Aizen Talks, and Talks, and Talks:

For those who think I’m too positive with Bleach, this is your lucky day! Even I found this chapter was pretty stale. I’m not a massive fan of Aizen, as I’ve said before, but I just knew this chapter was going to happen at some point. Aizen was going to have to show himself again, and the shinigami would be surprised, and he would outsmart them all and prove why he’s so much better than all of them. It could have been worse, but this chapter still did little to excite me. Aizen sitting in a chair and monologuing isn’t the most thrilling thing to read – though it was neat to see Aizen’s favourite Kurohitsuji being used again – so I can’t get behind this chapter as much as I’d like. At least the little eyeball monsters are dealt with, and Aizen is apparently going to shoot them up to the Soul Palace, so that’s good. But what about all those scenes these past few months with the shinigami gathering at the gate? That amounted for nothing in the end; just an excuse to gather all the characters in the same place again.

Overview – What’s Next?:

Something big needs to happen soon. The last top-notch chapter was when Ukitake’s past was revealed, and Shunsui paid Aizen a visit. Since then we’ve been getting these slow teasers which seem to be building up to something, but are taking too long in getting there. Hopefully all the formalities are out of the way now, and Aizen can get the plot moving again. Or he may just talk about how wonderful he is for another chapter. Place your bets!


  1. ………….honestly, the universe (world of the living, hueco mundo, and soul society) will blow up because of the Soul King’s death, it makes me wonder if this is what Aizen wanted before being defeated by Ichigo.

    On the side note, I am indeed shocked by how Aizen still has so much power. It’s no wonder the Quincy King wanted Aizen to join him. If the two actually joined forces, I would’ve wondered just could’ve happen.

  2. I was hoping for an interaction between Aizen and Urahara. Their conversation starting with the past arc and later Invasion arc have explored deeply Bleach mythology and world.

    Other than that i think that Aizen was slightly misused. Kubo should have delved more into his intellect now that he was stripped of the Hoguyoku. Although i would love to see him blowing the Royal palace down to the Soul Society.

      1. same goes for Rukia and Ichigo. Rukia unknowing giving Power of the inside hidden Hogoyouku to Ichigo in the Human world. But there should be still rest of Power inside her. Perhaps thats the truth behind her early Bankai powers. Ichigo of course was that trigger for his Shinigami and more Spiritual powers. Some kind of Turbo boosting

      2. Rukia still has room for development, because of the raw power rest of Hoguyoku’s inside her in the past. But she do not have full control over it. Perhaps she can surpass her Brother. But brother has Mastering his full power. So if Rukia learn to master it as well, and the raw untamed Power. She could surpass him. But perhaps her Brother use more “Brain skills” then her. Rukia could become a Powerful Female.. If its on Stamina, Strength or Spiritual Power. Thats Kubo’s decision

      3. Just do not make her Godlike Shinigami fallen from the Sky, here. Make her with flaws to let her stay with some feet on the Ground. You have Ichigo for that

      4. Pretty much this. Aizen is a monster now, not in appearance but in power. He’s the closest they have to an equal to the Quincy king until Ichigo gets another power up.

  3. I thought their reactions to seeing Aizen again were realistic, though they need him more than ever now. He’s unleashed a monster to deal with a monster. Right or wrong it had to be done, they were at a tremendous disadvantage against the Quincy.

  4. Not that there was a much better way to do it without shoehorning in some serious nonsense, but I’m still having trouble getting over the idea that the only thing keeping Aizen from tearing up the place is a chair.

    Why don’t they try forging some swords out of whatever that thing’s made out of, amirite?

    Ryan Ashfyre
      1. I wouldn’t be so sure. At this point anything can happen for Aizen. Swinging your swords to kill those eye things? pshhh, use reiatsu. Can’t get to the soul king’s palace? Use my reiatsu. I don’t have a zanpakuto? Watch me conjure one with my reiatsu. Ofc, I’m half joking. But, I wouldn’t be surprise if it really happen tho lol

      2. I think after Ichigo hit him with Mugen, his sword wasn’t destroyed but simply scattered to the wind(It disintegrated in his hand). I think Kubo will have him reform his blade like nothing had happened.

  5. Aizen’s new hairstyle suits him so much. Not a fan of Aizen but he’s probably my favourite character in this arc.

    Honestly speaking, seeing how smart he is, I was surprised he was trying to outsmart Kyouraku after he expected the latter to release all the seals. I thought he knew better and what’s the point when there’s nothing to left to rule over anyway.

    And I personally don’t think Aizen’s super evil anyway.

    1. Well, Aizen do not want to Destroy the World. he want to rule of it.. What reason is there, if you destroy everything and nothing for to rule about? Perhaps he just want to have Power of the Living Beings and want that they worship him as a God. Perhaps he is Envious of Soul King and Yhawach’s Power and status

  6. Well, let me have this illusion, in that Kubo reseted the Dark Path of our Soul King, with this Eyeballs things all gone now. Thanks to Aizen “deus ex” spell. Now we are back to Zero in power terms. Hope the new Path is more to my liking.

    it is not a secret that i do not liked the Dark Eyeballs and Soul King be a Top notch Prisoner used to imprison in a special cage in Spiritual Heaven, with Zero Captains acting as Guards for him.

      1. I don´t know what to make of the guy, he didn´t team up with Ywach when he had the chance and even slowed him down, that´s far more than any of the heroes have acomplished against the monster. Sure as hell he has an agenda but I have feeling he´s doing all this to breath some fresh air and beacuse he can, as simple as that.

  7. “But what about all those scenes these past few months with the shinigami gathering at the gate? That amounted for nothing in the end”

    Kubo: “Meh. I’ve got a new idea.” *crushes and throws idea into a bin*

  8. Zero Squad, hyped for ages, all got pwnd offscreen by underlings.

    All that build up of a shinigami task force coming up to the soul king palace as backup, all for nothing now.

    Ukitake’s reveal, made useless in literally 1 chapter as Ywach just absorbed it.

    Oh Bleach…

  9. My Spoiler prediction:
    The plan is to release Aizen so that Ywach must fight an opponent more powerful and evil than himself. It will turn out that Ywach can be absorbed by other quincies in the same way that he absorbed his fellows. In his despair at the power of Aizen, Ywack will sacrifice himself by having Ichigo absorb his power. Ichigo will then defeat Aizen once again and for all. There might be a final ending with Ichigo then turning into the soul king in order to stabilize the worlds. It will be a fitting ending since Ichigo takes the form of human, hollow, quincy, and shinigami.


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