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“Perfect Virgin”

「完全なる乙女」 (Kanzen’naru Otome)

There’s Potential Here:

I admit, I caved in and watched the pre-air of this episode, but still I had to wait until its official airing before I could make this post. Let me say this: after this premiere I think there’s some serious potential with this one. This first episode may not have been the most action packed or even that interesting beyond its premise, but it certainly served as a very strong introduction to the characters, the setting, as well as the what we can expect from here on out.

Not many anime are set in France during the Hundred Years’ War, so when something like this comes around it certainly catches my attention. As you’d expect, conflict is heavy in this time, so I very much appreciated the depiction of war we got in this episode, as seen through the eyes of the innocents whose families are separated, as well as from the men fighting at on the front lines, as well as the witches watching on the sidelines. Maria (Kanemoto Hisako) is one of those witches (although she wasn’t among those watching). She’s a peace-loving girl who lives in a cosy little hut in the forest. She comes across as genuine and kind, putting on a old woman act for the visiting villagers, but her facade is quickly ruined by her Succubus, Artemis (Hikasa Yoko), whose outfit is made entirely of belts. That’s certainly a fashion statement if I’ve ever seen one.

Another character we get to meet is Joseph (Ono Kensho), who acts as both a delivery boy and a potential candidate for Maria’s heart. As this is war though, his peace is ruined once he’s asked to join the fights. From there the action is on point, the several reactions from the men fighting are believable, and the witches from the forest provide an amusing commentary. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but all sides of this conflict are set up very effectively in this first episode, and for that I give Junketsu no Maria credit. Some premieres this season have felt cluttered and messy, but this was a clean introduction to the characters and the world they inhabit.

Crude and Cute:

Maria’s virginity is highlighted several times, it’s in the English title, the episode itself is called “Perfect Virgin”, and Artemis even makes a point of teasing her about her inexperience. Going into this it seemed that there were differing expectations on just how crude this was going to be. I mean, we got sex jokes in the form of painful jaws (poor Maria, she couldn’t figure that one out…), and there was a fair amount of fanservice in the outfits (or lack of them), but as a whole I thought this was done as tastefully as it could considering the subject matter and demographic its aiming for.

Of course, as time goes on things may change. This could become a comedy that exploits Maria’s virginity, but for right now it’s being done with enough taste that it shouldn’t warrant much concern. Jospeh does seem the most likely to rid her of her virginity though, and since this is Seinen I wouldn’t be too surprised if that happens and we see it onscreen.

Overview – What’s Next?:

As I said, this was nothing groundbreaking, but I was very much satisfied with what we got here. I’m behind these characters and definitely interested in this witch-filled France. Also, Maria being able to summon a dragon was pretty cool. Production I.G also prove themselves yet again with their impressive visuals and fluid animation. I especially enjoyed the scene at the village when the sky gradually darkened as the sun was setting. There’s a lot going for this; I just hope it manages to deliver a tightly crafted story and doesn’t stray into something crass and tasteless.

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Information Digest:


Details Digest:

Chapters Covered:

  • Chapter 1

Character Designs:

  • After checking out the manga it must be said that these character designs are a serious step up. Although the art is impressive in the source material, the designs are a little squashed looking.
  • Maria especially was the worst. But on the plus side, Artemis’s owl form is quite cute.



  1. The Studio really considers the details of Medieval Warfare far better than any other comparable shows:


    – The English Flag of House Plantagenet, incorporating the fleur de lis, signifying English claim on the throne of France



    -Selection of accurate Late Medieval Weaponry and Clothing. The Footmen mostly wear Kettle Helmet, Quilted Gambeson, some have Brigandine Vests or Breastplate; I see Pikes, Halberds, Voulges, and Bec de Corbin



    This is also the case in the Battlefield:

    – The Longbow drawing technique for Indirect, Mass Arrow Volley is correct
    – The V-sign Insult Gesture of The Longbowmen

    – Functional Plate Armour that is not only just for show, Notice when the arrow glances on the French Lord’s Pauldron, only leaving a small dent. Most other shows depicts Plate Armor like its made of wet tissue where a heroic sword or arrows can cut pass through the faceless mooks in armor. This is why Garfa the Mercenary prefers Flanged Mace and Daggers – He can just bash them or find a gap on the armour, such as The Eyeslit of the English Knight’s Armet.

    – The Polearm which compose the center, fought against each others in Spearwall; however none of sides are brave enough to do The Push of The Pike, making them just poking ineffectively until The Mercenaries who formed the French Left finally flanked the English Lines and engage their Longbowmen in melee.

    -There are some minuses though: The number of men depicted on screen made it looks like a small skirmish rather than a battle. This also made the melee seems devolved into isolated one-on-one fights far too easily. Judging from the volume of arrows, there should be more men shown.

    1. Yes, this is adapted from the manga, with some shuffling of scenes and dialogues. However, The First Battle in the manga is different:
      Show Spoiler ▼

    2. excellent analysis!
      also, note the French cavalry moving in only after infantry cleared the dug-in spikes and engaged archers in melee (but still slowed by mud enough to british cavalry to steal the momentum)

  2. This has one of the better depictions of medieval European life and warfare I’ve seen in anime. The stone huts, peasant levies, mercenaries, polearm and longbow weapons, armor actually working, captive taking, muddled organization, and cavalry charge all felt very natural and period. I’ve got to wonder about the timing though, after Joan of Arc the hundred year’s war was pretty much a wash for the English. Seems to me at this point it’d be simpler to let the French finish things and drive them off the continent than to try and put things off. Regardless, the humor was lewd and fun, so I’m completely down for seeing where this goes.

      1. Funny part is Satelight(the studio who did Vanadis) helped IG in first episode, according to the ending credit.

        Well i guess budget always the problem, which Junketsu no Maria should be fine since Kodansha treat their manga adaption pretty well recently.

  3. This is by the same Mangaka who did Moyashimon, so expect the same level of crude jokes and strange facts. And it runs in Good Afternoon, which is geared towards a seinen otaku audience.

    It should be pretty damn good, because this mangaka is really good at characterization and storytelling. (Remember Haruka from Moyashimon?) And he seems to like drawing women wearing leather for some reason. (Again, Haruka.)

    Anyway, should be a fun ride.

  4. I took a look at the source material (manga), and I have to say that as far as adaptations go this one is improving on what it’s been given. The changes they made were small, significant, and genuinely good. But even though the manga wasn’t particularly impressive to me, it does tackle some pretty deep topics that I’m interested to see how it will translate into the anime. If they keep adapting positively, it’ll be downright impressive.

    1. Yeah I think so too, they shuffle some events and add some original scenes which improves the overall quality. I guess production IG do wonder as long as it’s adaptation anime…

  5. This was a very solid first episode in my opinion. The atmosphere, tone – overall presentation done well and fitting for the story. Nothing fancy, flashy or all that over-the-top, but consistent execution with a good introduction to story and setting. A lot of comment have already been mentioned the anime’s realistic portrayal of medieval battle (well, apart from the whole witch/dragon thing). Nothing to add other than I agree the anime did a good job – including demonstrating the range of English longbow which was effective against the French during the Hundred Years’ War, particularly at the start.

    From reading the source material, I thought Maria had some good potential (you never know with adaptations), and, so far, I think it’s living up to that potential. Honestly, I have no material complaints for Ep. 01. Very early in the season, but this show is among the top of my watch list. Definitely looking forward to next episode.


    @Samu: Thanks for doing an introduction/EP 01 review for Maria

    “This could become a comedy that exploits Maria’s virginity, but for right now it’s being done with enough taste that it shouldn’t warrant much concern.”

    Been a while since I read the manga (11 chapters of it), but my guess is that what we saw in Ep. 01 is how that plot line will be handled going forward. That being said, this is seinen series so expect some “adult themes” (e.g. tired jaws) along the way.

    Note: There are currently no plans on blogging this weekly

    Definitely can understand RL/time limitations, but if the next couple of episodes match Ep. 01’s level, an RC staff member may want to reconsider that position.

    1. since there are no Plans to cover this Show, let me give a little Appetizer

      in Ep 02, some well known Arc Angel make his Appearance, and he explain Maria (and to me/us) their Reason in the Heavens. I must say, i am catch fully Offguard, in how they Introduced him/his/it (Angels are genderless).

      [quote]There’s a lot going for this; I just hope it manages to deliver a tightly crafted story and doesn’t stray into something crass and tasteless. [/quote]

      Looks like your wishing is becoming real.

  6. EP 03:

    I am feel good entertainment and looks like they take the Church seriously. Not all “Lambs” are evil. And these Mercenaries, their real Church and God is Money

    I follow this Anime, please continue to make serious Storytelling. I love it

  7. Ep 4:

    As i predict, Bernad is trying to use the Church to get rid of Maria. It is now nearly the same, with Jean d’Arc. They use her to defend England and then get rid of her

    But then, not all fights she must intervener. But the scene with Jospeh at the river, get us a peek inside her Heart. Why she is doing all this?

    And seems like the Nature God has a directly connection to Maria as the God in Heaven. Of course, mostly of Witch craft magic come from the Nature
    But in a serious tone, these Witches as we know from our past, was mostly Persons that had great Wisdom of Nature things that a normal Human could not understand at their time, and so they branded them as Witches

    But sometimes they just wanted to get rid of their Womans to be free for another one, so to get rid of that and be no Sinner, they branded them as Witches, and the Church done the forceful disband of marriage, or to get rid of other Womans in power. No one should stand against the Church in their time. Even a King lost against the Church in that time

    Yeah, mostly the name of the God was misused for Power play at that time. you could say they where drunken in corrupt power

  8. ep 08:

    Looks like the Next Episodes will not be a happy ones. We will see in how Maria will lose her Powers or try for it. Looks like the Mercenaries will do an Attack on her Home. Sadly Galfa knows the Way to her House

    And perhaps i begin to see the Light, why God want Maria to end this all. He perhaps know in how this “Earth Church Monk” is misusing his name for his own Gain. But then, that is only a example in how the “Earth Church” could conquer the heretics in their Maya and other Conquer times.. through Blood and Death

    i hope God and Arc Angel Michael (in this Anime) think alike Ezakiel’s heart. This explanation would make me at calm

  9. Ep 09:

    Warning!!. This Episode will shake your believe in Human understanding Teaching of God

    This Show catapult the holy reason of this Anime, into the High Clouds or understanding. But the darkness in the End as a result of this Monk irritation and explanation of Maria’s Way of God teachings, is a bit to overreacting…

    But perhaps this Show want to make a deep impact, and it really do. Because was this Monk is babbling nonsense in this Short time, is higher modern Understanding of Faith/believing in God. Freely of old Human written bindings

    This Show is heavy Stuff of Faith, you know

    8/10 my Score.

      1. and if you wondering what the Monk is doing to Maria in the end. You should know this Ritual from the Pope of today. He wash the Feet of “lower” beings for what? out of Tradition? What was this Tradition in the first place? We take these “traditions” as granted without knowing their reason anymore. Like many Holy Christian Days. Today they are just Free Days of Work, but go there and ask someone what Eastern and Ascension of Christ is for? Eastern is for searing Eggs and Ascension of Christ is an Excuse for Daddys (Males) getting Drunk? Lost wisdom even in our Modern Days…

        You have also Holy Days of your Religion that forgot their true meaning?

        This kind of Discussions keep our Wisdom fresh and transcending Time with our Faith in our God

        in any case, the Persons that are responsible for this Anime, gain my uttermost Respect, and some “Earth Church” Official should pay their respect too

  10. Maria the Witch:

    Maria here want to Stop War. She may succeed. But Maria can not cast away the War in the Hearts of the Peoples. She cannot cast away their Hate, Anger, Pain and False Divine Faith fighting for the right thing. No She only can cast away the battles, the War she never will win. To clear the War, the Hearts of the Soldiers and all other, need to fight an Holy War inside them, to cast away their Hatred, Pain, Envy and such. Even God’s cannot break Human hearts, because he gave them Free Will

    I think thats the hidden Storyline that this Anime want us to tell

    1. as you saw, they began to turn against her. So perhaps Michael stop Viv, to give Maria to open the Eyes for this Monk in the Basement. To understand the right meaning of God’s Words (written down by Humans and perhaps bend to their own will with time). What we can taken as granted so far, are the 10 Holy Laws

      1. me again:

        In Ep 10 (in the preview) the line felt that they are Beings not knowing of Love.

        Well, then please explain us Jesus. His Human born Son on Earth. He experienced first hand of Human Emotions, aka Love. And i bet he even experience Hate or Fear. “How are free of Sins, then they should trow the first Stone”. Did Jesus trow a Stone to this Girl?

        Well perhaps God before Jesus was born, really not understand that good the Human Emotions (Old Testament). But with Jesus (New Testament) on his side, he should now have a top notch adviser on his right side. And Motherly/Human Parent love on his Left one

        So, Angels or God not able to understand Human Love, its a relic of the old testament past (Isaac ordering to kill his own Son and such)

        If you really want to understand Christians living of the Bible, then you also should read the New Testament, not only the Old Testament

  11. Ep 10:

    This Episode is focused on the Action part. There is no really hidden Messaged here. So just Enjoy the Show

    But i am impressive, that Witches know of Ar Angel Michael and fear him/her. So looks like they also have a knownlentgh of other Religions

  12. Ep 11:

    Yeah, there we got it. a Finale according to cliche. But you know what, i am happy with this.

    i just Hope Michael will not punish her, because she done great Magic again in front of Peoples, despite her Boyfriend…

    Let us see, i still think the Happy End is not done. Or Michaels Boss, will do something about her last Magic, and turn it into an Miracle of the Heaven

    Rite now, i can not say that Michael will be happy for Maria. i thin the opposite

    EP 12 (Finale)

    Love solves everything


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