Starting to Move:

The past three chapters have seen a lot of set-up, reintroduction and regrouping of characters. I thought after last week with Kenpachi’s arrival and the explanation of the orbs we would be moving on now, but of course there was still the Vizards to arrive (the Fullbringers and the remaining Arrancar are still a no-show). Urahara explains that instead of being shot up to the Soul King’s Palace, they’re basically making a one-way door to take them there. Hopefully that means if anyone wants to join the fight later that hasn’t arrived yet, then they can. I know that if Grimmjow ever showed his face again then lots of fans would certainly freak out. Oh, and Aizen.

On the other side of the battle, Ichigo also makes his final move. Now, Ichigo isn’t the smartest protagonist in the world, but I don’t think pulling a sword out of that wound was a good idea, especially after Bach tells him that it will literally destroy Soul Society. And then what happens? It destroys Soul Society. Obviously Ichigo wouldn’t do that on purpose, but as his Blut Vene activates it does seem like he’s being controlled by either touching the sword or by being part-quincy and being around the Soul King. Still, no one could have predicted that Ichigo would be the one to destroy Soul Society as well as the balance of the world, did they? Oh, boy. He’s royally screwed now.

Overview – What’s Next?:

Well… I’m not too sure. I thought Urahara’s gatherings were over last week but turns out they weren’t, so we might cut back to them again. But I do have a feeling we’ll be focusing more on the mayhem caused by killing the Soul King. Other than that, I don’t know how this is going to play out, but I’m intrigued.

PS: According to the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, Bleach is getting 3 popularity polls (Character, Battle, Zanpakutou) in order to celebrate its 13th anniversary. That’s something to look forward to.


  1. This was actually a pretty nice chapter

    I have no idea what to expect (and a nostalgic “good ol’ Bleach”-like excitement is building up on me) xD

    I’m looking forward for whatever comes next (it has been a long time since I actually got hyped for something in Bleach).

  2. I just hope, that we get more then 18 Pages now, after he recover from Hospital

    Perhaps what Ichigo here destroyed, is not real. Or Soul King will fix it. I just perplex, how easy he let himself killed.. i have my suspicious. Bach not go in Fight mode, his Bodyguards no where seen. Ichgo and Gang walks easy peasy into the sacred Hall.. It all flow to easy for me…

    Is this the calm before the Storm?

  3. say Samu, how do you feel about Ichigo as a character? I’m curious to know what a lot of people think of Ichigo. I admit that after a long time the story is building rather well into a climax and I’m actually excited thinking about what’s going to happen but even with that I personally find myself not liking Ichigo as the main character…at all. He’s too simple minded as this chapter proved so easily. He doesn’t stop to think what his next move is going to do, the only time he might pause is when he is literally perplexed by his opponent’s power or technique. Even Naruto matured during the course of his series, he faced challenges and learned to grow up, but a lot of times Ichigo is led by the nose into a corner that he either comes out of by becoming hax thanks to his powers or by someone saving him. Remember his fight with Aizen? Even when he had the upper hand he resorted to use a power he knew would rob him of all of his abilities rather than taking it slowly and frankly if it wasn’t for Urahara he would have been royally screwed and now as you put it, he royal screwed up by ignoring Bach’s warnings and low and behold, guess who just slashed the soul king.

  4. That’s by default not true, lol. Because ichigo (and friends) will eventually win and save thr day. So yeah, rand0mly is correct, here’s yet another villain who has , just has, to be ‘omniscient’ just to lose later on.

  5. I hope this isn’t where Aizen comes out and says “just as planned, Ichigo……this whole time, I had expected you to kill the Soul King.”

    Anyway. that was indeed a plot twist, for Ichigo to “land the final blow” on the least person we expect him to kill. Now, what is going to happen as the “world ends.”

  6. Did anyone else get suspicious when Urahara tried to use reverse psychology to convince the Gotei 13 and Vizards to go to the royal palace? The way he said “there’s not going back,” and then a few panels later, Ichigo destroys Soul Society. Is it a coincidence or did Urahara know that Soul Society would be no more? Very morbid.

    Also, I find it interesting how over a hundred chapters back, the Arrancar who was saying how “Soul Society will end in 5 days” was killed for ‘talking about the future.’ Then we find out that Yhwach can see the future.

  7. Ok. I don’t give a shit what any of you guys say. This chapter was fucking great.
    I was not expecting this to happen at all, and I am dying to see what happens next.

    Also, looks like Ichigo is officially becoming Archer now that he’s using projection magic to summon swords.
    Who else here imagined him say “TRACE ON” when this happened?


  8. What i do not really take it for true, just with many heavy Salt. is that his Quincy powers could take over of his Arm, and muscles.

    We know of 2 different Quincy Blut Powers. 1 for Defense and 1 for attack (some kind of Boost). But there where no sign of Quincy Powers take over the owners Body, as if the Quincy powers Blood has their own mind

    You wanted to shock us with a “impossible to guess it!” cliffhanger scene? For me it backfired greatly. in how it pathetic looks

    1. Then reread the fight between Ichibei and Yhwach. Yhwach used Blute Vene Anhaben, which tried to take over Ichibei’s body, though it failed by Ichibei resisting and shoving Yhwach’s blood back to him. What the Quincy blood did to Ichigo looked a lot like genetic coding or Priming. Similiar to how a baby instictively knows how to suck on a nipple to get milk or that a baby bird has to open it’s mouth and scream to get food. Yhwach either cursed or coded the Quincy blood, to react in such a manner at the presence of the Soul King, the question now is why.

      I predicted a lot of things happening this chapter, but this I did not see coming. You can’t say Bleach has become predictable or clisheed. Though it sure is convenient that there is now way back to SS, after it’s destruction has began.

    2. I feel a bit awkward. You know, how many chapters was there where Ichigo only relayed on his Shinigami Powers. He even turned nearly into a Full Hallow, the Arc enemys of Quincys. But since lately Kubo let Ichigo “find” his Quincy Blood connections because of his Mother, and now even this Quincy ties, turn Ichigo in a total different Person. As if the Quincy powers are a parasite that leched on his Dark Powers, like a cancer. And now this Powers overthrown his Infinity Shinigami Powers, that defeded many Captains? Hallows? even Aizen? even the Grade mendos was afraid. Yhwach is on a bigger level then Aizen, if he can manipulate all Quincy Blood around him. let it be Pure or hybrid.. I do not like this. Kubo also could just let the Quincy Blood take over Ichigos conciseness like a Brain takeover. You would have the same effect

      No this Destroying of Seritei through Ichigos hands, must be a fake to land a heavy Mind attack on him. I do not take it, just with many Salt

  9. well I’ll be damned. This chapter is not as bad as I thought

    This, by the way, is the reason why this episode is win for me. I may not remember her name, but she is one of 3 babes that I fancy in Bleach, the other 2 being Neliel Tu Odersvank (did I spell that right?) and that near sighted girl when Ichigo lost his powers after the fight with Eizen (cant remember her name ^.^)

  10. Yeah Ichigo can make up for his mistake by saving everybody somehow again…like putting Yhwach in that crystal prison holding the Soul King as the anchor for the worlds I guess, but how is the question.

    random viewer

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