“Demon in the Flesh”

「肉体の悪魔」 (Nikutai no Akuma)

I must say… I’m still confused as to why Kiseijuu never got an anime adaptation before now. Ever since being an anime/manga fan I’ve been aware of the manga as this well-regarded horror of its generation that is only met with praise and positivity. Better late than never, I suppose. It’s hard to complain about what we’ve got here, but I suspect like in anything else there will be some displeased manga fans.

To begin with the episode, we have a women being threatened with sexual assault (which is scarily common in some new anime this season) before being saved by a parasite in the body of a human. I do wonder if there is any motive behind rescuing the women in clear distress, whether it be basic instinct on the alien’s part, or simply to lure her out to kill her later? Either way, she and the thugs die some brutal deaths – something that Kiseijuu is not scared to shy away from. No censors here!

From Mincemeat Murders to high school basketball! It’s amusing how we’re seeing such a varied array of tonal shifts. Flicking from gore, to comedy, to romance in mere minutes isn’t something that is usually done successfully, but I must admit that there is something charming about everything we’re seeing here. I say this as someone who has not read the entire manga, mind you. So far though the anime is doing a very nice job balancing all that the series has to offer. As for the comedy highlight of the episode, I think it has to go to Migi trying to give Izumi an erection in the public bathroom. I suppose a little bit of pleasure isn’t out of the question, even if you’re right hand is possessed by an alien parasite!

Let’s talk about Migi as well; now that we have a name. I really like him. It. Her. Whatever Migi is; it’s working for me – from the strong voice acting of Hirano Aya, to the interactions between Migi and Izumi, to his plain lack of caring for anyone else. I must admit that I was worried heading into this, knowing that our main character’s hand was going to be a main character in itself. Thankfully, all is working wonderfully.

And I think Izumi realises this as well. He’s starting to use Migi to his advantage now that he knows that Migi requires him to stay alive. Sure, the threat to Izumi’s eyes and ears was a serious one, but I think there can be a balance reached here – a balance that is reached in this episode when our alien friend choses to stick with Izumi’s hand instead of changing bodies. The sight of ribbons of gore as Migi slices up the opposing parasite was certainly an entertaining and satisfying one as well. I look forward to see more of that.

Also, who throws stones as kittens? What the hell. At least it allowed Izumi to take centre stage and stand up to those asshats, trusting the instincts of his right hand to catch the stones and give a chilling threat to eat them up. Please don’t, Izumi. But despite everything that’s going on, we’ve still got a relationship blooming between Izumi and Murano. Silly teenagers, don’t you realise this is a horror series you’re in! I’ll be very surprised if something doesn’t interfere with this lovey-dovey nonsense… even if they do make a nice couple.

Overall, another great episode this week. But what we have here is a loose adaptation of sorts. That’s fine by me as I’m not attached to the source material, but I do wonder who others think of the series from that perspective. From skimming through the adapted chapters so far, some scenes have been re-ordered, altered, or just plain omitted. Nothing major as of yet, but Madhouse are certainly not doing a cookie-cutter adaptation here; they’ve got their own style and approach, from the character designs to the sequence of events. But I think no matter what, we’ll get the same result in the end, even if we take a slightly different route getting there.

Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu is officially picked up for weekly coverage! I guess I’m blogging the anime about aliens this season. Beep boop. Take me to your leader.



Information Digest:


  • Parasitic aliens have descended on Earth with a hunger for human flesh. They are everywhere – taking hold in the bodies of those unlucky enough to encounter them.
  • Once fused with a host body they can mutate in whatever way they please – except for the case of Izumi Shinichi, whose alien parasite, Migi, is trapped in his right hand.


  • After managing to defend his brain from the alien parasite, Izumi Shinichi tries his best to understand and conceal his now possessed right hand.
  • But his alien acquaintance has a mind of its own, much like those within the other host bodies, initiating a string of bloody murders.


Details Digest:

Chapters Covered:

  • Chapters 2 – 4

Loose Adaptation:

  • Speaking of it being a loose adaptation – I thought we had missed out on the penis arm scene. Guess not!

Murano’s Questions:

  • Murano seems highly suspicious of Izumi, questioning him multiple times this episode about whether he really is the real Izumi Shinichi. Does she know something we don’t?

Too Much Happiness:

  • The only solution to all this love and joy is devastation and disaster.



    1. I had to go back about six times before I got a good screenshot of it. That dick was too fast, but I think it was worth it… And you’re welcome, I’m glad to be covering this as well!

  1. Thanks for picking it up, Samu. 🙂
    About the censoring, are we sure that nothing was censored? Unless the cut away from the gore in the first scene was intended to look like it did here.
    And then there was the famous scene where Migi turned into a you know what (a penis). We could only catch a glimpse, but it was still fairly obvious. 😀

      1. As per usual, one episode covers two chapters, 2*24=48, there are 64 chapters in total for this. I don’t know how you could but 24 will not normally cover them all, they will have to alter and/or rush several points to fit it in.

  2. One of the things i dig most about this series is how it is really one giant metaphor for adolescence and how going through puberty changes you. Keep in mind that Murano has known shinichi for a long time (since childhood i believe), which is why she keeps asking him if he is truly shinichi. SOmetimes when you grow up, you start becoming a different person on the inside; shinichi’s co-existence with Migi and the effects it is having on him all go back to this metaphor. Plus i gotta say i appreciate how this anime is treating the romance between these two kids who clearly have an attraction for each other in a well-presented manner. An anime that doesnt pussyfoot around intimacy is a breath of fresh air.

    1. Metaphor for adolescence? I think you’re reading too much into it. In fact, this is a metaphor for communism, you see. Because it’s Obama and the communists are parasites who are trying to take over the people with their atheists alien gods from space, because science is wrong.

    2. Yes, it really has that Spiderman vibe. It is a popular interpretation of the manga too, and by making Izumi more reversed and wimpy, I think the studio want to highlight his changes later.

  3. I really hope the mix of horror-comedy-romance continues like this for the most part. I don’t mind the mild horror, I just don’t want to see the romance getting eaten up by the horror…literally or figuratively. I watched School Days not knowing what I was getting into and that was simply…traumatizing. I really, really don’t want this to end the same way.

    1. All I can say is that I like Parasyte’s dubstep to say the least. Can’t really relate dubstep and Japan let alone dubstep and anime but in this case, I think it was done well.

      I love the melody they use for the dubstep and when it gets to the *wob*wob part, it’s okay. Not too hardcore and I’m fine as long as it isn’t absolute gargle.

      Goodwill Wright
  4. Hooray for no censors!! Question: How come this series is allowed to have no / few censors, but something that isn’t as graphic as this (tokyo ghoul) is heavily censored? Is it a TV station thing? Time slot?

    1. Probably, similar situation over here where specific shows are restricted to certain channels or time slots due to subject matter. Guessing Parasyte’s Wednesday night showtime has something to do with it.

      Funnily enough too Parasyte does have censoring, it’s just done in a more tasteful manner with no fuzzy black borders and boxes covering everything. Take the penis hand here for example, it wasn’t “censored” per say, but you sure as hell had to look to find it.

    2. Popularity, expectations, different review board. Adaptation is like a person on a job interview, totally depends on the interviewee, if interviewee is an asshole who hates your tie, he won’t tell you that directly, but he will fuck you over or even deny your application.

      1. It was censored compared to the manga by having most of the actual chopping-to-bits happen off screen. For example, in the manga there was one shot of her screaming Show Spoiler ▼

        The anime is toning down the gore a bit, but not enough detract from the action or make it unclear what is going on.

  5. The moment when Migi offered to give shinichi a handjob and then transformed into penis got me cracked up. Whilst not terribly funny, at least it manages to hint that the series won’t be all grimdark and depressing.

    1. In my mind, Migi transformed into you-know-what in the toilet.

      Come on, in the previous episode we saw Migi doing his/her own research. What makes you think Migi did not do further research into human anatomy???

  6. This isn’t really important, but I think the guy who saved the woman was planning on eating her afterwards – when the three thugs arrived on scene, he said “I don’t think my stomach can hold four at once.”

  7. Nice to see you pick this up! Honestly, I’m not too thrilled about World Trigger although I loved the manga so it’s good to see that this was picked up for weekly review. So far, it’s a bit different of a feel but I think it’s mostly to bring it in line with a new audience. I was pleased to see erectohand make its appearance. It’s interesting to see Hirano Aya in such a unique role. There’s going to be enough episodes to cover the series pretty cleanly and, if nothing else, I’d say it’s one of the more unique series of the season for sure.

  8. Having read the manga, I do think they’re giving the anime a fair adaptation. Yes, there are some differences, nothing TOO serious tho (yet). I do find it interesting that in a way, they skim over scenes in a subtle way, while showing off other things that hadn’t happened in the manga that way. The beginning scenes and ending scenes do seem to show off stuff that’s happening in the background to let you know what else is happening. Mincemeat murders are abundant because of the parasytes and you get a glimpse of things to come. Cat scene still makes my blood boil, wish I could punch those dudes. Show Spoiler ▼

    Like everyone keeps mentioning, this is a horror series, but less emphasis on the horror, more on the subtle. On the right hand of things tho, boy am I laughing that they actually included the penis hand scene. XD

  9. I just want to say I want to send a thousand kisses for you, whoever you are, for blogging this series =)) I began to think it’s a damn shame if nobody in randomc covered it. And it’s a crazily good manga to begin with, and if they keep it up, the adaption would be excellent as well.

    For your question, as a fan of the manga, at the beginning I have some doubt over their character design (main char in particular, he’s not a wimp like that in the manga), but after watching the anime, I think I got where they want to go with it, all changes seem to have a purpose, and if they could finally delivered all the dramatic twists and turns, all the character development, moral ambiguity, gruelsome horror, then I’m in.

      1. If you’re taking cue from the animal kingdom, that’s one of the things that body snatching parasites do.

        Just like HIV, it’ll enter your cell, hijacks it and uses it to replicate itself.

        From the way I see it and what the last scene implies, this is Migi’s species might work –

        1. The parasite by itself seeks out a host. Once found, it enters the body and heads to the brain.

        2. Once at the brain, it hijacks it and takes over. (There’s plenty of other parasites that have body snatching effect. Virus and flukes being some of them).

        3. Once the brain is controlled, it takes over the whole host and the various systems in their body. Inclusive of reproductive system.

        4. The parasite (an organism) does what every other organism does…. Air, food, water, respond to stimuli, move by themselves… Well you get the picture.

        5. Given enough time, the parasite’ll reach its reproductive phase and seeks out a partner. Might be one that is a host. Since it already hijacks the whole entire system, it is possible that the parasite would be able to produce its own gametes in the host’s reproductive system,

  10. 2nd episode was great! I’m loving Migi even more, now that I know his/her/its name. Migi’s humor one moment and complete empathy the next, as you mentioned, is really interesting.
    Seriously though I wanted Migi to eat those 3 teens. Now those are some demons.
    A bit confused at the ending though, maybe its implying something that happens later on in the manga, but why does Murano switch hands with Shinichi? And why does she keep asking if he’s Shinichi or not?


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