“The Organisation Known as Border”

「ボーダーという組織」 (Bouda Toyuu Soshiki)

Everything is coming together nicely in World Trigger, and even if its production quality is not on the same level as other anime airing right now, it certainly deserves more attention than it’s getting.

The scene with Yuma and Chika at the shrine, as simple as it may be, was probably the moment when my interest in World Trigger first spiked. It was then in the manga that it really showed that there was so much out there left to explore in the Neighbour worlds that are being set up. That excited me then, and it excites me now. In the cute scene between our two shrimps, we learn more about the different countries that would often be lumped together as ‘Neighbours’. As Yuma explains though, none of them are the same – each has different methods, intents, and their own problems to solve. it just so happens that the need for Trion is shared between them, and so it’s easy to think that they’re all the same enemy.

Interestingly enough, there is a parallel between the Neighbours and Border this week, proving that neither is as straightforward as they seem once you take a closer look. But before I delve into that, I just want to say again how sweet Chika and Yuma are with one another. Yuma’s lie-detecting side effect has been used as a threat to everyone else up until now, but here he points out Chika’s lie to her face in a different manner, making her flustered and asking him not to ask Osamu what she is hiding. But as it turns out the truth is just a confirmation of what we already suspected: her brother and her friend where taken by Neighbours because they were around Chika, due to her insane amounts of trion. Yuma does manage to cheer her up though, by pointing out that there is a good chance that they may still be alive.

Back at Border, things are really heating up. Jin blatantly refuses to kill Yuma, and won’t take the order from Commander Kido as Jin is in the Tamakoma Branch. That means that Kido has to ask Rindo (head of the Tamakoma Branch) to give the order to Jin, albeit a filtered one that alters the request to better suit both of their opinions on the matter. It’s a smart move, using the superiority of the Border Branches to change the order like that. But if Rindo can do it, then so can Kido and Shinoda, as we learn that they are the heads of the three Branches that make up Border, each with differing perspectives of Neighbours and how to deal with the threat of their attacks.

Things start to link together as Yuma’s father is brought up, after he was talked about in the very first episode. As it turns out, the mention of his name is enough to confirm that the three heads of the Border Branches are more than familiar with Kuga Yugo – a man who was none other than one of the founding members of Border.

Yuma goes on to tell Chika about his dad, about how they travelled together across the various Neighbour countries until he died four years ago, before telling him to come to Japan – more specifically, Border. Given how Yugo seems to have thought that Border served as a safe link between the two worlds, it suggests that if he was part of any of the three factions, it would be the Tamakoma Branch, which begs the question: just who is the Border agent that was friends with Yugo?

Was it the three leaders of the factions, as we saw this episode, or is there more to it than that? The mystery is lingering over everything right now, and I’m liking that a lot, but it does make you wonder whether Yuma knows who his father really was. He thought he was just aquatinted with Border, but it obviously wasn’t as simple as that.

As Karasawa presents an unbiased opinion – presumably not belonging to any of the Branches – he is asked by Kido to give his take on the matter. In doing so, Kido is convinced to hold back despite his earlier declaration to kill Yuma, and instead wait until the top three Border units return from their missions (presumably in the Neighbour world?) to deal with Yuma personally. Doesn’t sound like much a compromise though, does it?

Thankfully, Jin has a very simple plan to prevent any of this from happening: have Yuma join Border! A Neighbour becoming a Border agent… who would have thought it? Either way, thanks to Jin’s idea, we’ll be taking a closer look into the Tamakoma Branch next episode, and I can’t wait. Expect some interesting characters ahead as we take a dive into the Neighbour-friendly faction!

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Information Digest:


  • Four and a half years ago, a gate to another world appeared in Mikado City. From the gate the Neighbours appeared to wreck havoc.
  • But the mysterious Border defence agency arrived to fight back against the alien invaders, allowing the city’s residents to live their lives normally again.


  • The conflict between Yuma and the Miwa Squad comes to an end, as Yuma manages to turn their powers against them, rendering them immobile.
  • Later on at Border HQ, however, Commander Kido orders that Jin is to kill Yuma and capture his Black Trigger.


Details Digest:

Chapters Covered:

  • Chapters 17 – 18

Chain of Command:

  • As it turns out, even if Kido is the Commander of the Border HQ, he can’t give direct orders to those outside his faction.

Three Border Factions:

  • Kido Faction – For those who seek vengeance and lack empathy for Neighbours, seeing them a threat to be wiped out.
  • Shinoda Faction – Aspires for peace, taking a neutral stance on the Neighbours and instead more focused on protecting the city.
  • Tamakoma Branch – Believes that there are good Neighbours as well as bad, and they can potentially be friends and allies.

Could Jin take down Yuma?:

  • Yuma believes so. It would be an interesting battle, but thankfully not one we’ll have to see anytime soon, if ever!



  1. It’s moving at a slow pace but the world and character building seems to be worth it. I’m looking forward to learning more of the differing factions, but I hope Kido’s faction is more than just “hate neighbors” archetype. And of course see more Chika and Yuma.

    1. Without giving anything away I think it’s at least fair to say that each branch will get equal representation of their side and the characters within them. Even if our main characters are more likely to align with Tamakoma Branch, both the Kido and Shinoda factions have lots of characters that we’ve seen already and will see more of in future weeks!

  2. what’s the resemblance between kiseijuu and world trigger ?
    both gets better by the day.
    production quality aside, the story is getting more and more interesting. world trigger deserves more attention

      1. don’t you understand what i’m saying ? i’m saying both anime gets better by the day, but that doesn’t mean this can compare to kiseijuu. please,don’t misinterpret what i’m saying

      1. A slideshow? 🙂 Well I read lots of manga so a slideshow w/audio is an improvement over black & white pages. I’ll still stick with it as long as the story’s interesting. The plot’s been developing well so far.

  3. Even started reading manga for more Karasawa and Shinoda. This is not a spoiler, but I really like Karasawa’s character. I wonder how much they’re going to animate.
    I also don’t understand why these two need to have old man wrinkles drawn on their faces when they’re only 33 years old D:


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