「この料理人は笑いわない」 (Kono Ryōrijin wa Warawanai)
“That Chef Never Smiles”

Mmm… honey ~ What I would give to swim in a pool of honey…
Actually that might be less pleasant that it appears in anime but honey is supposed to be good for you and your skin so I’ll run with that. Now that we’re three episodes in, I find these scenes becoming less and less “orgasmic” and tamer compared to the first episode. The honey scene was enough to make me laugh and it really nailed the point without it being too ecchi and over-the-top. I hope Shokugeki no Souma continues down this path since it’s a good balance between foodgasms and the actual storyline. It brings humor to the series, but I worry that the repetitiveness might ruin its novelty if it’s overused. After all, there’s also only so many ways you can explicitly use food.

I always fall for characters like Tadokoro Megumi (Takahashi Minami) when they’re weak and vulnerable. Megumi is exactly the type of person that I want to see succeed and do her best because she has the motivation to do so… just not the skill. This is where Souma comes in. I know I mentioned last week that he was too arrogant for his own good, but this week, I take that all back because his confidence is what makes him stand out. He’s not intimidated by the road ahead of him and I think that’s one of the attributes you need to succeed. Megumi doesn’t appear to have that (or she could actually be terrible at cooking, but I doubt that since she got into the school in the first place) and that’s why Souma is such a good contrast to her. Their partnership this week… didn’t seem like much of a partnership at all since Megumi completed the failed roast on her own and then Souma made the successful one afterwards. However, I would still like to think that Souma is going to help Megumi gain confidence in herself later on and perhaps they could be a ship? Yes, please! But you never know with anime. I always love when strong protagonists end up helping the weaker less developed characters and this is a prime example of that. Forgive me as I swoon over Souma’s masculinity and his cooking abilities. Gotta love a man who can cook!

There’s a ton of characters that get their first appearances this week – both potential rivals and friends for Souma. I think it’s obvious from the get-go just who is who but just in case, the ending sequence gives away a lot. There’s nothing wrong with the setup, but hopefully the future rivals and students are given more personality than the two that sabotaged Megumi this week. Speak of the devil, were they trying to ruin Souma’s dish or Megumi’s? It would make sense if it was Souma, but if it was Megumi, then she’s been unfairly getting E’s with people bullying her. In regards to the other characters, I would like to know just how great of a chef these two brothers are and perhaps some more context to Erina’s culinary experience as well. All we know is that she has great taste buds, but how’s her actual cooking skill? Shokugeki no Souma is a fun watch, not only for the amazing food and atypical plot, but the potential in its cast. I don’t mind if the characters are tropes or have stereotypical personalities, just as long as the series is still amusing and there’s some development for Souma and company. Next week will bring us a closer look into the students at Toutsuki Culinary Academy and perhaps we’ll see more of the other students’ abilities.

Of course, I have to mention Erina’s grandfather who does happen to be the head of the Academy. He’s also quite the eavesdropper; always listening through walls. I wonder what Nakiri Senzaemon (Ginga Banjou) has in store by admitting Souma… either he thinks Souma is actually talented enough to graduate; or he’s trying to make an example out of him. Regardless, I need to see more of him to draw my own conclusions of his intentions.

Bottom Line – @RCCherrie: Although Souma can be an arrogant mofo, at least he can back-up his claims. #respect. I fall for the prince helping the damsel in distress every time. Can’t help but feel sorry for Megumi #shokugeki_anime

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    1. There are already an abundance of Manga readers shipping Souma X Erina. I hope Anime viewers go for the Megumi X Souma ship instead. Megumi is so much more charming. I know Erina is a tsundere and everyone loves tsunderes, but Megumi is much more relatable as a person.

      Souma’s dad told him to look for a woman he can dedicate his cooking to, and that should not be Erina. It’ll be too one-sided, like a “certain person” who won, but was blinded by his own arrogance in how much dedication he has. Souma will keep on trying to satisfy Erina, and she will have nothing much to offer back except advice on cooking. Souma will just get arrogant after finally making her submit to his dishes, and will never reach the top because he can’t see what is beyond a “one-sided” cooking.

      However, Megumi will definitely help to pull him back and give him what he needs (once you know her cooking specialty, you’ll understand). They are practically a perfect pair because they help each other to grow. Megumi X Souma for life! We need to banish those Manga readers and stop them from taking over! T^T

      I’m willing to go to war for this.

      1. Following my romantic preferences: I love Megumi. Because I love the cute, adorable and motherly aura girls. My ideal type of anime girl is just like my kind of ideal girl in real life.

        I prefer to respect the tastes and preferences of others because it is more fun to laugh together in the romantic moments of each girl.
        As a reader of manga I can say that this story has a refreshing romantic-comic element for a shonen. Because this element never will interfere or steal moments to history and just give us the perfect touch of moments of tenderness and romance to the story and character development.

      2. Megumi-soma is not happenning man, don’t give your hope up.

        also, megumi can’t help him improve in any least bit because

        1.she’s not as good of a cook as him
        2.she satified with almost everything he make

        and erina is completely opposite of these 2

        do the math and you knows who will make soma grow more

        touch fluffy tongue
    2. The problem with Erina’s portrayal is that her cooking skills are not properly showcased compared to all the other girls. Most of her cooking abilities and prowess are only rumored with the background chatter without a straight up show-not-tell. Her pompous attitude doesn’t help either since all the other arrogant characters so far have very little skill to back them up. In contrast, we get to see Megumi’s skills grow and progress as the series goes on.

      Also, Erina’s God’s tongue ability has yet to be fully elaborated upon besides judging people with random wacky metaphors.
      Show Spoiler ▼

  1. As a Manga reader, I am very satisfied with the way they animated this series. Motions are fluent and the voice acting is fun to hear. Kinda sad it only goes up to 12 (?) eps. Another week of waiting XD

  2. Gotta love a man who can cook!

    Thats not quit right :). Souma is celebrating Cooking, not only just cooking

    And yes, i like the balance they found, for “foodgasms” and Story. I am pleasured

  3. I’m instantly on board with the Souma x Megumi ship after this episode. I usually go for the guy getting with the headstrong tsundere like Erina but Megumi is so charming. I hope those two crazy cooking kids start to sizzle~

  4. Pretty satisfied with the adaptation so far. I thought this was a two cour show? At the current pace, it doesn’t seem like they’d get through the training camp arc in 12 eps.

    Speak of the devil, were they trying to ruin Souma’s dish or Megumi’s? It would make sense if it was Souma, but if it was Megumi, then she’s been unfairly getting E’s with people bullying her.

    Sōma and Megumi worked on the dish as a pair, so technically they ruined the dish for both of them. Sōma was the target, Megumi would have just been collateral damage.

    1. They could ask someone in France to speak some lines for them. But then, they could speak to good French and their Nippon viewers would not understand their nippon french 🙂

      Where they could ask? google for WAKFU and you will find some awesome Graphics, i think there should be somewhere Nippon roots

  5. Agreed, well balanced between the ecchi and the story.
    So, is this a series where he wins each and every battle?
    I hope not – boring! Anyway, it’s a great romance in the making —
    but who is the girl….?

    1. I won’t spoil anything, but I’ll just say that Soma is not an infallible Gary Stu like Kirito from SAO was (same VA in case you didn’t know). He has skill and confidence, but he still struggles like any person would among giants of food.

      As far as which girl, I’m hoping it’s Erina. I can see the draw of Megumi, but I think Erina would be the better match for Soma in the long run. I think she has put up walls because her talents basically define her in other people’s eyes.

      I’d love to see someone who can break down those walls and let Erina rediscover her true interest in food that brought her into the industry in the first place. I think Soma is the one person who could do that. But before that happens, I’d love to see her eat crow – of course knowing Soma it would probably be covered in honey.

  6. Correction, Megumi actually has really good cooking skills, just not the confidence to use them. Her potential rivals that of some of the powerhouses that will appear later in the series.

    1. Definitely agreeing with you; Megumi has a lot of potential, she just needs to work out her lack of confidence while she tries to perfect her way of cooking, then she might even rival some of the advanced students in the school.

    2. I don’t think we’ve seen enough of her yet to say if Megumi is good chef or not… from what I’ve seen so far, it looks like she can follow directions really well but for some reason, still doesn’t do well =S And receives E’s. I don’t think people are sabotaging her left, right and center all the time so if she really did have good culinary skills, I don’t see why she would receiving failing grades.

      And when she does do badly, her confidence level drops even more and therefore, she probably feels more anxious about cooking. It’s hard to feel confident about your own dishes when you always get failing grades.

  7. I may be the hipster right now, but any Sakaki Ryouko fans in the house? Sure, she didn’t get much screen time this episode, and isn’t shown all that much in the manga in terms of character development and whantot, but I like her anyway. Sakaki Ryouko and Yuki Yoshino need to be in the limelight more. I love Erina as much as the next guy, but these girls need some attention too!


    Sakaki Ryouko is on the right, and Yuki Yoshina is on the left.

  8. I like how Souma practically made almost all first year students as his enemy. Props to Erina’s gramps.

    Was Souma’s skill as a cook the only reason gramps accepted him or he was planning for something more grand? Like aside from being his granddaughter’s foil, Souma fired up the first years and instilled inspiration to some of them.

    Almost all first year students have accepted the fact that they’ll be only second best next to Erina but they will not let their pride be trampled upon by some nobody who didn’t experience 3 years of rigorous training in middle school. Little do they know that that nobody grew up on the kitchen and practically had it as his playground.

    I’ll not be surprised if a lot of first year students passes and reaches second year.

    Also, DECLARING IT NAO!! I’m joining SS MEGUMI! Erina’s not your usual waifu material. She’s just a slave driver. Megumi on the other hand, is so spot on, so sweet, so gentle. It makes me wanna hug her when she’s feeling down.

    1. I like your take on Erina’s grandfather. I don’t know if it’s the mentality of Japanese students in general or just anime, but I find that there’s a lot of conformity when it comes to high school students protrayal in shows. A lot of the students are rather comfortable or accepting of being in 2nd place or just passing by that they don’t dare stand out or try to be different. The ones that do become our MC or secondary characters lol. So I agree that Souma’s probably making it too easy for people to put a bullseye on his back… but it’s not like he cares lol.

      It’s a huge contrast to the high schools I’ve attended because everyone I graduated with wanted to stand out and tried so hard to be different and “unique”. Sometimes I don’t see why people wouldn’t want to strive to be the best in the school or show off their creativity. I guess being bullied would be one issue, but you should never conform to fit in when you’re capable of more. Teachers in school should be helping their students realize their potential and all that jazz.

  9. Megumi is exactly the type of person that I want to see succeed and do her best because she has the motivation to do so… just not the skill.

    Actually it’s not a problem of skill as hinted in this episode and also in future ones but more one of confidence

  10. I laughed.

    Megumi is tonnes of fun to watch, especially when she interacts with Soma. Come to think of it, most of the girls are fun to see (for lack of a better word in manga terms) when they interact with Soma, and we’ve only seen the two main ones on screen so far. We are in for a real treat of humor, I expect. Megumi is adorable, first with her Kansai-ben, then her tendency to allow her pessimism go into overdrive and being honestly serious. It’s little wonder the viewers take to her so quickly as compared to Erina.

    I’m already on SS Erina btw, but SS Megumi looks very sturdy too, as are SS…oops, no spoilers. :p

    I’ll repeat what others have said, Cherrie – You think there’s only so many ways food can be used explicitly? You ain’t seen nothing yet. And those bees. Damnit, reminded of Sora no Otoshimono again.

    Another main draw of this series is really the protagonist. Soma is engaging, fun to watch, confident and capable, yet does not exude an aura of invincibility and gives off the feeling of flawed perfection. I found his character to be quite engaging in the manga, and even more so for the earlier parts of it in the anime. You can’t help but cheer for him in certain instances, as compared to several other shounen protagonists, where you just go, “Meh, he’s gonna win again.” Having the particular quirk of cooking horrible squid makes him endearing in a way too, and I’m not talking about the ecchi food reactions. :p

    In any case, I love this show. Here’s to hoping the producers are seriously considering a S2 in the future. 🙂

    1. I don’t know man… I feel like either a) I watch too much anime or b) I have a perverted mind already >_> that all these scenes don’t really phase me too much. They definitely had that shock and awe factor in the beginning, but now I’m like “Sure, why not?” =X

      I think it’d have to be a pretty original and random scene if it’s going to catch me by surprise. Doubt anything could make me feel awkward or uncomfortable though. I feel like it can be funny, but not much else… o_o

  11. ep 04:

    Yes yes, i also love this Show. They have now reduced the “ecchi” part to that amount that it is not distracting us from the real Plotline. It’s all about cocking. Looks like this show are become a real nice ramen, where the ingredients are careful selected to create a wonderful meal

    More of this, onegai


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