Finally, it is the Zero Squad’s turn to crush a couple Sternritter and prove that they are indeed the strongest Shinigami around. Nimaiya Oetsu, the creator of the Zanpakutou, is a crazy strong (as he should be), and his secret weapon is a sword of his own creation. It’s a short, wobbly blade, yet so sharp that it basically slices through anything it touches. He claims that his sword “Sayabuse” is one swing, one kill, and he is right – four swings, and four Sternritter are down. Its cutting power is so great that the bullets from Lille’s rifle split in two on impact. Oetsu is like a very flamboyant gangster rapper, spouting off some pretty funny lines at the quincies. In ten pages, he confidently takes out all of Yhwach’s “elite force” in a very bloody fashion, with the exception of Askin.

As with the others, Oetsu cuts down Askin without much of a problem, but the reason behind his presence in the palace is soon revealed: Askin’s title, “Death Dealing”, refers to his ability not to die. I’m not surprised that he’s the only useful Sternritter out of the several that Yhwach brought with him; he’s clearly a lot stronger than his “rank” may imply. These laid-back characters often seem to be hiding a lot more hidden power, and his attitude could be partly due to the fact that no matter how badly he’s injured, he can’t die. While Oetsu is very strong, there is no doubt that the villains have plenty of power-ups to turn the tables back on him. I can see Askinn’s immortality and whatever other abilities he has giving the Zero Squad some trouble in the next few chapters (and perhaps even defeating Oetsu), but I suspect this problem could be resolved in a manner that super high-speed health regeneration is often dealt with – by destroying his body faster than he can heal it. The Bleach formula is always the same, and overpowered abilities will be followed by even more overpowered abilities.


  1. Mayuri’s poison would have definitely been useful against Askin. He probably wouldn’t die, but he would at least be out of the way. Not to mention, an immortal test subject is probably Mayuri’s favorite.

  2. Well…we’ve got a woman who can spin needle faster than a black widow, a skinny gal hiding behind a mountain of fat, and we’ve got le leader….
    If this one “can’t die” guy can keep all of the zero squad distracted I might just slam my head into cinderblock until I die..
    Nonetheless, I actually liked this chapter. Except for that end

  3. That stupid OP sword…I don’t get the reasoning. It’s too powerful to give to the Shinigami? They have a giant halberd that turns into a phoenix just for executing people, but they won’t give them a 1HKO weapon for especially dangerous enemies (like say Aizen or Arrancar or Quincies…). Just seal it up for special use like the Hyougoku or the Sokyoku. Also, what the Kubo logic makes a sword flawed if it can slice/kill everything? Isn’t that what all those late night infomercials are advertising? The weakness for the sword is obvious too. If the scabbard is a tank of water, then a water-type Zanpakuto would counter it.

    1. Unfortunately on page 8 it confirmed that it was not a tank of water but a tank of a special gel-like substance used to suspend it, so I won’t see a water Zanpakuto doing much to it. Inb4 Gel Zanpakuto!

    2. I guess the reason Oetsu disregards the Sayabuse as a sword is because, among other things, he probably thinks “a sword must be able to be sheathed”.

      As for the reason he doesn’t just give everyone one of these is because of its ability to slice so well.

      Everyone has to carry around a tank of gel to store this sword (since it can’t be sheathed).

      Also, it only takes a few bumbling idiots to cause accidents (since it cuts through anything). Reason why guns have safety catches, right? And even then, problems can still happen…

    3. It is basically the story of the perfect spear and the perfect shield…
      Sayabusa apparently is so sharp that it could be called the perfect spear (zanpakutoh in this case) in that story, but to make a sheath that can withstand the sharpness of the blade would probably require something like the perfect shield (sheath) which might be beyond his abilities.

      Still makes me wonder which one would win though, the perfect shield (sheath) or the perfect spear (zanpakutoh) when used against eachother…

  4. I loved Askin’s expressions when all the other sternritters were getting owned. I seriously doubt any of the sternritters are actually down for good though. The rest of the royal guard need someone to fight after all.

    This Guy
  5. Sorry if this was asked before but why do RandomC not have a review of One Piece chapters anymore? I remember them in this site a while back but now they’re gone. Since you are reviewing Bleach and Naruto might as well do OP as well? (Being the clear winner of the Big Three). Cheers

    1. Since you are reviewing Bleach and Naruto might as well do OP as well?

      This isn’t one blogger doing all the various shows and manga. Seishun (who used to cover Fairy Tail and One Piece for a while) had to drop it because of real life circumstances.

  6. Yeah, as a few others have stated, I don’t think any of those Sternritters are dead despite what Oetsu said. After all, Yhwach has utmost confidence in those four; they should give the RG a good fight.

    I expect Pernida to take off the hood and reveal that Oetsu had missed his/her head, and the X-Axis guy to reveal his letter ability. He lost his sniper and his arm but I doubt he’ll go down yet.

    1. I Remenber Cang du and the robot quincy reviving themselves using vollstandig.But I think ywach isn’t confidant, he doesn’t cares at all. You know if they die, he gets their powers

  7. Well so much for Thor over there. Whenever I see Askin I can only think of one thing: Jojo! I mean look at that face! I wish for once we could also see all out war in Bleach instead of people taking turns to fight.

  8. Whatever happens from here on out, it’s nice to once again see one of the “good guys” who’s more about slashing the bad guys to death rather than talking them to death. Ever since Kenpachi got all moody and emo from being Worfed at every chance and from killing Unohana (and wasn’t that just the best idea ever, in retrospect?), I’ve missed that…

  9. As of right now, Naruto is more compelling than this. Kubo made a great cast of characters with the Hueco Mundo arc, so why is he cranking out chapter after chapter of these nonsense characters no one gives a damn about?

    1. Eh, that was too harsh. Naruto has the advantage of being near its end and I’m sure there are people who care about… the good guy who is currently fighting. Also, someone mentioned we won’t be seeing any Arrancars in the Spirit Realm. It’s just seems like every character who’s shown up recently to be fought and summarily defeated has either been uninteresting or downright insulting. And then the Vizord were turned into zombies and Hitsugaya only got to be badass for the end of one chapter before he was owned by Mayuri. The MC’s are somewhere doing something… Maybe they’re having a tea break? And all this is going on because Bad Guy # 1023 wants to kill a Spirit King we’ve never met before? Look, I know it doesn’t make sense for Hollow Ichigo to show up anymore, I know Gin and Ulquiorra are dead, and i know the Vizord storyline has ended… *cries*

  10. With each chapter I continue to ask myself why I still bother to read this. It’s become so repetitive it’s just painful to watch. Then again, that may be just why. People like watching a train wreck.

    1. I am happy that after countless posts of “I don’t know why I’m even reading this”, one person, ONE, has finally fount out why they’re doing it. You are free now. You don’t have to make concerning or hateful posts no more. You have been released.

      I think this is such a great moment that it should be framed in the history of Bleach, and why not even the history of Random Curiosity.

  11. This was probably the best Bleach chapter in a long time, I actually found it enjoyable.

    It’s clear that Zero Squad memebrs are OP as hell, but it was still hilarious watching these “Elite” Sternritters go down one shot at a time so pathetically.

    And of course we’re gona have an immortal type. Those types will always get the worst kind of defeat.


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