「二人の距離」 (Futari no Kyori)
“The Distance Between Them”

Letting off of the throttle ever so slightly, this week’s episode took some time to remind us that there were characters we probably all forgot about.

Tying Up Loose Ends

After the fiasco that ended up with one servant eliminated and the entire student body unconscious and possibly on the verge of death, it seems that the aftermath of such an event blew over without a hitch. I mean, sure we got to see Archer and Saber duke it out with their egos on the line but I’m not sure that’s exactly what I wanted to see. If anything, I wish we got a better explanation behind Archer’s untimely appearance as well whatever it was that tipped off Rin that he was acting stranger than usual. While I’m sure we’ll find out in due time just what Archer is scheming in that cryptic head of his, I don’t like how it was briefly touched on without some inkling that we’d get some sort of answer.

On the other hand, we also have Shinji and that fantastic breakdown he had in front of Kotomine. His seiyuu does a fantastic job at portraying the character’s nasty attitude but watching him realize just how pathetic he was as a Master and is as a person had me smirking a bit. At the same time, you could feel the immensely evil aura coming off of Kotomine as he let a distraught Shinji play straight into his hand. Using his shattered pride as the catalyst to turn around his attempt to quit, you have to really wonder — could there really be another servant that’s just available? I mean, that would mean a master out there had been defeated without anyone finding out — and that seems super unlikely.

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Comedy in My Fate/stay night?

I couldn’t write a post about this episode without highlighting Shirou’s fantastic acting as he chose one of the most direct methods of trying to figure out whether or not Issei was a master. Asking him to strip with a straight face as he locked the only door in the room, I couldn’t help but break out laughing as Issei quickly realized he wasn’t part of some strange joke. The thing is, and this is the kicker — how did Shirou actually manage to get Issei’s shirt off intact? Especially with the guy struggling with all his might? :3

Rin’s Strange Question

This is a bit spoilerish if you don’t already know the situation but I’ll leave a spoiler tag here for you if you want a tl;dr.

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Heroes of Justice

As I’ve said in countless posts now, this show’s infatuation with breaking down what goes into being a hero and not shying away from all the negatives is definitely one of its biggest selling points. Not afraid to highlight the bad with the good, it raises interesting questions that have us wondering whether or not what we believe in is truly right and just. That said, I love how this week’s episode didn’t stress any of those things and simply gave us the reason Shirou acts the way he does. Because if there’s one thing I’m sure about in this whole ideological debate about what it means to save others, it’s that the truest of heroes have the darnest reasons for doing what they do. In Shirou’s case, who can blame him for wanting to follow in Kiritsugu’s awesome footsteps? Sure, there will always be cynics but if he’s completely invested, more power to him!

Looking Ahead

After a nice refreshing episode to get our minds working, it seems that we have another battle in-store for us next week. Judging from the preview it looks like our “heroes” are bringing the fight to Caster and putting up a good effort. All I know though, and this might be mildly spoilerish, but if Shirou doesn’t manage to do something awesome next week I’ll be super disappointed. See you then!




  1. And it begins

    All dreams shall come to an end, when the dreamer awakes. Draw thy blades and thou shall fall, to provoke thy shall receive death. The balance of the scales, the might of the strong. Let the weak cower from the radiance of mankinds first and truly rightful heir. Offer your life to him and you shall embrace his royal glow, challenge him and thou shall die. All of worth trace to him, to claim otherwise is treason against his royal prerogative. May he seek enjoyment upon his stay so that we may yet appreciate his splendor.

  2. I’ve got to say that the whole situation with Saber’s questioning of why Shirou wants to be a hero was fantastic and also showcases how broken he is. As it shouldn’t be complicated as to why he wants to be one.

    It would only be complicated if he really isn’t becoming a hero of justice for himself. He even stated he’s doing it to follow in his father’s footsteps and for everyone else other than him. He’s not refusing anyone, because it is what a hero of justice would do. He originally tried fighting like Saber before doing Archer’s style, because it is literally the style of a hero of justice.

    He even states in his very last sentence that you won’t know if you don’t try. You do it because you like or really want to. You don’t do it on a try. You only try if you don’t know whether or not you like it. This is something that by now, you should be able to confidently tell someone why you are doing it without walking away.

    Absolutely fantastic to see how broken he is. Makes an even better character.

    1. are we going to get a good explanation of why shirou is so broken inside? (aside from the fire) i ask because this shirou is so different from the 2006 Deen shirou that was my introduction to Fate, I really feel like I’m looking at a brand new character.

      1. Having read the VN, I get the impression Eggplant only got the proper handle of how he wanted to portray Shirou when he wrote UBW. It really shows when compare his portrayal in the Fate Route (Where the DEEN anime is based on) and both the UBW and HF routes. He is much more compelling on the latter two routes.

        And yes, there will be an explanation. One of my favorite scenes from the VN is when Rin confronts Shirou about this and I’m eager to see how UFOTABLE will handle it. Judging from the pacing of the anime, you will get to see it…. next year 2nd quarter. That’s when the 2nd cour of UBW airs. Hope you have the patience to wait that long.

  3. HalfDemonInuyasha
  4. As expected, after the action alst epsiode, its time for our characters to take a breather in engage in some discussion and character development. Now it’s time to build their eventual showdown with Caster.

    And finally GARcher comes back for more screentime . And with it he has brought one of his lesser known powers: Snark. Snark is truly one of the greatest character traits in fiction. Everyone loaths to hang around character with snark, and consequently and makes the audience love him even more. Hooray for Archer snark.

    As always, UFOTABLE will always seek to expand scenes from the epic action to the comedy. In the VN there really wasn’t much to say in this scene other than making Issei strip. But why pass on the chance for manservice? The ladies in the audience deserve that much.

    Scenes like these are why Rin is my favorite. The chemistry and banter she has with Shirou is always great. She gets a lot of it on the other routes too, but its in UBW where we truly get to see them develop as a pairing.

  5. https://randomc.net/image/Fate%20stay%20night/Fate%20stay%20night%20ubw%20-%2009%20-%20Large%2018.jpg
    This picture not complete enough for you guys?
    Here’s a complete one featuring Issei.—-> (http://tinyurl.com/kax6b8f)

    Seems like that scene triggered something as well, worrying Shirou.
    (not sure about the source)

    Also next episode seems like it’ll be an awesome one since it features a scene that was missing from Studio Deen’s movie version..And we have a storyboard preview for it, not the usual chess piece preview Show Spoiler ▼

  6. Another week and IMO another good episode. Perhaps not as visually thrilling given the lack of battles, but I can’t help but be impressed when my primary reaction to watching this episode (like every episode so far I may add) is “it’s over already?” And again, I know how this all plays out. It’s gonna be a little tough waiting until Spring 2015 season for the second cour.

    @Takaii: “I couldn’t write a post about this episode without highlighting Shirou’s fantastic acting as he chose one of the most direct methods of trying to figure out whether or not Issei was a master.”

    Agree. That was really well done in my opinion as well – and very funny. Shirou may have his baka moments, but he does play the straight man perfectly because, well, he’s the ultimate straight man. LOL. Very good job with the presentation for that scene down to the small details. Same goes for Rin’s facial expressions (as usual). Personally, I like the fact that there are comedy moments, character introspection, discussion on what it means to be a hero, etc. along with the action.

    “I mean, sure we got to see Archer and Saber duke it out with their egos on the line but I’m not sure that’s exactly what I wanted to see.”

    I can see your point, but on the other hand, I think little things like that add up. We see a bit more of the characters’ personalities which over time adds depth. Also, given that they are “heroes”, no surprise that they have a lot of pride/ego as well. I could see fights breaking out between servants simply because one of them felt slighted.

    — “I wish we got a better explanation behind Archer’s untimely appearance as well whatever it was that tipped off Rin that he was acting stranger than usual.”

    As for Archer’s reason(s) for not showing up, I’m sure that will surface in due time. As for what tipped off Rin regarding his behavior, I think that was fairly apparent. He’s a hero, and a fast one at that. It shouldn’t take him long at all to reach Rin. Remember how fast me moved during the battle against Berserker. He moved at great speed to reach a sniping point in moments which to me looked miles away. Unlike Saber, Archer has no mana problems limiting his abilities. If I was in Rin’s position, I would think it’s really odd that he “couldn’t make it in time”.

  7. I am really digging the Fate/Zero references / speculation material they are including in UBW. I’m talking about the subtle / ‘in-between-the-lines’ ones.

    Think of the part where Saber asks Shirou why he wants to be an “ally of justice” near the end of the episode. This is brought up after they talk about Kiritsugu. Shiro replies that he looks up to them, and Saber, with a surprised face, then asks him: “You look up to them? To allies of justice? Why?”

    I dunno about you guys but that sure felt like a “You look up to people like Kiritsugu? And the way they do things?” to me, which would provide further evidence that she still has her memories from the 4th Holy Grail War intact.

    Again, just speculation. But the F/Z references and speculation material they are including here really adds something to the series. For me, at least.

    PS. It’s entertaining to hear Kirei as Ruby in Amagi and then as his usual self again in UBW some days later, heh.

    1. Hmm, you have made a mistake in your post. While there are references to Fate/Zero in UBW, this scene – Saber asking about Kiritsugu – is not a direct reference. This existed in the original VN; you are confused because you watched F/Z first and believe that this is making references to it. Fate is created before Fate/Zero, so these are scenes that originally belongs here to add to the exposition of the story. Fate/Zero uses the pre-existing information from Fate/Stay Night for its own narrative use.

      Just hope that you are cleared from your confusion. Since you didn’t read the VN, you won’t be able to tell which are F/Z references and which are originally VN materials. This is fine as long as you can still enjoy UBW~ We each experience it differently after all (just so you know, I watched F/Z first before watching this Anime too).

      Now as for the Saber question, I’m pretty sure you know the answer.

  8. I did not forget about the other unknown Masters until now. It is just some kind of Anger inside me. Because you know something and are not allowed to talk about it. I know it is not the fault of this Anime. But i can not help it.

  9. Hi. I have a question for those that know this stuff more about Archer and who he is. Maybe it I spoiler territory?
    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. @MonkeyBrains:

      Regarding your spoiler question: *WARNING SPOILER*

      Show Spoiler ▼

    2. Show Spoiler ▼

  10. Still finds it a shame that Shinji is kept alive in every damn route…

    While i know that Zero was made after stay night and the other two routes, it is still weird seeing Saber respond so calm and friendly whenever kiritsugu is brought up if one knows what happens in Zero.
    One would think that she would be rather pissed off to say the very least Show Spoiler ▼

    . (Just tagged it for safety since it might be kinda spoilerish for the ones who haven’t watched zero yet. )

  11. I still feel weird every time Kiritsugu’s name is said in a conversation with Saber present and she just doesn’t flinch.

    I know there are “reasons” for that… but still.

  12. Battle Pictures time

    Shinji: “Rin, what is happening? What are you looking for?”
    Rin: “Shinji, i smell some other Perfume on you. Are you cheating me?”
    Shinji: “Uhm…”
    Rin: “Come on, spite it out. Or i will tell all to Saber”
    Shinji: “Listen Rin, it is not that what you are thinking. Let me explain…”
    Shinji: “I was with Issei alone in a room, and wanted to check him out”
    Shinji: “So i approach him and asked. I Love you, please Strip for me to do it!”
    Rin: “What?!”
    Shinji: “Of course, he do not give in without a fight!”
    Shinji: “But then, i got him striping!”
    Saber: “Master, i did not known that you go for Yaoi!”
    Shinji: “Saber, when did you get here?!”
    Archer: “And not only Saber. I am here, too. Ignore me if you want”
    Archer: “You disappoint me, Shinji. A Yaoi loving Master!. Poor Saber”
    Saber: “Do not speak bad of my Master, Archer!”
    Archer: “Oh, you want a Fight. Little Lady?!”
    Rin: “Archer, do not make a move. Shinji is my friend. Even if he is into Yaoi!”
    Rin: “We need him, to defend the other Servants and Masters!”
    Unknown Blond Guy (Spoiler-guard): “Hey you guys, what are you doing there. Holding a Party?”
    Rin: “No, we are about to go home.Shinji, your disapointet me. I was thinking you love me”
    Shinji: “Looks like i overdone it now, Saber!”
    Saber: “Well, you should not say the last word to Rin. It is your own fault if your Shoulder hurts”
    Nee-san: “Oh, you both look like a Love couple in a fight!”

    The End

      1. Well, at last these Yaoi Postings with him Naked, ended somehow. So Mission Complete!!

        But yeah. Shirou just need him to invite to a Bad or something, where they are naked. Less suspicious and no fight at all…

        But hey, at last it made some laughter and Female Fanservice

  13. https://randomc.net/image/Fate%20stay%20night/Fate%20stay%20night%20ubw%20-%2009%20-%20Large%2012.jpg

    Find the Errors in this Picture!!

    Hint!!, look at the Shadows that the Lamp, this Sign at the little Ramp in front and the House corner

    What do you see?

    So, an Example. That you do not really need to draw exactly Shadows. Important is that is not jump right into the Viewers face… i found this little flaw just now, in this Screenshot.. In Motion it not jumped my eye


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