Episode 12

「新入りを斬る」 (Shiniri wo Kiru)
“Kill the Newcomers”

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Episode 13

「邪魔者を斬る」 (Jamamono wo Kiru)
“Kill the Nuisances”

In an effort to save myself time, I’m going to sum up my impressions for these past two weeks into one post rather than separate ones. I feel like it’s a good time to do so anyway since both episodes had good continuity in terms of plot and new advancements in this arc. Thank you for being patient with me while I had my week off. It was a struggle to keep up with anime, but I’m back!

The past two weeks have given plenty of time for our new Night Raid members to get acquainted with the old ones. Susanoo is not really a person per say, but he behaves enough like one that I would fall for his charms too. Definitely a keeper in my books – not only for his strength, but all the quirks about him that make him hilarious. Chelsea is one that I’m not completely on board with yet. She has a fun and mischievous side (that pokes fun at Mine often), but she also seems to have this past with her previous team that didn’t turn out well. I’d have to hear about it more before I sympathize with her situation and this concept of being “too naïve” for battle. Also, her Imperial Arms doesn’t appear all that powerful and besides using it to escape and fool others, I don’t see how it’d save her in battle. Perhaps she packs a great punch as well.

Meanwhile, the Jaegers have their hands full with the disappearance (or death) of Dr. Stylish and the emergence of these new beasts. It’s pretty much stated that they were an experiment by Dr. Stylish but how they managed to escape is still a mystery. They also eat people… which is horrific and cannibalism never settled well with me. I don’t think the man in the shadows is necessarily controlling them, but more like lurking to see what happens. He would have to have a powerful Imperial Arms in order to control beasts like that but I don’t doubt that we’ll see more of him later on. The Jaegers don’t have issues killing the Danger Beasts, but there’s only so many of them that can defend the citizens from being eaten by nonstop monsters. A common enemy is a good way to unite the Jaegers and Night Raid though so I like how the story keeps reflecting both their stories and similarities. When they finally meet on the same battlefield, that’s when things get interesting and who knows who will live or die.

Two great background stories this week were Bols and Lubbock – finally, after 12 weeks! It wasn’t an overly complicated or dark history, but it seems like there’s someone that catches Lubbock’s eye even more so than all the other girls. I found it amusing because in episode 12, you hear that Susanoo thinks Najenda looks like a man, and in episode 13, you learn that Lubbock seems to fancy that type. Well good on him and I hope he gets some acknowledgement from Najenda that his efforts were appreciated before he leaves us… but hopefully not! Bols is also a fascinating character on his own. His appearance truly doesn’t match his personality; it’s likely that there’s more than meets the eye with him. He roasted people alive under commands and while I don’t exactly blame him for following orders, there must be another story behind his family and his job. For now, I will take it as – a cute loving family that wants to see their papa do well.

I was surprised by the amount of comedy that was placed in the past two episodes. The episodes themselves have been relatively tame on the action side and there’s been more focus on the Night Raid and rebuilding their new base. I don’t mind, but Akame ga Kill seems to lose my attention as it derives away from the bloodshed and more towards leveling up (who wants to spend their time grinding all day and night right?). It’s not boring and I’m not trying to sound impatient, but the events in between the epic fights are becoming more dragged out as there’s less character confrontations. The humor is still the same as earlier episodes though so if you found them offbeat then, they’re still offbeat now. It’s definitely not the highlight of the series, but seeing the different expressions of characters make me feel less anxious about the impending doom that comes. I’d like to see Akame ga Kill break out of this mold if it can of introductions, deaths and cool-down episodes. The anime feels like a roller coaster of ups and downs and while it’s high, it’s terrific, fun and scary, but when it’s down, I’m just waiting for the next high because nothing else is happening. It sounds like the lifecycle of taking drugs – lots of highs and lots of lows and with each high, you need more of the good stuff to keep you at that high peak. Not that I’ve taken drugs before! =X

Bottom Line – @RCCherrie: The best part of the ep. was hearing about Lubbock’s history. That and seeing Bol’s family – so cute! #akame_anime

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  1. Wave is definitely going to join Night Raid the more he learns about the empire. Bors and Kurome are my favorite Jaegers behind Exdeath. Susanoo will definitely be a throwaway character since he isn’t human. Chelsea is hard to read at this point. Her ability to disguise herself may be pretty brutal if played the right way. The main point of all this though is sexy time with Exdeath and Tatsumi. I would gladly spend some alone time with the most powerful woman in all the lands if she was madly in love with me.

    1. One of the only moments when you forget just how hateable Seryu is. (sigh) Unlike the people she looks up to, who are aware that they are evil and are proud of it, Seryu fully believes she is absolutely good (an extreme version of Suzaku (code geass); she probably would kill poor innocent woman and children without question, don’t know if she did yet, so I wouldn’t be shocked if she, when ordered to, kills Bors’ wife and daughter in a brutal manner as she does her serial killer laugh while still ranting about “justice always prevails.”

      Her actions really make her almost impossible to be on one’s “like list,” and more to the top of everyone’s “I want dead list.” (sigh) And she has the same voice actor as my favorite Rana Linchen (freezing) T_T the horror.

      1. The villains in this show, like I posted below, really have so much depth to them! I really appreciate how the show introduced us to the Jaegars in great detail. At first I was extremely annoyed that Tatsumi got himself caught by Esdeath a few eps ago. But now I am realizing that is how I was introduced to the Jaegars in greater detail.

        Really enjoying this show 😀

        Rick Anime
      2. Vader? You mean Bols. Well, unlike Seryu or Orge, Bols is completly aware that the actions he is doing thus far is considered evil, and he is neither likes it or is proud of his actions. However, I can’t blame him for sticking with his job, he has to find some way to feed his wife and child. He may be more suitable for serving the revolutionarys but he obviously can’t put his family at risk. We have seen just how cruely people were executed, so working in this kind of job is the best method to avoid getting his family entagled in such a cruel predicament.

  2. Meh, it’s times like this when I wish I wasn’t spoiled so I could take an active part in guessing what might happen, etc. Oh well. So not a whole lot to say at this point besides a couple of comments.

    “The humor is still the same as earlier episodes though so if you found them offbeat then, they’re still offbeat now.”

    Yeah, don’t know what to say other than IMO something is still lost in “translation” when it comes to the comedy routines. The jokes in Akame manga are hit & miss IMO, but even the ones I thought were funny (there are some) don’t come across as well in the anime. Timing, presentation – something is off. :/

    “The anime feels like a roller coaster of ups and downs and while it’s high, it’s terrific, fun and scary, but when it’s down, I’m just waiting for the next high because nothing else is happening.”

    That’s an interesting observation – something I didn’t consider reading the manga since I picked it up right before the anime started (i.e. there was already a good amount of material to read). But, yeah, I can see that. Things can move pretty fast, then you get a slow down/rebuild until the next action part. Key for the anime (and manga for that matter) is to make the “slow” times entertaining and interesting so they don’t become overshadowed by the intermittent action parts. IMO the anime is doing a decent job of that, but there is still a noticeable lull before the next storm. Have to admit, I’m looking forward to the next battle in the anime more so than the in between “SOL” parts.

    Lastly, glad to see that the anime skipped the “special chapter”. Good move there IMO.

    1. No idea what this “special chapter” is about… tempted to go read up on it now =X

      I think the anime is not doing a bad job by any means, don’t get me wrong. I’m enjoying AgK every week and I still think there’s something exciting about each episode and it doesn’t leave me bored or anything. However, with all the spoilers and talk out there, the story is really hyped up to be all about the killing and the action and that seems to be the heart of this series. What makes it interesting is that nothing is predictable and there’s a lot of shock and awe. So… when there’s not a lot of that going on, I’m like “oh ok.” o_o and I sit and patiently wait for the next episode.
      Reading a manga is very different… I feel like even when it’s “down”, I can read it fairly quickly (especially when I don’t have to wait every month for a new chapter) and it doesn’t break the flow of enjoyment. Maybe I should spoil myself and just read the manga… >_>

  3. Re: Chelsea. I think her Imperial Arms is one of the best for “traditional” assassination. As in, the get close to your enemy, kill them silently and get the hell out kind.

    I actually found myself agreeing with Chelsea when Night Raid were talking about killing the danger beasts. Sure, it’s cold-hearted, but why not take advantage of the military being busy to knock off a few more people?

    1. Chelsea’s power do seem to be good for one off assassinations rather than those 1 on 1 fights as long as she does not get a head of herself. To paraphrase Koro-sensei the job of an assassination is to eliminate the target and avoid as much as possible in a drawn out fight. Akame and Chelsea are probably the only TRUE ASSASSINS of Night Raid.

      1. Show Spoiler ▼

    1. cruiser2710
  4. I’m surprised you didn’t mention Esdeath at all in your post. The way she just dropped from the sky was LOL and surprised me.

    Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?

    I’d say that’s an easy way to

    ( •_•)>⌐■-■

    break the ice.


  5. I’ve actually enjoyed the past 2 episodes a whole lot. The humor in this show has been nice and very good relief from the bloodiness I saw at the beginning of episode 13 (Danger Beasts eating people).

    I wish the story was a little less predictable. For instance, as soon as Tatsumi went to the top of that mountain I knew Esdeath was gonna swoop down. That is so funny he was sitting them trying to plot out his escape. I liked how he noticed she kept torturing the Danger Beast under her foot.

    Anime viewers, like myself, still havent really gotten to see much of Esdeath’s evil side. So to us, Esdeath looks cute. I wish they’d show just a tad bit of the torture and stuff she does. They hinted at it a bit in the flower scene. She’s totally evil.

    Sigh, I am dreading next episode. Because I know Tatsumi is going to just try to run away from her full speed. Any normal man would probably consider hanging around Esdeath for a bit (or at least get tempted). But knowing how immensely evil she is hes probably better off getting away.

    Show has been entertaining. Not quite Epic but still a nice consistent show to watch

    Rick Anime
    1. I always get so nervous when I see her. She’s the most sadistic character that think she is “doing the right thing” I have ever seen. This is what I like about this show. Our villains have a lot of depth.

      I am not going to say names, but just recently finished a different anime where all the villains were bland and had no depth (Okay it was Aldonah Zero). Not going to knock that show because I did think it was fun to watch to an extent. But really appreciating the in-depth Villains we have here. The series length (24 episodes) is no doubt a big factor why we are having nice character development along with villains that have real motivations for doing what they do.

      Rick Anime
  6. Welcome back Cherrie!

    Episodes like these are necessary to make you bond and like the characters more before someone meets their inevitable demise, I think that was the intent of the author. Curse that saddistic writer messing with my feels :<

    In other note, Esdeath x Tatsumi moments next episode~!

  7. Well i caught up with the show and……….can I just say Akame ga Kill just LOVES shooting itself in the foot?

    It’s rather troubling how they try to make their villains compelling or sympathetic but ruin any chance of redemption by making their actions so unjustly evil. Seeing this side of Esdeath in my eyes is almost pointless. She and her comrades don’t just get off on war they participate in raping/murdering innocent villages after they’ve won against. That’s one sick and disgusting act. So seeing her suddenly fall in love and care so much for her comrades doesn’t make her more appealing. It makes an even worse example of a human being. She not only knows about the corruption of the capital but takes part in FURTHER ENHANCING IT’S CORRUPTION! Quite frankly I’ve stopped giving any shits about her and would prefer if she was offed in the next few episodes even though I know for sure they will continue to try to make her more compelling next time. This is just bad writing in my opinion.

    In Tokyo Ghoul you had despicable pieces of shit but there was still a reason for them some of them being messed up and it wasn’t a problem. To bring up an example Mado was one sadistic freak who took great pleasure in his work. But he was VERY good at his job. Nobody really liked or respected him as they thought he was freaky too. However his job was very necessary since ghouls are a constant threat to most of society. He still deserved to die but I didn’t totally think he was unworthy of redemption either.

    Which is where Akame ga Kill is off. Even with Justice Girl we are supposed to feel pity for her even though she loved a mentor who was a complete asshole or the crazy doctor who experimented on humans for fun. Telling me that she was just completely oblivious to how these people TRULY act is stretching things.

    It’s like this. Let’s say you meet a cute girl. You see her laugh have fun and show you extreme kindness. Then you find out she’s murdered 200 children in her basement. Can you possibly just look the other way and say “Well……I like your personality!”? Because that’s what Akame ga Kill seems to be banking on. Trying to make the villains so cute and vulnerable even though they are vile filth that are unworthy of sympathy.

    Bols at least breaks that trend for now but I’m getting the sneaking suspicion that he’s going to turn into a typical Akame ga kill villain soon………just a gut feeling.

    1. tbh isnt that kinda the theme of the story? theyve been introducing antagonists from the very beginning who have a dark side to them kinda. only difference is some of these villains keep going from ‘good’ to ‘bad’ back and forth.

      btw you forgot to mention wave. hes the same way as bols, at least for now like you said.

    2. Actually that is kind of the point. She is blinded by her own naivety and doesn’t realize that the people she has looked up to were evil. her parents were murdered, the captain of the police force who she never saw the brutal side of was also murdered. And now the guy who picked up up after that is dead too. She spared with the captain, she was never privy to his corruption. And even Esdeath just admited that “the doctor was more gone than we thought” even she didn’t realize just how corrupt he was.

      I don’t like her, I want her dead. But it is super easy to realize how she has come to be what she is. The corruption going on right under your nose is often the hardest to see.

      Esdeath also isn’t “super evil rape and pillage huzzah!” kind of villain. She believes that strength is important. However she almost considers her army separate from the corruption of the capital. Her soldiers aren’t loyal to the capital, they are loyal to her. It was the same thing with the corruption of ancient rome. The soldiers loyalty was almost never to rome itself. Your loyalty was with the general who has been with you over the last few years. he has been the one keeping you alive and fighting with you. The paper pushers back in the capital don’t matter at all.

      Esdeath keeps her men happy, fed, rewarded, and most importantly, Alive. I definitely feel like she has the potential to Olivier Armstrong the capital at some point when she deems it too weak. Would she join the rebels? ehh doubtful, there will likely be too much bad blood between them in the next bit. But she might unintentionally give them the opportunity they need.

  8. Well, the whole idea of pacing is to introduce highs and lows to balance things out .. you can’t have “highs/peaks” all the time (action packed fights, shocking moments and revelations, .. etc) or lows all the time (new character introductions, characters training or doing mundane things, .. etc etc) .. good pacing is made of both beats .. high and low .. high and low .. that’s basic writing knowledge XD

    Either way those were fantastic episodes that really allowed us to get to know the characters on both sides much better before the next “big fight” or event .. without such episodes that give us an insight into the characters life and background stories a character dying or getting injured and/or suffering won’t feel as dramatic.

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