The Tale of Two Gods:

At first I didn’t catch the double meaning of the chapter title; obviously my mind went straight to Aizen, after all throughout the whole series he has thought himself a God and Kubo alluded to that even more in the titles of the chapters that Aizen featured in (does anyone remember Deicide?). The colour page made it pretty clear that it was referring to Aizen, and what a striking colour page it was. But there’s also the Soul King being repaired after Ukitake essentially sacrificed himself. Aizen and the Soul King are back on the scene – in the same chapter no less – so I’d say that’s pretty exciting. These are chapters I think most long-time Bleach fans can enjoy, but probably more so if they’re a fan of Aizen. This chapter and the last have been top-notch in my opinion, but let’s not forget that too much of Aizen isn’t necessarily a good thing. I hope his involvement is relatively minor and doesn’t overshadow everything else that is to come.

Aside from the two Gods of the series returning, we got a few other tidbits. For one, it turns out that Ukitake’s reiatsu is higher than most captain level shinigami due to him having to constantly use it to keep himself from being sick. It makes sense, but Kenpachi is in the room as well, so it’s a little weird to hear that. Then again he’s still bandaged up so I doubt he’s feeling 100% right now. The Vizards also returned with their robes on and Mayuri made a grand appearance, pulling out another plot device just in the nick of time. I love Mayuri – he’s actually my favourite character of the series, mainly because there’s no one else like him – but even I have to admit that Kubo uses him for convenience sake. Does it make sense? Sure. It’s completely plausible that Mayuri would have a reiatsu amplification device along with his other trinkets and medicines and injections, but it’s still Kubo’s easy route.

Overview – What’s Next?:

As I said, I loved this chapter just like I did with last weeks. Bleach has been getting a lot of buzz recently and I can totally understand why – we’re in a pretty exciting place right now. The set-up should be over for now, so I can only imagine (and hope) things are going to stay like this.


  1. as i wrote, seal for a instant Soul Kings Powers so that Orihime can heal him. Looks like the Right hand hold him, but can not fix him.

    So, erase for a second the Water of a Hover Dam, so that they can fix a leak and then return the Water.

    So, this result sounds plausible, but of course if Kubo want Soul King be saved. Perhaps the End of Bleach is also the New Beginning of a New Soul King

    1. or our Soul King is a Dimensional Creature. What we see in the Palace is only his Body in the Seritei Dimension. So that can explain, also why Orihime can not heal him. Because Soul King is there and not. he is a Trans dimension Creature

    1. Just one teeny tiny problem with that. How, exactly, did Aizen hypnotize anyone when, as we all know, he lost his sword at the end of his battle with Ichigo.

      Are we to believe that, contrary to the implication that Aizen wished he’d lose his power, he actually did fuse with his sword and internalized its powers? Or maybe he did lose it, but just gained it back at some point while he was all tied up?

      Or maybe just Kubo Logic, so just go with it? Eh, whatever. >_>

      Ryan Ashfyre
  2. Well, has Aizen Hypno real ended on the entire Seritei and Captains, since they put him in Jail? Perhaps, the live an Illusion successful cleared out of Aizen’s Control, but in reality they are still his Puppets. The only One that are “save” are they ones, that never saw him. But it is now rare, very rare or touched his Sword to break out for real

  3. 5/5 chapter, I’ve been waiting 4 years to see Aizen finally released from prison :).

    I think Aizen was very capable of speaking using his Reiatsu. That’s the only way he could’ve communicated with Ywhach. He was trollingly pretending that he couldn’t, so Shunsui would second guess if he could speak with his Reiatsu (which he did) and take his mouth seal off. Aizen knew that it was all Shunsui had to do in order for him to free himself. I believe he didn’t want to speak with Shunsui before he took his mouth seal off because he didn’t want Shunsui to know his mind-set. If Shunsui deemed his mind set too dangerous he probably wouldn’t have released him.

    Indeed, the hype is still real with the troll-king, I can’t wait to see what he has in mind for the future.

  4. Wasn’t Kyoukai Suigetsu destroyed by the Hogyouku? Pretty sure Aizen doesn’t have any illusion tricks up his sleeve anymore, as the Hogyouku determined he didn’t need a zanpakuto anymore.

    1. That’s what Aizen assumed. Fact is that he was majorly damaged by Ichigo’s attacks and lost the power over the Hogyoku. Swords being broken/shattered/destroyed never meant much though in the world of Bleach. 😛

    2. His sword disintegrated in his hand. I’m not sure if its destroyed but one would assume if its still around its remnants are scattered around Soul Society, I suppose its possible he could bring it back.

  5. So I am confused. How many keys did he have binding him? The box showed way more than six that the front-page shows, and yet, he was able to remove all of them after one of the seals was removed even though three keys is all that were allowed to be used in the unbinding process.

    1. I think it’s safe to assume that there’s lots of seals keeping him down on each body part. Shunsui only undone the one over his mouth, so either Aizen has a very long tongue that undid all the others, or he managed to somehow break the system in typical Aizen fashion.

      1. the zombie here is more like just taking control of the corpse, or body if you may, of a spirit. of course its debatable if the consciousness/personality of said character dies or is just suppressed.

  6. I thought Aizen was too corny when he was the main villain but after having witnessed all the stuff that has happened to the plot after he was in prison, seeing him again actually made me realize I missed his character a lot. I don’t like Bach or whatever his name is, so I hope Aizen pwns him.

    1. this…is soo true. its kinda like that old saying “you dont know what you had ,until its gone”

      and kubo….really? yawabachy: I SEE EVERYTHING THAT WILL HAPPEN!!!!……oh!….except for that..
      derpa derpa!!

      BROOKLYN otaku
    1. or Kubo try to create a World after this Incident, where 2nd Generations of Shinigamis (but i do not see really 2nd Generations that can hold the Story) grown under the protection of the current Captains and such. Something like Fairy Tail is about to do


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