Mixed Bag:

I’m divided on my feelings for the chapter. I’ll start off with the good: Ishida finally stepping up and doing something other than hiding in Bach’s shadow. That was nice to see, but while it seems obvious that Ishida isn’t really on the quincy’s side, why would he do something so serious as once again kill the Soul King? That’s not something he can come back from easily, so I sincerely hope there is an explanation as to why he’s going this far with whatever plan he has… unless he really is evil? That still seems very unlikely though. Another positive for this chapter was seeing Yoruichi and Pernida in action. I wish we could see a shikai or bankai from Yoruichi, since her zanpakutou is a complete mystery, but her short bout with Pernida was intense enough as it was. And that arm twist may just have been Kubo’s most gruesome injury yet. Hopefully Yoruichi isn’t out of the count soon – once her brother arrives I’m sure she’ll come back into the fold (along with the Royal Guard, hopefully).

Now, as for the bad part of the chapter, it was basically everything that Bach was spouting out. This is a complete rehash of what Aizen said back in Fake Karakura Town, except it seems like Bach is implying he didn’t really do anything directly, but his blood ties with Ichigo are what align their interests. It felt lazy of Kubo to do this ‘All According to Plan’ speech all over again.

Overview – What’s Next?:

A good enough chapter despite Bach’s speech. I like the action we got – it was very well drawn and panelled, and something I’d like to see animated one day – and hopefully now Ichigo and Ishida will have a proper confrontation. There are still several other characters in the area, as well as those who are yet to show up, so who knows how the fights are going to be set up from this point. Either way, everything is crumbling again. Better luck next time, Ukitake.


      1. No, Kubo run out of Ideas for the Big Boss ideals. Let us taken Aizen-sama lines, because Aizen put Yhwach under his Illusion spell….

        Just Imagine, Aizen give this Yhwach the things he want to see.
        I do think, Aizen will play a Great Role, our Kubo just react to Fan service

      2. Personally I think at the very most, Bleach could have, and should have ended after the defeat of Aizen. Bringing the Quincy in just artificially lengthens the story and gives the author a chance to give Ichigo a major power up.

        If they ended Bleach with Ichigo as a human, with no powers, with his friends alive and well, the world safe, and Soul Society returning to normality, that would have been enough.

        The mystery of who and what the Soul King was could have just remained something the readers could speculate about for years to come.

        Ending there would basically just leave it at the status quo, the Shinigami still hunt the baddies, Ichigos life goes back to normal after saving the world and everyones happy.

      3. @Lyfe

        Perhaps Kubo want to have a Fight with a God, with his own Weapons. And Kubo is an Manga-ka
        For the reason of the fight.. Well, if you know his Person you get a Gist what happen lately

      4. @And Kubo is an Manga-ka

        Eh??? Doesn’t change the fact Bleach could have ended reasonably well with the defeat of Aizen. He was the primary villain since the Rukia rescue arc and with his defeat it would have wrapped things up reasonably well.

      5. 1. Yes, Aizen was Bleach until now. So Yhwach fells different, some kind of outsider that reap the seeds from Aizen

        2. Kill a God, because you lost someone dear to you. You blame him for not save the Person. So many Drivers for so many JRPGs in my Past. Revenge on a God because of loved ones

        3. Lately i posted a picture where we saw the Spirit King with all his Limbs (well a Shadow sketch), and now we have the Right hand save the Live of one of the Old Captains. Kubo’s way for the Soul King has changed, in the middle of this. Perhaps Point 2 come into play

        But let me stop, i do not feel good to talk about someone in this manner. i want to respect his private World. But want also to point out the little errors his sudden change created. Kubo’s the god of his Bleach Universe, but after remodeling in that short time, some Black Holes appeared. And i just want to point out where they are
        so in short notice, i want to help him out to find his right track

      6. It does make me wonder what the authors endgame is, I mean, the anime has been over for 3 years now. While the Fullbring was acceptable, though filler. He’s basically making this manga with no guarantee now that it’ll even get another season. They typically make these shounen shows to sell the manga, but as its been 3 years now, why is he dragging it out?

    1. Nope, I read the manga. Sure, that may have been the deadliest injury in the series, but it was panelled in such a way that we never really got to see it, more just the shock of it happening. Seeing Yoruichi’s arm twist and deform and bleed out like that is more gruesome, imo, if only because we’re actually seeing it, and it’s more detailed than the usual slicing of arms or a sword through the chest. Another gruesome example that comes to mind is when Byakuya saw Rukia’s fleshless face, which comes down to how it was drawn by Kubo.

      1. Well yeah, I know that he became much stronger after joining Yhwach. But still, it feels too sudden. I mean, we did recall how he was in the mercy of the 8th Espada, where I feel Aizen saw Uryu as only a bug, then later he barely gave Ginjo any trouble. Now, as the enemy, Uryu becomes a really troublesome obstacle; would’ve been nice if we saw him use that power against Stark or when Yammy went full power.

        I at least hope that Uryu truly did join to get power so he can use it to kill Yhwach. While I know Uryu’s blood “can’t forgive the Soul King” we can be sure, as a person, Uryu can never forgive Yhwach.

  1. i just wonder, in how Kubo will Balance here the Powers. Will he give Ichigo God alike Powers to bring him on the same level as Yhwach? or will he somehow drop Yhwach’s alMIGHTY Power down to Ichigo’s Power level where he can handle it?

    Kubo… Balance is important

    1. This chapter made me feel how disconnected I was with the whole story, when Yhwach suddenly introduce “Pernida”, I was like.. who the f. is that.

      And then came acceptance, because same as you, I have “literally” no idea whats going, since the start of the invasion.

      1. seriously, even i lost it this Chapter… I just could find out something about Power difference here.. thats all, and Ishida counter their Try to save the King. Perhaps he want this King dead as well… Perhaps a corruption King? I dunno.. the rest of Screenplay, was ???? for me

      2. For those confused as to what’s happening: Everything happening right now is within the Soul King’s Palace. The other shinigami down below just made a portal to go up as well, but Ukitake summoned the Soul King’s right arm from within him to hold the realms in balance after Ichigo accidentally sliced the Soul King in half. Shunsui just freed Aizen from imprisonment in order to use him against Juha Bach. Ichigo and Juha Bach have been going back and forth at each other for a while, as Yoruichi watched over the temporarily mended Soul King. Orihime, Chad, and Ganju are there as well.

        This chapter Juha explained that Ichigo’s will matches his own and has done throughout all the events before this. Ishida shot at Yoruichi, which caused the Soul King to break once again and do damage to the various realms. Pernida is one of the four elite sternritter that were introduced when Juha Bach faced off against the Royal Guard several chapters ago, who has the ability to violently contort objects/people. Juha Bach’s plan after the Soul King’s defeat hasn’t been explained yet, but I’m sure that will come very shortly.

        Surely that covers everything? Criticise it all you like (and many will agree) but the plot of Bleach has always been fairly straightforward, even when certain plot points are yet to be explained.

      3. @Samu so Bach is saying Ichigo has been doing his will all along… If this is even true; which I doubt, Bach is either ignorant of his lingering sentiment (wants to be stopped), has some greater plan, or is just plain lying.

        Recalling the conversation between Ichigo and his Quincy powers kind of lends credence to the third.

  2. I think what Yhwach did to Ichibei and what Äs Nödt did to Byakuya was much more gruesome.

    I also think what Yhwach said was different from Aizen and also legitimate. He never said everything Ichigo did, was planned by him, but rather that everything Ichigo did was for his sake. Robert and Haschwalth both said the QUincy exsist only for his majesty and last time I checked, Ichigo was a Quincy.

    Yhwach basically said, that Ichigo was born as a pawn for the one purpose of killing the Soul King. Yhwach allowed Ichigo’s journey, because he knew in the end, Ichigo would serve his purpose, which he did. And it was Ichigo hiself who came to the Soul Palace and it was him who grabbed the sword, so that his Quincy blood could awaken his insticts.

      1. i must admit this Question is old, but most the Red Line of many Old Animes i saw..

        What is fate? is this Battle against Fate just an Illusion? and in the End we just walk the Path that Fate foreseen for us?

        As i said, Human Fate. i saw many Stories with this Base, and even Games. Xenogears as Example. Was it fate that he slay the End Boss? What it fate that he was Reborn and found every time his Soul Lover?

        Fate… So many Drivers in so many Animes and Mangas. Looks like Kubo is trying to fight a War against Fate

  3. The thing about Aizen’s vs Yhwach’s speech is that they are both somewhat annoying, as is the case with most “high and mighty” speech, but Aizen’s seems to make more sense. That’s because Aizen was there for a long time. Someone we knew was plotting and working in the background.

    In the case of Yhwach, he litereally came out of nowhere. Some 500 chapters from the beginning of the manga we have this character introduced suddenly claiming that everything in those 500 chapters was “all part of his plan” just feels incredibly forced. Like the character story is being jammed down your throat.

    We’ve seen some of the most ridiculous powers and characters ever in Bleach in this arc. In fact, Samu may not agree, but many many fans felt extremely frustrated with the parade of crazy and even idiotic 80s cartoon villains that appeared in this arc. For a while I thought Yhwach might actually not be that bad compared to them even with his rather forced power but this speech really takes the cake on that.

  4. It actually does make sense when you realize he talked about his Quincy Blood, especially when it’s been mentioned by Ichigo’s quincy powers that he was deliberately screwing with Ichigo’s power, and as a result his power tended to vary vastly between situations. Plus that their blood ties meant anything Ichigo did would end up aiding Yhwach, just like when he stupidly pulled out the sword when that was clearly not a good idea and proceeded to kill the Soul King due to his blood.

    Ishida is clearly screwed, as was made clear by Haschwalth’s statement not to long ago about drinking Yhwach’s blood and getting a letter in order to get close and betray Yhwach would backfire. It wouldn’t be surprising if it’s started to change him.

  5. So, a Big and Important Question

    When Ichigo’s Mother died, and even Ishida’s Mother, because of his Majesty “Auswählen”.

    … Well, now we know that Ichigo has some Quincy Blood ties, and Yhwach is talking about them in Aizen-sama Style…

    Well, how did Ichigo survived this “Auswählen” as a Kid?

    Take that Logic Hole…

    1. Yhwach is riding to strong on this “Look, with Your Quincy Blood i could guide your Destiny”..

      So, i remembered this tiny little but important thing. And, it is not only Ichigo. I bet his both Sisters have some tiny Blood of Quincy, too

      Yhwach is to High and Mighty proud of his Quincy Blood, for my gusto

    2. and if Ichigo as a Kid was saved, because of his Hallow/Shinigami part. Then how did Ishida survived?

      That all happed before they know each other. When even the Quincy Godking do not know much about Ishida….

      1. and of course also speaking of Ishida’s Daddy. he was also a Pureblood Quincy like Ichigo’s Mother. Oh, she was tainted with a Hollow Soul? then we have the same question about Ichigo, and he was a Kid back their..

        Kubo, we have here a Ancient logical Hole. You should invest some time to write out Ichigo kids time

        So you done not yourself a favor to use the “Aizen” i seen it, lines

      2. How i am about to criticize you?

        Well, it is not my intension to criticize you. I see me myself as some sort of Guardian of your Bleach Universe, so that you not loose track own your own Rules, you forgotten with the Time

        Yes, i see me more as an Bleach Universe Historical/Conscience. So a Friend, pardon me my rude speaking, there is really no Mean behind it

        “Funny Story”

  6. A lot of what I’ve seen this arc makes me think the author is making this thinking he’ll get another anime adaption someday. I dunno, just some of the scenes look like they’d look cooler in anime form, if tied together properly.

  7. 620:

    Bleach where did your Surprise gone missing? i can see Ishida’s action even blind from far above.. He is doing this to protect his Friends, and playing the Bad Guy

    And someone said in a previous Comment, that the Quincy King just take all things from Soul King and just exchange the position. Looks like it is happening…

    Bleach, you became to predictable

  8. HOW THE F@#$ DID ICHIGO FALL??? We ‘ve seen him(and other shinigami)countless times standing in the air(at least on earth)including when he saved Rukia(Soul Society),and when when he had his fullbringer power ,he could do that fullbringer technic that you walk as a fullbringer in the air…


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