「美奈子 -SAILOR V-」 (Minako -SAILOR V-)
“Minako -SAILOR V-“

My favorite character in the original series of Sailor Moon was always Sailor Venus (Itou Shizuka), hands down. She has this gracefulness that is pretty much the exact opposite of Usagi and she has a good head on her shoulders. Minako knows exactly what she wants and she does just that. I admire her for being one of the first Sailor Soldiers to awaken and defend the city on her own. Then when it’s revealed that that she was watching them all this time and talking to them through a computer game, I was thinking whatttt? Really? Does no one else visit that arcade and discover Luna’s lab? Does no one else notice? It’s such a small detail in the show but it’s things like this that remind that I’m watching a young children’s show. Complaints aside, I think it’s pretty obvious that Minako is lying on purpose to divert attention away from the real Princess Serenity. I hope this is not a spoiler but just in case… Show Spoiler ▼

This is all speculation of course, but it’s not like Sailor Moon Crystal is known for major plot twists. I just won’t reveal who is who yet just in case there are readers here who haven’t seen the original.

If there’s anything that did surprise me this was week it was… you guessed it, that kiss. You can imagine the shock on my face when she actually kissed him! None of that “kiss-you-while-you’re-unconscious” stuff that Tuxedo Mask pulled earlier on, Usagi literally just grabbed him and planted one on him. I honestly don’t give Usagi much credit for anything up until this point, but that kiss – girl, you’ve got guts! I could never do that even if I thought I was headed to death. That’s even better than a confession! Anyway, I just needed a moment to fangirl and amidst all the harem and “romance” anime that I’ve been watching lately, it’s refreshing to actually see a couple come together. I take back what I said about the two lacking chemistry because I’m beginning to finally feel the connection between Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon. Sometimes you just need time for couples to grow on you and I think they’ve done just that with the recent 3 episodes.

This leaves us the final showdown between Queen Beryl and Sailor Moon as well as the discovery of the Legendary Silver Crystal. What caught my attention this week was also how Sailor Venus mentioned that Kunzite has a “true form”, which leads me to believe that perhaps he hasn’t always been a servant to the Dark Kingdom. It’s possible that all of Queen Beryl’s Kings were once good and somehow ended up with the wrong party. I won’t get ahead of myself though and we’ll just have to see how that’s revealed later on. The animation has also gotten significantly better; exceeding my expectations every time. Whether it was budget issues before (doubt it) or negligence or lack of quality control, I’m glad that the past few episodes have been consistently better than its earlier ones (especially episode 3). At this rate, I can rest easy and recommend for viewers to continue pushing through with this series because it honestly gets much better later on. I find myself enjoying this series much more than I anticipated to a few months ago.

Bottom Line – @RCCherrie: Each new episode of #SailorMoonCrystal gets better and better. I’m impressed =) And my favorite girl is here so yay!




  1. Your speculation over there really did not need a spoiler tag =_=. For those who haven’t figured anything out by now would be too daft to comprehend your writing anyway.

    I’ve always wondered if any of these girls have studied astronomy, or even basic sciences, at school. For four girls to be named after planets, and for one to be not, you would think they would start to question the reasons behind identities that were placed on them by the cats… And why there’s an anomaly amongst them. To say something like, “it’s my destiny,” without no grounds whatsoever is childishly innocent… and quite ignorant.

    When TuxMask stated something about SM being “multifaceted” in this episode, I’ve realized I’ve always thought the same. This kid is almost schizophrenic at times: she’s a crybaby at the smallest things, becomes friendly and extremely trusting towards strangers without fear for her own safety, loses self-confidence immediately when she fails, becomes overly emotional when others get hurt, and then headstrong and even stoic during battles.

    Petit Orenji
    1. Lol, I put the spoiler tags just to be safe. After blogging the shows that I have, I feel like there are many things that could be considered a “spoiler” for audiences =X

      I did think it was odd that Sailor Moon suddenly became so strong this episode and she nearly sacrifices herself for her friends “just because”. Why would you just jump into the heat of battle without a plan anyway? And you made Tuxedo Mask protect you AGAIN because of your negligence… sigh* Oh wells… I don’t understand her logic sometimes.

      1. Show Spoiler ▼

        And @Petit Orenji

        It was the 90s. That’s all I can say, lol.

      2. Maybe a little odd but wasn’t this kind of refreshing? I don’t remember if this was part of the original manga, too but I would assume yes. What I like about this adaptation is that it can pull all this friends and love crap so well – I get goosebumps instead of having all my grey matter incinerated.

  2. I definitely very much preferred the manga Minako compared to the first anime, who was extremely dumbed down into being just as…well…blonde and boy-crazy as Usagi if not more so.

    1. The nice thing about manga!Minako was she WAS as blond and boy-crazy as Usagi…but she also had the character development from her Sailor V manga, awareness of her responsibilities and the fact there was a tie and a place for certain behaviors. She was still more of her “normal”/”silly” self but it came out where appropriate versus the original anime’s take where she STARTED serious…and then did a prompt landslide into JUST her silly side and the serious side never quite returned the same way.

      Granted, that might have to do with the fact the original series had more filler and played up the scouts more “typical teenage girl” traits and cliches much more but I still love manga!Minako more.

  3. what makes sailor moon and cardcaptor sakura such iconic shows among the magical girl genre is that they did their own thing within their stories and took their audiences seriously; they weren’t trying to be “dark and edgy” or have a convoluted plot in order to get an audience most modern magical girls shows now are trying to copy and paste the nanoha and madoka storyline because that’s “in” now instead of being it’s own thing.

  4. Yes, this is a bit different than I remember and I like it.
    I wish they’d do the entire series.

    That kiss was very magical I would say. Totally unexpected.
    Almost reminds me of Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne ^_~


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