Ichibei versus Yhwach is turning out to be long string of one-ups: each of them reveals some new power and his opponent proceeds to counter it with another ability. It’s almost like watching two kids trying to name the biggest number or two guys trying to out-flex each other. Yhwach first restores the power that Ichibei took from him (how is that even possible?) just because “everything in this world exists for his taking”. A very angry Ichibei then blasts him with hundreds of attacks that Yhwach blocks with his Blut armor. Ichibei is only momentarily deterred though as he calls a powerful hadou spell with an extremely long name that summons what looks like a gigantic dragon spirit to destroy his barrier. Yhwach then reveals that his Blut restores itself by consuming everything it touches, which in this case is Ichibei’s own body. Ichibei of course doesn’t care at all as he simply overcomes his predicament with pure force by pulling out his arm, taking some of Yhwach’s flesh along the way. By releasing his shikai Ichimonji, the tip of his brush seems to change into a blade as he prepares to write yet another even more powerful stroke, though no doubt Yhwach will find way to survive it as the plot demands that he stay alive for now. Yhwach hasn’t actually shown all that many offensive abilities, which is usually a sign that he is hiding some truly crazy attacks that will be unleashed once the good guys expend themselves. Ichibei may be an incredibly strong beserker, but he’s played many of his hands already.


  1. Reading Bleach is like watching a game of Yugioh where both sides have infinite trap cards. -Comment from Mangastream.

    Most accurate description I’ve ever seen lol.

    Also, Ichibei’s rape faces.

  2. You know what would be a good plot twist? Ichibei winning! Then looking at the viewers and saying: “What? Were you really expecting some random teenager with a hodgepodge of bloodlines to beat a one thousand year old quincy god?”
    Even if Ichibei doesn’t kill Yhwach it wouldn’t be bad if he manages to force Yhwach to retreat even if it would be by the skin of his teeth.

    1. His imprinting of Uryū will have to become relevant somehow. I don’t think it will be by winning, but no there are no guarantees that this is the fight that Yhwach must lose.

    2. Actually that isnt really far-fetched. Sometimes your worst enemies are your own allies. Since Ichibei sports a monk design, he might have caused some form of lasting destruction of which he is now repenting in his monk garb (SPECULATION!).

      Ichibei might have a berserk personality that manifast itself when he releases his BanKai. If there is one thing that seems trendy in manga is that overly relaxed and joking characters tend to have the most extreme outburst. It would be a cool twist should Ichibei win and becoming the enemy that Ichigo have to face.

  3. >] “Yhwach first restores the power that Ichibei took from him (how is that even possible?) just because “everything in this world exists for his taking.”


    That aside, Ichibei’s original ‘sword,’ which has the form of a brush, goes Shikai and turns into an ordinary sword = KUBO LOGIC

    ALSO, am I the only one who’s still waiting for Yhwach to pull out Yamamoto’s Bankai? Seriously, he’s got the most powerful fire-type sword in all of existence and, for whatever reason, he just leaves it waiting in the wings while he goes off and plays the equivalent of a game of ping-pong with Ichibei.

    For someone who’s been waiting hundreds of years to… do whatever it is he wants to do, you’d think he’d be a little more anxious to get things rolling. :-\

    Ryan Ashfyre
  4. I’m just hoping this forces Ywach to retreat back to the Quincy base, forcing Ichigo to rally whatever remaining forces he could gather from the Vizard, Hollow, Shinigami and Fullbringers.

  5. Looks like we found our bellowed Bleach formula again. But you cannot power up the Powers of these two to infinity. Hope he has a good final of these 2 Fight. Or to stretch the goal, he will bring the Elite Squad Quincys fight against the other Zero Squad Captains. This is also a Bleach formula

  6. Hey I’ve a suggestion. Since there’s only one manga left on RC, have you guys considered covering Boku wa Hero Academia to replace Naruto’s slot? I think it would be cool to cover a manga in its early days too!

  7. Just waiting on the soul king to be the true enemy. I’ll always go back to the strange rant Aizen went on to urahara right before being defeated and Urahara’s reaction as my reference point. I feel like that has been the point of everything since Aizen, Quincy arc just being there to tie together who Ichigo is, Fullbring to bring Ichigo’s power back. Also Urahara has been to the Soul Palace and apparently Aizen has too if he’s seen the Soul King.

  8. I know this is not the actually chapter, but i loved the fight. A really balanced fight. Worthy of their Rank. We knew the outcome, but i loved the ride. in other word. The Way was my Target

    If all know the target, then at last entertain us in the meantime to reach it. That is the location where Manga and Anime can evolve today. Because there is no really surprises at the Finish Line


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