Aizen’s Limits:

It’s a good thing that Aizen got knocked down a peg or two in this chapter. He is a broken character with ridiculous powers that throw off the whole balance of the series, so now that we know how that chair is keeping him restrained, I’m satisfied. And what an epic chair it is! It’s a good time to be a fan of Mayuri – this second invasion has given him moment after moment where he has showed how smart, productive, and powerful he truly is. Nearly every other character has made silly mistakes or even lost their respective battles, but whenever Mayuri has popped up or had anything to say, it’s been for a good reason, and resulted in a handfull of memorable moments. As a fan, I was very happy to see Mayuri prove how he has the control over Aizen right now. Who knows if he’ll ever get out of that chair at this rate (he probably will at some point).

The Sternritters Return:

I was hoping to see the surviving Sternritters make their return, and I’m glad it came now. We finally found out that Nanana was ‘The Underbelly’ which still doesn’t really make much sense. From what we’ve seen of him, he seems to be able to gather information on people just by looking at them. As neat as that power could have been, it’s put to bed when Bazz-B, Giselle, and Liltotto decide to join the shinigami in order to take down Juha Bach. It’s not all that surprising, but it was a good moment all the same. Now we just need to wait on the Fullbringers and Grimmjow & co to join the party.

Overview – What’s Next?:

I liked this chapter a lot more than the recent batch we’ve been getting. They’re restarting the gate to the Spiring Palace again… so maybe now we’ll finally get somewhere this this dragging subplot. Ichigo and the others must still be falling through the sky right now. Who knows what’s going to happen from here, and in what order, but I’m still looking forward to seeing all the characters in action again – the remaining Sternritter included.


    1. Aizen doesn’t seem too upset though. We all know the man is prone to emotional outbursts when he’s truly beaten(See conclusion of Ichigos fight with him). So far he hasn’t gotten angry yet. Something’s up.

  1. C’mon, Kubo, give us Grimmjow in his smurfin’ kickass Vasto Lorde form already. Ichigo’s turning into a whiny little b**** again and needs it. Like, right now.

    Ryan Ashfyre
  2. I can see those Sternritters being cut down by Bach like they were nothing. They got burned, that’s okay, but going up against someone like Bach is suicide. Assuming they make it to the Palace, their next move while inside will likely be one that results in either their death, or injury.

    1. We have never seen BG9 die and Cang Du could have survived the slash or Haschwalth may have sparred him, for some mysterious reason. Or maybe BG9 letter let Cang Du stay alive. Kubo bothered with the U, so we could still learn what K stands for. Bambietta should be still a zombie. The other Femritter are probably dead, otherwise we should have seen them, but who knows. Gremmy is sorta alive, but as a brain. And maybe Shaz. U guy may also be just unconscious.
      So up to 8 additional Sternritter most likely 5 or 6.
      That child with the two tongues could also have been revived by Yhwach, because he took him into the palace, but I think we would have seen him by now and he would be an enemy

  3. The underbelly makes perfect sense. It can be used to refer to a vulnerability or weakness a creature might have. Like say a dragons actual underbelly.

    He say all the weakpoints on Aizen, and exploited them. So both him and Mayuri get to mess with Aizen this weak, and he wasn’t even a chosen Sternritter.

  4. I seriously doubt that Meninas and Candice are dead. They’re either alive or zombie alive at this point. If they are truly dead, then their the first female characters that I know of that have died and stayed dead in the actual story. I guess technically Unohana would be the first, but I’m not even sure she’s dead. Look at Halibel and her underlings after all. The only confirmed female deaths in this manga all happened before the story started.

    This Guy
      1. It’s really easy to say that, but people were saying the same about Halibel and her 3 underlings as I said. I mean Menoly and Loly were even confirmed to be alive after the fact and they were a nobodies. All I’m saying is that Kubo is extremely kind to his female characters, even if they’re the bad guys.

        This Guy
    1. Personally I think he’ll casually just stand-up when he’s seen enough. I think he’s just sitting there because he can, sorta like how he allowed himself to be “imprisoned in flames” by Yamamoto in the Shinigami vs Arrancar arc. We all knew he was just chilling out and wasn’t serious.

  5. So it’s only now that some of the Sternritter see that Juha Bach wasn’t the best guy to follow. Not when he was mercilessly slaughtering anyone for the slightest infraction.

  6. Those 3 Sternritters cant be the only ones left alive. I dont even remember know Candice died, if she even died. At least Giselle here means we may see more Zombi-Bambi <3

    Also, yes, DOMON KASSHU joins the party~!

    Lol Aizen got nerfed after 1 chapter from Nanana. So much for the Aizen hype.


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