One more person is added to Ichigo’s squad when Ganju Shiba insists on joining the mission (along with his pig Bonnie), claiming that he has the map to Soul Society. From what we’ve seen before though, his power level is probably somewhere around that of cannon fodder, so I’m not sure what he’s expecting to happen here. While he does have the map, it looks like Urahara would have managed to find the way even without him. My guess is that he has some tricks up his sleeve that will come in handy for a particular obstacle in the upcoming battle. In direct combat though, he’s looks extremely weak, and will probably be less useful than even Chad will be, power-ups or not.

Meanwhile back at the palace, Senjumaru is still dealing with the loose-tongued menace, who I find to be very irritating as he taunts the Zero Squad about their inability to hit him. Luckily, she’s far too powerful to be taken down by the likes of him, and as he is distracted with idle chit-chat and a diversionary attack by the masked soldiers, the “Great Weaver” goes to work at blinding speeds. It turns out that she’s not just good at making armor and uniforms for Shinigami, but can also use clothing offensively. Her name means “a thousand arms”, and true to her name, she has long, skeletal arms attached to her that encase Nianzol in a straitjacket before he’s even aware anything happened. The jacket then impales him from inside out, and the chapter ends before we find out if he survives. It’s an incredibly brutal attack and would be nice if he got one-hit-KO’ed like Wonderweiss did, but I’d be somewhat surprised if he died just like that without a chance to one-up the Shinigami again; I can already see him emerging unscathed and revealing it all to be another trick. Hopefully Senjumaru will have another beatdown ready for him, as she’s shaping up to be one of my favorite Royal Guards. Her icy cool demeanor, interesting abilities, sharp wit, and even sharper skills make her a much better character than some of the trash we’ve seen recently.


    1. Then how should he have explained it? If a captain can’t hit someone, most readers could guess anyway that the trick is either an illusion (mind control or optical) or space distortion. I think he did the right thing by stepping up the pace.

  1. Kubo’s formula is Shinigami #1 defeat this ability, Sternritter say my ability counter your and defeat shinigami #1 and then Shinigami #2 comes out and KO the said Sternritter.

    Rinse and repeat…

    1. I don’t quite understand what you’re saying, but we don’t know yet if the royal guards have a way to prevent their bankai from being stolen, like when Kurotsuchi had one at the Sereitei.

  2. Yeh this chapter was pretty uneventful. Only thing I’m curious about is if the royal guard soldiers are actually even living beings. They seem almost like puppets if anything. Perhaps even clothing warriors made by Senjumaru.

  3. Yep, looks now, that our Captains are now on the same Power level, like the Quincys. What they dont have in Power, they compensate it with Brain. You see, it can work. Just look into Aldonah.Zero Bloging here. Inaho is the secret Hero, because he is David against Goliath with Brain work

    Balance is important. If someone hit a Enemy 1 KO, then the enemy ist not an Enemy, he or she is just a Prey

  4. Character design is bad , story is bad , everything is also stupid in bleach , this manga used to be epic , especially Rukia arc and Arancar Arc , at first i suspect that the ending of this serie will be about the Hell , since they talk about it only once , but it’s about quinzi , ok alright , but they are just too retard and by giving them Germa-esque name and talking style won’t make them slightly better. Anime make be full with filler but at least most of them are ok not as retard as this, Bleach “was” one of the big 3 , but let’s just replace them with fairytail and gintama.

      1. yeah Gintama is the”rodney dangerfield” of manga..even i had a hard time getting into it..but its pretty solid for what it is……..Fairy tail though, its pretty horrible in my humble opinion. and the anime is even worse

        BROOKLYN otaku
  5. Andy Reid has the potential in his lineup to create a team that finds even more
    success than the Eagles of the last decade. Therefore, while they are friends
    it is by no means a close friendship. Well, I don’t sit right down, first I
    go through my ritual.

    1. ex-arrancar in “Spirit King” Realm? As if Devils/Demons are now in Heaven fighting along with Engels/Arcangels against Quincy King. No, i think Grimjow (or whatever it be) will be fighting on Seritei grounds, thats a Place that can be seen as Neutral

  6. Wow, I’m quite awed by this chapter to be honest. In the past, we had shikai and bankai and they were cool then. Now, the powers have evolved to sewing a robe on the enemy! How cool is this manns!

    1. Do not forget, the Bankais of the Zero Captains must be above the Level as the Captain Commander, to enter this Special Squad. And these Quincys can still steal their Bankais, not for use them. Just to steal these Captain their best Weapon

      No it is a fresh Kaze, when the Captains use their brain for a while, instate only relying on their Bankai force

  7. If Ganju still fights with sand and bombs then there is no hope for him. I hope no harm goes to Senjumaru, and don’t underestimate her just cuz she’s a lady (I doubt she’s the weakest of the Royal Guards).

    random viewer
  8. You guys all realize that if this guy is dead that means they can harm JuaJubeans. Judging by the last 100 chapters or so, there’s 50% chance Wind Fodder is not dead. If he is in fact dead then the demise of these 2 royal guard is eminent.

  9. I hope this clown of a sternritter stays dead. These guys are basically canon fodder at this point, especially since the supposedly strongest Sternritter has already been defeated by Kenpachi, I doubt any Sternritter is a match for Zero squad members at this point, except for Ywach and his right hand man.


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