Reactions to Devastation:

I wouldn’t argue with someone if they said that not much happened in the past few chapters, but I think it can be said that this week we got a lot of content to chew on and a nice one-panel twist right at the end. First off are the reactions to what just went on, from the Human World to the Soul Society. We got our first look at Karin and Yuzu in a long time, showing us that there are ongoing earthquakes going on in the living world, and Soul Society is also feeling the quake of Ichigo’s Almighty controlled swing. Kubo’s art is really effective in the massive landscape scenes as well as the close up reaction shots, effectively setting a tense mood that really does feel like everything is going wrong and no one is able to do anything about it. Almost like… the end of the world.

Urahara’s face may just have been the most shocking panel (if not for the last one). I don’t know if we’ve ever seen Urahara with an expression of sheer terror. He clearly didn’t plan for this, and it almost seems to throw a wrench in his plans. But I sure hope we get to see everyone make it up to the Royal Palace, otherwise the set-up for the past three chapters would have been quite pointless, unless it’s just to gather them together for something different. Who knows, but as of right now Ukitake is the most mysterious one there. He’s been a mixture of kind and suspicious throughout the series (I’m getting flashbacks to when Ginjou blamed him for monitoring the Substitute Shinigami badges). Recently there’s been Kamikake as well, which I’m certain has something to do with what’s going down. Is he gonna replace the Soul King? Who knows, but I’m excited to find out.

Overview – What’s Next?:

I’m half expecting to cut to Shunsui next chapter as his and Ukitake’s plans unfold at the same time. If that means the return of Aizen, then count me onboard. Maybe we’ll see Grimmjow appear as well just to please his complaining fans. Overall, this was a really impressive chapter, not only for the reactions to the chaos going on right now, but also to see some Yoruichi and Orihime combo action, even if it failed. Who even can beat Juha Bach at this point? Obviously, the answer is Ichigo, but things aren’t looking to swell for even him right now. Maybe Chad will save the day.


  1. Now what is Aizen thinking I wonder. Is he happy that the soul king is dead? Or is he angry that someone else, besides him, did it? Most likely the first since he was angry at Urahara for not doing so when it was possible for him to kill the Soul King.

    On the side note, it sounds good to hear that Hell will remain intact, since they only said “Soul Soceity, Real World, and Hueco Mundo;” technically it would be really good if all of those sinners would forever continue to be tormented even if the world ends.

  2. I kinda feel like Ukitake’s sickness is related to the soul king in some sort of way.
    Also…can they please stop giving Ywach new powers with that A thing? The list never ends, good chapter overall cause we got some mystery and a new Kami-hara facial expression.

  3. lol Yoruichi and Orihime combo? All I saw was Yoruichi doing the hard work and demanding a girl just standing there to do something she should have already done if she has a brain.

      1. I don’t think he would have stopped her personally. He has the already won attitude. Unless someone challenges him to a fight, he’ll probably just stand around gloating while watching things unfold.

      2. Orihime’s success to heal the King could rapidly be better, if there is a way to conceal for a second (or the time of healing) his Almighty God Powers. Perhaps it is his Powers that Orihime can not handle, if someone hold the King’s power down or in check for a while, she might be able to do her Magic

        Like close the Power value for a second, to fix the leak

  4. If the Soul King was created by Soul Society and he is Yhwach’s father, does that mean, they are reponsible for Yhwach and by extension the Quincy too? This also means that there was a world before the Soul King existed an Yhwach himself, said everything will return to its previous state, right?

    1. hmmmmmmmmmm? …ion52…”cool name btw” but hmmm? which one to pick they’re all kinda tasty but ima play it safe for now and say #2….AND WHAT DOES HE SAY when they let him out..hahahaa!…………”as expected…”

      but on another note, what a joke this SOUL kING is…..i mean seriously kubo, how do you intend to make people feel anything for the the supposed “killing” of this guy??….
      NO arms,NO legs NO VOICE!!!! sitting in a jar with wacky dilated pupils…
      Seriously ….if YOU wanted US to care even LESS about this character idont think it would even be possible…..just replace it with a a Baked potato or maybe a Country Yam..same difference…

      oh ichigo……….dude you gonna cry?…..dude?…..right now?!…sheesh

      BROOKLYN otaku
      1. There was probably a time when the Soul King was a living, breathing(And talking too!) person. Although him basically being a sitting duck is a bit of a anti climax. I would love to see Kubo do a few flashback chapters to give him a backstory and an identity beyond being the thing holding everything together.

        There was probably numerous Soul Kings before him right?

      2. @Brookly is right

        We saw the Soul King alive, outside of this Crystal cage, when he wanted to talk with his best Zero Captain, around some chapters ago.

        So i wondering, too. Why there is a dummy Soul king in a Cage. Perhaps he trusted his Defense force field like the Captain commanders in the arc, where only Ichigo was capable to break through it?

        No, i still think, this all is a set up

  5. i am more like Orihime now, i reject this and want to turn back the time.

    And did you not all saw the last Picture of this Chapter? Looks like some Illusion is about to be discovered.. Perhaps the Captain is not the real person, how we all know about


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