Well, here you have it. Things all come full circle as Naruto and Sasuke return to the Valley of the End—fittingly in time for the series’ end—and generally it’s a straight forward affair as the battle starts off with a bit of a warm-up discussion. It’s all fine and dandy from a normal perspective, until you realize that Sasuke’s whole reasoning rings quite hollow, and I honestly can’t find much sympathy for his point of view at all. That’s not to say I don’t get how he arrived at the explanation and goal that he did, but more so the question of why he needs to do it given the situation.

The way things stand, all the ninja villages are pretty much allies as is, and relationships between the nations have never been better. The fact is that the Kages at the head now are required to ensure that those relationships stay the way they are, and it’s a concept that boils down to them having survived the war and knowing what it felt like to fight in it. I get “becoming the darkness” being a viable method for unification and what not in a normal scenario, but it hardly feels like there’s much of a point for it here—it might actually make things worse—and the sad part is that Sasuke’s just continuing to sit there misinterpreting what Itachi tried to do for him and the village. Itachi wanted to preserve the village for what it was, and he’s probably rolling in his grave as we speak, but I guess he can live with the fact that he was called the “True Hokage”—a phrase that I wouldn’t mind giving to him considering his contributions.

That said, I did find the whole bit where Sasuke claims Naruto was his closest friend actually quite nice to read—despite my disbelief at actually seeing it said. It was quite a surprise, but a pleasant one. It doesn’t necessarily jibe with the events that led up to this point per se as one could argue they weren’t exactly on the friendliest terms, but I could see where the relationship between them could be the closest thing to a good friend Sasuke really ever had (their relationship has mellowed out quite a bit recently too), though his Taka/Hebi groupie might’ve fit that fill to a degree as well.

Looking forward, well… let the final fight begin, and let’s start taking bets on how many chapters Naruto has left.


  1. Honestly, I’m glad the Kaguya fight is over, although it was finished in the most cursory manner possible. Though I’m sure there will be plenty of talk no jutsu, my inner twelve-year-old is really, REALLY excited to see this rematch.

  2. I can approve Sasuke’s Hokage path or way of thinking. Its like the path Lelouch (Code Geass) or Batman (Dark Knight) have chosen. To makes everyone hates focus on him so he can end the cycle of hates and everyone can be united to fight common enemy.

    But, I doubt he is capable to shoulder all the hates and his action is also twisted (why have to kill Naruto to achieve that?). Hence, Naruto path of maintaining current status quo while slowly improve from old Shinobi way is the only viable option here.

    1. Pretty much agreed; Sasuke makes a good point that whereas people like Itachi have acted to protect the leaf village and displayed attributes of Hokage without most of the populace ever knowing what did. But then even then, there’s only so much a person can do and Sasuke can’t unite/take all the problems of the world alone.

      (Though when Sasuke said Naruto was his closest friend, I actually felt glad Sasuke said that since he never admitted it to anyone and we now learned that despite Sasuke’s cold demeanor, he considered Naruto as a friend, making the rivalry genuine)

    2. Perhaps he is testing himself, if he is capable to really kill Naruto. On their first battle in this Valley, Sasuke won, and was not capable of finishing off Naruto in that time. Perhaps as i wrote, this is now a proof of himself, if he is really “Darth Vader” no more the “Imperator”. If he is capable of killing his only Friend. He took of Sakura with a Illusion Attack, because she is a Friend, too. If he would kill her, he had it done in real. But, Sakura got mindfucked. it is up to her, to heal from this mental wound

      Sakura is the Love pole
      Naruto is the Buddy/Friend pole

      Let’s see. If Sasuke really will be alone

    3. when you tell me that sasuke path is lelouch path. It isn’t true ,but also true , remember ? lelouch start the Black knight in order to step up from a villain terrorist and become the savoir of the people and help the weak, all the event prior the death of euphiemia is just an unfortunate outcome, he is force to become the emperor to habor all the hate since he was betrayed by the dark knight , and suzaku is retard. Anyway Sazuke path is more like Suzaku path , it’s still retard but he did try , like suzaku to get to the power, with violent and any mean necessary.( remember suzaku draging ellouch to the emperor in order to join the knight?) still Code geass is a really fun anime and hearth breaking one too, at least we have naruto , who is as bright as the sun. Q_Q Sazuke is stupid tbh , by saving world , all the kage have no choice but to acknowledge Hokage(naruto and sazuke) talking about hatred , judgement and execution are bullshit. The renningen is by far the best allegory about the more advance it is , you are likely to be blind and remain to yourself

  3. Sasuke is trying to pull the Lelouch-style “Jesus” move now.

    The problem is that such things won’t bring about a (lasting) “true peace” because humanity will simply, eventually, end up back to that point again in the future, and perhaps even worse off because of someone like Sasuke and his actions. Sasuke is just trying to run away from the past and even if he did kill Naruto, it won’t relieve him of it. If he wants to destroy the past and change everything, he’ll have to kill everyone except for maybe babies because otherwise people will remember things. Not to mention that destroying the past only dooms people into inevitably making the same mistakes.

    There’s a reason we don’t erase monsters like Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, etc. nor black marks on a nation’s history from our history books and just forget about them. Sasuke may harp noble intentions, but it sounds more like just another dictator trying to justify why he should be in charge and anyone who gets in his way needs to be eliminated. What Sasuke fails to notice is that his talk of “becoming the darkness” is more or less what Danzo did. He was the “darkness” to Hiruzen’s “light”, the one who stained his hands with blood and such “for the good of Konoha” while Hiruzen was the kind, grandfatherly figure.

    Then again, Naruto’s side isn’t better and is something that people can corrupt and take advantage of pretty easily. As I keep saying, he and Sasuke are opposite extremes who both lack balance. Whereas Sasuke wants to destroy and forget about the past entirely, Naruto, like Hiruzen, Jiraiya, and some others, seem to hold onto it like a security blanket.

    The problem with that point of view is that clinging to the past so heavily is exactly what caused ones like Hiruzen and Jiraiya to not apprehend/kill Orochimaru when they had the chance and allowed him to do all the evil things he was able to do since. It’s also what caused Tsunade to become a wandering, gambling drunkard, Kakashi to become so tardy to everything (with standing at the Memorial Stone), Obito and Nagato to do the things they did after they started down their paths of darkness, and so on. Heck, it’s also what drove Sasuke to where he is now; being unable to let go of what Itachi did to him and the Clan which drove him to Orochimaru and whatnot.

    Again, there is no balance in either of them individually.

    1. “Without light there is no darkness, without darkness there is no need for the light, without either there is only emptiness”

      They need to (and I sincerely hope they realize it before it’s too late) repeat the past in the form of the 1st’s and Madara’s jointly run village while looking towards the future and doing what they’re predecessors couldn’t and make it work.

    2. Lelouch “jesus” move………. I sure hope Sasuke, or Naruto, doesn’t die; techincally it may be very coincidental if Sasuke will kill Naruto since both him and Suzaku did share the same english voice actor, even the code geass wiki pointed that out in its trivia.

      I recently finished the K Project anime, and I may have found a certain twist of fate. Mikoto Suoh is Leo, while Munakata Reisi is Libra; where Sasuke is also Leo and Naruto is Libra. To those, who saw how K ended, you may understand what am I implying that may occur to Sasuke and Naruto.

  4. Sasuke really isn’t the smartest person in the world. Considering he’s the only survivor of the Uchiha clan, it isn’t wise to reject the only woman who was interested in him (aka Sakura). Moreover, the fact he’s only fighting Naruto for the lulz, takes away much of the drama, unlike their previous match. But well, let’s see what Kishi has in store for us, hope it lives up to the expectations.

  5. Talk no jutsu lunch detected, I really hope it wont be “and then they talked it over and lived happy till end of time” and i really hope Sasuke will got his ass kicked, lets be honest he was and is epic jackass

    Sad ending
  6. You know, Sasuke just picked up Lelouch’s Zero Requiem concept, and is trying to apply it to the ninja world without preparing the conditions necessary to ensure its success (which Lelouch did – although this point is certainly up for debate).

    The impression I get is that Kishi NEEDED to fulfill his earlier promise of Naruto and Sasuke having one last fight, despite them apparently becoming the best of buds again after Obito/Madara/Kaguya. There were plenty of scenarios he could have used to explain Sasuke’s actions (e.g. Sasuke just wants to see the world burn, but on his watch and not anyone else’s), but I think in choosing the one he has, Kishi has at least attempted to add some modicum of depth to the plot.

    Anyway, not sure what new techniques we’ll see with this fight. Hope it’s just a good ol’ physical smack down. Oh, in b4 statues at Valley of the End being trashed.

    1. And that’s the thing really. The scenarios between the two are completely different.

      The Geass universe was in an upheaval prior to the implementation of the Zero Requiem. Lelouch’s plan thus worked to both achieve an actual non-military enforced peace (how long it lasted is debatable) and remove tyrannical leaders like Charles and Schneizel from the overall picture.

      The Naruto universe on the other hand, is in a situation where there is no significant upheaval left following the defeat of Kaguya. A proper period of peace awaits everyone once the genjitsu is dispelled, and the current line of Kages are people that understand the significance of the peace they’ve managed to achieve. What Sasuke’s essentially doing is giving up on the possibility that this peace will last right off the bat, and causing upheaval in a situation that was just about to resolve itself of one. It makes no sense for him to implement it now given the scenario at hand, not to mention it probably won’t work out well at all.

    1. Funny thing is Code Geass started out real good and when the “kill all japanese” subplot came it started getting worse and WORSE (R2). That said, Sasuke makes no sense as usual. Time for rematch padding.

      Corey Lucas
  7. Sasuke is just butt hurt the Uchiha Clan will go down in history as a generation of douche bags. They had what like 3 decent members out of their entire existence. The Sage of Six Path’s reasoning for wanting a different outcome makes no sense to me just like Sasuke’s I wanna erase the past. The Sage most likely knew Sasuke intended to kill his precious tailed beast and gave him the same power as Naruto any way. If he wanted a different out come it should have been let Sasuke die and give Naruto both seals. Kakashi with Obito powerup along with Sakura would have had the same result. Hell during most the fight with Kaguya Sasuke was in another dimension while Naruto did most the fighting anyway. This truly was done just for the final fight between Naruto and Sasugay. (then I will wait for Madara to open his eyes and be like now while Naruto is exhausted…mwhahaha. I mean they keep showing his body like he is still alive.)

    1. It’s ironic because you’d think Kishi would’ve eventually made the Uchiha Clan look better than they were by showing more members who were actually good people (we only got Itachi, Shisui, and Sasuke and Itachi’s misc. aunt and uncle really. Mikoto is debatable as while she may not have been a b**** personality-wise, she certainly didn’t seem to make any attempt at stopping or even merely objecting to Fugaku’s plan to attempt a coup, and Obito doesn’t count anymore to me) and prove that Tobirama wasn’t entirely correct on his thinking of the Uchiha.

      Instead, up to this point, all Kishi did was prove more and more that Tobirama was 99.9% justified in his total distrust of the Uchiha Clan and correct in keeping them isolated in the village and out of any forms of real power in Konoha.

      In terms of the battle itself, I don’t see Sasuke dying but, as I keep speculating/hoping, that he’ll live, but Naruto will have permanently blinded him somehow. For people like Sasuke (and Madara and many other Uchiha, I’m sure), losing their precious eyes would be worse than death and death would simply be too merciful for Sasuke by this point. He needs to live to truly atone for what he has done and being blind would be a permanent reminder.

      1. You will most likely get your wish since the Sage of Six Path hinted/foreshadowed believing Naruto’s love could overcome Sasuke’s hate (I swear Kishimoto is catering to fangirls at this point). Plus it isn’t too late for redemption with captain emo. I mean he hasn’t really killed anyone of major importance just a bunch of no name ninjas and samurai. The main act that branded him a criminal was attacking Killer-B. I still believe Sasuke’s death is the only way to end this. Naruto needs this to get beyond the I always keep my promise (which should have wavered after Neji’s death). Plus He’s a Uchiha and its obvious fate wants this clan extinct now that Sasuke is the only one left. Its not like he likes girls anyway so just let the bloodline end here.

  8. I could actually be contented with Sasuke saying, “Hey Naruto, let’s have a final battle for the fans.” But no, Kishi made it more complicated. Sasuke’s so afraid of the Five Kages that he’ll kill them without a fight. Common, hero, become a Dark Hokage by fighting everyone fair and square. 😛

  9. Sasuke is the worst douchebag in the history of manga, ever. Just when we thought he’s becoming good again, look what happen. He surprised us all as the final dickhead boss.

  10. Sasuke will lose because he’s a dickhead crying asshole and his name isn’t on the show,So Naruto please kick his ass for once and for all i am so tired of him……………..

  11. maaaaaaan I waited patiently one week hiatus, then I understood that there was some need for talking BUT COME OOOOOOOOOOOOON another talking chapter? fuck you Kishimoto you are going to milk this fight this 2016.

  12. Your reasoning is pretty simplistic, Zephyr. This “peace” is not going to last on it’s own, and in fact, was only formed for the exact reason Sasuke stated, to fight a common enemy who would’ve wiped them all out. It’s the most hollow kind of treaty there is, and Sasuke is right to understand that it won’t last as it is. Humans will always find something to fight about.

    And all Sasuke said was that Naruto was the closest thing he’s ever had to a best friend. Which, I mean, look at his life and relationships. That is pretty much completely true. It just speaks more to how messed up his whole life has been, though. Taka.Hebi were subordinates, not friends.

    1. I get that notion that humans will always find something to fight about. I never said they wouldn’t. But the point is that they’re not fighting right now, and the current group of Kages/Shinobi likely won’t be doing any fighting in the near future either. Will it last? Probably not. But at least there’s a chance of it happening. It’s pre-mature to immediately assume this won’t last for any significant period, which is what Sasuke is thinking. It’s an understandable line of thought (you’ll note I said this in my post), but it’s something I can’t subscribe to because he’s essentially giving up without giving it a chance, and going straight into a plan that will be guaranteed to cause more upheaval and leave things possibly a lot worse than they otherwise would be.

      There’s a time and place to attempt the “becoming the darkness” strategy, and this is far from the right time to do it. Do it later if this post-war peace doesn’t last, but don’t do it without even giving this peace a chance. Not to mention he’s stepping all over Itachi’s wishes while he’s at it.

      As for the latter… you’ll note I said exactly that.

      They weren’t exactly on the friendliest terms, but I could see where the relationship between them could be the closest thing to a good friend Sasuke really ever had.

      As for Hebi/Taka, I mentioned that they “might” have been considered friends depending on how you look at it. He could’ve considered them friends at some point (they did act pretty chummy at times), who knows? It’s just to put the thought out there.

    2. “This “peace” is not going to last on it’s own, and in fact, was only formed for the exact reason Sasuke stated, to fight a common enemy who would’ve wiped them all out. It’s the most hollow kind of treaty there is, and Sasuke is right to understand that it won’t last as it is.”

      That may have been the case initially, but if you look at how things go on throughout the war since it truly got underway, you’ll see that more and more, through action and dialogue, they’re understanding each other.

      “Humans will always find something to fight about.”

      And that’s exactly why neither Sasuke nor Naruto’s methods will really work, at least in terms of any sort of permanent peace. But then again, no method would really work permanently given humans are just naturally greedy and/or competitive creatures like many animals.

      Sasuke’s methods will result in people resisting and revolting quite quickly and result in (civil) war, especially considering all they had just been through and having to fight other wannabe god rulers.

      Naruto’s methods, while noble, can easily end up corrupted (which is what we saw with the countless Naruto foils as opponents) and taken advantage of by others, relying heavily on people just “being good” which is foolishly naive. Yes, there are many good people, but there also many bad people and not all of them can be/wants to be saved by Talk no Jutsu.

  13. All I could think was “Come on…Really, Sasuke?” The moment he dies or no longer considered a threat, there could be peace but it will swirl back to the chaos he wants to rid. Not Smart dude.

  14. this chapter actually reminded me a bit more of the Kingdom Hearts franchise. I just hope there is some sense knocked into Sasuke but when exactly… I’m not sure but I agree the end is near. Also regarding the LAST NARUTO film, is it suppose to take place after the manga or is it from another dimension/timeline?

  15. “hokage” can be roughly translated as firey shadow, which would make sense when applied to Itachi; although I’m not sure if the same can be said of Sasuke. Perhaps his goal is to lurk in the shadows and smirk at people beneath him. And carry out his self-defined duties (assassinations) covertly, thus becoming what he calls the true hokage, while Naruto becomes more of a traditional hokage.


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