The Gathering Continues:

You could probably label this chapter 612.2, cause it pretty much felt like the exact same chapter as last week. This time, though, we see some previously mentioned and unmentioned characters make their appearance. As it turns out Ukitake is joining the crew (who knows where his Kamikake is right now), after healing up several others with help from Isane and Hanatarou. Out of the bunch I think the one character most people will be happiest to see return is none other than Kenpachi – though I want Unohana back on the scene as well, if she’s still alive, which I hope she is.

One big question being asked this chapter is: where is Yachiru? We saw her disappear after Kenpachi’s fight with Gremmy, and ever since she’s been MIA. One popular theory is that she is Kenpachi’s zanpakutou spirit, but I’m not too sure on that one. It is possible, and there’s not much else that can be guessed at this point, but who knows. Kubo’s obviously got something planned with her. Either way, everyone is ready to go up to the Soul Palace now, which should make for a rather epic final battleground.

Overview – What’s Next?:

I’m not one who usually moans about Bleach chapters being short purely because of the panel size or pacing, but this week’s chapter was on 13 pages in length. It’s not uncommon for this to happen with manga published on a weekly schedule, but I don’t believe Kubo has ever done it before. My only guess is that he must still be unwell after spending nearly two weeks in hospital over the winter break, so hopefully he’s back on form soon and we can return to the regular chapter lengths. I’m even more curious now as to what Ichibei was talking about this week. It almost seems like he’s going to sacrifice Ichigo and friends in order to defeat Juha…


      1. Okay, since when can he see Yachiru? Why is she not afraid of the Sword? She looked with bright open Eyes, when he was calling his Bankai, right after that she was missing. I am right?

  1. Bleach is so lame now. I bet $5 that in the upcoming battle Show Spoiler ▼

    1. I highly doubt it. Don’t forget that there are six other Quincy present. Ishida, in particular should be a very difficult opponent for Ichigo, as he probably still sees him as a friend.

  2. Realistically, logically, and Bleach logically…Ichigo shouldn’t be able to defeat Juha Bach. Juha Bach can see the future, he killed Yamamoto in one hit, and he still has Yamamoto’s Bankai. But I’m sure Ichigo will pull something out of his ass and he’ll miraculously win…as usual.

    1. All of Bach’s Enemy was non-Humans. Perhaps the Humanity has the Bonus of “selection” of their own Future, you could say The Humans has a Big Bonus on the Chaos, that would rending “look into the Future” useless for Bach, because Ichigo could take an alternative path

  3. Ichigo is technically not a real Human, too

    He is half-Shinigami and Half-Quincy. Sado is also not a real one. Well where he get his Powers? Powers of the Death? Remember his Armor or his Arm. What if, he could now bring his Entire Body covered in this Armor?

    There are many possibilities. All close Friends around Ichigo are not Humans, okay except these ones of the School, if you try to remembers where their roots are. Why could Orihime best female friend see the Shinigamis from the Start?

    1. If he is the son of the Spirit King then there really is no distinction between shinigami and spirit king because he is technically of the same species as the Spirit King, which we believe to be the same as all soul reapers. His ability to share his soul and imprint abilities onto others is merely an ability he possesses due to his God-like nature.

    2. Also, Ichigo’s friends are humans. They were humans when they were bestowed abilities by the Hogyoku. Their species was not suddenly different because they developed abilities. If Bleach relied on that logic then Arrancar would no longer be hollows because they developed shinigami-like abilities. We know that isn’t true, so you’re wrong.

  4. Ichigo and co. will lose and Squad Zero will switch sides. The way Ichibei talked about peace, sounds too similiar to Yhwach. My prediction is, that when Yhwach becomes the new Soul King, some of the shinigami will side with him, because the Soul King is a nessecity, no matter who he is, and Ichigo has to seek new allies, like the abandoned Sternritter, the Fullbring or the Arrancar.

    1. That could work if done right. Bach controls Seireitei, has a mixed army of Shinigami/Quincy on his side. And after a timeskip Ichigo and co(Could be a good chance to bring back some previously thought dead guys too..) have to invade Seireitei, it’d be a great throwback to the rescue Rukia arc..

  5. NOW is where Kubo gives a good spotlight to Ichigo, this manga had lost it’s flavor without the main character. I seriously hope Ishida would not interfere and just let Ichigo kill “almighty.”

    1. I’m really not a fan of Ichigo at all. I find his entire character incredibly annoying. I would be happy with a series just about the captains and soul society. I think they are all much more interesting.

  6. Where the hell in the new head captain anyway?Did he get lost in the Central 46?and i also really dont like ichigos character.irritating as hell… is.i hope kubo gets him killed by juha bach……and in such a way that he cant come back to life(he always does).And bring back Aizen…kubo

  7. Kubo, the important thing. You wrote that direct in the Start

    What is the Seritei? How is it working? How came this Souls to Seritei? Selection? Are these Souls Gray ones, that want not thrown into Hell or heaven, of their Actions?

    Try to understand the Root of your own World. Perhaps you will then “understand” and Build the King and His Child with this background better

      1. If you want to bring Fate into the Game, you should give it a thought

        I think Orihime, is more then she (and perhaps you) looks. Perhaps Ichigos’s Mother had a Sister or Mother?

      2. There must be a deeper bond with Ichigo and Orihime, because before she got to Eizen, she cried over a heavy Injured Ichigo. A Teardrop of her fall on his body, and next Moring he was fully healed. And Orihime nearly kissed him.. There MUST be a stronger Bond that you do not to show us in the past…

        is it now the time for this? Orihime somehow is Ichigos Mother? Aunt? Half-Sister through Seritei reborn Mother? it is your choice. But i saw that this both has a big Secret


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