As it turns out, nothing that happened this week aligned with my predictions. Weizol goes down inside a suit of thorns, but Yhwach has brought plenty of backup from small fry to elite, probably inside the giant cube that travelled to the Palace. The three new Sternritter are “The Miracle”, “X-Axis” and “The Compulsory”. Askin Nakk Le Vaar is also there as “The Death Dealer”, and did not sneak in covertly as I had guessed before. He claims to be of a lower rank than the other three, but I don’t doubt that he’s actually quite powerful. Still, Askin seems to be sort of a wildcard player, and the focus on him seems to imply he may play a bigger role in the battle than just another one of Yhwach’s goons. He doesn’t join the initial attack on Shutara either, and actually isn’t seen at all after the introduction.

The others make quick work of Shutara unfortunately, as it looks like she completely underestimates their power. She can’t even block a basic attack from “The Marvel”, a guy who looks like a 300 Spartan in a Thor/Captain America/Hawkman costume. The Royal Guard grunts form up into a massive armored creature, a la Komamura, and they are promptly defeated by Pernida Parnkajas, a faceless Sternritter whose power is apparently to knock people off their “X-Axis”. To complete the combo, a reincarnated Kaname Tousen with white hair and less pretentiousness produces a massive gun from within his cloak and puts a massive hole in Shutara’s skull. I have to admit, it was disappointing seeing a member of the Zero Squad get trashed like that before even using shikai or bankai. Hell, I was even starting to like her character. These guys are supposed to be the most elite of all the death gods, stronger than the entire Gotei 13 combined, and yet she dies with a single shot to the face from a human, without even a real battle. Unless the Sternritter that Yhwach brought with him are a hundred times more powerful than the ones fighting back in Soul Society (or Weizol), the power levels don’t make sense at all. That said, perhaps I’m getting upset too early; knowing Kubo, she could very well turn out to hiding behind a clone or illusion, and the next chapter she will reveal the trick and proceed to her “true form”. I have my fingers crossed.


    1. Editor: You have too many characters and we need a resolution.
      Kubo: Okay. They’ll all battle to the death for the death god.


      Editor: All you did was introduce more characters!
      Kubo: Deal with it. *sunglasses meme*

    2. I think he’s doing this thinking the manga will be continued in anime form. And I hope it will be. With some of these new characters/battles you could probably devote an episode on them. He’s basically padding out the arc at this point.

  1. This story is confusing the crap out of me now. It makes no sense anymore, and I’m completely lost with the amount of characters popping up every time.

    Like Red Alchemist said – Just looking forward to unseen Bankais now. /end.

  2. Bleach is no stranger to clone effects, illusory or not. Perhaps it’s a doll, perhaps not. Either way, I’m still lost on whether she’s supposed to be considered a strong combatant or a support role.

  3. I’m a little confused now. Isn’t the dark-skinned guy with the white hair X-axis and the mysterious hooded “faceless” Sternlichter the compulsory?

    As for Shutara dying, Kubo has a bad record of killing good guys in such a manner. Remember, her hands are really quick; I can see her weaving a clone or illusion of some sort.

  4. Maybe someone should tell Kubo that he didn’t need to make all the corresponding alphabets for the Sternritter. I sure hope that’s not the end of Shutara, I was ok with some random two tongued freak dying after being introduced but come on! Zero Squad being owned? You made us make all sorts of fantasies about these guys! You can’t kill them off like that!

  5. [quote]knowing Kubo, she could very well turn out to hiding behind a clone or illusion, and the next chapter she will reveal the trick and proceed to her “true form”. I have my fingers crossed.[/quote]

    Yeah, thats the little Hope i have left

    And these Quincys are no normal Humans like Classes Guy. They are enhanced with Seritei Spirit-particles Power-up Insane Levels Monsters. What resembles like Humans is only their Body Shape…

  6. I’m often against death of other races, but in this case, I want Mayuri to go genocide on the Quincy. On a side note, I bet she wasn’t really hit and it was just some cloth in disguise.

  7. I’m not gona lie. When I saw Thor I bursted out laughing. Holy shit Kubo just kidnapped Thor from the Avengers and turned him into a Sternritter HAHAHA!!

    Oh and Nick Fury and Aizen’s Double followed right behind him.

  8. ……..i dont blame you for the delay…….seriously, im still laughing!!!! SOMEONE CALL THE ASPCA!!!! Cuz Kubos beating this poor horse to DEATH!! I cant ……look……away *gasp*
    Any of yall read the comments on mangadoom? Some of them are quite hilarious

    BROOKLYN otaku
  9. So the quincy have a royal guard as well? Okay that would be fine with me if we actually got some good fights between them and the Shinigami royal guard. I would like to hope that Shutara has just as good of tricks up her sleeve than Mayuri but we’ll just have to see.

    I am going to vomit if Kubo has Zero Squad bailed out by Ichigo. I hate Ichigo and his cliched bullshit. Take out Ichigo and just have all the lieutenants, captains, arrancar, espada, and sternritter and you have yourself a much better story.


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