Chaos and Revelations:

Straight up, this is the best Bleach chapter in a long time – not that I think it has been bad for any length of time, but this chapter was packed with fascinating information, showed the continuing destruction of the various realms, and ended with the promised return of the Troll King. There were lots of details that I appreciated this week, like seeing Keigo and Mizuiro reacting to the tremors in the Human World, whilst Hueco Mundo and Soul Society continuing to crumble, with even the Soldats wondering if Juha plans to leave hem behind (of course he does). Bazz-B made a quick appearance, so I’m still predicting that he and the other surviving Sternritter will group together and try and take vengeance against Juha, or at least get involved in what’s going on right now.

But the main meat of the chapter lies in Ukitake – a character who has always been there, always been ill, and never given much of a fight despite being a senior captain with credits to his name. Finally we get the explanation behind his illness, and it was a fantastic one. Having Rukangai folklore being wrapped up in this makes it all so much more interesting, especially when it’s revealed that Mimihagi-sama was in fact the Soul King’s right arm. That leads to the question: are there three more all-powerful gods who have descended from the heavens similar to Mimihagi? The Soul King is limbless after all, so it would make sense. All of this makes for a brilliant backstory and helps Ukitake replace the Soul King (as I predicted last week). I don’t know if he’s dead quite yet, but I think we can count Ukitake out of the fight and probably unable to continue his captain duties by the end of the series. Does that mean Rukia will get promoted? She has bankai, after all.

Overview – What’s Next?:

How could I not talk about the last two pages? Aizen’s back. We didn’t even have to see him, but his presence is made aware and I think most Bleach fans will be thrilled to have him reappear. Sure, he may have been a ridiculous villain at times and served to provide an abundance of quotable memes, but Aizen is Bleach. Even if he’s only going to play a minor role in this final arc – which is what I’d prefer – seeing him return is only a positive in my opinion. Unless this was all according to his plan all along… Even still, this was a fantastic chapter and I hope we get more like this from now on.


  1. Agreed – Finally, a decent chapter. (Sadly, we may never see Ukitake’s bankai).

    Why is Ichigo around? WIth Ukitake becoming the Soul King and Aizen making a reappearance soon as the true protagonist (“Aizen is Bleach,” after all), the only role for Ichigo that I anticipate is a futile fight between him and Ywachachacha.

    1. Kyoraku: “Aizen, in this time of distress we call upon you. Soul Society needs your aid.”

      Aizen: “Yes just as I planned you would but sorry Kyoraku, I’ve gotten too used to the life of a hikikomori and NEET. Excuse me while I watch the new Parasyte episode”

  2. Theory : left arm used to create Yhwach hence Soul king could be called Yhwach’s father and both legs use to create both Hōgyoku, one for each Hōgyoku. This maybe why Aizen did not just create another Hōgyoku.

  3. In B4

    Aisen: “When were you under the impression that I was not mind controlling Yhwach all along and he was my pawn for my master plan.”

    Hate Aisen or don’t hate Aisen, this series went from great (Soul Society) to okay (Aisen Hyogoku arc with Arrancar+Vizard whatever) to crap (After Aizen time skip)

    1. I’m not going to apologise for being positive about a series I’ve been following for 8 years and has gotten me into anime/manga. I don’t hold the popular opinion that Bleach suddenly got terrible at any one point and hasn’t recovered, or has always been a bad series. I wouldn’t be taking over the weekly coverage if I felt negatively about the series. It’s been blogged on this site near enough every week from 2005, after all, and I think it deserves to be covered till the end. If you have immense dislike for Bleach then I won’t say you’re wrong – I’ve felt the same about other long running manga that I read out of habit and for the sake of completion. But I don’t think there’s much point in complaining about me being a fanboy. I like Bleach, I want it to be good, and I’ll be honest when I feel it is.

      1. Bleach is an ok series. The longevity and several anime adaptations are testiment to how good it is. I’ve followed the series for as long as you have as well but I’ll be very honest and say that there are times when the series really took a dip. The earlier part of this arc with the “cartoon character” villains with the inane superpowers which seem insignificant in the grander scheme of things are a testament to this.

        Bleach is a good series but not without it’s flaws and even a few major stumbling points. I’m glad to see though that we are finally getting chapters that seem better up to par with what we can expect from it.

  4. Yet another deus ex (literally) plot convenience that was never even mentioned anywhere in the previous 615 chapters and yet another Aizen reference for good measure. Wow. Such writing. Very Kubo. Much excite. Wow.

    1. Calling it a deus ex machina is a stretch, true it wasn’t mentioned explicitly but it fits with all we have seen and heard so far, Ukitake’s unexplained illness, the Soul King’s missing limbs .. all those have been there a long time ago, learn to read between the lines instead of asking to be spoon-fed every plot point through heavy handed foreshadowing .. what you are asking Kube to do is that whenever there is a plot point that will be used later you simply want him to go about it like this –> “look here, look carefully, we are going to use this plot point in the final chapter, look again, loooook closely, are you sure you get it now, are you suuuure, good .. let’s move on, remember, i’ll use this plot point 100 chapters later”.

      Look, heavy handed foreshadowing is as much cringe worthy as deus ex machina, and this one is neither.

      1. I am sorry but that is BULLSHIT, the fact that Kubo always have to introduce things in the moment that these are needed show how little foreshadowing or even thinking he put on the story, just because the spiritual king is missing limbs and Ukitake is sick it dont foreshadow anything he could be like that for all that we know,

        HE IS ALWAYS PULLING THING OUT OF HIS ASS and reading bleach I have become used to it but I really can stand people saying that he dont.

  5. Juah Bach seems very pleased with himself right now…almost like he doesn’t know Ukitake is about to replace him. But I’m sure this also apart of his master plan too right? If it’s not he shouldn’t be happily claiming victory yet.

    1. If he can see the future, he can see how things will play out and who will do what, and if he still wins despite this, he will of course claim that he’s won. They key here being to act in a way that he can not possibly anticipate with his ability and change the future. I’m sure at some people his ability will mean nothing, possibly when he and Ichigo have a final fight in the future.

  6. I can tell you exactly why Bleach is terrible and can never recover…In my opinion… Zombie girl (boy) raped Bambietta’s corpse. In my “opinion” as soon as you put in corpse rape your entire series is bad. We may not agree on a lot of things…but I hope we can agree that corpse rape is repugnant, disgusting, and should not be in any story for any reason right?

    1. You people thumbing down my comment better have a VERY good reason for doing so. If you have a good argument for why corpse rape doesn’t ruin Bleach in it’s entirety I genuinely want to hear it. If it’s just because you think I’m a meaine poo poo head then carry on.

      1. And this kids is double morality. You can approve an entire fictional story of people/ghosts/spirits/things hurting/killing/humilliating others for vengeance/power/desire (let’s not talk about fanservice) but rape is a no no. Really?

      2. Can it with the rape-hysteria will you?I’ve seen enough of these kinds of rape/sex-related whining online that at the moment I hope authors of anime/manga will use rape regularly in their stories and treat it without any kind of weight whatsoever or even portray it as morally justifiable just so all rape-hysterics will eventually get tired and quit whining.

        And no, we can’t agree rape is all that or that it makes the series bad, I’ve never been particularly bothered by having rape(corpse or otherwise) scenes in stories I read/watch, sometimes I find it erotic/sexy, other times it’s just there and I don’t care and very rarely I find it disgusting, depending on the context.But as far as rape by itself goes it’s a non-issue for me and I don’t have a problem with watching/reading stories that depict rape, regardless of how it’s done.

        Personally I’m confused as to why you think it’s an issue, because rape is morally wrong,it ruins lives,etc.?But then all of that applies to murder,violence,torture, all which are depicted in the manga, with a very large number of pages(if not the majority) dedicated solely to violence, yet I don’t see any complains about that, only rape.Selective moral outrages are rather difficult to take seriously.Regardless, what goes into stories is something for authors to decide, if you don’t like it stop reading it.

        p.s: In case some self-righteous genius thinks of throwing a tantrum, don’t bother, I’ve zero interest in reading an irrational rant about how rape is terrible from someone who enjoys fictional works depicting violence and murder on a regular basis.

    2. Trust me, I’d be the first one to agree with you on rape being a terrible, offensive, and lazy plot point, especially when it’s done without regard for what’s actually happening and brushes it off like it’s nothing. For example, the added scenes of rape and threats of rape in Game of Thrones are disgusting, even if I still enjoy the show a lot. I would never argue that adding those scenes are justifiable or necessary. But as for Bleach you’ll need to provide a chapter where Giselle rapes Bambietta. She has done many terrible, abusive, manipulative things that are definitely within her character, but I don’t remember anything like you’re mentioning.

      1. Chapter 588
        Ikkaku tells Giselle tells him that he’s really a “boy” and that he reeks of “semen”

        Chapter 589
        Giselle: It was really hard…to turn Bamby chan into a Zombie. To do it with a Quincy they must once die. I had to finish her off. Her face, that time…made me…so wet.
        Ayasegawa: Did you mean to say you got hard? You sick pervert.

        It’s not shown, no…but he mentions turing Quincy into zombies requires “something special”. I didn’t think about it much when I first read it, but then I asked myself why he would even mention “semen”? I put it together after that. If it happened off-screen then it still happened.

        Also Mayuri does it to Nemu to bring her back to life in the Espada arc where Ishida and Renji’s faces are pushed up against the screen and it’s played for laughs. I rest my case.

      2. @spikerman87: Dude, shut up. None of those examples you listed have any verifiable proof that that happened.

        And are you seriously quoting Mangastream translations to make your argument? The guys who shoehorn in unnecessary swearing, nonsensical idioms that nobody uses, and makes characters speak in jive in a vain attempt to make all of their translations sound more edgy, gritty, and what they think sounds cool?

        Ladies and gentlemen, the Bleach Anti-fanbase. Take your shitposting somewhere else.

      3. @spikerman87: And one more thing. Rape is indeed a vile and deplorable act, but using that as an excuse to accuse a work of fiction of being bad is a stupid reason. I can agree that shoehorned rape scenes without any tact or taste and just for the sake of being edgy is stupid. When done right, they can be very effective in drawing in the audience and making the narrative more powerful.

        Are you honestly gonna accuse highly acclaimed works such as Berserk, Game of Thrones, the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and Metal Gear Solid V of being terrible just because they deal with rape as a subject? Come on…

      4. @spikerman87: Lastly that scene with Mayuri didn’t show anything. Mayuri himself denied to Uryuu and Renji that he was doing anything sexual and said “You were only thinking lewd thoughts while you were watching.” I rest my case.

      5. This rape scene, he is base his theory. Well i only saw that he needs his Blood back, and began to “eat” her. It is his Blood after all, or tainted with his Blood. Some kind of Vampire refreshing his own Life-force in eating a underling of him

        So i could not see any Rape profs, even in my Mind possibility Pictures

      6. Mayuri didn’t do that huh?

        Watch it again. Look at the video’s comments as I’m not the only one who’s saying this. Why does he make thrusting motions? Why does she make sexual moans? Why does Ishida afterwards say “We can’t air that!” It’s not a big deal to Mayuri because he’s a twisted messed up scientist that doesn’t have any remorse for anyone. When he first fought Ishida he kicked Nemu nearly to death and wanted to do experiments on Inoue. Also the fact that Nemu’s his daughter…This is not funny, and it’s played for laughs…

        I’m done with this argument, you can’t defend this man, you just can’t. Everyone’s told me to not take this part seriously, but you can’t tell me Bleach is a deep and genius show with very well developed character and the greatest show ever and to take all of that seriously when a scene like this comes around say things like “Oh that didn’t happen.” or sweep it under the rug and never mention it again. If you don’t agree or think I’m just the hater fine, enjoy Bleach.

      7. @spikerman87:

        Oh for the love of Christ… They were intentionally fucking with the audience in that scene! The choice camera angle, Nemu’s moans, and the scene only focusing on Renji and Uryuu’s reactions were the guys at Pierrot making fun of the audience’s reaction of “WTF IS GOING ON?!”! Yes, ANYTHING could have happened but the audience doesn’t know! IT’S LEFT UP TO THEIR OWN PERVERTED FUCKING IMAGINATION! Which is why Mayuri broke the 4th wall and mocked the idea of “they couldn’t air” something that can’t even be fucking seen by saying “You were only thinking lewd thoughts while you were watching.” THAT’S THE FUCKING JOKE. And I like how you conveniently picked a Youtube clip where that scene was cut out.

        And it seems to me that you hate Mayuri’s character because of how much of a morally depraved person he is. Just because a character can be a bad person, it doesn’t mean a bad person is automatically a bad character. He’s a crazy fucked up mad scientist who likes to kill his enemies by torturing them slowly! He’s not the best character ever, but he’s supposed to be a crazy, over the top mad scientist! And Kubo revels in that idea! That’s what makes him such an enjoyable character! He doesn’t just do that to Nemu exclusively! He tortures EVERYONE regardless of age, race, sex, whatever! Yet you’re only angry when he mistreats a woman? Or for that matter, you only get mad when women get mistreated? Oh right, it’s totally fucking ok when male characters get beat the shit out of and/or brutally murdered in a series but when a woman gets hurt you get your torch and pitchfork and use THAT as your excuse for why you think a series is bad? As a previous poster mentioned, “You can approve an entire fictional story of people/ghosts/spirits/things hurting/killing/humilliating others for vengeance/power/desire (let’s not talk about fanservice) but rape (or general abuse of women for that matter) is a no no. Really?” You’re just an annoying fucking SJW whose virgin eyes can’t stand to see feminine abuse in fiction and use THAT as your excuse to shit on a series.

        “you can’t tell me Bleach is a deep and genius show with very well developed character and the greatest show ever…”

        OK, just stop. All you’re doing is putting words into other people’s mouths. Nobody here thinks that Bleach is a masterpiece akin to the level of works like Evangelion, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Ben Hur, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Ghost in the Shell, or Akira. That doesn’t mean that we have to think that a series is the worst fucking thing ever written like Troll 2, Guilty Crown, Sword Art Online, Oreimo, Tommy Wiseau’s The Room, or Mein Kampf for fuck’s sake! Jesus Christ, why can’t we have a middle ground anymore and think that a series can be average, solid, or mediocre? Bleach is not a masterpiece, but that doesn’t mean it’s the worst shit ever either. Bleach isn’t beyond criticism either and it definitely has flaws, but make your criticisms valid rather than for stupid fucking reasons like that.

        If you hate Bleach so much, then why don’t you just, oh I dunno… *GASP* Quit following it and find another series to watch/read and comment on every week! You don’t have to watch something you don’t like anymore, and WE don’t have to read your pointless drivel as we DO enjoy Bleach. You can take this “STOP LIKING WHAT I DON’T LIKE” attitude, shove it up you ass, and go off on your own to play a little game of hide and GO FUCK YOURSELF.

        There. Now I’M done with this argument. Now fuck off so we can all continue to like and enjoy something that you don’t like and enjoy.

    3. In my opinion Gisselle is one of the funniest characters in this series. She is SO over-the-top dark that it circles around and becomes kind of funny. I condemn rape and all forms of rape culture but her depravity makes for a very entertaining character. It’s the same reason why I like Mayuri he’s so depraved that he becomes funny.

  7. As interesting as the idea of a right arm of the Soul King is, I am once again reminded of the Bleach world no longer making sense.

    Shinigami and those in Soul Society do not have physical bodies. They are just lumps of spiritual power. So apparently, as a ghost-child, Ukitate contracted ghost-tuberculosis in his ghost lungs.

    Kubo Tite basically threw out the rules of the world he created around the Las Noches arc, when he started crushing ghost-organs and that caused them to vomit ghost-blood.

      1. An interesting idea, but in that case, if regular humans go to Soul Society, does that mean they can’t be seen by most spirits?

        Also, would that mean if Ukitate comes to our world, since he is no longer “real” but a ghost, that would cure his problems?

      2. On further thought, I have to disagree. If it were a question of dimensions, the Quincy, Bounds, Fullbrings, Chad, Orihime, and the Karakura gang should not be able to affect them. (Basically anyone with a physical body and spiritual powers)

      3. For Humans to enter Soul Society, ask Urahara. I bet the gate Urahara created fix this.
        Ichgio and friends around him, with Ichigos’ leaking reaitsu, are able to see Shinigami and Hollows.

        No, if the Shinigami’s come to the Human world, there are invisible to Human Eye. But hold their Powers, so The Seritei Rules are in force. But if they use a Human Body must be the same as if you put on a skin tight transparent Space Suit, that conceal their Powers

      4. Well, i try to reason with my understanding of Kubo’s Bleach Universe

        And i think all Roots of these 3 Worlds (Human, Shinigami, Huneco-mundo) are Reiatsu aka Soul aka Human Soul

        if you attack some Body, let it be Shinigami, Hallow and so on, you attack also his Reiatsu aka Soul.

        If you still not satisfied, the you should ask this Kubo 🙂

      5. I did a quick search, you’re right that Urahara’s gate did convert matter to reishi, so you’re right there. However regular gates do not do this (I assume because there’s no point).

        So once again, Kubo ignores his own rules when he has Orihime taken to Las Noches. She traveled through a Gargantia, not Urahara’s gate.

        Also, going by the argument that it’s about perspective/dimension “seireitei rules” should not be in effect in the human world. If they are (and they are), then they are “in effect” all the time and everywhere. So spiritual beings are always just walking masses of reishi.

      6. Ichigo and close Family are special

        Orihime and her best Friend (This Karate girl) are Special

        Both also could see “Spirits/Ghosts” from the start, without came in contact with Shinigamis.

        they had their “Eye vision” from the start, also Orihime’s hijacking into the Henco-mundo is special

      7. and let us not forget, it is Rukia’s fault and her super duper hidden Powerful Soul inside her (where Aizen was first after) that she pumped Ichigo full of Shinigami Reitsu to defeat a Hallow at the Beginning. So Rukia done the Turbo Boost

      8. Unless the fake bodies Urahara have some funky stuff to them, being half-Shinigami is the same as saying half-human (human souls, afterall). The other half is Quincy, which is also human. And while one of his sisters can see ghosts, the other one can’t. So there’s nothing inherently super about the combination.

      9. all Sisters can see the Ghosts, did you read the manga from the start? The “housemaid” one just finds it normal, and the other Sister could see them, too. Not just after she do replacement for his Big Brother

  8. Pffft, in the end. Ichigo did not defended Aizen. It is since the battle all an Illusion of Aizen…

    Well, i do not think that. But perhaps they imprisoned an Aizen dummy again, and the real one is is hidden in the Darkness. But with the Top Zero Captain, where all Blacks belongs to him, Aizen should have no Darkness to hide… or something

  9. Aizens return I would say falls under; The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    He may be released, he may work with them. But in no way shape or form would he defeat the Quincy just to save Soul Society, he is Aizen after all. Though perhaps he may have some redemption this arc and turn good, that’s a long shot mind you.

  10. I freshed up my Memories about Kenpachi’s Zanpaktou. Well, i reread the part of the Zero Division Kings place. In a Flashback of the Zanpaktou creator, even Kenpachi as a Kid was there. And there the secret got revealed in how he got his Sword. He took it from a Dead Shinigami. Well, now the secret part. What if if his Vice-captain was the “old Shinigami” Shikai or Bankai, just getting a body we saw in some Arc? And with give bird to his new Bankai or was it Shikai?, he “overwrote” the Spirit of the Old Shinigami holder in the Sword? Yes, this hole time, the old Shinigami Blade Soul was his Vice-Captain. Now with his own real blade soul, Kenpachi lost her

    For IT Neerds, Kenpachi overwrote the Zenpaktou’s Firmware Bios Soul of the previous owner

    1. Today, i freshed again my Mind about the Little Vice-captain of Kenpachi

      I come to this finale conclusion.

      What we see is the Sword of Kenpachi. But it is his Raw Power manifested in this Girl, with the help of some “Zenpaktous rebellion” arc. After Kenpachi learned to feel and guide his Power in the Sword, Vice captain “mature” to a big Woman. If she would appear anyhow, then we will not see a little Girl, no we will see a Mature fine Woman. The Raw Power of Kenpachi’s Soul-blade has now a shape. Perhaps his subconsciousness will model the New Kusajishi after the appearance of Captain Unohana. Perhaps she will looks like a Daughter, with the same hair-color of little Kusajishi. Because kenpachi respected captain Unohana for her “kenpachi” time

  11. “The events thus far; Me locked up here, the appearance of Juha, the defeat of the zero squad, the death of the soul king… all that has been culminated up to this point is according to my plan” – Aizen 2015

    Aizen’s “keikaku doori” is imminent fellas.

  12. Perhaps all this is actually according to the soul kings plan. The character doesn’t so much as lift a finger(even though he has none) or attempt to fight or defend himself in anyway and now we are learning there may be a reason is limbless, perhaps the Hōgyoku will play a much bigger role here. I am guessing perhaps the true motive of juha was to replace the soul king. one thing is certain Ichigo will have to transcend to break off juha’s control

    1. ….dude!?!?! What are you talking about???????? YOU CALLED IT CORRECT!!!!!
      #3- ukitake sacrifices himself for soul society.
      …u called it man!!……i just didn’t expect all this HAGE-HAGE SAMA wackiness..

      btw- the gotei 13 scientist dude should be able to give him….EXCUSE ME…should have BEEN given this guy new INNARDS…

      BROOKLYN otaku
  13. I remember back around the Fake Karakura arc that Kyoraku said that Ukitakes bankai should not be seen. I wonder if this is what he meant. And yeah I’ve been loving Bleach ever since the “Almighty” reveal it’s a great power to make your ultimate villain. And it completes the deity vibes I got from Yhwach. So yeah BLEACH FANS UNITE!!!

    1. It was actually Ukitake that told Kyoraku not to use his bankai. I don’t know if we’ll see Ukitake’s now, but there’s still a chance to see the other one that apparently shouldn’t be used where everyone could see. Similar to how Urahara said his isn’t suitable for training when he helped Chad and Renji.

  14. 1) Ukitake’s always been one of my favorites but it would be a pity to see him go like that.
    2) I knew it I knew it!! I knew they’d turn to Aizen for help one day even before this whole thing started.

    Now I’m really interested. Despite my love for Bleach I didn’t read the last 5-7 chapters because I got really bored with the arc but I’m gonna follow this again.

  15. I wonder that no one noticed the change of “Power” in the World so suddenly

    If the Right Hand of Soul King is that powerful, why the Zero Devision let it taken from a 3 Years old Boy at that time? a Part of Soul King is on Seritei. Well, it must be a heavy sin, that Soul King cut his right arm and all other Limbs, and exiled from King Palace

    But perhaps his Limbs are some kind of Fail Safe plan, he had see it coming from Yhwach attack

    i would know not be surprised, if there are all Captains or the old ones, have some Limbs of him melted with their reiatsu. But then, what is the Purpose of Zero Squad, if part of King of Souls body are hidden in the “normal” Captains?

    Get your Power-levels right, at last Trust more the Zero Captains. And why did the King of Souls choose to get rid of his Limbs anyway? Cold he wanted to get rid of his Darker side? Then why 4 Limbs?

    With this “Plot Twist!” you complicated your World around King of Souls, even more

    1. if we have here 4 “Old” Captains, then the First Kenpachi is still Alive, so much to this Plot Twist

      We know of 3 Old Captains beside the Captain Commander, do not we?

      1 has show himself
      1 is now the new Captain Commander
      1 was/is the Healing Captain
      and 1 is missing for the 4 limb

      So, Why are not the 4 Zero Division Captains not worthy to hold there “Limbs” inside their Body? They would explain very good there difference on Reiatsu Powers, make them Super Duper Captains in Power, worthy of hold the Position? i would expect logical that they are Worthy Hosts for this kind of Work. Perhaps Kubo just wanted to bring somehow Aizen back, of his really still alive fanbase, that the World begin to collide and create no black Holes of Reason

      i could go many more Lines, in why these miss balance of God Limbs Powers is not explained very well. But i just stop for now, or i fall back into my old habit

      1. Speculation: Is the Secret 4 Old Captain, Ichigo’s daddy? or is it somehow Orihime, send to Human World, living a Life as Human under them, to protect herself from Hallows in seeking the God’s Power inside her?

        Question, many question, and there is more Ground to let grown many others

      2. notice/reminder: In the Anime Orihime has already some latent self healing Powers, before they meet. You remember the Track sighs on her Leg, that Ichigo mentioned? She healed a bone fracture all on her own, i think it was around the time when Orihime’s brother began to hunt her

    2. It’s not that they were unworthy, but they had no idea that it was inside Ukitake. The Right Hand was considered to be a superstition, so it was most likely the zero division captains had no idea about the hand. The only reason Ukitake actually got the hand was because his parents prayed to it, in a desperate attempt to get their son healthy, which fortunately worked.

      1. i had more to point, in how to explain it to the readers. Super Duper Zero Squad Captains, are now “overpower” from an Old Seritei Captain. What other surprises Kubo has in store for us?

  16. Mimi-hage sama…………Mimi-HAGE SAMA!?!?! AHAHAHAHAHA KUBO!!! wtf!!!!?? pulling this out ur A$$??? ………..and nOW one of my fav char calling out to AIZENS “Darkness prison soul???”…………OK ….OK! IM BUYING!!!!!!!! u got me….heheh


    BROOKLYN otaku
  17. Ok ,here’s my theory…When that thing gets out of Ukitake,it will consume him somehow,and Ukitake will become a complete BADASS!The other three limps of the soul king are propably Hueco Mundo,the Precipice World and Soul Society.It is only this limp that has taken physical form. Aizen is a proper enemy for Juha since Juha cannot predict the future of an illusion and if he sees Aizen shikai he will never recover from its influence!


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