Grimmjow’s Return:

It’s been teased since chapter 500, but Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez has finally made his grand return to the series. It’s a moment that I think we’ve all been waiting for for a long, long time. Personally, I’m not a massive fan of the character – I think he’s enjoyable enough and his involvement in the Hueco Mundo arc was always fun to watch/read, but he’s never struck me as one of the best characters of the whole series, like many do. But I am glad that he’s returned, because Kubo teased it for so long and finally delivered, and now people can stop complaining about the fact that he’s been MIA. We’ve got Aizen, now Grimmjow, so all that’s left are the fullbringers. After that we have the promise of new bankais, if Kubo decides to deliver. It will be interesting to see how Grimmjow interacts with the group next chapter, since Orihime, Chad, and Yoruichi were with him earlier on in the arc. Will Grimmjow try and fight Ichigo again, or will he hold off till they’ve dealt with Juha Bach?

Ichigo & Co Regathering:

I appreciate that we went back to Ichigo and the others after several chapters down on the ground. Last we saw, they were all falling from the sky, but as expected, they managed to be rescued and land on the Royal Palace grounds. Orihime getting to use her powers (in both catching Ichigo and then healing Yoruichi) was nice to see; I just hope she gets something bigger to do before the fighting is done. I think she deserves that. Kon also makes his belated entrance, so the gangs all here. Now those on the ground just have to make it up, hopefully sooner than later.

Overview – What’s Next?:

Overall, a great chapter. A fan favourite returned, as did Kon. We got an explanation for where Ichigo and the others are right now, Yoruichi got healed up, we got some nice gags here and there, and hopefully next chapter we’ll know what they’re next step is going to be. Now that Grimmjow is back, I think people’s interest will skyrocket, so let’s hope Kubo can keep this up.


    1. I gotta agree with you there. Grimmjow is my favorite of all the espada but if I had to choose between him and Gin coming back, 9/10 times I’m going with Gin.

      Red Alchemist
  1. I actually was happy to see Ichigo-Kon interactions. Reminded me of the earlier days of Bleach with the funny expressions.

    Grimmjow’s back, now I’m still left wondering about Nel.

    1. .. and then he one hit kills Juha Bach *chapter ends* 🙂

      Imagine the reaction during the weeks wait, only for Kubo to reveal that he was knocked out by Bach and nothing actually happened.

  2. Kubo better not just make Grimjow get pwnd in one chapter after all this hype like he tends to do. Just look at the disappointing Squad Zero.

    Yoruichi upskirt shot, Kubo learning the art of fanservice I see.

    Now, we just need Harribel rescued and join the harme, erm, team.

  3. Well, write your top 3 of Ichigo’s Hueco Mundo Enemys, that could be alive. The best Hallow Huenco Mundo enemy is death. He vanished into Dust, after forced Ichigo’s Hallow Status to worn down. But i think Ichigo did not lose himself to Darkness, because od Orihime’s Tears and “command”. Orihime bond with Ichigo is secretly deeper then we think. My bet? She is also an true blood Quincy, just not knowing it. Someone like an aunt, perhaps his Mother Sister or a lost Female of their Bloodline. There where noit many True blood Quincy. Perhaps she is one of them

    1. 1. When she went to Aizen on her free will, to protect Ichigo’s life (begin of Hallow Arc) she went to say Goodbye to an injured Ichigo on his sickbeed. Where there she cry and a tear drop on Ichigo’s skin. Next Day he is fulled healed

      2. Orhihime “command” cyring, ichigo nearly dead to protect her. And his Hallow took over his nearly dead Body. Ichigo somehow stayed sane aka Human in Soul

      and let us not begin of Orihime’s best female friend. Yes this Karate champ girl. My bet? an Secret Bodyguard from Seritei. That even Zero Squad do not know. Perhaps under directly command of the King

      1. you get it? Even Ichigo’s Hallow inside him, support Orihime’s command/wish

        Are both of them 1 Liveforce? Are these two the same a Ichigo’s Parents? Where Daddy whas there to hold his Mothers Soul in check?

        Question about question, it is about Kubo to give us the Answers he choose. there are many strings of Fate

      2. sorry for these posting. here my final thought

        The Quincy King, what he need to created his Childrens.. Do he needed an Queen for that? is Orihime the reborn Quincy Queen?

  4. I kinda hope we don’t get more random character introductions for a while and the author progresses the story some. But I get the feeling next chapter will be dedicated to Grimmjow and the groups reactions to him returning, and perhaps if we’re lucky we’ll get some Aizen.

  5. I’d totally be lying if I said I was drawn in the by title( I knew he was coming back )… but I have to say .. When he actually appeared out of the hollow gate.. hells yeah.

    Now we better get what should be some OP bankai’s from Shunsui and Zaraki.

    My issue there just arent enough high level enemies… Frankly speaking the Stern Ritter that accompanied Juha- Dont appear to be particularly impressive other than the fact Juha could continually rez them.

    Outside of haschwald,and Ishida( who I dont think is on the wrong side of the fence even still ). he did just save Ichigo from getting killed with a rifle shot…

    We have Grimmjow, Zaraki, Shunsui, Aizen, plus a spattering of other captains and characters that are nothing to sneeze @.

  6. Haven’t all the Espada long been out leveled by pretty much everyone? Grimmjaw had nothing in terms of power on a Ulqiuorra or Starrk, its preposterous to think he would magically be strong enough to compete with Stern Ritter, let alone JB.

      1. He has been gone for a while, I think he’s probably strong enough to do something. I don’t think he’d go there to die. He’s gone there because he obviously believes he can make a difference.

    1. @deVaras: Assuming it was the mystery person we saw in Hueco Mundo helping out against the Quincies, then it’s not that strange to assume that him and possibly others (Nel pls) have all gotten quite a powerboost now.

  7. so… seriously moderate SPOILERS and ask people to not to write spoilers for the series on the comments on reviews but you go and throw spoilers like this one on the front page.. thanks Random Curiosity..for ruining the suprise.. fuck..

    1. I’m sorry if my post spoiled you. All I can is that I waited an extra day before posting to avoid doing so right when the chapter came out + by the time I made the post everyone was already talking about it, so I assumed anyone who would be interested enough would already know.


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