Ishida’s Declaration:

Ishida is really trying to prove that he’s on the Quincy’s side, but I still don’t buy it for a second. His actions are overboard, but he must be waiting for the perfect opportunity to do whatever it is he’s got planned up his sleeve. Even if that means killing the Soul King… and shooting Yoruichi in the shoulder. We see him here threatening Ichigo & Co, but his arrows are deflected, and in the end he sends them tumbling from the sky as opposed to ending their life right there. It’s more than likely that he’s doing all this just to get them away from the Soul Palace, and keep them safe. I just hope we get an explanation for all of this eventually.

Juha Bach’s Plan:

With their enemies out the way, Juha Bach is taking another step towards his still unknown goal. I always just assumed he wanted to become the next Soul King and rule the realms in his own manner. Whether that’s what he’s doing at the end of this chapter is to be seen, but it seems very likely. I’ve noticed others have interpreted this as Juha going on a journey to find the remaining limbs of the Soul King. That could be cool, but a weird choice this late into the game. I think him claiming everything that the Soul King owns isn’t so literally, but rather that he wants to attain that power that his father has had all this time.

Overview – What’s Next?:

Ichigo, Orihime, Ganju, and Chad have been sent flying along with Yoruichi, and I have no idea how this is going to happen now. I expected Urahara and the others to turn up by this point, but maybe this will be the moment where everyone regroups and the fights are sorted out. It’s difficult to predict just what Kubo has planned here, but it was still a very enjoyable chapter all the same. But I’m sure many would have been happier if Aizen showed up again.


    1. Aizen: “Don’t worry. It was my intention to purposely get imprisoned in order to be then later freed to take down Juha Bach and become the new Soul King.
      Heh. A long shot you say? No… all according to plan.

  1. If you look at the past it was the Shinigami that killed his grandfather that he above all else honored and respected. Even the Quincy that weren’t with Juha Bach were slaughtered leaving only an Ishida family and one Kurosaki member. He even pledge to his father not to associate with Shinigami again to get his powers back. For him not to kill them, it could just be because he had previous relationships with them that he’s giving them a chance to live and for the fact Ichigo is part Quincy and the rest were human.

    1. What if, just what if Ishida’s grandpa knew about Juha and didn’t want Ishida to side with? Also, what if Ishida’s grandpa actually allowed Mayuri to experiment on him? The shinigami were going to save him, but Ishida’s grandpa didn’t have much time left and insisted that Mayuri dissect him to help the Soul Society?

  2. I just don’t understand Juha Bach at all, I guess. Is he really prepared to turn the whole world upside down just to spite his dad? I mean I’m no stranger to father issues myself, but I can’t empathize with this guy at all.

    Ryan Ashfyre
    1. This is what happens when you intentionally have a kid who you know will be born with no senses and will spread out his soul to others and take theirs into himself. Cause for a guy who can see the future he clearly didn’t think this out.

      Unless all of this was in fact the Soul King’s plan.

    1. You’re right, it’s turning very RPG-ish.

      Juha Bach goes to fully tune himself with the Soul King’s power.

      Ichigo and co. regroup, train and fail to stop him from obtaining absolute power (optional).

      They arrive at the last dungeon, just in time to see double-agent Ishida fail to wound Bach.

      Bach wipes the floor with everyone. Ichigo powers up and with the Ishida’s remaining efforts (maybe Urahara does something too), manage destroy Bach’s third form.

      Then, ending credits and afterstory.

      1. Well, first with they trow back to the ground, is that they can save the Captain. Well its like naruto, he lost his Wolf Chakra. But he will be very weak now, and no more Captain material.

        As if the Quincy King ripped of the Black Hands power outside of him

        Then perhaps we see a Journey to find the other Limbs, or they will begin to appear now, inside the Captains or Ichigo’s friends. Perhaps Orihime has one, too

        Ishida knew, that Ichigo and Party was no match for the Quincy King, even the First Squad was no Enemy. So he forced them back to Ground for their own safety, knowing that Ichigo would not go on free will.. But Ishida needs to hold his “i am a Bad Guy!” Mask. Perhaps he is speculating, that when Quincy King collect all Limbs of the Shinigami King, the Quincy King will been taken over by the combined Limbs and reborn King, thanks to Quincy King

        So in a way, Quincy King is searching the Limbs to rebuild the Shingami King, then get beaten

        This is some Story lines of Movies… R.I.P.D. (in the Movie they used the same tactic to collect the device.. they let the police doing their work…)

  3. I don’t think the Shinigami will regroup with Ichigo. The thing is, by the time Ichigo arrives at the Seretei too much will have passed. Ichigo needed at max speed half a day to arrive. I don’t think his fall is faster.

    Then there is the problem that he lost his oken clothes, so his body will be damaged. By the time he arrives the shinigami will be already through the portal, which is a one-way trip. Ichigo has no way of going up again. He doesn’t know the way to Kukaku and I think the shadows prevent him from leaving the Seretei anyway.

    The only persons he could interact in the Seretei by that are Iba and the Sternenritter Yhwach abandonned. I hope will interact with the Sternenritter. That would be cool. He also needs to get stronger.

  4. i don’t really understand what the soul king is exactly. and how does the death system works if you die in the real world, you get transported to soul society like that kid Chad saved, but then people in soul society gets to have kids too. and when you die in soul society, you disperse into particles and die for real.

    and if the souls are balanced by shinigami and quincy upsets the balance when they destroy it, what’s the whole deal with the “people in soul society can have kids”? where did those new souls just randomly pop from if it’s not already part of the system. if you can actually create new souls, then there’s no need to slaughter the quincies and there wouldn’t be a balance system to begin with.


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