably get pwnd by Zero squad in the next few chapters as Ywach marches on.

    That’s about all that happened that’s relevant.

    1. This Sternritter Bodyguard for the King had the Surprise Bonus. Because no one was expecting him (Sure, they all are deaf on their Reiatsu Sensing sense and they are Zero Squad Captains), and no one notice that Strong Winds are at work.

      Kubo, you could used some kind of Black Hole Theory. Well, you would feel the Gravity effect. But the Zero Squad Captains not noticing the Wind wall surrounding his Highness is any better? 🙂
      Remember, Quincys are in their Wonderland there. All Spirit Particles that surround them, are their playthings… What, if someone will bring real Rocks from the Human Would? Real Walls? That are things that the Quincys can not bend to their will. They are force to dirty their hands, and do it the old classic way.

      Perhaps Glasses Guy, will use this Gist for his “counterattack on the right time”. Non-reiatsu particles things from the Human World, for his use. Perhaps an ordinary Gun or Shotgun would be a OP Weapon

      1. You build this World. Use it to your advance. if your not sure anymore what happen since Bleach Manga Launch, Try to research the Internet. There are many Wikipedias or oder things, that can help refresh your memories.

  8. My guess to why Bach isn’t fighting. He knows that Squad Zero is a force to be reckoned with and that if he actually gets in a fight with one of them, he won’t escape unscathed. Thus, he’s trying to reserve all his strength for the Soul King and trying to avoid revealing any of his secrets, just in case they may get leaked. It’s an almost reasonable strategy. When you’re about to face the god of the world, you may want to stay fresh and prepared.

  9. The think with Aizen has now grown a very long beard. If you really miss Aizen that much, stop reading when his Arc ended and stay in the past. Now it is the present. If you want to criticize the Manga, then use more then Old Times. Try to talk your reason, as if you are talking to Kubo itself. Be nice, he is the God of the World you Love. And he dont soul out his Soul just for your entertainment

  10. I don’t post here regularly but read the comments section on many of the posts for Bleach chapters for a bit of cheering up and to see what’s going on in the manga.

    Having just read the recent chapter I think the series still has a range of interesting characters but its a shame that they can’t really do much to Ywach it seems. It also seems odd that Ichigo was sent back to Soul Society if they knew that Ywach would be aiming for the Soul King eventually. Why not just have Ichigo, Rukia, Renji and Byakuya wait it out with Zero Squad and overwhelm him as a unit, eliminating the problem or at least setting up some of the interesting fights with Ywach/Ishida/Haschwald sooner rather than later.

    I know there’s quite a lot of ridiculing of Kubo’s inability to tell a consistent tale without readers picking out issues almost each chapter but part of me is hopeful that when he finishes with Bleach (one way or another) he is able to create an interesting series afterwards. Clearly with his vested interest in music I wouldn’t be surprised if we got a series about a band or something (like Beck but with his spin on it). Just a thought anyway.

  11. Bleach 598:

    Yes i like the Way they are walking now. Zero Squad Captains are not only for the Show, to get Girls and Guys. No they are serious matter, and they use their Brains, too

    Yes, Kubo. I like the Street your a taking now

    1. Btw, even if they are now on the Way to the Zero Captain’s quarters.. Ichigo and party are still “outsiders”, will they be allowed to enter? You know, even they have Pride.. Or are they now busy with the Captain, that anybody that pass trough the Wall, can enter?

      Why is it, that Zero Squad appears only now? Do they have a High Nose against the Shinigamis under them? Are all in Seritei their brothers? Here is a little hidden playground, too. I just remind you how Ichigo was “welcomed” of the Seritei Captains, when he was on the Rescue…

      We are about to have similar pattern, just an Level above the Clouds, and the Finish Line is Spirit King Chambers…


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