「来訪者は軽やかに」 (Raihousha wa Karoyaka Ni)
“A Visitor Approaches Lightly”

After watching Shirou unleash the latent power hiding within inside of him, this week’s episode took a step back and gave some well-needed attention to everyone’s favorite male and female tsundere.

Unlocking Your Potential

Even though this episode spent most of its time building the relationship between Shirou and Rin, I loved how ufotable decided to tack on some really interesting plot points toward the end of the episode. But before we dive into that intimate scene between our two male leads, wasn’t it nice to see Rin (for the most part) outside of her typical element for an entire episode? Working her magic on Shirou and getting past the infamous Taiga-sensei, it finally felt like the two were pushing their relationship forward. While it remains to be seen whether or not their ideals and beliefs will clash, I think the two would make a cute pairing.

Now, I don’t know if it’s just me but something seems awfully fishy about Archer. He’s been acting funny for the past few weeks but he seemed totally out of character in this week’s. Suddenly showing up just in time to address Shirou’s numbness and sloppy left arm, isn’t it odd how specific he was as he described Shirou’s condition? Going as far as specifying how far his center of gravity was off down to centimeters, it really feels like Archer knows something we don’t. Maybe it’s something that projection magic users share?

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The Battle Ahead and Looking Forward

Giving us time to mentally prepare for the amazing battle that’s about to go down, it finally looks like Rin and Shirou are ready to to bring the battle to Caster. While it remains to be seen whether or not they’ll be able to get past whatever defenses Caster has setup (and let’s not forget that Assassin is still waiting at the gate), I’m sure it’ll be fun to watch.

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    1. Certainly another great entry on the Rin face archive.

      The best part is you get that if you observe, you can see Rin’s face goes from casual face to “WTF-face” from behind the screen door. UFOTABLE certainly isn’t sparing any expense.

      1. @Arcad: “…if their going to build towards the good or true ending or make up their own ending.”

        I’d be really surprised if they went with “option C” – original anime ending. Personally, I have no need or interest for that. Either one of the VN’s endings are perfectly fine. As for the “good” or “true” ending, either one works for me though if I’m forced to pick one Show Spoiler ▼

  1. This Shirou and other Shirou routes cant be the Shirou that becomes Archer cuz if they copied Archer skills and weapons that means they didnt create so hes not the Shirou version that becomes archer. Its probably a different alternative universe Shirou who wasnt presented to us, him would have to create the techniques and weapons so other universe Shirou’s could copy otherwise would be a paradox but it doesnt mean that this Shirou cant become Archer too

    Nasu said somewhere that Shirou from UBW still had an extremely small chance of becoming Archer, so I guess you’d be right.

  2. Did anyone else notice something interesting about Rin’s description of her house and Shirou’s? It’s almost as if she was describing the two of them. One house is open and allows anyone to come and go as they please (Rin really took advantage of that this episode!), the other one trying to keep others away but once you get in you’re in (definition of a tsundere’s heart?).

    Of course, that’s just how it is on the surface, because the more we see of Shirou the more it seems to me like he’s the one who really has the closed heart. He may outwardly seem to let people in, but in reality he’s been hiding his innermost self. At least up until recently, that is.

    1. @*&%$! This guy deleted all his walkthrough videos on Fate S/N after I linked it.

      I suspect I should not have done that; assuming I triggered some YT Copyright infringement claims somehow.

  3. What I can say for sure, is that for all of us familiar with the source material (either through the movie or the game), I’m sure we’re all happily awaiting for how crazy things are about to get.
    See you next week!

    Really looking forward to next week’s episode since its said to be a double-length episode.
    Also not looking forward to next week’s episode since it means a 3 month wait for the 2nd cour after that…

    I wonder, why the split-cour, though?
    To test the BD/DVD sales of FSN UBW 1st cour?
    Surely Ufotable has noticed that its work on Fate/Zero has made the Fate/Ufotable brand pairing a cashcow series worth its price.

      1. You folks remember Fate/Zero episode 11 (““Holy Grail Dialogue”)? While the dialogue was great, the animation quality was lacking, even in the fixed blu-ray version (those long noses). I am really happy, that so far none of the UBW episodes had none of this. In other words: Ufotable should be given all the time they need to work on the episodes.

      1. They did the same thing with Fate/Zero and when they came back they opened with Jetserker and Excalibur. I think at this point ufotable has earned the benefit of the doubt on just about everything. If a split cour is required to maintain this quality, then they should have it. Especially since all the best stuff happens in the second cour anyway!

        Cluttered Mind
    1. At least UBW Shirou actually seriously considers what’s lectured to him whereas FSN Shirou all but covers his ears going “Lalalalalalala, can’t hear you, lalalalala!”.

  4. … latent power hiding within inside of him
    hiding within inside of him
    within inside of him

    I’m glad I don’t actually read these entries because that opening line bodes ill indeed.

  5. Best RinRin episode ever~ tons of Rin with gold expressions…aw, did she went home after that without sleepover??? I’d really love to see that happen XD

    I felt like Saber is trying hard not to interfere with Shirou and Rin’s relationship development in this episode lol. Shes like “i-noticed-my-Master-has-trouble-regarding-his-left-arm-and-now-we-are-alone-inside-the-storehouse;-perhaps-we-could-have-a-little-personal-moment-together-but-unfortunately-ufotable-told-me-not-to-meddle-in-Rin’s-route” kinda thinggy…

    Ahh, both Rin and Saber are my best girls. I cannot decide. Taiga goes Neko-Arc expression^^ Archer received my heartfelt when he explained the whole sad cycle of ideals and selfless sacrifice…

    onion warrior
  6. The aftermath of the the previous battle Shirou is starting to feel some numbness. As Archer indicated, he seems to have had this projection ability all along and the battle seems to have awakened that ability. This is also the first time we see Shirou start seeing Rin in a different light. I do like how their relationship develops slowly especially when you consider that they didn’t have that much interest with each other from the start.

    I find scenes like these to be a lost art in fiction, not just in anime. Just have two characters sit down and talk. Just talk. And for Rin and Shirou it feels natural. They’ve only been partners for a short time and yet there is a sense of a mutual relationship. Not necessarily romantic yet, but one can feel like its going there. Of course the whole conversation gets soured the more Rin learns more about Shirou. That’s a tsundere for you. The fact that Shirou can’t seem to enjoy himself and only gets satisfaction from helping people is strange for Rin. It also calls back to Shirou’s scenes with Issei and Ayako, Shirou never seem to be truly happy unless he is helping others.

    And speaking of Tsundere, Archer is also back to rag on Shirou again. Unlike Rin, he seems understand how Shirou thinks and quickly gets down to brass tacks. He twists the ideals of Shirou and points at how that can ruin someone. Almost like he knows from experience. It certainly give a bit more clues on his identity. Shirou naturally rejects his words but it does give him something to think about. We will see how that pans out on later events.

    1. @fragb85: “I find scenes like these to be a lost art in fiction, not just in anime. Just have two characters sit down and talk. Just talk. And for Rin and Shirou it feels natural.”

      I’m not sure if I’d put it as a “lost art” rather than “foregone art”, but definitely agree with the sentiment, particularly use of the word “natural”. There’s a natural, dare I say realistic, progression to their relationship rather than an “insta-relationship” which is increasingly common – particularly so IMO for adaptations as a result of some incessant need to cover X amount of source material in too short of a period of time.

      In fact, as you note, that scene not only builds upon Shirou & Rins’s burgeoning relationship, but also adds some greater insight into Shirou himself. Ufotable manages to be quite efficient in terms of conveying several things in one scene while maintaining an appropriately relaxed pacing. IMO, Ufotable is doing an exemplary job here – not only with the battle/action eye-candy, but the character development (including relationships) as well. To Ufotable’s credit, there’s more to this adaptation than just Unlimited Budget Works.

      I’m VERY much looking forward to next week’s episode. Should be just great.

      1. Not quite. Rin’s Zettai Ryouiki is definitely GRADE S. She has the pigtails (albeit camouflaged by her long flowing hair) and the tsundere attitude to match. Heck, she’s the patron saint of Zettai Ryouiki!

    1. Is nobody else mentioning the fact that this is the first time other than the prologue where we’re seeing Rin in her trademark red sweater?! Keep in mind we waited 11 episodes for this!

  7. Aside from the many faces of Rin, I also did love how Saber shows real emotional concern for Shirou’s well-being whereas, in FSN, it usually felt (at least until later on) that Saber was more concerned on the basis of Shirou simply being her Master more than anything. Here, he and Saber actually come off much more like friends and even equals.

  8. Even though this episode spent most of its time building the relationship between Shirou and Rin, I loved how ufotable decided to tack on some really interesting plot points toward the end of the episode.

    Yeah their relationship/friendship is rather heart warming. Adds a nice touch to the show.

    Looking forward to seeing which ‘avatar’ Shinji has summoned. Dat Art style man. This show really has set a high standard for anime quality.

    Rick Anime

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