Well, so much for Askin and the other elite Sternritter being dead. Every time it looks like a fight is ending, someone pulls out another ridiculous power-up cycle. This time, it’s Yhwach displaying his immense spirit manipulation power, the same power he used to heal others by turning them into horxcruxes and in turn extending his own power and lifespan. Essentially, Yhwach was the God who granted the Wandenreich their powers (the letter designations), and when he deems fit, their deaths are used to return their souls to him for other purposes. He summons several massive pillars of light with his Auswahlen to harvest the quincies still in Soul Society, and revive his elite four in their winged Vollstandig form.

Robert Accutrone (“Colonel Sanders”), NaNaNa, Bazz B and possibly the other quicnies are disintegrated from out of nowhere, right in the middle of their fights. Some of them were barely introduced, and now they are essentially out of the picture. Giselle and Liltotto manage to dodge the light beams, but they still lose their abilities and their wings disappear. Ironically, they were actually fighting their own allies not too long ago, with Giselle drinking Bambi’s blood and Liltotto devouring Pepe. To be honest though, most of the Sternritter are just small parts of Yhwach’s power; they are nothing without him. Some of them were stronger than many of the shinigami captains, but ultimately the non-elite are just fodder to distract the Gotei 13 and act as reishi containers. There are too many characters anyway, so hopefully this will focus the story on actually important battles, a.k.a. the ones in the Royal Palace. Nimaiya may have trashed the dumbass “elite” Sternritter like low-level hollows in the first round, but now they are getting back up with their Vollstandig, they will be significantly stronger. Maybe now we’ll also get to see the Royal Guards’ shikai and bankai, so things should get more interesting.


  1. Wanna make a bet that, for those Sternritters that did survived as they avoided the light, they will see Ichigo Kurosaki as their new king.

    Overall, this has been the most attention grabbing part. It is questionable if Uryu can oppose his king but, at the same time, we may imagine that Uryu may be capable of doing the same to the remaining enemy Sternritters, absorbing all them and all, so no one can interupts him as he takes down his mother’s killer.

    Anyway, I am now curious if the reinforcements have any enemies to fight left. The Fullbringers have yet to make their appearance. Then there is Ryuken Ishida, there is no way he’s doesn’t want to kill his wife’s killer. Then there is Grimmejaw, I really would like to see him take some action. Speaking of which, where is Tier? Just what plans does the king have for the 3rd espada? Not to mention who are the remaining “war potentials” aside from Kenpachi and Ichigo? Not to mention how is Aizen doing since, as there was a “land change,” he may have been freed.

  2. Here’s hoping the Soul King is just another of Squad Zero’s illusions, proving Aizen correct from the start.
    I just want to see them put up a decent fight.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  3. I actually really liked this chapter. It brings up some interesting questions for future events. Since Yhwach kill some of the quincies from down below and took their powers, does this mean all of his elite guards now have two letter designations. If so, that’ll make them even more ridiculous. It’ll also make the royal guard actually feel better than normal captains if they can defeat them.

    As for the quincies that survived, I wonder what’ll happen to them if Kubo does indeed keep them alive. Will they integrate into Soul Society? I mean Giselle might be a perfect fit in Squad 12. Or will they look to the next King (Uryu) for guidance after all this is over. Who know maybe Uryu’s wife is among all these weirdos lol…

    This Guy
  4. I can go along with the ‘Oh-how-will-I-clean-up-every-leftover-boyz-i-left-down-there’ method but seriously why did he bring that Lethal-dose guy again?

    His ability is far from the ‘I-can’t-die’ category. He’s not useless but I think his ability will be more useful if he was left down there to fight in place where recovery/healing isn’t easy to be done. He’s now being revived just to get kill again (or wait…maybe because they pulled a Saint Seiya and now that they saw Division 0 method once they won’t die again until Ichibroken strikes).

    I would rather bring the Gremmy(?) imaginary guy or that Fear-control dude ESPECIALLY Gremmy since if used correctly his ability is broken as **** but noooooo….Kubo just need to used him to be Kenpachi almost-fodder. Kubo never mention any limitation so I can just say ‘Division 0 will immediately die if they attack us’ and done.

    1. Gremmy wasn’t really all that strong to be honest. His ability is indeed “the imagination” but there was only a certain extent he could fully handle. If an eye-patched Kenpachi can scare Gremmy to death and tank his attacks, a Royal Guard like Nimaiya would absolutely demolish him.

      Basically what I’m saying is, you need normally need Askin’s level of hax to beat such a strong character, and he would no doubt kill any RG except Kirinji if he didn’t explain his powers. There are exceptions of course, such as characters stronger than the RG.

      1. Gremmy’s power is an extremely broken double-edged-sword. He can imagine his body being stronger than platinum but if Kenpachi happened to strike through platinum just once his subconscious can act up and think ‘this guy MIGHT be stronger than me’ and that will make him weak to the point of useless.

        The key to using imagination to fight is to use any information he had to his advantage and strike first, strike hard and strong enough so whoever is facing him won’t have a chance to counter. He is better off as an informat-fighter type than a cocky-brat-fighter type. If he has the personality of possibly Mayuri or that pink hair arrancar experiment guy it will make fighting him became a true horror.

        The only problem he got with Kenpachi is that he got a disease which cause him to ‘TELL YOUR ENEMY EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR ABILITY’ disease and seriously…he was playing around too much. If he keeps thinking Kenpachi is just like any other low-rank shinigami then the fight is already done by then…oh right….and Kenpachi got thicker plot-armor than him and the skill ‘BECAUSE I’M KENPACHI’

  5. see? no way were the Elite Four going to die without using their Quincy: Vollstandig. And now Zero Squad will reveal their zanpakuto, their shikais, and then their bankais.

  6. Best part of this chapter: Bambi’s spread eagle shot.

    And lol, Ywach sacrificed his lower cronies just to revive his “elite” force that pretty much all got 1 shot in 1 panel each. Just so they can die again in 1 shot.

    There’s still hope for zombie Bambi to join da harem! I shall keep believing!


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