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World Trigger – 08

「ブラックトリガー」 (Burakku Toriga)
“The Black Trigger”

With the official introduction to the series finally coming to a close, we make way for the Black Trigger Retrieval Arc.

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Mushishi Zoku Shou – 17

「水碧む」 (Mizu Aomu)
“Azure Waters”

This episode is one to be saved for a rainy day.

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Sword Art Online II – 21

「剣士の碑」 (Kenshi no Hi)
“Swordsman’s Memorial”

I’m so sorry Klein ):

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Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works – 08

「冬の日、心の所在」 (Fuyu no Hi, Kokoro no Shozai)
“Winter Days, Where the Heart Is”

I lost it when Saber teleported in.

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Log Horizon 2 – 09

「変わりゆく戦場」 (Kawari Yuku Senjou)
“The Changing Battlefield”

An action-packed first half leads into a contemplative second half that delves into what makes Shiroe tick.

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Bleach 607 – The Master

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Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen – 21

「動乱」 (Douran)

Well it looks like the series is finally reaching the point where Samonji clashes with Holmes/Garp and Cayenne with Zarl Lontar, as the stage is set for a finale with an army of new Trail Kriegers on both sides.

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Amagi Brilliant Park – 09

「チームワークが生まれない!」 (Chīmuwāku ga Umarenai!)
“Can’t Foster Teamwork!”

Amagi Brilliant Park: the Craziest Place on Earth.

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「巫女の懐胎」 (Miko no Kaitai )
“Conception of the Oracle

Everything is revealed in this week’s episode of PSYCHO-PASS 2.

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Akatsuki no Yona – 08

「選んだ扉」 (Eranda Tobira)
“The Chosen Door”

This episode is pretty much everything I could ask from a good writer.

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Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle – 08

「闘争の鐘」 (Tousou no Kane)
“The Bells of Contention”

The day will come when the courage of men fails, and when you look behind those men, you will find one thing: Chaikas. Soooo many Chaikas.

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Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu – 08, 09

「氷点」 (Hyouten) &「善悪の彼岸」 (Zen’aku no Higan)
“Freezing Point” & “Beyond Good and Evil”

I don’t think anyone in their right mind would complain about getting two Kiseijuu episodes this week, especially considering how top-notch they both were.

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Trinity Seven – 08

「魔道勉強(スタディ)と安息日(ホリデイ)」 (Madou Benkyou (Sutadi) to Ansokujitsu (Horidei))
“Study and Holiday”

It’s been an uneven path to here, but finally the magic is explained, the plot is progressing, all the characters are introduced, and it can all work side-by-side as they dial the ecchi-funny up to eleven. This is the show I always wanted Trinity Seven to be.

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Grisaia no Kajitsu – 08

「セカイ樹の種I」 (Sekaiju no Tane I)
“The Seed of the World Tree I”

Really, who wouldn’t want a Makina to call their very own?

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Akame ga Kill – 21

「絶望を斬る」 (Zetsubou wo Kiru)
“Kill the Despair”

Just when I thought things couldn’t look any more grim, they do. I don’t normally cry watching anime, but I nearly did this week.
There’s also a special announcement I’d like to make today…

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