As I saw Shutara’s lifeless body and blood pouring out of her skull, for a moment I actually thought she was done for and the Sternritter would steamroll through the palace, destroying each of the captain’s cities. Shounen tropes prevail once again though as Shutara reveals it all to be an illusion, as we suspected. She uses the same veil technique used against Weizol, and reveals that they are not actually in the Palace, but rather on a platform encased in a massive cage created by Hikifune. Hikifune describes it as a “cage of life” formed with reiatsu-eating tree branches, so strong that not even Lille Barro’s massive sniper rifle can penetrate it. Like the Gotei 13 did with Karakura Town against Aizen, the real Royal Palace has been hidden somewhere else. All of the five members of the Royal Guard are now gathered, and the real party is about to begin. Oetsu is the first to jump in for the attack, after pulling out his zanpakutou from a giant tank of water or some other liquid he was carrying on his back. I have no idea what the significance of that is, but given that he was the creator of the zanpakutou, I can only imagine what he will be able to do with them. Strong as these three Sternritter may be, I don’t think they can stand against the full might of the Zero Squad. Yhwach, Ishida, and Haschwald probably won’t raise a finger against them for now until their minions are defeated, as Kubo always likes having the lower level villains duke it out first. Like in a video game, enemies only get stronger with time, and Yhwach wouldn’t be the final boss if he was fighting actively in every battle. Hopefully though, it’ll be entertaining to see what the five strongest captains can do when everything is on the line.

Congratulations! We have been here for 600 chapters.


  1. I liked this one, actually.
    Better than those last chapters at least, and it was quite… entertaining?
    I don’t know how to say it, it has been quite some time since I actually enjoyed this kind of development on Bleach.

      1. Given that I’m still reading just to see how the damn thing ends, I’m in no position to criticize anybody, but I still can’t help but wonder why you’re commenting on a manga that you’ve already given up on.

        Ryan Ashfyre
  2. Unless you’re fluent in reading Japanese Prooof, I question why you’re reviewing this chapter when the MangaStream translation hasn’t released yet. MangaPanda is notorious for its poor translations.

    Ah who am I kidding, it just goes to show how terrible Bleach is when you don’t even have to wait for a proper translation to review it because its plot is meaningless.

    1. Its meaningless to those who don’t know how to read, that much is certain. I’m also getting a feeling that the same people keep coming back every week to voice their dislike without any substance to their posts. I don’t really understand the purpose of this, are you trying to draw readers away?

      Also, even if MangaPanda’s translations aren’t the best, they are still accurate to a good degree imo.

      1. lol at the Bleach fanboys downvoting me for having an opinion that isn’t to their satisfaction. Heavens forbid someone disagree with you! What a pitiful life you people must live.

  3. I see this playing out like the Captains vs. the top 3 Espada. There will be some hairy moments but the zero squad will beat the sternritter elites. However, they will be severely weakened from the battle and Juha Bach and Hashwalt will clean them up just in time for Ichigo to arrive.

  4. EPIC Weekly Rank! 😀

    1. Bleach
    Go go go! Zero Division is on the way! LOL, el vicio. Uber Quincy will be back, but oh God, Royal Guard FTW! 😀

    2. One Piece
    Rocinante… Oda, U’re the best xD Doflamingo’s past pretty sad, he really missed Mariejois. But… MY GOD, BREAKING NEWS… Trafalgar D. Law!!!!!! 😀 Epic One Piece is always epic.

    3. Naruto
    So great watching them fight again. The same as before the jump, but more powerful. Same as the first time in front of Sakura’s eyes, Chidori vs Rasengan, but maxing the level up, Susanô Chidori vs Kyûbi Bijû Dama! 😀

    Such an epic week, non-stop vicious. Stop.
    I don’t want Naruto to be over. Stop.
    So MUCH viciousssss. Stop.
    Stop. Stop.

    1. Kinda makes me wonder what side Aizen would join actually. He doesn’t like the Soul King, but I can’t see him working with the Quincy either. If he ever gets released from confinement, I could see him killing random Quincy, because he’s Aizen 😉

  5. Part me of knew Shutara couldnt have died this pathetically. But the other part of me realized Kubo is a troll and such event isnt outside the realm of possibility.

    Glad the former wins as this chapter showed. Sigh. You know something is wrong when I have to question something like this.


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