「テコ入れが効かない!」 (Tekoire ga Kikanai!)
“Reinforcement Is Ineffective!”

True to his word of last episode, Kanie Seiya has completely taken over Amagi Brilliant Park, even sporting the new banana-republic-dictator look we’ve been seeing in the OP. It’s natural that the Maple Landers (Maplenites? Canadians?) are not very enthusiastic about his sweeping reforms, but his main opponent will always be Moffle, Amaburi’s only Arm Slave equipped with a Lambda Driver the head of cast. Much of this week’s episode is dedicated to Moffle’s own little struggles and the uneasy truce that he must forge with Seiya. The rest is a surprising amount of action and cheesecake.

Yes, we have bread! We have circus! Be appeased!

Brawls and bikinis are the kind of stuff that really sell anime, but I’m interested to know: how does blatant fanservice make you feel about the episode? Do you feel that it’s cheap pandering? Or do you enjoy the low hanging fruit and would continue watching for promises of more? I don’t mean to judge you either way; I just want to know how you feel about Seiya’s managerial style.

I may be giving Amaburi too much credit here, but I found this episode incredibly clever, in being able with one stone give audience what they want (that’s why they call it ‘fanservice’) and expose them directly to what Seiya’s ruthless marketing feels like. Seiya has never run a theme park. But he’s been an actor. He knows the power of publicity. But he does not promote the quality of Amaburi’s attractions, or the wholesome family fun, or magical Disney experiences for those young at heart. Instead, a version of ‘fanservice’—his viral videos and slashed prices—is what he’s all about. Seiya cares very little about the park itself; he means to sell the sizzle, not the sausage.

Contrast Seiya with Moffle, who believes fully in the value of his work. Alas, professional pride does not sell tickets, and it only leads him to angry exchanges with unappreciative guests. Having a bit of exposure to the dread hells of customer service myself, I found myself sympathetic with Moffle. Despite what maxims say, I’ve found that the customer is seldom ever right, and are less so the more stubbornly they believe that they are. At least for adults diplomacy sometimes works. But children are malicious little psychopaths who just want to watch the world burn. Self-absorbed little brats, the lot of them.

…Er, what I should say is, I can tell where Moffle’s temper comes from. Ahem.

Oracles of the future

Having seen both Seiya and Moffle do their thing, I think I can take a guess at where Isuzu’s discontent is coming from. Having a cynical young man like Seiya as your boss—someone who has neither pride in nor attachment to your labour of love—must be demoralising. ‘If you want to make people dream, you have to start by believing in that dream yourself,’ was what Seiya said in episode 01, but he shows no sign of living by that precept. Unlike popular mascot Moffle, though, Isuzu does not really have all that much to offer the park. Sure, she’s got her magic bullets, but those are just quick fixes to structural problems. In the end Isuzu is a soldier, not an entertainer; note the little details snuck in to highlight her general awkwardness. I suspect that Isuzu’s unease will be a source of conflict in the future.

The cliffhanger ending we got this episode could well be a fake-out (I’d put equal money on it going either way), but it does remind us that Seiya knows very little about Latifa’s strange magical constitution. His callous ‘use’ of Latifa in his marketing, perhaps resulting in Real Life Consequences, reinforces the detachment he has with the personal circumstances of Maple Land. It’s unlikely that this divide can be bridged without some measure of grief first.


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      1. Guys, guys. Stop.

        Please keep in mind that what constitutes a spoiler is subjective. Any amount of foreknowledge you have changes the way you interpret things. Do not presume that things are as obvious to others as it is for you. Play it safe, and spoiler tag generously.

    1. No offense intended but just in case advance apologies. Now I think what they’re saying is no matter how clear a spoiler of future events is being pointed out in the opening or ending animations, it doesn’t hurt to at least put that revelation in spoiler tags out of consideration. If we do end up clicking on the spoiler tag out of curiosity then yes that would be our fault, but at least there was a warning. It’s very possible KyoAni added that imagery as a way of teasing future events. Some might immediately get it, some might get the imagery but will start to question if that will really be Latifa’s fate, and some might not get it at all and just brush it off. In a way, it may add to that sense of mystery which will get viewers excited to see what’s really going to happen next, and it will be up to the show itself to reveal the truth in the course of its run.

      1. He seems to be the type of user who can’t accept that he might have made a mistake by posting that spoiler. Instead he goes into the offense and blames those who complained about it. Those are the worst kinds of spoiler users.
        Glad that I only showed up when his comment was already downvoted.

      2. Passerby has told you to stop, and put spoiler tags on your last attempt to say this. He even told you WHY saying it was a bad idea, despite the content you keep referencing in the OP. You seem to have ignored that. Except there is one important thing you seem to be ignoring. He is in charge here. You are not. When he tells you to stop, you stop, whether you think you’re right or not. It doesn’t matter who is right at that point. You. Stop.

      3. @dmonhiro
        Please stop letting your misplaced sense of self-righteousness get the better of you. It’s not a good look. If a large section of the community finds fault in your actions then perhaps it is time for some reflection. At the very least, taunting them by repeating the same offending statement accomplishes little. It doesn’t prove your point. It just proves you’re a jerk.

        You keep repeating that your spoiler has already been shown in the OP. This is not true. What is shown in the OP is a piece of imagery that you have interpreted as supportive of your point. Other people may well interpret it in different ways; imagery, by their very nature, mean different things to different people. It is one thing to point to a piece of imagery and say, ‘hey, this is what I think it means’. It is another to say, ‘hey [spoiler]! And you’re not allowed to get mad at me because of [imagery]’. Fun fact: did you know that card 13 of tarot’s major arcana does not necessarily represent the end of life? Despite the card bearing imagery of the skull and the Grim Reaper, it actually represents the end of cycles, great changes, and regeneration.

        Of lesser importance is the fact that OPs are seldom treated as more than store-fronts for the anime. As seen on television, they are meant to be, at most, skimmed, not pondered. Some anime enjoy having Spoiler Openings because of this. Please do not go into the Log Horizon posts and reveal what everything in its OP point to. That encounter will not go well.

      1. Nope, nothing of that was mentioned at all, but

        Show Spoiler ▼

      1. I had to add in those after the fact to shield our poor, innocent eyes.

        Thank you everybody in advance both tagging your spoilers and also making a small note of what’s behind them so people don’t stumble into them by mistake.

    2. Again, if you can’t pay attention at something that has already been shown, it’s your own damn fault. I don’t care that you didn’t notice it, it was IN the OP, so how is it a spoiler?

  1. I am really liking this show so far the comedy is great makes me want to watch fumoffu again. On the fanservice I actually like it admittedly and it’s widely known that sex sells. I wouldn’t mind if their was more as long as it’s not really obnoxious. I also agree with you with the problems Isuzu has with Seiya. Man, this show makes me wish Full Metal Panic came back.

    1. Very nice.

      Isuzu’s “bounciness” contrasts well with Latifah’s “delicious flatness”. <3

      Our only regret is that Passerby did not provide us with more swimsuit screenshots, particularly of the other 4 faeries.

  2. I like the pacing of this Anime so far. I hope this Manager, will somehow begin to see the Park with the Peoples inside, and not just Workers that bring only money

    The Manager is still seeing the Money, well in this case only Customers. But i hope he will begin to see, that there is more that made this Park lovable

    Interesting approaching so far. Not the “White Knight in Shining Armor and all turn to good!” path. But i am repeating myself. But with this difference, this Anime breaks out of the Loop, and get the attention

  3. Pretty ingenious for Seiya to link the vid of Moffle whacking that customer to the swimsuit ad, drawing in viewers that way. Though sooner or later he’ll have to resort to his Geass-like memory-reading ability if he’s to draw more visitors.

    I’ve not laughed this much for a Kyo-Ani show since Nichijou.

    Besides the lovely swimsuits, I liked this shot of Isuzu wondering.

  4. I’m dissapointed with you Seiya. Do you honestly think this cheap stunt is going to work effectively? No, you know it won’t work so why bother with it at all?


    Rather than going with fanservice you should have gone with MOE! Learn from Keima, looked what he did to Tenri!


    Humans are creatures of imagination. Just exposing more of yourself takes no talent. The main point of moe isn’t exposure, it’s dressing up!!

    Seriously, what you did Seiya is lacking in soul!

      1. I think Moffle said something about ‘the Chosen One’ in last episode during the drinks with his mascot friends. Maybe there are some sorts of prophecies about Seiya being the savior (if he’s not being sarcastic about the chosen one).

  5. Thanks to VN Games with H Section, even Fanservice has lost his effects like in the Past. Today what counts is

    “The Way is my target!”
    “Der Weg ist mein Ziel”

    Example: Mostly in every JRPG you have to save the World, Universe or the Damsel in Distress. So Surprise here. But why i still love to play? The way the Games entertain me until i reach this Goal, it what counts.

    So in Anime terms. The End is not that Important, good Entertainment on the Way, its the Fuel today

      1. Except Kyoani doesn’t hold the rights to FMP that would be Kadokawa.

        But unfortunately it is unlikely we will get another FMP anime if only because

        1) Kadokawa probably only stands to make moderate gains, at best, from another FMP anime
        2) Since the light novel series ended an FMP anime wouldn’t generate anymore interest for the light novels (its not uncommon for anime adaptations of light novels to be made for this purpose)

        Honestly, I’d be fine with there never being another FMP anime series if only they’d release all the light novels in the US but that ended at vol. 4 and its unlikely the FMP SIGMA manga will ever come over.

        Man everytime I see this it feels like Kadokawa is taunting me.

    1. You have to understand something, from what we have seen so far it´s pretty safe to say that those fairies are insane as hell, they are the very lat idiots you would want working with other human beings let alone with people on a amusement park. I´m surprised that they have hold on until now, considering how easy it is to set them off and explode.

    2. Moffle is getting a touch obnoxious. I hope he reins it in some. I’m guessing he will, since that should work as his character arc will be to help the park become successful by being less antagonistic.

      Impel Down Hippo
  6. I like that the use of fanservice was justified, because it usually isn’t, but it seems like that’s all there really is to talk about in this episode. There was very little plot movement and character development, and the comedy exchanges between Moffle and Seiya are stale at this point.

    It could definitely be better. I’ll probably hang around a bit longer… Dropping is a possibility now, though, at least until the anime finishes. I prefer substance over ‘service.

  7. I don’t care for fanservice, but damn, that’s beautiful linework KyoAni. Lazy fanservice is shameless and tiring, beautiful artwork (and animated!) is a worth praise. It wasn’t just a bunch of generic sexy bodies, they actually put effort into drawing each character’s individualities.

    That is to say, aside from casual joy I also appreciate the artistic aspect >_> It doesn’t feel like a cheap shot if they put effort into it 😛

  8. Seiya said it best himself. If they don’t make their quota of guests it doesn’t matter how much money they make or how good the experience is for the guests. This is a time for desperate measures. While the fanservice may appear gratuitous to us from a story standpoint it makes sense. As he said, if he’s going to save the park even one more guest helps in that regard. Also, it’s a question of trying everything. Throw it at the wall and see what sticks. Everything pointed to Moffie’s KOing the jerk as being poison for getting more customers but it worked (with judicious editing of course). Seiya’s really got to ramp it up though. he has 80 days left and he’d need over 3100 visitors a day to make the quota. Not even close right now, so he’s got to manage a lot more than that as he ramps up.

    AFA, Isuzu goes I think her feelings are much more conflicted than just outright dislike of her boss. She’s attracted to him, appalled at his narcissism, disliking how he’s treating her friends, but knowing that he’s their only hope of saving the park and her home. Part tsundere, part kuudere. Socially awkward and doesn’t even understand what she’s feeling. It will be interesting to see if they provide a background for her that explains how she wound up in her job.

    1. The thing is, Seiya’s strategy so far has been based entirely on cynicism, which is antithesis to the whole ‘magic! hopes! dreams!’ thing. Sure, anything goes at this point, which is why nobody can really say anything against him, but I doubt anyone can feel too good about ‘selling out’. I don’t think that Isuzu’s conflict is only romantic tension. It could be that Seiya’s marketing doesn’t feel right to her, but it’s not like she’s got any better ideas.

    1. I cracked up seeing those “Nichijou eyes” of that mom and kid in your second pic, the “Nichijou eyes” also briefly appeared in the OP.

      Even though it didn’t do well domestically (in contrast to its popularity overseas), it’s good to know that Nichijou has left at least some sort of legacy in the minds of the Kyo-Ani staff.

  9. As novel adaptations go, I’d say KyoAni is actually doing decently well. Certain key plot points that were supposed to be established at the very start were not, but it looks very much like they are going to insert that into the next episode. (Hint: It has something to do with Latifa, of course).

    The pacing isn’t too bad, and they seem to have highlighted the important parts of the story too. If we’re talking about ‘zero’ plot development then we’re probably watching a different show. This episode highlights bits of the process that Seiya’s putting the park through, and at this point I’d agree that he had shown some naivete as a teenager with that fanservicey ad. On the other hand, he was smart enough to know that wouldn’t be enough and in that way highlighted that he was willing to use any means possible to save the park.

    ‘zero’ character development? Ha. Something was going on with Isuzu there that required some thinking what it actually is. I agree with Passerby that she possibly has some form of dislike towards Seiya for not living out his words thus far, and concur with Bear on those opinions.

    I’d also say Isuzu feels somewhat useless too. “Those magic bullets are useful” isn’t really saying much of her ability, coupled with the fact that the only supposed contribution she made was to star in an embarrassing advertisement…yet seeing the conviction in Seiya’s eyes who went by ‘1 more is better than none’, there’s a lot of conflicted feelings here. (I find her awkwardness cute though, and she does look great in a swimsuit. :p)

    The next episode should be interesting, now that something has happened to Latifa. It is indeed something that is very likely affected by her going out of the magical field, and perhaps we can see a more human, weaker side to Seiya this time.

    Episode verdict? Not the best I think KyoAni can do, but still good and entertaining nonetheless. I keep in mind some shows need time to build up, and the important thing is the series is enjoyable so far.

      1. Not all of them yet. I’m still 3/4 through the 1st volume, and I’m rather satisfied with the pacing for the anime so far. The other adaptation I really looked forward to (Madan no Ou) is pretty good too, so its a shame no one picked it up.

        Back on topic, I’d say KyoAni was somewhay liberal with the sequence of events and characters appearing, but they seem to work fine so I don’t have any major complaints.

        I’m not too certain about this, but there should be great potential for drama judging from what little I’ve read on the last quarter of the book. Hope they pull it off in the animation. 🙂

      1. I’d admit I was half referencing it. :p For most part I referred to negative comments I’ve seen all over, and I get a little liberal with word choice. Not directed at you in particular though, but I do think KyoAni, or at the very least, this show deserves credit where its due thus far.

  10. I thought that Isuzu’s conflict stemmed from, what was partially mentioned, the friction between her boss/Seiya’s personality with the others and his beliefs and how effective his ideas are while she can only stand back and support him. Isuzu while stoic strikes me as someone out of her depth, perhaps not to the same degree as Latifa, but while she’s been doing the job before Seiya came along, nothing she’s done seems to have been effective, whereas Seiya is beginning to show results, minuscule that they are.

  11. The fairy’s wings pop off? Lies! My dreams are ruined!

    And Indiana Jones is part of the staff. That’s just dandy.

    Anyway, I’m with Isuzu in that I’m not a fan of Seiya’s approach. It’s shortsighted (manufactured internet video’s and bikini babes only soil the image of a park in the long run, I’d say), cynical and rather uncomfortable (the fanservice definitely wasn’t with a smile, except for the airhead fairy). I wonder if it directly correlates with Seiya’s own experiences though. He seems to have left the entertainment industry with a pretty big disgust and I wonder if he’s projecting a bit.

    I suppose it’s a matter of refinding his childlike wonder in the future. Or at least taking pride in his work again. It’ll be an interesting journey, in any case.

  12. I like the way Seiya handling the stuation, yes he´s a cynical bastard, but his job right now is not to belive in the dream, it´s to make sure they are ones that make it real, doing all it takes to ensure the park sees a tomorrow because if not then it´s good night to all the Maple Lnaders.

  13. Amagi Brilliant Park kind of reminds me of Spice and Wolf and Maoyu.
    Kind of offers a behind-the-scenes at how stuff works.
    But its less serious than the 2.

    Will Mackey make an appearance in the future?
    Did competitors come to Amaburi in the novel?

    I wonder how did the mascots appear to other people when they use that amulet thing.

    Maybe they can make a Moffle Saber Nendoroid figure 😛

  14. This far so good. Personally I’ve found this one of the better KyoAni shows for some time.
    The mix of light-heartedness and actually serious plot is pretty nice, and I personally find the idea of getting a dying amusement par back to its feet intriguing.

    Seiya’s methods might be effective in short time, but in the long run not so much. Good thing it was made clear he’s only interested in that three month period, otherwise I would complain about that. Now I find it brilliant.

    On the use of fanservice, yes it’s blatant and we probably would have lived through without it. But Seiya’s reasons behind it where pretty nicely thought. Especially the moment when he admits not that many people who saw the video will actually come to Amaburi. If that’s not self-awareness, I don’t know what is.

    By the way, I found the Manager of General Affairs actually being named Manager of General Affairs funnier than I probably should have.

  15. For his first day, I think Seiya did the logical thing to do. Fix the rides and use all he knows about marketing (which wasn’t much) to get more customers. Even his suggestion to open all the rides for free was logical given his primary goal. How outrageous that suggestion is depends on how much debt they’re really in, though admittedly it wouldn’t work because of the nature of their staff. He has, after all, no idea on the theme of his theme park. In his eyes it is where dreams go to die. So trying everything to see what sticks is expected.

    Personally I don’t think the fanservice was worth a comment. But since you asked, I think it goes well with the episode. There was a reason for it, and it seems to have something to do with the plot. Would’ve preferred not to see Latifa there, but she’s the most important one. And hashtag sekuhara was one of the more memorable comments this episode. Wonder what everyone who read it thought. It might bite Seiya back someday. For an artist he really should’ve done something more artistic though. Probably not his field.

    Really not too happy with a talking Bonta-kun. Seeing him get shot was actually the fun part.

  16. Is it weird that I’m rooting for Seiya despite his clear narcissism & ruthless strategies? I mean, the dude has 3 months to correct what, 2 decades of subpar service? Still, I can only see more character development ahead for all our cast which is great; it keeps the show entertaining.

    Moffle needs a lot of work, though. While I do agree that the customer isn’t always right, that’s no excuse to actually hit them– especially as the chief mascot of a theme park.

    I did palm my head hard at the mention of “how dangerous it is for Latifa to leave the park” while everyone else offers no explanation, not even from Isuzu. I mean, she pretty much coerced a total stranger to save the park based on an oracle’s advice and yet she doesn’t offer him any details beyond what their attractions are.

    Regardless, while the show isn’t the WAFF-inducing comedy I thought it would be (to be honest, I was expecting a show similar to Barakamon, go figure), I can gladly say I’m hooked.

  17. I’m not sure that Seiya has much choice but to sell the “sizzle”, because the park currently has very little “sausage” as it currently stands. IIRC, the buildings all look the same, the rollercoaster ride is a joke, etc., etc.

    If anything, I consider it a miracle the Park lasted 29 years if this was their level of service.

    For a kingdom of magical creatures, they’re stuck doing repairs and such the Muggle way, so I would assume it’s going to take some time before the Park has attractions that large numbers of people are willing to shell out money for.


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