It’s same thing all over again: Askin launches into a lengthy explanation of his ability “Lethal Dose” complete with a definition of LD50 and how he can change the lethality of any substance, or to be precise, modify someone’s tolerance to a particular substance. Askin doesn’t stop talking once for a good ten pages as he tells Nimaiya how he essentially turned his own lifeblood into poison, thus killing him from the inside. I really thought his cool, laidback attitude would mean that he wouldn’t do stupid crap like a lot of other characters do, but his arrogance is his end, as it usually is. He didn’t make the reason for his immortality clear or how his power allows him to overcome severe wounds, but it seems to have something to do with drinking his own blood. While he’s gloating about his abilities and calculating the estimated amount of blood in Nimaiya (who even asks him to repeat the explanation), the Zero Squad set up the perfect counter – whole blood transfusion from Tenjirou’s red hot spring water. Askin admits that he had underestimated his opponent and is quickly cut down. No explanation is given as to why he couldn’t die to the previous attack, yet is easily defeated the second time around. It’s such a waste of his power, as he really could have defeated the entire Gotei 13 and Royal Guard overnight just by poisoning everyone’s blood without telling them, ending the war on the spot and the shinigami wouldn’t even know what hit them. A complete lack of any sort of tactical ability is really the only thing that’s keeping characters like these Sternritter from being incredibly overpowered. That’s seems to be the last of the small fry that came with Yhwach, and Nimaiya’s kill count now sits at four. Strong as he may be though, his time may be coming to an end as I don’t think his upcoming challenge against the Yhwach, Haschwald, or Ishida will end well.


  1. I find it quite fitting that Askin resembles Aizen, right down to their names, hair styles and even their lengthy, oh-my-god-is-this-guy-ever-going-to-shut-up monologues that want to make you bang your head against a table.

    You just can’t let your characters rest in peace, even when they’re dead or sealed away for a relative eternity, can you, Kubo?

    Ryan Ashfyre
    1. If that was true the Bleach anime would be revived by now. They have almost 3 years worth of chapters for it. The series also sells less than Naruto and One Piece. I’m actually genuinely confused why they’ve said nothing about a revival. The author is basically carrying on with chapters like they’re going to become an anime one day.

  2. I honestly felt like and am hoping that Kubo, intentionally let Askin troll us with the usual explanation as seems this one was especially over the top and then to have him promptly killed as a direct result of his explanation maybe it marks the end to stupid explanations in bleach.

  3. To quote another user from MAL: “The lethal dose of Bleach stupidity is one chapter per week.”
    Overall, this chapter just felt pointless – just like most chapters before it. I did hope that Askin would be more interesting than that, but well… it’s Kubo. Why was I getting my hopes up?

  4. back then it was the shinigami captain whose name and face I already forgot who did skill explanation and got offed shortly after, now it’s the quincy’s turn. So both side is equally stupid then?

  5. The same Bleach pattern over and over sigh. Explains their powers, opponent always have a perfect counter.

    Prooof is right on one thing. Half of these Sternritters could’ve easily singlehandedly destroyed the Gotei 13 and everyone else if they’d just use their powers in a tactical way.


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